Chapter Three

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2012 by Eduardo

Illustration of Teaching Baby Brother, Chapter Three

It was nearly twenty minutes before Boyd got home. I spent the time reading that book. My only other experience with anything like sex education was the crap they'd taught me in school, by some old dried-up prune who had given me an almost castrating experience. I'd been lucky enough to have some older boys tell me to ignore her, but I'd been left mostly ignorant beyond an almost clinical explanation.

That book was different though. It was a sex manual, meant for married couples and it gave me all the detail, including pictures like...well, they left nothing to the imagination.

There was more than just the stimulation you get from looking at a dirty picture, though. I looked at the picture of the woman giving the guy oral sex, and I knew that, soon, I'd have Boyd doing it on me. I read the text, and it was like I could imagine it being done to me as I read. Keeping the lips tight. Yeah. Pulling up over the glans. Oh, yeah! Using lots of spit. Oh, God, yeah!

I had the biggest roaring hard-on of my life, reading that book and imaging Boyd doing it on me. When he walked in the door, I was close to ravenous, ready to take him down and shove my dick in his mouth!

I didn't do that, but I did stand up the minute he came into the room and I said, "There you are. I've been waiting for you."

"Hi, Duncan." Boyd said. His eyes took in my hard cock and my intent expression and he grew serious and still.

"Come here." I said.

"What are you going to do?" he asked me.

"Show you what to do next." I said. "Come here."

Timid, like a wide-eyed mouse, he approached me. He could tell I meant business and I realized it was scaring him a little.

"Hey, Boyd, it's okay. "I said as calmly as I could. "I've just been reading up on it and got all excited. I can't wait until you try it with me."

"Yeah?" he said.

"Yeah." I said.

"What are you going to teach me."

"How to suck my cock." I said.

"Suck it?" Boyd said. Then, to my consternation, he made a face. "Ewww!"

"What do you mean, ewww?" I asked.

"That's nasty."

"No, it's not." I said. "Come look at the book. It's what they do."

It took some coaxing, but he was curious and sat down beside me and I showed him the pictures.

"Is that woman sucking his cock?"

"That's right." I said. "She's liking it, too."

"Yeah?" Boyd asked me. "What's it taste like?"

He had me there. "I don't know." I admitted. "But you can find out."

"I'll bet it's nasty." Boyd protested.

"No, it isn't." I said. "If it was nasty, everybody wouldn't be doing it."

"I don't know." Boyd said.

"Tell you what." I was getting desperate. "I'll suck on yours first, and then I'll tell you what it will taste like. Will that work?" I was so horny right then, I would have offered to eat crap if I'd had to! I was practically creaming in my shorts, ready to say or do anything to get his lips wrapped around my prick.

I put my arm around him and he looked up at me, his big blue eyes innocent as Bambi's.

"It's okay, Boyd." I said to him, my fingers trembling on his body. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, you know that."

"Okay." He said and he let me undo his shirt with my fingers that were now really shaking. I had to actually resist grabbing him hard. I never felt that turned on, that worked up before, or for that matter, since. The day of thinking about it, planning for it, the research in the library, the book in my pack as I hurried home, then the pictures, the pictures, God, the pictures and the thought of it happening to me, finally to me. I got the last button undone and his skin, all white and soft and tender, I gently pushed the shirt back off his shoulders and his shoulders were so clean and pure and soft, I leaned over and I kissed them, I kissed my little brother's shoulders, and he gasped, then relaxed into me, and I knew the fighting was over.

I got that shirt off him, a little awkward because he was sitting beside me, and then I ran my fingers over his body, touching him, caressing him, they'd talked about that in the book, too, I'd skimmed over it looking for the sex, the real sex, and I knew at that moment that they had been talking about the real sex, sex is more than just sticking your dick in and bouncing it back and forth, there was this time, too, the feeling of the other's body, the soft satiny skin and the flavor of baby brother's skin on my tongue, I ran it over and tasted him, tasted all of him. He tasted of little-boy sweat, cleaner and less salty, less pungent than my own sweat, and I knew his body would taste like that all over, it gave me a little more courage, and I pushed and laid him back on the couch and I lifted his sneakers off him and his socks, and then it was just his pants and his briefs.

I reached for his jeans button, just like mine only smaller, cut to scale, his scale, little-boy scale, little larger than my own shirt's buttons, and I got them open and that zipper, too, was smaller in size and I had to fight the tight little bump in the middle of the fly there, where the jeans folded with the extra material, which was pressed double when he sat up and remained still when he was lying down. I got the zipper down and then I was peeling those jeans off him, they didn't cling to his body at all, he was a growing boy and Mom bought all his jeans bigger for him, and he hadn't finished growing into them yet even though he'd owned them for a year. So they slid over his little thin legs easily and he giggled as they came off, wearing now only a pair of rather washed-out looking briefs, a dirty-white in color. And his little dick was again making a tent in his cloth, and I reached up and I grasped his little erection and he moaned as I did.

I felt his hard-on through the briefs, marveling at how it was just as hard as my own cock, but so small, so tiny even, that I could only hold it between two fingers and feel the shaft like a thick pencil in size beneath the foreskin and I said as I grabbed his elastic. "Time to lose your Fruit of the Looms, Boyd."

"Yeah." he giggled again and I smiled at him, his slender white body laid out for me, belonging to me, his eyes looking at me trustfully, willing to do whatever I wanted to do, because he respected me, his big brother, and I was his hero and you can't refuse your hero anything at all.

His briefs were his last line of defense, they were thin and flimsy and I pulled them down into a pair of ovals that slid off his legs easily, it was like yanking off a giant "8" from him body and then he was sprawled out on the couch beneath me and I leaned over and I kissed him and then I got right in his stomach and I put my lips on his belly and I blew on it, and it made that loud, farting sound that tickles like blazes.

Boyd laughed, hard and loud, squealing as I did it again, and then as I had him helpless with his laughter, and his prick was a tiny little finger-sized organ sticking up, I leaned over and I took it in my mouth.

There was a touch of acrid taste at the tip, but other than that, it was like sucking on a finger, or sucking on Boyd's body, it was a little wetter and stickier from being locked inside his briefs all day long, but not nastily so. I got his entire wiener in my mouth, of course, and I licked at it with my tongue, and Boyd giggled as I did that, too, and he was laughing and his hands came down and caught me by my head and I let him hold onto my hair like that and I licked at his nuts and they tasted like the rest of him, too.

Boyd was laughing, but it was more than laughter, he interspersed the sounds of merriment with sounds of pleasure, as I lapped at his tiny nuts he went from hah-hah-hah-hah to hah-ah-hah-ah, ooh, hah-hah-ah-hah.

The sounds of laughing damped down and the sounds of his pleasure rose in their place, and I did what I could to suck that little dick, it wasn't easy, but I knew he'd remember what I was doing so he could do it on me, so I did everything like in the book, I got my spit worked up so his little pud was sloshing about in my mouth, and I worked his foreskin like he was a huge stud rather than a young boy with no ability to shoot beyond that tingling sensation which feels so good when you're young...and which fades into insignificance when you hit your real orgasm later in life.

I brought Boyd to his quivering little tingle and when he was done, I held him in my mouth, not working him at all for he was sensitive immediately after, I knew, and let him feel all warm and covered, and he was gasping and his eyes looked up at me.

"And that's what's like," I said as I rose up and looked him in the eye, "only for a grown-up, it's even better than that. And you tasted just fine, like sucking on your thumb or something."

"Yeah?" he asked me.

"Yeah." I said. "Now, are you ready to try that on me?" And I sat on the couch beside him.

He rose up and ran his fingers over his face and he looked at me, then the down at my cock.

"Yeah." He said. "Only lie down like I did, okay?"

"Okay." I said and he got up while I lay out flat on the couch, then he got up at my feet and he lay down with his feet over the armrest of the couch and his knees up against the side, and that put his face right at my crotch.

"Smells all salty." he said.

"Yeah?" I said like I didn't know. "But it won't taste bad, I promise. Just salty."

"Like your come did?" Boyd said. "I liked that."

"Yeah, just like my come." I said, although I didn't know. "Hey, how come you thought my dick would taste nasty if you like my come?"

He shrugged. "Cause it's where you piss out of." He explained. "I thought it might not taste like come."

"Well, it does, sort of." I said. "Not a bit like piss, honest."

"Okay." he said and he took his mouth and he placed it over my cockhead.

I felt his teeth as he gingerly lowered his mouth onto it, and I remembered the rest of the book all of a sudden. "Hey, keep your teeth away from it." I said. "Just use your lips on it, and your tongue if you can. And work up a whole bunch of spit in your mouth like I did."

And then his mouth made contact, real contact as his lips touched and brushed over the flare of my glans. Heaven! It was velvet and it was smooth and it was moist and it was soft and it was terrific! "Ooh, yeah!" I said. "Like that, Boyd, like that. Come on, suck big brother's dick for him. Oh, man, I need to come so bad."

Boyd couldn't take all my cock, not even by half. My cockhead was the same size as his mouth nearly, and so he got only the top couple of inches inside, but let me tell you, that's all you really need. Especially when his hand comes up and he lets that help him work the foreskin back and forth.

"Ooh, yeah, that's the way, work it back and forth, up and down, real fast, like I did on you." I said. "Ooh, ooh, yeah!"

I was so damned horny, I'd been holding back all fucking day, in a way, and now this was my time and I had my little brother's mouth on my cock and it was everything I'd ever expected it to be and then some! Boyd wasn't expert, but you don't need a lot of experience when you're young and horny like me, just the feel of it, the warmth and the moisture and the saliva bubbling on your cockhead and the lips sliding over your cockhead and that sensitive, so-sensitive skin there, and your cock just comes totally alive all at once! Boyd was giving me all he had, those few little inches he could manage, between nearly letting go and having my entire cockhead shoved in and the tip hitting the back of his mouth, and all of it was wet and hot and soft and his tongue, God, his tongue was waggling back and forth on the bottom of my cock, and I was on fire, I was lit up like an electric sign, I felt my body surge with sudden heat and I broke out into a sweat all at once and I was building to my climax all at once.

"I'm going to come, Boyd." I warned him. "Keep working it, don't stop now,

‘cause I'm going to shoot it, real hard! Oh, oh, God!" I groaned out.

Boyd kept it up valiantly and I felt my orgasm claw my body all at once and I groaned, "OH, OH, GAH, UH, GAH, HAH, HNNN--KHHHH, UH, GUH, HAH, HAH, UH, HUH!"

And I blasted, I mean I really blasted, right into Boyd's little-boy mouth, and when I say I blasted, I mean it felt like I dumped the entire load all at once.

Boyd caught, choked, snuffled and snorted in surprise, and I felt my come pouring out all over my cock, and Boyd raised off of it, coughing and snorting and I hunched upwards with my hips, spurting a heavy load of jizz onto him and I groaned, "No, uh, no, stay on it, stayonit, please!" And with my hand, I shoved Boyd's mouth back onto my still-squirting cockhead and he held onto it when I did, and he gulped and snuffled and I felt my jizz dribbled onto my shaft from his nostrils, and I knew then that he had really caught that first load but good, he was stuffed full of my come, and it was all over his shoulder and arm where he'd let go and it was still pouring into him now, not so hard and he was drinking it down now, holding his lips onto my cock like a brave little soldier, and I creamed into him, the last dribbles he sucked out of me while jizz ran down his nose like so much heavy white snot, and he looked at me and his eyes were so innocent and then they filled with pride and merriment and I knew he was proud of what he'd done with me, he'd made his big brother come, he was sucking his big brother and he loved it because he loved me and I loved him for doing it.

Gasping, panting, I said it to him. "Oh, gah, I love you, baby brother. You are such a good cocksucker. Gah, man, that was fantastic, you were great!"

He beamed and snorted and more come dribbled out from both his nostrils now. "Man, you shot a lot of it." He bragged. "Did I do that?"

"You sure did." I said to him in unvarnished praise. "The better you are, the more I'll shoot, because that's how it works. You were really good."

"I was?"

"You sure were." I said again.

He giggled and crawled up to lay down on my chest and he looked at me, his face marked with my jizz like dangling medals of valor on his upper lips and side of one cheek.

"I got it in my nose." He giggled.

"You sure did." I agreed and I wiped at his face with one finger and got the most of it off. "See, here it is."

And his mouth reached out and he scarfed my jizz off my finger. I smiled and reached for the wads on his arm and shoulder. I scraped them onto the side of my finger like I had before, only now there was a thick clump of it and I brought it up. "Here's some more for you."

He took it in his mouth and sucked it off, his eyes closed in bliss. "That's really good." he enthused. "I like it."

"I'm glad you do." I said. I brought the last of it from his arm and put it in his mouth for him "I'm glad you're my little brother. You and me are pals."

"Yeah." He said and lay his head on my chest and I put my arms around his back and I held them on my body. My lower hand cupped his tiny buttocks and I fondled them carefully.

The book had other things we could do. My problem was, could Boyd handle everything I wanted to do with him?

I'd have to read the book more. Good thing the weekend was only another couple of days away.


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