Chapter Two

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2012 by Eduardo

Illustration of Teaching Baby Brother, Chapter Two

Like most little boys, when he was put into his bed, Boyd fell fast asleep in no time. I peeked in on my own way to bed, saw him asleep and decided to just let him alone. Maybe he had even changed his mind, curiosity satisfied. It had all been a mad adventure, let it be and forget about it, I decided. Besides, what if Mom woke up and found us? I undressed and got into bed. It had been a hell of a day, and a hell of an experience....

I woke up with the feel of my bed moving. Groggy, I looked over and saw, "Boyd?" I could see him well enough, and checked my clock, it was about a half hour before my alarm clock would go off.

"Good morning, Duncan." he said as he lifted up the covers and crawled into bed with me, snuggled up. "I fell asleep."

"Huh? Oh, you mean last night?" I said. "I know. Don't worry about it."

"Okay." He said and I felt his hand reach down and cup my balls. "Can I do it now?"

"Gee, Boyd, I don't know." I said and then his hand caught hold of my cock. The minute he touched it, it sprang up, hard as a rock. I could only squirm as his hand wrapped itself around my prick like a snake encircling a tree branch, slowly, sinuously.

"Aw, come on." he begged me. "I'm sorry about falling asleep."

"Uuuhhh!" I moaned as his hand clutched tight and skinned my foreskin upwards, milked a sticky dot of precome out of it.

"You like it, don't you?" he asked me.

"Uh, yeah, yeahhh!" I sighed out.

"Gee, it feels so big and warm." Boyd marveled. "Mine's so tiny."

"Don't worry about it." I assured him. "Yours will get bigger when you get older."

"I know." Boyd said. "When it does, will you play with mine?"

"I'll do better than that." I said to him and reached down and found his little pud. It was stiff as it had been the day before and Boyd giggled again when I put my forefinger and thumb on it and jerked my hand back and forth. "You like that."

"Uh-huh." Boyd said. "This is fun."

"It sure is." I agreed.

"Mine's tingling all over, the way you're playing with it." Boyd sighed. "Is yours tingling, too?"

"You betcha." I assured him and he giggled, and so did I. It was all soft and warm and intimate, the two of us snuggled together, the dawn reaching its faint but growing light into the room, everything seemed soft and simple and uncomplicated. Boyd's hand was pleasing me, I was shivering, it all felt so good. It was like, I don't know, like he and I had a bond here, more than just brothers, more like the way when you climb up into your father's lap and he cuddles you and you feel all safe and warm. It was like that, vulnerable, that's how I felt. I didn't have to be anything or pretend anything, I didn't have to act tough like at school around the fellows sometimes, I didn't have to act all careless and confident and cool like I did around the girls, this was just...warm and nice, the two of us, sharing this moment of pleasure.

"Mmm!" Boyd said as he moved his head against my arm, his shoulder nestled under my armpit, treating my arm like his pillow and he looked up at me and his face was gentle and softened, his mouth open almost as if he didn't know it was open and he looked into my eyes, and his mouth moved then, to form a sort-of grin, still open-mouthed and gentle, and I smiled back at him.

"This is great!" Boyd said. "Ooh, oh, my wienie is tingling more and more." he gasped out. "Oh, oh, oh!"

I sped my hand up, and he looked at me, wide-eyed, almost dumbfounded, lost in his pleasure and I smiled at him, his hand stopped, he was too busy in his own joy, and I kept pumping his little dick the best I could.

He tensed, squirmed in my arm, and I held him a little tighter with my hand on his buttock while my other hand kept on wiggling his little tiny dick, and he gasped, gave out some small little-animal like sounds, whuffling almost, then he tensed even tighter, becoming solid like a board for a few seconds, not making a sound or even breathing, then he burst out with shuddering, almost tortured sounds, his breath ragged and uneven, and only the gratitude in his eyes as he looked into my own told me how much he was loving this.

Done, he stopped and then flinched and I stopped, remembering how in my own sexual explorations the cock would tingle like crazy and then stop, nothing would come out at all, but the pleasure, that was all gone and there was nothing to do but stop. So I did.

He groaned and shivered in my arms when I let go, pressed his body against mine and I felt the warmth and moistness of his groin pressed against my waist, such a precious little bundle of warmth and happiness and innocence and youth.

"Mmm, that felt so good!" He said to me.

"I'll bet it did." I agreed. "How about mine now?"

"Oh, yeah!" He seemed abashed that he had stopped, and he hastily reached and grabbed me again, pumped me with a renewed vigor and energy.

"We'd better hurry up." I cautioned him. "Mom may wake up early." She did that sometimes, and would come looking at us. My door would open without any warning, he had nearly caught me masturbating that way more than once, and I pleaded with her to knock before coming in, but she never did.

"I'll do it fast for you." Boyd promised. "Only I want to watch it again. Can I, please?"

"Uh...okay." I said, and pulled the covers back. Two naked boys in a bed together, sharing the early morning.

Boyd rose up and around on his knees and laid back down with his feet against the headboard. I fumbled to find room for my arm that was comfortable, for Boyd was taking up the room my arm would normally occupied. Finally I ran my hand in between his legs, and his buttocks pressed against my elbow and my hand reached nearly to his neck.

Boyd sidled one of his hands underneath my leg to tickle my balls, his other resumed its job of tending to my dick. It was his other hand now, he was able to give me a nice, fast pumping even with his tiny fingers.

I stroked his back with my hand as he tugged diligently on my rod, watching with rapt adoration as my cock danced in his hand, and I, his big brother, writhed with joy that he ministered to me.

It was so nice, so much better than jerking myself, and I let myself just relish the moment, forgetting about Mom and having to get up and go to school soon and Dad leaving us and everything else; my world was Boyd's jerking my prick and it could go on forever and ever.

My cock was swelling with a slow, warm, rising flood of desire, it was like I was filling up slowly with my passion, that I would swell from it like a balloon and swell until it exploded.

"Come on, Duncan, shoot it for me again!" Boyd coaxed me. "I want to see it real good this time. Come on, you won't hit me in the face again with it, so come on, give me a good one.

Like I had any choice about how much came out and how? "Ooh, oh, yeah!" I groaned. "Real soon, Boyd, real soon. Come on, little brother, really pump my pud. The harder you pump it, the more I'll shoot."

"Good." Boyd said and his little hand turned into a demon on my dick, it turned that warm rising in my body into a fiery inferno that surged and burned inside me like lava boiling beneath a volcano, I could feel my orgasm rising up, rising up.

"Oh, oh, God!" I gasped out. "Boyd, I'm going to come, keep pumping it for me, come on, come on."

"Yeah, yeah!" Boyd said. "Come on, give it to me, really shoot it!"

"Here it comes!" I warned as my climax suddenly sent my body into that delightfully crazy state, where all you are and all you have is the pleasure, and it fills you and becomes you, all of you, and then you are lost within it like being thrown into the deep end of the pool, it hits you like a shock and you are tumbling, turning, lost and you can only wait until it all stops and you can figure out what to do next.

I didn't dare shout out like I felt like, I muffled my groans as I shot my wad. "Uh, ngh, gh, gh, un, hn-khhh!" I murmured. My voice may have been restrained, but there was nothing restrained about my jizz-load.

I blasted into the air, heavy and hard. It was like a geyser fountaining out and spraying all over me, landing on me in an aerial bombardment.

"Ooh, ooh!" Boyd cooed as he watched my ejaculation flying everywhere, his eyes wide and astonished as he watched his big brother shoot his wad, admiring the white clumps of jism like so many fireworks exploding in the sky.

"Ah, ah, ah-hahhah!" I gasped as my orgasm ended.

"Ooh, yeah, come on, more, more." Boyd urged me, and his hand flailed at my cock and if there had been more to shoot, he would have gotten it out of me. As it was, I felt drained, totally wiped out, like a limp washrag I was drap ed over the bed like a curtain rod and left to drip myself dry once again.

"Wow!" Boyd said. "That's a lot!"

"Yeah, it was." I said as I looked down at myself wearily. White spots were all over my chest, some had dribbled onto Boyd's hand and into my crotch, but most of it had cleared my navel in distance from my prong.

Boyd reached out with his finger and dabbled in one pearl-colored puddle, then began to draw it out into a line, like he was fingerpainting.

"Go ahead." I said. "Smear it all around if you like."

"It's warm." he said. "Is it as salty as the stuff you shot at me yesterday?" He lifted up one finger loaded with a drop of come and I watched him put it unashamedly into his mouth and he said, "Yeah, it's warm and salty."

"Do you like the way it tastes?"

"Yeah, it's good." Boyd agreed.

"So go ahead." I said. "Take all you want. I have to wash it off anyway."

And Boyd did, he squirmed around and he got his face up to my chest and I watched his tongue like a snake's tongue darting out to lap at my jizz, lifting it up in driblets into his mouth, the same way he licked at a dripping ice-cream cone, finding it more fun to catch the drips than to lap at the main globe of ice cream.

"Do you like it?" I asked him, remembering a line from a joke. That was my sexual education, jokes and rumors and misconceptions. They wouldn't give me sex education until the following year, in high school.

"Yeah, it tastes great." He said. "All gooey and sticky, but real salty."

"You know what it means when you eat someone's come?" I asked him, remembering the joke.

"No, what?"

"It means you're in love with them." I teased him.

He thought about this. "Yeah." He agreed.

I had been joking. "Really?"

"Yeah." he said. "I love you, Duncan."

"I love you, too, little brother."

"Can we do those other things now?" he asked me. "The stuff you said you'd show me, the other things we can do?"

"Uh, it's nearly time to get up for school." I said, looking at the clock. Only five more minutes and my alarm clock would go off. Mom's would go off about the same time, and she would get up, put on her ratty bathrobe, and come in here.

"Okay." He was amenable. "But when you get home today, we do those other things, okay? You're going to show me how."

"I'll show you how." I said. I felt the responsibility like a weight descending on my shoulders. Hell, I didn't know that much about it myself! How was I supposed to teach my little brother what I didn't know myself?

"You promise?" He pressed me.

"I promise, but you gotta promise you don't tell Mom anything about us doing any of this, okay?" I said. That settled it, if I didn't answer his questions to his satisfaction, he'd go to Mom and say who knew what.

"Okay, I promise I won't tell Mom." he said, which was about as good as I was going to get. He wouldn't tell...but if Mom didn't ask him about it, he'd blabber everything at once to her. I had to think about this, and real hard!

We got up and when Mom came to check on me, I was already in the shower and Boyd was back in his own bed. I came down and ate breakfast and pretended like Boyd and I were still just brothers and nothing else. Boyd, thank God, was easily distracted from any dangerous words and talked animatedly about any subject I could come up with. I was relieved when he left to get on the school bus and I left to walk to school fifteen minutes later. That school bus was fair about it, it ran the route the opposite way in the morning, so Boyd was nearly the last one they picked up before taking off to school. What time he lost to the bus in the afternoon, he got back in the morning.

I spent the day in a bit of a distracted funk. Taking on a bouyant six-year-old boy as a lover was an intimidating thing when you got into details. I had to either terrify him with warnings or risk him gabbing about what we did at the drop of a hat.

I decided against dire threats, for this was bound not to last. Boyd was like a kid with a new toy. He got bored with his toys, and he'd get tired of this, too. How long can you be enraptured by watching jizz spurting? So I decided to simply enjoy it and not insist when he decided he was done playing with me.

Since I'd decided that, though, I also decided I might as well get some fun out of it.

I visited the library after school, but the book I needed was in the adult-only section. I was looking dumbfounded when Mr. Farland, my history teacher and a swell old guy, came along, and I said, "Hi." With the slip of paper they kept at the card catalogue for writing down the Dewey decimel system number on and my position at the adult-only section's door, he spotted my problem in a hurry.

"Need a book in there?" he raised his eyebrows at me.

"Yeah." I said. "It's my little brother. He's asking me questions about" I dropped my voice to a whisper for the next word, "sex" and then back to a normal voice, "and I want to be sure I'm going to give him the right answers. Would you get this book for me, check it out? I'd really appreciate it."

I had put the title of the book on the slip as well, and he read it, raised his eyebrows. "I see." I had chosen a book described as for married couples, with tips on sexual positions including pictures.

Seeing the eyebrows, I felt the need to explain, "He's not just asking what, he's asking how. Exactly how. That's why I need the book. I don't want to tell him the wrong thing, mess him up or nothing." And I thought of a real capper. "Mom just tells him to stop talking dirty and forget about it."

If it had been anyone but Mr. Farland, I would never have gotten away with it. As it was, he went in, got me the book, checked it out and handed it to me outside the library. His eyebrows were still raised, but I didn't much care, he'd retire the end of this year anyhow. He probably thought I was looking for dirty pictures.

I made it home only about a half-hour later than usual. That gave me thirty minutes to read up on what to teach Boyd next. Assuming he didn't get a ride home again!

So I settled in to educate myself, so I could teach my little brother all the joys of sex.

Joys he could then perform on me, naturally.

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