Best App Ever

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

Floyd burst into the living room, his cable bill in his hand. He had found it on the ground instead of the mailbox on the way to work, he had opened it on his lunch hour, and been incensed. If the job he was working hadn't been over twenty miles from his home, he would have jumped in his car and ran home and confronted Evan about the bill at once, as it was, he'd had to wait until now, so he'd gotten a good steam up on the drive home and was ready to explode!

Evan was laid out on the couch, a scrawling, athletic lad of sixteen (he'd turn seventeen in January, almost three months from now), with a pretty face (too damned pretty), a well-muscled body (too well-muscled), a slim waist and large, athletic toes that wriggled in bare freedom as he looked up at his uncle. Floyd was a broad shouldered, large-armed monster of a man, over six foot tall and two hundred and fifty pounds of male stud, with a belly that was neither slender nor beer-bellied, the legs that were kegs of meat stuffed into the blue jeans he wore. The overall effect was not of male beauty, but of raw male power and aggression. You hired this man to smelt ore, pour steel or log lumber, but you didn't put him on your magazine covers; still, should such a man embrace you in tenderness, your very heart would melt into your shoes at the impossible miracle of that touch, and your legs would part for his manhood without a qualm or a hesitation. Both uncle and nephew were brown-haired, brown-eyed, ruggedly handsome (or would be one day in Evan's case), and their bodies swelled at the very hint of work or physical labor.

"There you are!" Floyd snarled at his sister's oldest child and current resident of his home.

"Yeah, here I am." Evan replied. "Like I am every day after school." Two beer cans laid around empty spoke to the reason for his brazen fearlessness before his bear-like, burly uncle. Evan lifted a third one to his lips, drained it, and added it to its brothers, belched.

"What the fuck have you been doing while I'm working my ass off at the site?"

"Just a few movies." Evan replied. "What is it, twenty dollars or such?"

"Thirty-seven dollars!" Floyd snapped. "And the movies, you're watching gay porn on Pay TV and charging it to my account?"

"What makes you think it's gay porn?" Evan asked like he didn't care!

"When a movie's named ‘Ramming Poles,' I don't think it Polish men pile-driving at a construction site." Floyd pointed out. "‘Hardcore Truckers,' ‘Pounding Lumberjacks,' and... Gah, I can't go on!"

Evan laughed. "I just wanted you to say their names." he choked out between laughs. "You should see the look on your face!"

"Ahhhh!" Floyd stormed out. He'd promised Sara he'd watch over the boy until he finished school this coming spring, but Jesus Christ! He could call the cable company and get the pay station option blocked, and would come morning, but it was the sneer on Evan's face he wished he had an answer to.

His cell phone was buzzing on his nightstand, he'd forgotten and left it at home today. He walked over and saw he had a text message. "A Change for the Better!" it proclaimed. He knew it was a spam message, but to hell with it, he opened it and looked at it. "Free App! Tired of someone being the way they are? Wish they were something else? Well, this app has just what you need, you just download our app into your Smartphone, point your camera at the person and snap a picture of him. From then on, our app lets you change them from the person they are, which you hate, into the person you wish they were! Give it a try?" And in larger letters on the bottom, "What have you got to lose? Download now!" Those last two words were on a blue button begging you to press it.

"Hah!" Floyd said. Then, "What the hell? Anything is worth a shot if it'll help me deal with that wise-aching little snot-nose!"

He pressed the button and OK'ed the monthly fee of $1.99 per month for the app after the first month's use (of course there was a fee involved!). Then there was about 2 minutes of download, then the phone beeped and when he looked he saw, "Your "Change for the Better" app is ready to go! Activate the app and use your camera as normal, then the app will have the picture stored for further app use. When you opt for "clear" the person will return to normal with no memory of the way you have altered them. So you can do it again and again, just save your work for future projects."

"All right." Floyd admired. If this worked, he saw real potential here! He walked into the living room where Evan, in blatant disrespect for him, had a gay porn film running, and a bulge in his trousers. He looked at Floyd and Floyd snapped the picture.

Evan said, "What was that for?"

"Needed your picture." Floyd simply said.

"I saw that. Why?"

"Needed it for an app."

"What kind of app?"

"That's what I'm about to find out." Floyd opened the app and this time he saw the picture with the words, "Just manipulate the photo and what you do to the picture will happen to the person." "Hmmm!" he said. "Let's try this!"

He tapped the picture's small stomach and the waist constricted.

"Oof!" came Evan's response and he grabbed at his stomach, which had become concave.

"Hey, it works!" Floyd grinned meanly. "Let's see what we can do to you."

He used his fingers to expand the stomach and it ballooned out to a broad, plump ball of fat. The rapid expansion burst his t-shirt all at once, turned it into a very inadequate vest hanging over his arms. Floyd expanded the arms to be over-muscled and that burst the rest of the t-shirt which fell in rags to the ground.

He looked up and Evan had the expanded stomach and he was looking at it in disbelief. "What the fuck?"

Floyd shrank the lower body and legs down to a narrow band balanced on toothpicks and that caused the boy's trunks and briefs to slide off down his legs to his ankles, then he enlarged them again, except for the dick, he left that a tiny little nub of a dick. Evan felt the changes, but he couldn't see it over his broad belly. "What is going on?" he asked, now totally naked before his uncle.

"Hmm." Floyd considered the revised teenaged boy before him. "You need something. Ah, I know!" He engorged the breasts, made them larger than the stomach. "Ahh, that does it." he declared.

"Uncle...Uncle Floyd?" Evan was timid as he looke over his greatly changed body. "What is going on here?"

"Going on?" Floyd grinned wickedly. "You ever heard of the change of life? Well, you just got yours."

"But this is...this is impossible!"

"You want me to do something about it?" Floyd asked him.

"Yes, yes!"

"Okay, kid, come with me." Floyd said. "I got some ideas what we can do about this."

Whimpering, Evan obeyed and followed his grinning uncle into his bedroom. A mishmash of discarded and dirty clothing strew about to the point that the floor could not be seen, a mattress covered with disarranged bedding, Floyd would burrow into that and usually managed to make a good bed for himself. This time, he swept the mess to the floor to join its mate, making a large squarish bare spot for his nephew. "Crawl on there, on all fours."

Evan complied and he showed his butt to his uncle. Normal sized, it was lost on the boy. "Just a minute while I fix this." he said and used his app again. Another picture of the naked boy's butt and he expanded it to a plump pair of buttocks, making a "badonkadonk" that any woman would envy. "Now you're worth looking at?"

Evan felt his enlarged ass with incredulity. "Worth looking at? I'm an enormous freak!"

"That's what I meant." Floyd began to pull at his clothing as he watched the teenaged lad pull at his buttocks. He was showing that sweet little tuckerhole in between that just begged for a huge cock to be plugged into it. "You got thirty-seven dollars in gay porn to pay for, and I'm going to take it out of your ass!"

"Out of my...Oh, God!" Evan struggled to raise up, but his enlarged body defeated that. He could only squirm around and he got his lower legs onto the floor on his knees, but no more than that when Floyd pulled off his pants and briefs and, naked below the waist, knelt behind the hapless lad.

"Okay, boy, hang on tight because I got a lot of angry dong to feed you."

Evan groaned when he felt the work-hardened hands grasp his inflated buttocks. "Oh, God, no, please, Uncle Floyd, you can't do this, you can't, please!"

Floyd pressed his dong to the tiny puckered entrance and, "You say you don't want me to do something? What is it you don't want me to do?"

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" Evan finished for him.

"Oh, well, good, that's what I was planning to do to you."

"No, I..., AH-HAHHH-UHHHHH!" Evan moaned as the huge nine-inch whanger was driven into his butt. "Oh, oh, God!"

"Feel that thick, hard cock, boy?" Floyd grunted as he pushed in even deeper. He didn't want to stop until his balls were pressing dimples into that bubble-butt he had in his hands. "You like this monster pud, boy? You were watching it on TV when I walked in and I saw the boner in your shorts as you watched it. So here's the real thing, courtesy of Uncle Floyd! Ah-hah!" he grunted as he shoved the last bit and felt the balls resting on the bare, boy flesh. "That's got it all into you, how do you like that?"

"Oh, God, take it out, take it out, it hurts, it hurts!" moaned Evan. "I can't take it, I can't take it!"

"You just need me to move it around a bit for you." offered Floyd. "Here, let me try this on you." He began to pull out his cock and then he thrust it back in and as he did, Evan moaned again, this time a hint of pleasure punctuated the groan of pain.

"You see, it felt better this time, didn't it?" Floyd asked.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!" sobbed Evan.

"Let me do that again." Floyd offered and he pulled out and thrust back again.

"Oof! Uhhh!" Evan gasped out.

"See, it's better, isn't it?"

"Uh, uh, uh, uh." Evan panted.

"I'll do it faster for you." Floyd began to thrust in and out of his nephew, and the grunts of the boy underneath him changed slowly.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, boy? You like being my plump little bitch-boy, don't you?"

"Oh, oh, God!" Evan moaned. "Uncle Floyd, oh, oh!"

"How about if I do this?" Floyd began to really ram his cock into the round-butted boy ass and this time the groans Evan put forth were those of desire. "Yeah, you like being my bitch, don't you, tell me you like being my bitch!"

"I like being your...." Evan's voice dopplered into desire-moans. "Ohhh, uhh, uh-huh, uhhhh!"

"Say it, say it or I'll stop fucking you." Floyd demanded as he slammed his hips into the pair of broad buttocks.

"I'm your bitch, Uncle Floyd!" moaned Evan. "Fuck me harder, I love it, I love it, fuck me harder!"

"Yeah, I knew you'd like it!" Floyd grunted. "Roll over, I want to plug you while I watch your face!"

He hadn't altered the face much, the neck was thicker because of the broad breast but beyond that, the face was of the sneering nephew who lounged about all the time, a beautiful face and now the beautiful bountiful body of his dreams were attached to it.

He re-entered the lad and the face crinkled up in desire and rapturous need, the arms enfolded his body and he was pressed with his chest up against the big, round breasts and the broad, ample belly. The tiny prick was poking his lower stomach but he could ignore that, and he had his dong deep inside the warm, clutching anus. He moved his hips and Evan moaned and crooned as his uncle's dong wormed its way in and out of his ass, each stroke was calculated by the big man to drive into the boy in a different style and stimulate a different part of his insides.

"Oh, God, Uncle Floyd, fuck me harder, more, more, God, I need it, I need it, more, more!" Evan panted. "Give it to me, give it to me! I need it, I need it, ah-HAH-AH-AHH-AHH, HAH-UHHHH!"

Floyd felt the splats of Evan's jizz as his tiny piddle squirted his lower stomach and the heat of the wet fluid seeped down onto his schlong as he pumped the warm butt. God, that hot spunk was like an aphrodiasiac, it made his balls boil! "NGYAHHHHH!" he groaned. "Shit, you came, you squirted on my stomach you insignificant piece of shit and I, I.... AH-HAH-HUH-HUH-GUNNNNHHHH!" He thrust his prong deep into his nephew's ass and shot a hard, heavy load like he hadn't had in some years. Shit, he'd been so fucking turned on here, and all of it was now squirting out of his cock and into that warm sweet ass! So fucking hot!

"Ah-ah-ngyahhhh!" Floyd gasped as his orgasm released him and he fell onto the plump, sweating lad beneath him. "God, that was such a sweet fuck, none better, I tell you, kid, I am hooked, I want to fuck you every morning and every night, I mean, shit!"

"Oh, God, oohh! panted Evan. "My ass feels like hamburger, Uncle Floyd! Oh, oh, God, I am so fucked!"

"You deserved it, charging up all that porn on my account!" Floyd told him as he stood up.

"God, I'm a freak!" Evan said as he looked at himself. "What am I going to do about school tomorrow? I can't go looking like this!"

"Ah, quit your bitching." Floyd told him. "I can fix it."

"So fix it!" Evan begged him. "I'm a beached whale here!"

"Hang on, I'm doing it." Floyd took the Smartphone up and the app was still running, he clicked the "End App" button and Evan moaned.

Floyd looked up and it was like watching a balloon deflate. The breasts shrank, the belly shrank, the legs shrank and his penis grew back to a normal size again. In a moment, the original body of his nephew was back again.

Evan sat up, blinked. "What am I doing here?" He asked his uncle. "Why are you bare-assed?" He looked down at himself. "And why am I totally naked? What happened, I was watching TV and suddenly, here I am."

He sat up. "Man, my ass hurts." he complained. "What has been going on here."

"Just a little payment for the cable bill." Floyd told him.

"Fuck that." Evan declared.

"That's what I meant." Floyd said.

Evan didn't listen, he just pushed past his uncle and went back to the living room to find his clothing in tatters. "I don't know what's going on here." he said as his uncle followed him out. "This is totally weird."

"Yeah, it is." Floyd agreed. "But I think I'm going to like it." He patted his Smartphone. "Best app ever."

Evan just shook his head and went to his room to fetch more clothes to put on. Floyd saw the boy's ass dripping come as he walked away, and the big man smiled broader. Good times were ahead.

The next night, he was grinning as he got home. He didn't hesitate, Evan was lounged out on the couch, sound asleep as the gay porn pounded out of the screen. The young man was again dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, and he roused as Floyd stripped the boy of his clothes. "What, what, what is this?" he asked.

By then, it was too late, Floyd's powerful hands had pulled the shorts and jockstrap away in one motion, and Evan now wore only his sneakers and socks. Good enough, he stood and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Evan watched his uncle move in silent disbelief as he saw the man shuck his boots and tug the pants and briefs away and then pulled the red-plaid shirt off his body. "What is all this?" he asked timidly. "I don't understand."

"I'm getting naked." Floyd told him. "Why don't you take off those sneakers while you're waiting on me?"

Evan obeyed in a numb compliance. "I don't understand this. Why are we both naked here?"

"Because it's time for some more fun with your Uncle Floyd." Floyd told him. He tugged his tanktop off and that made his now-hard prong jangle in front of the boy.

Evan leaned over to stare at the massive prod. "You like that, boy?" He asked his nephew.

"Uhh...kind of." Evan admitted. He looked up at his uncle. "I didn't know you were so big, Uncle Floyd."

"Want a closer look at it?" Floyd offered.

"Uh.... Uh-huh."

"Just a minute." Floyd had saved the changed pictures, a few touches of his finger to the Smartphone and Evan was again the plump bellied, big-chested, tiny-dicked teenager of the day before, and the beautiful face was staring at his cock with adoration. "Okay, boy, you want to suck on this?

"Huh? What?" Evan looked up with an open mouth of surprise a few inches before his uncle's proud erection.

Floyd grabbed the head and shoved the dong into the vacant mouth, filling it with tumescent uncle-cock. "Huhhhh!" he grunted as he pushed it in.

"Glmph!" Evan grunted in his turn, in surprise. His eyes were wide and he looked up at his uncle in astonishment.

"What's the matter, Evan, never had a cock in your mouth before?" he asked.

"Nu-uh." Evan choked out around the hard prick. "Ngh-ngh, glph!" he gagged.

"Fuck, kid, you have to learn how to take it!" Floyd said. "Here, I'll help you out, I'll move it for you." he began to move his hips, pushing it in and out of the mouth.

Evan coughed and choked as the huge pud slid in and out of his mouth, but Floyd didn't let him pull off of it, he kept hold on the head and made the plump teenager keep on taking that length down his mouth and into his throat. Deep-throat, yeah, hell, yeah, the deepest!

Evan was miserable for a time but he slowly adapted to the massive shaft mauling his esophagus, he began to be able to move his tongue and lap at the tool as it moved over the talented, prehensile organ, and his saliva bathed the man-rod in warm liquid as he pumped it in and out.

"God, you're such a fucking sweet fuck-tool, boy!" he grunted as he held the head in thrall and forced his prick deep into the mouth. "I'm going to feed you a good healthy snack of man-juice and you'll love it, all of it, ah, fuck, yeah!" He moved his hips faster and his face flushed and his eyes closed and he screamed out his pleasure as he climaxed, "AHHH-GAHH-AHHHHH-HAHHHHH!" Hot squibs spurted into Evan's mouth and throat and he gagged all over again, sputtered, sperm shot like snot out of his nostrils and dribbled out of his lips and the boy moaned and coughed and sputtered and more sprayed out and Floyd finished, released him and the lad fell back onto the couch and coughed and was about to get sick when Floyd pulled out his phone and hit the "End" button once again.

The conversion was again quick and in no time, a restored Evan coughed a little, swallowed, with a puzzled look on his face as he drank the spooge still in his mouth, licked his lips dry and looked up at his uncle. "Uncle Floyd? What's going on?"

"You were having a nightmare." Floyd told him.

"Uh, uh, I was?" Evan looked down at him. "I'm naked again. And you're naked, too. This is all getting real weird."

"Yeah, it is." Floyd agreed. "But I'm having the time of my life." He said. "Why don't you get on the phone and call us in a pizza. I feel like having a long bath and then eating myself sleepy. This weekend is going to be real busy."


Floyd walked into his bedroom, whistling. Just how busy, Evan wasn't going to know.

His construction work was a seven-day-a-week job at this time, everyone on the jobsite was a horndog like him. They'd love to have a turn at the plump sex-doll his nephew turned into when he used his Smartphone.

The following evening, he brought two of his best friends from the jobsite over, Doug and Frisco, two hulking brutes like himself. Doug was red-haired and brushy-bearded, with a small pot belly under larger chest muscles and beefy arms with bulging biceps and hairy forearms. Frisco was a huge coal-black stud with gleaming ebony skin that glowed in any light whether it was sweaty or not, and all those arcs his body made were pure muscle. When he grinned, it was like a crescent moon just above the horizon of the setting sun, gleaming in the darkness of his face with his eyes like two galaxies above them. "Where is he?" Doug demanded as he reached down to scratch his well-hung balls.

"He'll be either in front of the TV set or in his room asleep." Floyd assured them.

"Not at the TV."

"Must be asleep."

"Yeah, I fucked him pretty hard last night." Floyd agreed. "Don't worry, you can ram him all you want, when I turn it off, he goes right back to normal. It's like fucking a virgin ass every fucking time!"

"I don't believe it." Frisco scoffed. But his voice held hope in it anyhow.

"You'll see."

They entered Evan's room, a mattress on the floor with clothing strewn about, the boy clad in only a pair of loose boxers, face down asleep on the mattress.

"We'll save time stripping him." Floyd said as Evan stirred, lifted his bleary eyes to regard the three men who had invaded his room.

Floyd had the app up and he focused his phone camera on the lad as he rose to his knees and hands, clicked it at that point.

Evan's body appeared to burst like a flower blossoming, as his chest, his belly, his ass, all ballooned outwards. Evan staggered under the transformation, struggled to rise but found himself helpless. The boxers were sadly worn and threadbare to begin with, they burst apart under the pressure of those majestic buttocks, and the naked young man was trapped under his own weight as he knelt before them.

"Shit, it worked!" Frisco marveled.

"His ass looks like a gigantic valentine!" remarked Doug, and he was right, the large buttocks were the tops of the valentine-heart and the hips forced his small penis down to become the tip of the bottom of the heart-shape. The ass was there, exposed by his position, and the anus was a brown oval in the center of it, a star-shape of wrinkled sphincter at its heart.

"What's happened?" Evan wondered. "Why am I like this? What is going on here?"

"He never remembers from time to time." Floyd assured his buddies. "Go ahead and ram the little cunt, he'll never notice it when you're done and I turn off the app."

"Shit, I'm about to come just looking at that sweet fuckable butt of his." Doug moaned as he rubbed his crotch.

"You gave him a little-boy dick." Frisco panted. "I love the thought of playing with a tiny little peter while he sucks my fat whanger!"

"Sounds like you two can share him." Floyd said. "Go ahead, I want to enjoy some sloppy seconds and feel your come when I fuck his butt myself."

"God yeah, me, too." Frisco grunted, the big black man was busily undoing his fly and pulling out his monster-dong, a fat ten inches of male potency as dark-toned as its owner. Doug had done likewise, undoing his jeans top and pushing them down so that you could see the red hairs of his pubic bush surrounding the thick pink-toned dong. Floyd looked from one to the other as he pulled at his own belt and began to undo the buttons on his fly.

"What are you...what are you doing to do to me?" Evan begged as he saw the men pulling off their remaining clothing and moving to surround him. "Help me up, please, I can't get up, I don't know what's happened! Please, help me, my ass is so big, my stomach, too, and it's got me weighed down and I can't move, help me, please, I need you to all help me!"

"Oh, we're going to help, all right." Doug declared as he rubbed some spit on his cockhead. "We're going to help ourselves to some sweet plump boy-ass."

"And I'm going to love watching those sweet cherry lips of yours wrapped around my dong." Frisco added.

"No, please, you can't do this, please, don't look at me, I'm ugly, I'm hideous, don't look at me!"

"You're beautiful." Doug assured him as the man, now nude below the waist save for his work socks, his plaid shirt hanging open and showing the sweat-stained tanktop underneath, knelt behind the bulging buttocks and aimed the spit-slicked cock at the little brown star in the center of that lovely boy-flesh. "I have dreamed of fucking an ass this damned beautiful and sweet."

"It's a sweet ass to fuck, all right." Floyd said as he pumped his prick while he watched the proceedings. "I loved it last night and will love it more after you two ram him good."

"You're the luckiest man in the world." agreed Frisco as he knelt before the lad, looking up at him with tears streaming down his face, a look like a lost little lamb. He offered the fat black cock to him like it was the answer to the boy's prayers.

"Go on, stuff it in him, hard!" Floyd urged the men. "I want to hear him squeal as you ram that fat rod in him, Doug! Make him choke on it, Frisco!"

"Yeah, hell, yeah!" Doug growled and he gripped the massive buttocks and thrust into the boy hard. Evan raised his head and howled as he was impaled, the thick prod rammed into him to the hilt.

Frisco took hold of the head and lowered it by the ears, the mouth open, he crammed his cock in, shoving it down the mouth and throat roughly, all ten inches of it forced in to where the balls slapped Evan's face.

"Aw, yeah, hell, yeah!" Floyd grunted. "Come on, do him, do him hard!" He flogged his cock with no regard for lasting to make good on his threat of "sloppy seconds."

Evan whimpered at first, but as the two men slammed their fat cocks in and out of him, he began to groan and moan and work his body to pleasure the two men. Doug was a madman with a fierce snarl on his lips as he fucked the sweet ass, his hips slapping the buttocks with a meaty sound, Frisco was deep-throat-fucking the face, never drawing his cock more than halfway back, and Evan took it all and thrived, moaning with a blissful look on his face.

"Aw, fuck, this is so hot!" Floyd groaned. "I want in on that."

"Get over here, this slop-hole can take two of us." Doug growled. "But hurry up, I'm ready to shoot it in there!"

"Me, too, fuck!" Frisco panted. "Going to fill his gut with my hot, black come! You two fuck him, he'll drink it better if you fill his ass with more!"

"Yeah, fuck, yeah!"

Doug moved to where he was almost on top of Evan and this extended his cock to where he was fucking downwards into the wet, sloppy ass. Floyd knelt and pushed up against the pair and his cock slid in underneath Doug's, and Evan moaned the louder as his ass-pussy was stretched to the limit.

The men hammered the hapless-but-willing, inflated boy-tool with hard pounding thrusts that shook him back and forth, and Doug moaned and squirted his load into the mauled and malleable ass.

"Shit I can feel it in there, I feel it!"

"Gah, I got to come now, too!" Frisco groaned and his dark African face was a rictus of sexual ecstasy, the moon-smile distorted into an obscene grimace, the eyes closed tight, and he creamed heavily into Evan's throat, too deep for the boy to do anything but take it, and it puddled in the boy's stomach and sent Evan into a spasm of ecstasy and his little prick spurted onto the mattress.

Floyd felt the three males climaxing and he sped up his thrusts and added his own joy-juice to the mix, and come spurted out to dowse both his and Doug's crotches with the overflow of hot spunk.

"God, damn!" Doug said wonderingly as he pulled his prick out of the fucked ass and stood up as Floyd got out of the way, unstraddled the lad who sank onto the mattress, panting.

Frisco reeled in his black snake-cock and hefted the slimy but spent dong. "That was one hell of a good time." he said.

"Best one I've ever had." Doug agreed.

Floyd looked from one to the other. "You both talk like it's over. Hell, we can do it as often as you like. Watch this." He used the camera phone to turn off the app.

Evan shrank back to a slender but fucked young man once again. He blinked and turned over, sat up. "What happened? How did you get in here? Why am I naked again?" he asked them.

"He never remembers it, ever." Floyd bragged. "He's turned back into a virgin again, too, only his ass is full of come and he's got a belly-full of hot black spunk. When you two are rested up, we'll do him again."

"Works for me!" enthused Doug.

"Me, too." Frisco agreed.

"Who wants a beer while we wait."

"Can I have one, too?"

"Hell, boy, you can have all you want." Doug offered. "You can suck my cock when you finish."

Evan made a face. "Egh! I'm not doing that."

"Don't worry, he will." Floyd promised.

The men enjoyed Evan over and over again the rest of that night, and by the next morning, they had each fucked or been sucked by Evan five or six times. The men were in high spirits when they went in to work and told of their exploits in graphic and endless enthusiastic detail.

The men were intrigued and eager. By the end of the day, Floyd had promised to bring Evan to work the next day so they could all get a shot at the endless supply of virginal boy pussy.

The men were waiting in an anxious row when Floyd's pickup pulled up to the jobsite and Evan got out. He was wearing only a pair of cut-offs so high that the ends of his butt-cheeks stuck out of the ass, a sheer yellow mesh work-vest and a pair of scuffed and well-worn workboots with dropping gray work-socks (all courtesy of Floyd's closet, examples of stuff he didn't wear anymore) and he squirmed as he saw all the eyes feasting on him. "Do I have to wear this stuff?" he complained to Floyd. "I feel like a fucking male stripper."

"Pretty close." grinned Floyd. "Don't worry, everyone dresses down for the jobsite in the warm weather. Just look around."

Evan did and while nobody was as skimpily dressed as him, there were men in cut-off jeans, tank-tops and the like to let him convince himself that he wasn't too out of place, he moved tentatively toward the men.

"So this is the one." one of the men said to Doug as Evan approached. "He don't look like no bountiful beauty to me."

"Wait'll you see what the app on Floyd's phone does to this boy." Doug said heartily. "Man, I wish I had a young man in my house, so I could load that app and fuck away at a piece like he becomes every fucking night. I'm going to go visit Floyd three times a week from now on, I assure you."

"Well, here today, you'll have to wait your turn, we all want a piece of him." another man declared.

"He's worth the wait." Frisco backed up Doug's endorsement. "Let's get him inside the site so we can't be seen and you'll enjoy it for yourselves."

"Damned right!" a third man declared. "I'm ready to bust my nuts just listening to you guys talk about it."

Evan had reached them and Floyd turned to him and motioned to the third man. "Okay, Evan, this is Brian, he's our foreman and the man in charge, you go with him and he'll show you what to do."

"We're working on the interior walls right now." Brian told Evan with a wink thrown at Floyd. "You come with me and we'll teach you how to do it right." Brian was black-haired and brawny, as were all the men on the site,

"This fucking sucks!" griped Evan. "I don't want anything to do with this job, and why are you building all this way out here in the sticks?" He been on a long car ride, over twenty miles out of town and well off the well-traveled roads.

"We're building out here, because we get paid to build out here." Brian said succinctly. "You're stuck out here all day, so why don't you come with me and do something while you wait for your ride home at the end of the day?"

"I don't want to fuck with no fucking walls." Evan griped but he followed the burly hulk and other workers including the three grinning conspirators went after, their eyes feasting on the perky little buttocks. Evan squirmed; he could feel their eyes and he pulled ineffectually at the cut-offs as he walked.

They made it to the side the man had indicated, it had the exterior wall in place and the bare studs, and before it was a large section of plywood laid out on sawhorses, and a small mechanic's crane nearby holding a net-like affair in its hook and jigsaws and other construction devices and materials.

The men moved to take their work positions (or appeared to) and Evan was guided by Brian to the large piece of plywood. Up close, you could see several small boxes cut out in it, the size of electrical outlets. "All right, as our new probationary apprentice carpenter, your job is to hold this plywood and the net in place while we get the net into position, and then we'll use it to lift it up to the ceiling and nail it in place.

Evan was dubious, the more so when he saw them lay out the net over the plywood and have him lie on top of it, but the men moved to arrange the net and he held it in place, then Brian motioned to Floyd who used the app on Evan.

Again the boy ballooned out to the enlarged dimensions of his chest, stomach, ass. The vest spilled back to an ineffectual covering on his back and the cut-offs became like a diminutive thong, not covering his buttocks at all, for they distended out of the legs. "Oww-ow-owww!" the boy howled. "What's happening to me?"

"What's always happening to you." Floyd was getting disgusted with this aspect of things, always the bewildered boy whining in incomprehension. "Suck it up, we got work for you to do."

"Long, hard work." another worker agreed with a mean grin.

"It hurts, it hurts!" whined Evan.

"What hurts?" Brian asked indifferently.

"My cutoffs, they're pinching the hell out of me! Oh, my poor balls, my poor, little tiny balls!"

"Oh, that!" Brian motioned to another man who came over with an odd-looking pair of scissor-like objects, tin cutting shears. More powerful than regular scissors and with razor sharp blades, they snipped the cutoffs away easily. "There you go."

"Oh, oh, thank you!" blubbered Evan.

"Haul away." Brian gestured and the net rose, with a yawping Evan dangling helpless in the middle of it. The men had known their work, Evan's legs and arms were free but his body barrel was firmly inside the snare of the net. He wormed about freely but ineffectually, unable to get out of the straps of the net which fit his body like the mesh work-vest his back still bore.

"Get me out of here, get me out of here!" yelped Evan. "You sorry sons of bitches, I'll fucking kill every one of you."

"Hey, he's got some fight in him this time." admired Floyd. "The other times, he was a whimpering bag of shit."

"You motherfucking assholes, what have you done to me?"

"Ahhh, there's the self-pity." Floyd mourned. "And I was enjoying his anger."

"You fucking bastard, I'll tell my mother on you and she'll deal with your ass!"

"Hey, he's back again."

"Lots of life in this one." Brian admired as he approached the broad ass, tugging at his toolbelt, dropping it to the concrete with a clank, then opening his pants buttons to haul out a fat, angry-hard cock.

Evan looked around to see that man-wrecker approaching and he howled out, "Oh, hell, no, you're not fucking my ass!" he began to try to squirm out of the net.

"Grab him!" Brian ordered and men rushed to snatch Evan's arms and legs. He was soon held by four burly men who laughed as their foreman aimed his ravening, precome-dripping dong at the hapless ass.

"No, no, don't you dare fuck my ass, don't you....AAAHHH-GAHHHH!"

Brian had crammed his unlubricated, fat, hard shaft deep into Evan's bowels at the first thrust. He paid no attention to the boy's ear-splitting howls of pain as he ram-fucked the large ass hanging helpless in the net. The motions rocked the boy back and forth and the men held tight as the net tried to swing him madly about.

"Need to anchor this one better." another man declared. "Not to mention shut him up. I got something that'll do both at the same time."

"Yeah, Jack, pull out that pussy-wrecker you got!" one of the men holding an arm said. "Biggest whanger in the known galaxy."

"Bigger than Frisco's?" Floyd asked.

"I dunno, how big is Frisco's?"

Floyd said, "Well, it's...." He saw Jack's cock. "Holy fuck! Not that big!"

"Eleven inches when it's hard." bragged Jack justifiably.

"Shit!" Floyd practically drooled. "I have to see that in action, man!"

Jack pumped his prick and it rose to its full glory. Every bit the length he had declared, it was also of a firm size in girth, a "pussy-wrecker" as the man had said, any woman would have screamed at the sight of the thing, and Evan was no different, his eyes got wide and he gritted his teeth but Jack put a hand on Evan's jaw with his hand under the chin and squeezed, Evan's mouth popped open and he stuffed the head of the long dong inside. Evan moaned as the thick rod slithered into his mouth and down his throat, but his eyes closed and he held still as the last couple of inches were driven down his gullet.

"Shit, I think he's getting into it." one of the men holding his arm said.

"I know he is, he's playing with my dick." the other man holding on said.

"Go ahead, Garth, Mick, let the boy have a couple of handfuls, maybe it'll get him to hold still." Brian grunted as he continued to pummel the boy's butt. Jack had Evan's face in both hands and was moving his hips in a large, fast movement that would have dislodged a lesser man, but only drove Jack's mammoth schlong's length in and out of the wet mouth, the shaft a gleaming pillar of male virility.

Garth and Mick both had their cocks in Evan's hands and they found the effort worthwhile, for Evan had quit struggling and now was pumping their dongs hard as he could. "Ahhh, hell, that feels good!" Garth grunted, the hair-festooned brute was thrusting his cock at Evan's right hand as Evan pumped on it, the thick plum-sized glans was poking out of the foreskin like an angry bulb of reddened fury as the heavy man moaned and thrust and groaned, his cock weeping a long strand of precome out to reach toward the concrete floor.

Brian had contorted himself into a S-shape with his head leaning left, his waist bending right and his hips thrusting madly at the plump ass he was slapping hard, his face reddened with his passion and he moaned, groaned, roared as he reached climax, squirting his jizz hard into the delightful ass.

"Oh, yeah, hot, so fucking hot!" a man behind Brian declared. "Hurry up, my turn now!"

"Come on, Harold, shove it in hot behind him, squelch your prick into that hot spunk." Floyd urged him.

Harold, another rough, broad-shouldered black man, lunged at Evan's ass as Brian cleared the path, his prod was stuffed into the well-fucked ass and spunk squirted out of the butt as he plunged into him.

Jack moaned and squirted his jizz into Evan's gullet and another man was ready to move in and be serviced by the now-hungry lips.

There were twenty-seven men at the jobsite, and they all enjoyed the boy's favors as the day wore on in a near-endless parade of hot cocks and rough thrusting fucks at the plump, ravaged ass. Spunk pooled on the concrete beneath the buttocks and strands of dried come dappled the sweet face and hair and arms. Floyd took his turn and loved the feel of his buddies' warm spunk lubricating the ass so that fucking the boy was like shoving it into warm butter, and he saw the end of the day arrive with a bit of regret. It had been a hell of a good day.

The men gathered as five o'clock arrived to watch the end results for themselves. Evan was a panting lust-filled cum-pig and he looked up at his uncle with glazed, uncomprehending eyes and his tongue stuck out to beg for more.

"Now, everyone, watch this." Floyd bragged as he hit the "Clear" button and Evan warped back to his original form.

Evan shook his head and looked around, dried come still splattering his face, and he stared about in wonder. "What's going on?" he asked, as he climbed out of the net. "Why are all of you looking at me?" He looked down. "And where are my shorts?"

"I got a pair of shorts for you." Floyd threw the gym shorts he'd brought for this purpose at Evan who donned them hastily. "It's time to go home now. Work is over."

"Over?" Evan was startled at this. "But...but we just got here."

"See what I mean?" Floyd told the others.

"I got to get me that app." Garth declared. "I got a cousin who'd make a hell of a good fucktoy once I run that on him."

"Me, too." Brian declared. "My neighbor's boy is a layabout sonofabitch who'd plump up as good as Evan did."

"We should all get that app, find ourselves a young man, alternate bringing them to work." another man declared, he was new on the job and Floyd didn't know his name, but he'd been at Evan's ass the most of any of them, six separate times. "I need that app, my son is as big of an ass as Evan was, but twice as lazy!"

"Yeah, best app ever!" Floyd said.

"Best app ever, yeah, best app, shit, yeah, best app ever!" the men murmured among themselves as they walked off the jobsite to their pickups.

"What is going on here, Uncle Floyd?" Evan asked as he joined his uncle. "Things have gotten really weird around here."

"Don't worry about it." Floyd assured his nephew. "You did a good job today and now it's time to go home and celebrate." He had his own further plans for his bewildered nephew.


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