Far Station Zeta

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2015 by Eduardo

Illustration of Far Station Zeta

All eighteen members of Far Station Zeta were congregated around the transmittal chamber that evening. It had been busy all day long, this was the one day of the year when we received the yearly delivery of supplies from Earth. It cost a lot to set up the link over such a long distance, so we had to squeeze everything we needed inside of a single fifteen-hour period. That last delivery, though, was something special. The trouble with the eighteen members of our team was that we were all in the same age range of 24 to 37 years of age, all well-muscled and strong-lined (the work in Far Station Zeta was rough and at times brutally fast as well), and all of us were men. That last was the problem. No women. The Company only believed in hiring people who could pull their weight, and at Far Station Zeta, you had to be able to work hard indeed, no women could qualify. Or had, at least.

We men dealt with the situation as best we could. Every year's private mail held a bounty of pornographic material and our hands were kept busy during our off hours in self-pleasure. And sometimes we of course took our pleasures with each other. Nothing wrong with that, but most of the men wanted someone besides a man they had to work alongside and had to face after spending hours in intimate contact. Hard to take orders from a man you'd been butt-fucking a while before, after all.

We'd dealt with it with this one final shipment a year, the one in which we got to receive a piece of pure luxury. Whatever we wanted, the Company would buy it and ship it to us. Our one bit of anticipation and reason for our excitement was that, this year, it was a very special item.

A whorobot. A whore robot, that is. Built to resemble and behave in every way like a female human complete with fully functional vagina and oral orifices that were self-lubricating and which would let a man fuck his brains out. Just like having a real woman. She would even come to understand and adapt to our own unique likes and needs, being submissive to one man and dominating to another, rough and abrupt or slow and gentle, whatever a man needed.

So we were all waiting for that last arrival. We had to send an equivalent amount of mass back through the transmitter (to balance out the signals and let the Company recoup at least part of its expense for our bounty) and we had sent the Company two hundred pounds of prime grade thallium ore, and that was more than enough mass to let them send us the best possible whorobot.

The thallium ore vanished and we all watched in anticipation that was palpable. On the platform a box formed and appeared. We'd all arrived here by the same route three years ago, the transmittal-ride is a damnable feeling and maybe not all that humane, your molecules are broken down by the machine, the material is stored in the machine's storage, while the data of how the molecules were arranged is sent through hyperspace and the machine uses its own store of material to rebuild you molecule by molecule from the ground up. Maybe you die and it's a copy that makes the trip, who can say? The other you remembers everything and acts the same and looks the same right down to that mole you've had as long as you can remember right underneath your right nipple.

The box formed and solidified. A vast sigh arose from the men around me.

"I'm going to fuck it and fuck it." Carden said, to my left.

"I'm going to make it suck me and suck me." Podek said to my right.

"I'm planning on half and half." I said not to be left out. "Over and over again."

"We all agreed." Wikjed said to all of us. "One mass orgy, then we start the schedule tomorrow morning."

I nodded along with the others. One whorobot among eighteen men, we'd arranged for each man to have the use of it for an eight hour period in rotation, I'd pulled midnight to eight in the morning on the second day for my turn. Two more days, if I missed out on the fun tonight, that would be hell on Earth (well, on Far Station Zeta, anyway) as I looked at the men who had sexually sated themselves in the orgy. So I was ready to tackle and get my dick into that whorerobot quick as I could. That robot was going to be swarmed, covered in hard cocks!

The box was opened by Girtol, the transmittal tech, and out walked...a little boy. He blinked in the light and looked around and smiled bashfully. He was naked, not too clean, thin and pale-skinned. He had pale blond hair, sweet blue eyes, an elfin smile and chubby cheeks. He was adorable.

And he was not what we had ordered.

"What the hell is this?"

"They fucked up our order!" a man in the back of the crowd declared. I didn't see who said it. "Instead of sending us a whorerobot, they shipped us a whoreroboy!"

"Whoreroboy?" Jamick asked. I was glad of that, I didn't have to ask it myself. Jamick was the youngest of us, in his early twenties (you had to be twenty-four to sign up for the far stations, beyond that, I didn't know his age, he looked more like eighteen years old.)

"Like a whorobot, only instead of a woman with a snatch you can plow, it's a little boy you can ass-fuck. They build them for pedophiles, instead of locking them up or dosing them with heavy medications that emasculate them, they set them up with one of these and he turns into a useful product of society."

"That's sick!" Harnian stated.

"You'd rather lock him up behind bars for the rest of his life and pay the cost of keeping him there instead? Or having him out molesting real boys? He gets his kicks and the rest of humanity is safe from his perversions. You can't change them, so you give them an outlet."

"It's still sick." Harnian said.

"So don't use him." I saw who was talking now, it was Amathys, a huge hulking man with dusky-toned skin (sunlight, not ethnic), black hair, dark eyes, heavy eyebrows, arms like missiles, legs like piledrivers, a chest like a heavy-duty metal-tug, all of these bundled under hair-coated skin that pressed it all into the shape of a man. "It's a sex robot and I say, if I can fuck it, I'm going to!"

"I'm not a sex robot!" the object of our conversation protested. "I'm a real boy!"

"Oh, God!" Amathys said in the tones of a man having a revelation. "They didn't even send us a fucking sex robot! They sent us a surroboy."

"Huh?" I said, though Jamick said it with me.

"A robot in the form of a boy programmed to act as a surrogate. They use them for people who have lost their children, they create a robot boy with as many memories of the real child as you can give them, they can even copy the memories out of the brain of a child not too long dead. The robot comes in and lives just like a real child, acting like your dead son in every way. They're hellaciously expensive, but people have been known to spend their life savings on one."

"I'm not a robot!"

"That's just how they program them." Amathys assured us. "Impossible to tell from a real child unless you know ahead of time."

"To hell with that, can we fuck him?" Carden asked.

Amathys paused, a man considering a novel idea. "He's made to be a human child in every way possible, including an anus and mouth and the ability to digest food and turn it into power. They use cloning technology to create the body and wrap it around a robot brain loaded with the child's memories. May have even used the child's own cells to create the body."

"To hell with that, can we fuck him?"

"Yes, but it would be like fucking an actual child."

"I am a real boy!"

"That's what we'll be dealing with." Amathys concluded. "Protests, tears, screams and so on. Are you up for it?"

"I'm up for anything!"

Bickman, our commander, spoke up for the first time. He'd been quiet up until now for a good reason, stuck on this rock in the middle of nowhere like we were, he had to rule us with a light hand, as it were. "We have a robot that will have to be reprogrammed by us for sexual use."

A chorus of groans greeted that remark. "But I'm going to bust a nut as it is!" mourned Podek. "I want a pair of warm lips on my cock!"

"And I want to fuck that sweet little ass!" Carden moaned. "Best way to do that is to bend him over and give it to him."

"And you can." Bickman told them. "You can even go first. But don't just ram it in, give the robot a chance to figure it out."

"We'll see what happens." Carden declared and advanced on the boy robot, with Podek quick behind him. The boy saw them and his hands moved to protect his genitals. Useless action, the two men weren't interested in that, their own hands flew to their flies, the right motion there caused the material to part and move in a way that exposed their prongs immediately. Meant to make it easy for a man to piss in a hurry, this also meant that they were instantly ready to plow this robot boy's ass and mouth.

"I'm not a robot!" the robot declaimed. "My name is Ray. Ray Seldon."

Bickman whistled. "Seldon. As in Jefferson Seldon?"

"He's my father."

"The head of Seldon's Robotics Unlimited." Bickman nodded as the men whistled and "oohed" and "whoa-ed" in recognition. "If anyone could afford a top-of-the-line robot surrogate, it'd be him. Lifelike in every way."

"He's my father!" Ray declared belligerently. "And when he finds out I'm here, he's going to be mad at you."

"Fuck him." Carden announced. "And fuck you, while I'm doing it."

"Grease it up." Bickman ordered. "Then fuck him."

Carden growled but pulled out his tube of lubrication (we all had one) and squirted it over his prong, his other hand smeared it liberally around his erect cock until it was a shining tower of male power. "Okay, now."

He and Podek pulled the shivering boy down onto his hands and knees, them on one knee each at either end. Podek then took his nine inches of dong in hand and slapped the boy's quivering face. "Open up, boy. Take it in your mouth."

"I'm telling my daddy on you." the robot stated, but that opened his mouth and the punctuation of the period was Podek shoving his cock into the boy's mouth still shaping the "u" sound in "you." The boy took in about three inches of glans and shaft before Podek stopped.

"Okay, boy, you got a mouthful of it. Now you have to learn how to suck it." Podek told him. "Keep your teeth away from it. Keep your mouth full of spit while you work it. Slide it up and down and keep hold on it with your lips. Use your tongue on it while you're doing it, too, to suck it right. The better you do, the quicker I come and the faster you get it over with."

"There isn't anyone here going to rescue you." Carden told the boy who hadn't moved. "So get to sucking him."

The boy moved, his eyes a picture in misery. Podek, though, groaned in appreciation. "Yeah, you're doing it right now, kid, keep sucking it like that." His hips moved and the boy-robot grunted along with Podek as he bucked his lower body back and forth. "Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh!"

"Mph, mph, mph, mph, mph!" Ray said, but he didn't let go.

A low groan arose from the watching men. Some had their cocks out and were playing with them as they watched the two men with the robot, a vision of a little boy, sandwiched between two towering examples of raw male lust.

"He's getting the right idea now." Carden said. "Time for me to introduce him to sex at the other end." He moved close and touched the tip of his prick to the boy's anus, from where I was, I could just see the tip pressing at the boy's asshole. Carden moved and the tip jabbed at the boy's butt, and I saw the shaft bend.

"Oh!" Ray grunted.

"Don't fight me." Carden grunted and tried again, this time with both hands on Ray's hips, and his hips moved in a way that told me he had stabbed the boy with his cock again, much harder. The boy choked on Podek's prick with a muffled howl of pain. Podek growled and his hands caught Ray's head and held him steady in place.

As the boy alternately sucked Podek and cried out in pain, Carden shoved his dick the rest of the way into the young, hapless ass. As he did, I kind of stopped seeing the little form as a robot, the feeling was of two men raping a little boy's ass. He was moaning, tears streaming down his face, snuffling, but he kept up his motions, sucking on Podek's dong while Carden's hips thrust roughly at his ass.

"Uh, uh, I'm coming, boy, coming, get ready for a mouthful of hot spunk, kid, here it comes, anh, anh, ahahahah, KAH-HUHHHHH!" His hands kept the boy from pulling off his prick, he held him down while he squirted into the small mouth, and when he was done, he let go and the boy pulled off, coughing, choking, and suddenly was sick. He threw up a combination of jizz and other fluids, but nothing solid. Well, a robot wouldn't have food in its stomach, might not even have a stomach.

I corrected myself, a robot with a human body would need food and drink the same as any child would. The lack of any substance in this body meant the boy/robot hadn't eaten any time soon.

Carden was frantically humping at the small ass, even as the boy recovered from vomiting, he growled and moaned and then jammed his prick in deep and roared, and I watched as I saw hot jizz flowing out of the boy's ass onto the floor. Carden was finished with his "AAARRRRRRR!"and now was going "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Another man, Fillian, and the tech, Girtol, were next, Fillian got the ass while Girtol guided the boy's upper body to a spot away from the puddle on the floor and stuffed his prick into the small mouth. This time, the boy took it, still shivering but his tears done with. Even when Fillian crammed a cock in that I knew was a substantial, fat piece of man-meat, he only groaned softly.

I watched as the boy serviced these two men and noticed something, said it aloud less in an attempt to inform anyone as in wonder. "I think he's getting into it now."

"Mmmh, I'll say." Girtol grunted. "He's sucking me really good."

"His ass is nice and open now." Fillian added. "Still tight, though."

"I greased him up good." Carden said, still nearby and wiping off his cock. "My prick is still sticky from it."

"I added more to mine." Fillian agreed, as his body moved in smooth, fluid motions, it was almost a pleasure to watch him fucking the boy's ass.

"Man, I want in on this." Wikjed stated as he got up there. "The boy may have both ends plugged, but he's still got hands. I'll take one of them."

"You spooge on him while he jerks you and you have to wait until everyone else has a turn before you go back for seconds." Bickman reminded him gently.

"Hey, we called for an orgy." Wikjed responded. "That means you take it as you can get it."

"I'll go for that." Porter said as he moved in. "One hand left."

No doubt about it, the boy had figured out what to do here. As Fillian began to grunt and plug him faster, in fact, I heard the boy groan and shiver, closing his eyes.

Jamick saw it, too. "Hey, he's coming. Ray's coming!"

"I always fuck the best." Fillian bragged. "Uh, shit, I feel his butt clenching on me, uh, uh, AHH-AHH-GAHH-UHHH, GUHHH!"

"Holy Goddess of Meria." Jamick said reverently. He walked up to the boy as if in a fugue, and the other men who had moved closer stepped back as the young man moved into position. As if an acolyte was assisting the priest, Carden moved in and lubricated Jamick's cock and smeared it with his heavily calloused hand, then he guided it himself toward the boy's quivering ass.

When Jamick got his cock into the boy, he became like a man transformed, he shivered, then began to hammer his prick into the lithe ass.

Ray didn't yell despite the rough treatment, he moaned and bent his head down, releasing his hold on Porter's cock and Wikjed's prick which he had just stuffed into the boy's mouth. Jamick ram-fucked the young ass while the boy lay with his head on the floor and he howled in pleasure.

Jamick threw back his head and moaned open-mouthed in his joy, and as he came, Ray shuddered in another little-boy orgasm. This time, he moaned in a way that was almost adult, like it had shaken him to his very core.

As Jamick finished and pulled out, the boy groaned out, "Ohhhhh! Oh, more, more, give me more, please, more, please!"

"I think we done reprogrammed our fuck-robot." Wikjed said.

What happened next to the boy was rather confused. The men clustered about the boy like flies on a shit-pile, and I could only try to worm my way into it. They had him in mid-air with a man holding him up and in place while he rammed him and the boy's head was back upwards down and was sucking another man like that. He had a cock in each hand and more cocks were pressing up against him, the boy had his choice of what to jerk or suck or get fucked by.

I eventually got my turn at the ass, with Amathys at the mouth while the boy jerked Bickman, who had held back until the crowd had eased, and when I stuffed my prick in, the fluid of hot man-jizz bathed my prick like liquid lotion. I thought how many men had already fucked this boy and my erection got hard a rock. Fucking the sweet ass was bliss after that, and I wondered if I could talk the other guys into having a weekly orgy like this, the chance to fuck an ass flooded with spunk was something I wanted to do again and again.

Amathys was soon done with being sucked, he shot his wad into the boy's mouth and I mused that the boy's stomach was no longer empty, he had been feeding for some time now on man-juice.

I also watched with bemusement as Harnian replaced Amathys, cutting off Bickman who had moved to take the mouth instead. He wasn't talking about this being sick any longer, that was for certain!

I fucked and my climax struck at the same time that Harnian finished with his boy-blow and we creamed in concert. Only Bickman was left, and when we stepped back, Bickman laid the boy on the floor and fucked him face-to-face, kissing the soft face like a lover while he slow-fucked the sweet ass. I thought about my spunk in there, now covering Bickman's cock as he fucked, and got a new erection all over again.

I wasn't the only one, when Bickman finished and got up, moving almost in a sort of dignity, the men swarmed in again, and the boy was again covered in horny men ready for a second go-around.

It went on for hours, and I know I did a second time and some men did three or four. But finally, we were all fucked out. Bickman moved back in and put a kindly hand around the boy's shoulders. "All right, Ray, let's get you cleaned up and then a hot meal. Then we can find you a place to sleep until tomorrow. That's when your regular duties will begin, all right."

"Yeah!" Ray replied eagerly. "Can I sleep with you? I liked the way you fucked me."

"Sure, you can sleep with me." Bickman grinned at the boy.

"Suck up!" Carden griped as he watched the two leave. "He's going to get more than his share of the fucks around here."

"I don't see how." I replied. "The boy is booked for eight hour shifts, around the clock, starting tomorrow."

"You'll see." was Carden's reply as he staggered to his feet, he had been a four-timer and was literally fucked out. I walked out weaving a little bit myself. I wasn't as young as I used to be, no doubt about it. But I was looking forward to midnight Tuesday myself, I'd have him from then until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. All to myself. Had to start planning things.

I did see what Carden meant. The next morning I found the shifts had been changed, cut to three two-hour shifts with the rest of the day for the boy's own choices from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and guess who got the boy all to himself from 8:00pm to 8:00am every day. Bickman.

I got a call from Girtol the next day, we had an unexpected delivery arrive. A small package, a letter, actually, arrived directed to Bickman, and the fact we got it without an exchange of equivalent mass meant that we had some quick recalibration to make on the transmitter; it would be out of operation for two weeks. They didn't use it like this unless it was important. I was Girtol's helper on such jobs, and it would put me behind on my duties keeping the mining equipment operational.

But I was there when Bickman opened the envelope and when he read it, he looked stunned. Girtol was out of the room fetching a piece of equipment from our stores, but I looked at him and said, "What's wrong, sir?"

"Read it." Bickman said. "I need some advice."

I did. It was worded heavily, but the sense of it was that we were to be on the lookout for a missing boy child, named Ray Seldon, who had run away from home. He had been last seen on the security cameras at his father's corporation's transmittal room, where boxes were waiting for transmission. The letter concluded, "We must assume he managed to get into one of the transmittal boxes and may have been transmitted to your station. Keep a look out for him." A picture was included, and it was easy to recognize.

I looked up from the folder. "You mean that..."

"That our sex toy robot is actually the missing son of the head of Seldon Robotics Unlimited."

Bickman nodded. "What do you think we ought to do about this? Where is Ray, anyhow?"

"Last I saw, he was in the employee lounge." I said. "Servicing Amathys and Hallmore. And having the time of his life." That boy had really gotten into sucking cocks and being fucked, I'd even been eating breakfast that morning to find the boy under the table fishing for my cock. I had a slot with him for tomorrow afternoon and wondered if I'd be able to fuck him then, knowing it was a real boy instead of a robot. My cock answered me, hell, yeah, of course I would!

"Hmm." Bickman said. "If we return him when the transmitter is fixed, we're going to have to recalibrate the transmitters all over again. We could wait until we get supplies again. Next year."

"That might work." I said. "But I have a better idea."

"What's that?"

I took the folder over to the disposal chute, it would slide anything thrown into it right into the matter-converter that powered our station. "We can file this folder and pretend it never arrived."

I said.

Bickman was quiet and I thought how this man got a sweet boy ass in his bed all night every night. I wasn't surprised when he nodded.

I slipped the folder into the chute and close the door, clicked the button that sent it on its way to the matter-converter.

Bickman left and I got back to work. Those two hour "appointments" Ray had were spread throughout the day, and I hoped Ray might drop by for a quickie between them. Make a nice break from the job of recalibrating the transmitter.

And he did.

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