The Prince's Penis

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2013 by Eduardo

Illustration of The Prince's Penis

It was an important day in the life of Prince Thonn. It was not only his twentieth birthday, it was the day he was to begin the process of choosing the woman who would become his wife and, by doing so, choosing the woman who would one day be the Queen who would rule by his side, for he was the Heir to the Kingdom of Norlance and would command the loyalty of over twelve million subjects. His kingdom to be was large and rich, situated in a temperate climate with mild winters and long, warm summers, with a half dozen properous port cities and protected against enemy incursions by a long range of majestic mountains that he looked upon every morning as he arose. And on this morning, immediately after breakfast, he would be presented with a long line of beautiful women, and was to choose from among these a dozen or so to attend a ball that same evening, during which he would select the one or more he would choose to woo for his wife. Until this day, by law, he refrained from any but the most casual acquaintances with women, and so hoped to behold the women he viewed with an objective and sensible eye.

There were a lot of women. Each was dressed in her best finery, and with each, he was given a list of her lineage, her dowry, her family's political connections and so on and so on. Interspersed among these women were a fair number of non-noblewomen, for nothing in the laws of the kingdom required the Royal Heir to choose among the nobility, so he also was treated to the daughters of various Guildmasters from the towns, a number of widows who held both beauty and wealth and hoped by such to gain a new husband and the keys of the kingdom. And a few held neither beauty nor charm, and appeared to have been inserted into the line in order to keep the process from becoming too dull.

This was what he thought when the next woman stepped up. She was nowhere near young, but white-haired, pock-marked and bent over, walking by aid of a crooked staff. Her hand, when she extended it to the Prince to kiss, was withered and covered with age spots. Repressing his repulsion, he kissed it and waited for the introduction.

There was none. He looked at his ministers, who all looked dumbfounded and shook their heads. The onlookers who lined the carpet on both sides were laughing enormously. A joke by someone, then. Prince Thonn, as usual, played it square and said, "And may I know your name, my Lady?"

"I've come to marry you." she spoke with a creaky voice, showing her even older than her appearance suggested, she must be close to a century in years!

"And I should marry you for what reason?" the Prince asked as gently as he could.

"Because I will give you power beyond your wildest dreams. I command the very forces of nature and beyond nature. I can give you power, give you gold, give you anything your heart could dream of."

"I see." Prince Thonn said when she stopped at this. "Well, I appreciate your offer, but my kingdom is already as rich and strong as it should be. As the space for the evening is limited, I must decline you with gracious thanks."

He had tried to let her down gently, but the laughs of the population thwarted that. "Nobody denies me!" she hissed and raised her staff. There was a puff of smoke that smelled of sulfur and foulness, and when it cleared, the old woman was not to be found.

The Prince muddled through the rest of the line, but was relieved to see an end to it at last. It was not interminable only because these women had already gone through several levels of winnowing to decrease them to a manageable number. But it was already lunch and Prince Thonn ate with his family and retainers, the conversation danced on the virtues of this woman and that among the ones chosen, and he managed by the afternoon to have nearly forgotten the unpleasant old woman.

The ball that evening was as beautiful as the royal coffers could make it and Prince Thonn was just beginning the process of getting to know the fourteen young women who had passed his inspection that morning when the old woman returned. Not as a withered figure, but an ugly steam-like presence that covered the ceiling with an evil, dark smoke that whirled about a center like a hurricane. And from that central point, the voice spoke. "Nobody denies me. Not even the Prince of the Realm!" After that was spoken a handful of incomprehensible syllables, and Prince Thonn grunted in sudden pain and surprise as he clutched at the juncture of his legs to his body. And they clasped a space that was as smooth and unwrinkled as the buttocks of a newborn baby!

"Foul witch!" he howled. "What have you done?"

"If I cannot have you, nobody can!" the voice snarled.

"What have you done with it!" Prince Thonn demanded.

"Hidden it where you will never find it. But agree to marry me and I will return it to you. The choice is yours. I will return to you in a year's time to hear your choice." And the smoke swirled into the center and all was gone.

Prince Thonn felt at his altered genital area. Nothing was there, and yet...he felt it! "The witch has stolen my manhood." he explained to the gathered shocked host. "I know not where she has put it, but I feel both wind and rough sticks, as in a forest. We must...we must ask for all the Royal Guard to search for it, as hard as they can. They must keep their search secret as can be, for it must not be found by any but a loyal guard. And it must be found before the end of the next year, or...or I may have to give the witch what she asks for."

And so the word went out to the Guards, who spread out over his kingdom, searching high and low for the Prince's lost penis. And none told any they encountered the reason for their search. The lost royal cock was deemed of highest secrecy. But if they had announced the crime, things may have turned out much differently.


It was seven-year-old Bry who found the Prince's cock. He wasn't searching for it, he had climbed a tree in hopes of finding something in the nest he saw up there. Some birds were around it, pecking down now and then (and Prince Thonn in his palace was lying in bed howling in his pain), so Bry climbed up to see what interested the birds. It was too late for bird's eggs, but birds sometimes picked up pieces of shiny objects (like coins or gold rings) and carried it to their nests, so maybe he would want what they found.

But when he got up there, the birds having left, he saw an intriguing object in their nest. At first he thought it was a baby bird, for it was pale brown and covered with what he thought were thin feathers on its body, and the head resembled somewhat a bird's beak. But he saw the peckmarks and pitied the baby bird and determined to take it home with him. He could feed it and raise it and maybe when it was larger, he and his grandmother (his only living relative and occupant of his home) could make a meal out of it. It was only when he scooped it into his hands (the Prince felt something soft and warm envelope his balls and moaned) that Bry could see that he held something much out of the ordinary. This was not a bird, baby or grown, but a man's virile organ. He had observed them on rare occasions, and knew it by sight. Enough to understand that some man somewhere had suffered a foul catastrophe. "Poor thing." he cooed as he caught hold of the shriveled penis, coaxing it out of the security of the thick rolls of the foreskin. His young fingers weren't talented but Prince Thonn had been suffering bird pecks to his scrotum, and the feel of those soft palms on his balls and the slim fingertips on his penis were causing his maltreated organ (which had languished in the nest for four days' time before Bry found it) to stir and rouse to erection. The poor Prince had been milking his dong for twice a day for years now, and had been anticipating his wedding, only to have his manhood stolen, so now that his dong had fallen into friendly hands, so to speak, it was more than ready to rise to the occasion.

"Ooh!" Bry said as he saw the prick rising in turgidity to three or four times its original size. "I guess you're not dead after all, are you?" He opened his pouch and slid the prick inside (and the Prince moaned to feel soft leather on his prick, warm from the body upon which it lay. He told all of this to his ministers in hopes that this would help the Guards find his cock), and said, "Let's get you home and I'll ask Grandma about you."

Bry knew better than to show Grandma the cock, so he approached it obliquely. As he entered their poor hut, he saw his grandmother stirring the pot. "Does a man's cock live after it's cut from the man's body?"

"What a question!" his grandmother replied.

"But how could it live if it was cut off?"

His grandmother considered and gave up. She didn't want to know. "It couldn't if it was cut off. It would die, of course."

"But could it be alive somehow, even if it wasn't between the man's legs?"

"Only by the power of witchcraft." And the grandmother launched into the tales of witches who stole a man's penis until he paid their price to restore it. "She usually drops it into a nest far away from the man."

"Is there any way to let the man know where it went?"

"Only if you know who he is. But the witch usually sends it as far away as she can." his grandmother says. "The man will pay the witch and she'll summon it back for the man. That's the only way for the man to get it back."

"Oh." Bry subsided. The grandmother, tired of talking and wary of her stew which was needing her attentions, let him go.

Bry went up to his room and and placed the cock upon his pillow, covered it with a warm blanket. "Don't worry, little dick." he said. "I'll keep you safe and warm until your owner can get you back again."


"It's now lying on a bed of cotton and covered with a length of woolen cloth." Prince Thonn reported. "Someone has found it, I tell you. Someone has my cock!"

"But we can't let anyone know it is yours!" the First Minister cautioned him. "The witch may yet be found and killed, and that should break her spell over you. If the one who found you knows it is yours, though, they'll hide it away so it can never be found. We must continue to search. I'll alert the Guards to begin to search houses. It's all we can do."

And Prince Thonn moaned. "They were playing with it, and now it's just laying there. Oh, God, I need someone" But he couldn't say those words to his Ministers.

"We'll find it as quickly as we can." they promised and he had to be content with that.


Nighttime came and Bry undressed and climbed into bed. He slept naked of course, as did all men and women alike of any station. Clothing were for daylight. Nude, he walked to his bed, pulled back the covers and regarded his new plaything. "Ooh, Little Dong," he said, having chosen this name for his new possession, "it looks like you want to play. I like to play, too." he said and snuggled his soft boy face against the still-turgid prick.

Prince Thonn had been in a sort of hell the past few hours, for he had suffered well enough through the cold nights and windy days hitting his bare prong, but this soft warmth was being interpreted by his prick for his own bedsheets and that always meant in the past that he was going to stroke it. His cock had been begging hard for attention ever since.

The latest touch of Bry's soft cheek was nearly more than he could bear. He knew it was someone's flesh, that touch was unmistakable in warmth and texture. He groaned and his cock grew harder than before. The Prince could feel his rising erection. "Oh, Gods of Earth and Fire, hear me! Grant that whoever has my person in their power is kindly and good!" And he closed his eyes, bracing for whatever injuries or mistreatment he was about to endure.

But Bry just rubbed the hard prick against his cheek. "Ooh, you're so warm and hard." he breathed. "You want me to play with you, Little Dong?" He gripped the balls gently in one hand and held the cock upright, sitting on his chest and with the other, he wrapped the hard man-rod and began to pump on it.

Across the kingdom, Prince Thonn moaned in his bed. "Oh, oh, ohhhhh!" he gasped.

A doctor was on attendance and noticed this. "What is it, Your Highness?" He asked.

"The one who has found my cock." the Prince groaned out. "He is...he is playing with it. Jerking it. Oh, God, he's doing it so good, too!"

The doctor was an earthy character as most good doctors are. "Well, if that's all he's doing, then I say you should lay there and enjoy it. Give the playmate a long, hard splash."

"I...I think I shall, for it has been some time!" Prince Thonn grunted.

Bry watched as the prick oozed thick precome out of the slit and his tongue reached up and licked at it.

"Oh, now he's licking my cockhead!" Prince Thonn moaned, and his cock jerked, spreading more of the gooey clear fluid onto his glans.

Bry saw the rising flood and his small mouth closed over the Prince's pud. He sucked the huge bulb like it was a piece of candy and then pulled back. "Now you're all clean again." he said.

And the Prince moaned and his hips pumped up and down. "Oh, God, suck it some more, suck it some more!" he begged the unseen sexual partner.

His thrusts didn't move his cock in Bry's hand beyond a shivering. "Are you cold, Little Dong?" he asked his new pet cock. "Want me to warm you up?"

He began to pump the Prince's dick again and Prince Thonn moaned. "Oh, God, he's jerking me again. I want him to suck it, to suck it! Ohhhh!"

Bry did continue to lick at the cockhead when it oozed, and there was plenty of it, but to Prince Thonn's discomfort, did not suck it beyond such cleanings. But his hand was energetic and he pumped at the royal dong unceasingly and Prince Thonn rose to his climax.

"Oh, oh, I'm going to come!" he told the doctor who was watching him with intense clinical interest. "I'm going to shoot it hard!"

"This will be interesting." the doctor agreed.

"Ah, ah, hah, GAH-AH-AH, HAHHHHHHHH!" the Prince moaned with his climax.

Bry found that his pet cock was spraying him with thick, hot sprays of white jizz. It got him in his face and shoulders, and he didn't think, his previous experience with the precome emboldening him, rose up with his face and caught the flood with his mouth, first it squirting into his mouth, then he closed upon it and the last jets went straight from the Prince's cock to his gullet. He suckled on it, enjoying the heavily rich and sweet flavor, a marvelous change from his grandmother's porridge and gruel dinners. His daily diet was only rarely enriched with some meat from a rabbit or squirrel, but Prince Thonn's dinners were filled with delicacies that turned his spunk into a feast for Bry's tongue and stomach.

"Ooh, Little Dong, you taste good!" he told his pet pud. "I'm going to drink you dry every time from now on!" he promised.

And true to his word, the very next morning, he found the prick again stiff and waiting. He scarfed it into his mouth and began to suckle. Prince Thonn awoke to that nursing, and thrashed on his bed anew and gave the hungry young peasant boy another heavy, hot load. This time, Bry caught every succulent drop and sucked still until the cock was again limp and small against the bush of the testicles.

"I'm taking you with me from now on!" Bry declared and stuck the drained cock into his pouch. It would ride with him until he felt it surging to life again.

For the peasant boy and the helpless Prince, this was the start of a new life for the two of them. Prince Thonn was at the height of his sexual prowess and his manhood stirred to life a half dozen times a day or more, and each time, Bry would gleefully find himself a bit of privacy, pull the dong from his pouch, and suck another load from the princely ballsac.

This could have gone on for a very long time, but some eight months after Prince Thonn first lost his majestic manhood, one of his soldiers happened upon the witch's lair. This soldier luckily knew something more about witches than the ordinary man, and knew that if he could capture the witch's familiar, he could hold the woman helpless. He thus located and craftily ensnared the purple lizard she kept as familiar and then the witch was easily arrested, and ferried in a cage to the Royal Palace.

There, under circumstances best left undescribed (remember her cruelty before you judge her captor's actions), she revealed the location where she had transported the Prince's cock. "And if you but place the cock back where it belongs, it will rejoin to him once again." she breathed in her pain. The prison guards kept her alive, but killed her familiar and when they did, the old woman withered into dust in less than a minute. She was indeed much older than anyone had thought.

A contingent of Guards and the royal coach departed the palace the very next day.

The first Bry knew of things was when a neighbor came breathless to his grandmother's hut. "The Guards are here and they are searching everyone! They will rip apart everything you have, strip you bare to search your clothes, and take anything you try to hide! You must leave your hut! Now, for they are riding here now."

"Let them come, for there is nothing for them to take in this hut but my grandson and myself. And we own nothing they could want."

"If you do, hide it, and hide it well!" And the neighbor ran back out and with his family fled into the woods beyond.

Hide? The only thing Bry had of value was his Little Dong, and he knew that if they would take anything, they'd take a man's cock away from a little boy such as he. He had to hide it so they would not find it. But if they were opening everything, where could he hide it?

If they would search his clothes, leaving him bare, then he had to hide it somewhere within his person.

He tried to stuff it, cock and balls, into his mouth, but the stiffening cock made that impossible. Only one more opening. But the Guards were now at the gates! And from the sound of it, a coach was with them!

Bry quickly stripped and lay upon his bed and began to stuff the hard and spit-slicked cock into his ass. He gasped as Little Dong proved to be far too big and thick for his little butthole. But the men were now in the house, he had to hurry. He gritted his teeth and he pushed hard at the man's cock now stuck against his anus and it went in and he moaned in his pain.

"Oh, Gods of Fire!" Prince Thonn moaned. "So warm, so warm!"

Bry grunted and shoved again, pushing a short length of the cock into his anus. "Ooh, oh!"

He yelled.

"Oh, yes, yes!"

The leader of the Guards heard the two sounds. "It is here. It is here!" he declared. "We must hurry. Your Highness, we have found it, it is here!"

They had to bodily carry the muscular young Crown Prince from the coach.

Bry had managed to stuff the huge prick into his butt all the way up to the ballsac when the Guards burst into his room. "No, no, you can't have it, it's mine! I found it!" he groaned.

Prince Thonn walked in, supported by two Guards. He beheld his cock, now buried inside a boy's warm little butt.

"What shall we do, Your Highness?" the Guards asked. "Would you like one of us to rip it out of him."

"No, it's mine, it's mine!" Bry complained. "I found it, you can't take it!"

"Leave us alone." the Prince told his Guards, as he fought free of them and stood as well as he could. His legs were loathe to support him, given his cock was buried in a boy's ass. "I shall reason with this boy."

The Guards left and Prince Thonn said to Bry, "Hold still, child, as I reunite with myself." He climbed onto the bed. "If you will lift your buttocks for me, please."

Bry complied. "Please don't take it away from me. Please." he begged.

Prince Thonn pushed down his hose and pushed his bare groin to the base of the balls. And he was whole again.

With his cock buried in a boy peasant's ass. "I owe you a reward, child." he said softly. "Ask and I shall give it to you."

"Don't take your dong away from me!" Bry begged. "Can't I keep it?"

The Prince moved his cock in and out of Bry's ass and the pleasure washed over him. "I think we can work something out." he said. "You've taken good care of my manhood so far, and I am grateful. Let me repay you, then."

And he began to fuck Bry's soft warm ass. Bry had done most of the work of insertion, all Prince Thonn had to do was gently move his hips until the boy had fully acclimated to his princely cock up his bum. And then he moved faster, and the boy moaned as the Prince fucked him. Prince Thonn loved feeling in command of his own cock for the first time in months, and the pleasure of the fuck combined with that feeling of control gave him a rapid climax. He humped Bry's butt furiously and then moaned, unloaded a huge load into the boy's pulsing buttocks.

Bry threw back his head and groaned in his own little-boy orgasm, and Prince Thonn grinned, picked the boy up and held him as the boy quivered with the last dregs of his joy. His cock was still firmly imbedded in Bry's ass. "And now I know how I shall reward you." he told the boy. "Leave all of it to me."

And he did. A rich payment to the grandmother guaranteed that she could live in comfort the rest of her life. As for Bry, the boy climbed into the Royal Coach for the ride back to the Palace. The Prince would still need to marry...but nothing in that required him to love the woman he chose. He could impregnate her, obtain an heir or two, then put her aside. Meanwhile, his new Royal Page would be ready to serve him when and as he chose.

As for Bry, he was happy, because he knew that Little Dong was now his forever and ever.

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