Perfect Revenge

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2014 by Eduardo

Illustration of Perfect Revenge

Daddy was lying on the couch that Friday evening when my Momma burst in, dragging me wailing with her by one hand, the other wielding a pistol. A large, muscular, handsome man wearing only a pair of sweatpants, his bare chest shining with the sweat and work of the day, he was in the act of hitching up his sweatpants in a hurry, covering a big stiff cock. I was in front because she shoved me into the room first, so I saw Daddy's prick before he could cover it up. Daddy saw Mom and his organ faded fast.

But the moaning on the television kept on going, he had been watching a porn tape and playing with himself. Daddy did it every afternoon after work, I knew, because he pushed me out of the room (his "man cave") if I was in there, and I managed to hide in there once and watch him. He would put on one of the tapes, lie on the couch, pull down his sweat pants (he changed out of his construction clothes soon as he got home) and then Daddy would watch the tape and wank his prick (I got the words from an older cousin when I talked to him about it) and squirt a lot of hot white stuff all over himself. I felt my wienie get all tingly as I watched him do it and I wanted to watch him again, but hadn't been able to ever since then. And now I'd seen a little of his wiener again and I was with my Mother, my wienie tingling again from seeing Daddy's dong (my cousin taught me a lot of naughty words).

But Mom had something else on her mind. "You son of a bitch!" she screamed at Daddy.

"Flo, God damn it!" Daddy griped. "What the hell are you doing here and...." He had seen the pistol in Momma's hand.

"You sick, perverted bastard!"

"Flo, damn it, calm down! We're separated, what the fuck more do you want?"

"I'll tell you what I want, Frank! I want alimony and I want full custody of Michael!"

"So tell your fucking attorney and he can tell my fucking attorney and...."

"The hell you say! I know you got the tape!"

"Yeah, the attorney put an investigator on you. Cost me five hundred fucking dollars, but he got you fucking that dumb...."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Momma screamed. "Nobody is going to care by the time I'm done with you!" She shoved me by the arm toward Daddy and I ran to him as Momma pulled the bag she was wearing like a backpack around. "I'm going to give them videotape that will make them forget all about Gordon."

"Is that the fucker's name that..."

Mom fired a shot from her pistol, over Daddy's head, and he shut up again. In silence Daddy and I watched her pull things out of the bag. A videocamera, which she set up on top of Daddy's television set.

"I'm not giving you alimony. Nor custody of Michael." Daddy said, but softer. His whole body was trembling, and I knew he was angry, not frightened. If he saw a chance, my Daddy would tackle my Momma and yank that gun right out of her hand and save us. Save me.

"Sure you will, after the judge sees the video we're about to make." Momma stated. "He'll give me full custody and more alimony than you'll make in a million years..."

"I don't...."

"...because my divorce will be on the grounds of child abuse!" Momma finished triumphantly. "It'll be the perfect revenge for the way you've been treating me!"

"Child abuse? What the fuck are you talking about?" Daddy demanded.

"After the judge sees you sexually abusing your own son, he'll do every...."

"I haven't sexually abused Michael and never will!" Daddy cut her off.

"You will or I'll shoot you both right here and now." Momma stated. Her eyes were wild, her nostrils flared and her face red with anger. Like Daddy said at times like this (never with a gun before, though), Momma had "gone bizarro." At those times, she could and would do just about anything. So Daddy and I both believed her.

She moved over to one side of the room, out of range of the camera but well in range of me and Daddy if she wanted to shoot either of us.

"Now lean over and kiss Mike. Kiss him like you kissed that blond bitch!"

I looked up at Daddy and he looked at me. "Daddy?" I asked.

"It's all right, Son." Daddy said to me soothingly. "It's all right." Daddy lifted me up with his big arms and he kissed me.

I'd never been kissed like that by Daddy or anyone else. It wasn't this short peck on the lips that you get when you get kissed goodnight. This one went on and on. Daddy's lips were warm and sweet. I let him kiss me and my lips parted, and when they did, Daddy sent his tongue into my mouth. The big, wet, soft invader stirred my willie and made it tingle and I moaned and my hands touched my big Daddy's strong, muscled arms. He was holding me and as long as he held me, he never would let anything hurt me, not ever, ever!

"Now kiss him all over, like he's the hottest little thing you ever found and you want him bad!" Momma commanded.

Daddy's mouth went to my neck and he kissed me there, on my neck, and I groaned, crooned as he worked himself down my body, over my neck, onto my shoulders, pushing my shirt aside, then his big hands tearing the shirt off me with buttons popping or releasing by brute force (as Momma commanded), and he kissed my shoulder again and then over my breast, kissing, tonguing and sucking one of my nipples.

"Oh, oh, Daddy!" I gasped as he played with me. "Daddy!"

"Now throw him on the couch and strip his ass bare!" Mom commanded. "Make him bounce and attack the little bitch!"

Daddy obeyed Mommy, tossing me onto the couch so hard I bounced. His hands pulled my sneakers from my feet, then my socks, throwing them aside, then, with me naked, and Momma commanding again, he stood long enough to peel off his own sweatpants.

He was naked underneath it. I ogled his cock, again so hard it looked like a balloon about to burst.

Momma laughed when she saw it. "I knew you were hot for our son's butt. You'll fuck him and fuck him good and hard and you can't help but love it. And I'm going to get all of it on tape!"

She gestured with her gun. "Make him suck on you first! Make him get your cock wet so you can fuck him!"

"Daddy?" I said as I gazed in wonder at his prong. I looked up at Daddy and his face was set hard like in stone. I looked back down at his cock and I got up from the couch and knelt before him. His hand came over and guided me down onto his prick.

Momma had set to wet Daddy's dong so I had worked up some spit when I knelt down, and I had thought I should drool it all over his prick. I hadn't understood the "suck on you" part of what she'd said until Daddy's hand pushed my head down over his dick so that my mouth contacted his glans and my mouth was pushed and I opened my lips and the head slid in and Daddy pushed my head down until I had all of his cockhead and some of the shaft below it.

My spit was soaked up in no time by his cockskin, it was like it drank it down. Daddy groaned and suddenly a new liquid was in my mouth. I knew what it must be, when Daddy had pumped his dick while I watched in secret that time, that clear fluid that had dripped out his cock while he was jerking. I'd wondered if it was pee, but this wasn't pee. I'd tasted that on my fingers once, and it was nothing like this. This was thick, sticky, salty and had another flavor. It had the taste of Daddy in it.

I licked my tongue over the glans, savoring that delicious flavor, and Daddy moaned and more of that liquid gushed out.

"Oh, oh, Son, yeah, suck it, suck my dick, Baby."

"Yeah, suck your Daddy, Michael." Momma commanded. "Get your head moving, I need to see you doing it. Big movements, up and down, up and down!"

I obeyed, reminded again of Momma's presence, of the gun, of the danger. Daddy groaned and seemed to have forgotten her entirely. His grunts were in time to my motions, up and down and up again, grunt, grunt, grunt. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" in deep, masculine syllables that rose not from his lips, but from his very soul.

As I moved, as my lips and mouth moistened Daddy's pud, the motions became easier. Daddy started pushing his dick further down each time, and at first I couldn't handle it. I gagged, choked, coughed, lifting my lips off.

Daddy let me cough, but Momma wouldn't hear of it. "Get back on it. Make him take it back again, stuff it down his little boy throat. Make him take it all!"

Daddy's hands caught my head, both of them this time and he moved my head to his cock, my mouth opened, and Daddy shoved it in, and shoved hard.

Daddy's dong, all the huge, long length of it, went into my mouth and down my throat, it went beyond gagging me to suffocating me! Daddy loosed a long, loud moan as he held it there, buried in my body, and only his hands relaxing their hold let me pull it off. The mucus of my mouth and throat came with it, leaving my throat raw, Daddy's cock coated with a thick layer of greyish slime.

"Good, now push him on the couch and fuck him!" Momma ordered. I want to see him scream in pain when you shove it in. Make him hurt!"

I looked up at Daddy in fear, and when I saw his face, I gave up. Daddy was lost in his pleasure, his eyes were looking at me without seeing me, they blazed from within as his breath made his chest rise and fall with a ferocity of a man-beast. In his own way, he looked like Momma, standing there orchestrating my Daddy's downfall.

Daddy picked me up with his hands under my armpits and threw me on the couch so that I bounced like before, only this time he followed after me, getting between my legs, catching them in his big, strong, work-hardened hands and pulling me so that his cock and my tiny wiener touched.

"Come on, shove it in him, now!"

Daddy pulled his hips back so that his prick slipped between my legs, his hands hauled my body up, his glans found and touched my anus...and Daddy rammed it into me!

I screamed as loud as any boy can. I must have shaken the walls, I screamed so loud. For the entire breath, then I sucked in more air and yelled again, lower in register but just as heartfelt.


And while I screamed, Daddy groaned. "OOOHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, AAH, YEAHHH!"

"That's it, Frank!" Momma urged Daddy. "Now pull it out and shove it in again. Get to fucking him, hard and fast, come on, faster, harder, faster!"

Daddy panted "ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh!" as he complied.

Pulling his rod out of me made me yell again, "AHHHHHHH!" He pushed it back in again I yelled again, "OOOOOOHHH!"

Daddy paid me no heed, not that Momma would have let him. He kept moving in and out of me and I yelled and yelled. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Daddy was grunting as he thrust into me each time. "Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!" His dong was like fire in my vitals, burning me as he rammed it into me and a new fire as he pulled it out again. Laid on this fire like icing on a cake (very sweet atop not-as-sweet) was a different feeling. Like the tingling in my cock which had started when Daddy first got naked and had never gone away, even while I screamed in pain.

Like any fire struck on a match, the flame flickered and went out, a little at a time. It took about five minutes, I guess (it went on a while), but then the fire was gone, leaving only the tingling. That let me figure it out a little.

Something about having Daddy's cock in my butt felt really good! Every move he made kind of stroked me inside, like playing with my wiener only different, and the tingling was growing and growing and growing!

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Daddy's big chest barrel as he heaved and thrust atop me, and clung to him as he pumped my ass, my own throat adding my grunts to his, a sort of "uh, uh, uh!" to his "Hah, hah, hah!"

"You're not fucking him hard enough, Frank, he's starting to like it! Fuck him harder! Lift him up and deep fuck him in mid-air!"

Daddy's hands caught hold of me and I gripped him as he lifted us both upwards. He stood up beside the couch, me riding his cock and he gave Momma and the videocamera a good view of me, his son, impaled on his prong, him bouncing me up and down as I now cried out in my pleasure! "Oh, oh, Daddy, oh, oh!"

"Yeah, uh, uh, Son, ah, ah!" Daddy said in a guttural tone.

"It's good, Daddy, good, good!"

"Yeah, Son, good, uh, uh, good!"

"What the hell?" Momma said in a dazed wonder.

"I'm coming, Baby, I'm coming!"

"Oh, Daddy!"

"Coming, Baby, coming!"

"Oh, oh, Daddy!"




"DADDY, OH, AHH, AHHHHH!" My little body shook as my butt was flooded with a huge load of hot white Daddy come, he kept on ramming me as he squirted his wads, I felt it dripping out in hot clumps of spent joy, while I squirmed and moaned and Daddy held me tight and I held him tighter and his breath was heated passion spewing onto my left shoulder as his cheek nuzzled the side of my head, and I hung limp in his arms and volume left his body as he ended his ejaculations and his pleasure subsided and he staggered, managed to plop both of us down on the couch, me still riding him, his cock still in my ass though softening, still inside of me, even soft, even limp, Daddy was inside me and I didn't want it to ever pull out of me ever again!

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy!" I sighed.

"Oh, God, Son, that was so fucking hot!" Daddy moaned.

"Hot? Hot!" Mom was incensed. "You bastard, you think that was hot, then you're going to love it when I turn this tape over to my attorney and he gets you arrested!"

"Get the fuck out of here, you crazy bitch!" was all Daddy growled.

Momma forgot about me and her gun, left us both behind, all she did was grab the videocamera off the TV and take off out the door.

I looked at Daddy who seemed to be ready to laugh out loud. He saw me looking and smiled, gave me a kiss. "Your mother is a real whack-job, isn't she?"

"Yeah." I agreed. "But what are we going to do?"

"About what?"

"The tape. Momma has you and me on tape."

Daddy just smiled a little wider. "She took that camera out of the closet. We bought it when you were born. It was in there gathering dust since you were two. Do you know why?"

"Why?" I agreed.

"Because it stopped recording entirely. It would turn on, make the sound, use up the tape, but nothing would be on the tape. I kept meaning to fix it. Judging by the dust still on it, I'm guessing she didn't even check it out before she barreled over here with you."

"She didn't." I agreed. I'd seen Momma take it out of the closet. "She just checked to see if the tape was in there and off we went."

"I thought so. So your mother will take that tape to her attorney first thing Monday morning, and they'll spend about ten minutes looking at blank tape. I figure next thing she'll do is call the police and make a report. They'll come pick me up around noon, I'd guess."

"So what do we do?"

"Get ready for the police." Daddy said and explained.

I was ready for the police and told them about the weekend while sipping hot cocoa at the station. How Momma had dropped me off at Daddy's and taken off, crying. How Daddy had decided to stay home from work Monday to take care of me and try to get hold of Momma. No, nothing had happened with me and Daddy. But Momma had taken a funny thing shaped like a cock and shoved it up my ass just before we went to Daddy's.

They examined me. Found my ass had been roughed up about three days before, but no evidence of Daddy's semen in there. Otherwise I seemed to be normal, except I vehemently didn't want to go back to live with Momma. "She's crazy." I told him.

They believed me and Daddy. After all, the police themselves had a half dozen instances of Momma going over the deep end before in other ways. Momma was deranged, even her own attorney agreed.

So Momma was taken to a mental facility for evaluation. Her attorney and Daddy's lawyer talked and arranged for Daddy to pay for her care while she was in there and in return, they gave him full custody of me.

That was the end of it. Momma's still in the mental hospital, her stay was extended when she attacked two of her nurses and broke one of their arms. She had other reasons for being there than me and Daddy, after all. That took about two weeks, but then it was all over and the judge signed the final papers for my custody upon an emergency petition by Daddy's attorney. Momma couldn't get me back again without a long court battle.

The same evening, Daddy moved me into his bedroom and he gave me a fucking that made me howl with joy. Afterward, he and I laughed about how Momma's plan for a perfect revenge on Daddy turned out to be the perfect happy ending for Daddy and me!

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