Five Heads Are Better Than One

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2014 by Eduardo

Illustration of Five Heads Are Better Than One

Luke was eating scrambled eggs when his son Willy came into the kitchen that morning. Luke stopped with a forkful of scrambled eggs halfway to his mouth when his son Willy came in again. "What in tarnation?" he exclaimed as his son stood there side by side. Two of ‘em!

They greeted him with identical grins. "Morning, Paw!" they said together.

"What in tarnation is going on here!" Luke said again. "Last time I saw double like this, I'd drunk too much of Uncle Bokins' good corn likker!" Luke was a tall man, lanky, but his muscles compensated for some of this, with huge arms, a thick chest that sloped inwards to a very thin stomach. He more than filled the chair, enough that his legs weren't level to the floor and his knees stuck upwards a good inches. He was six foot five inches tall and didn't quite fit anywhere, and his clothes, as well, didn't quite fit him, he handled long sleeved shirts by cutting the cuffs off entirely, and the pants frayed themselves equally.

The two boys giggled. "It's me and me." the left-hand boy said.

"There's two of me now!" the second Willy said. They were as alike as two bookends as they looked at each other, both small boys of the age of nearly six years, with all their growth yet to come. He shared his father's wheat-straw-colored hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"I can see that." Luke said. "But how, and don't you dare lie to me, boy! You been dealing with the devil, maybe? Little man with red skin and horns on his head?"

"No, Paw, no!" the right-hand boy said.

"It's this little thing here I found." the left-hand Willy held up a small thingajigger. "I press it and it makes two of me."

"So one of you is a copy?"

"Uh-huh, that's me." the right-hand boy said readily.

"I'm the original." the left-hand one said. "Any time I want a playmate, all I got to do is press this here blue button, like this." He pressed the button and a third Willy kind of...stepped out...of his son.

"Lord Almighty!" Luke breathed. "That shore is something, all righty." He went on. "But how in hell am I supposed to feed three of you, hard enough with your Maw gone just to feed the two of us."

"Like this." The new copy put his hand on the original Willy.

"And I press the red button." Willy did so and the Willy with his hand on the one with the button sort of...melted into...the original, leaving only two of them again.

"So I can get you back down to one kid by just pressing that button?"

"If we're touching, yeah." Willy said. "I spent some time playing with it. I can make as many as five of me with it."

"Well, that there is incredible all right." Luke agreed. "But I got enough trouble keeping an eye on one of you. Better turn yourself back into one boy again."

"All right, Paw." Willy's other double obediently put his hand on Willy who pressed the red button and melted his double back into himself.

Luke had an idea, then. "You know, Son, let me use that there thing." he went on. "I got to get the hay in and it's about to rain, you know." He got up and ambled over to his son.

"Sure, Paw, you want me to help you?"

"Naw, but I could use more of me today." His son turned over the device and Luke looked it over. A red button and a blue button and not much else to look at, about the size and shape of a tube of lady's lipstick otherwise, the buttons were along one side of this tube, set into a recessed area shaped like a lozenge of cough medicine. Luke pressed the blue button and felt funny for a second.

And another Luke was standing there beside him. He pressed it again and again and yet again, and now his son was looking at five fathers.

"Now I'm good." Luke said. "Three of you come with me, the fourth one of you, stay here and keep an eye on the boy and keep him out of mischief. I got to make hay and you can also bring me a hot lunch out in the field along with this here thingajigger." He handed the device to his son again. "Keep that thing safe, boy." he ordered. "It's going to come in mighty handy around here, I can tell."

And it did, too. One man baling hay and hauling it to the barn was a mighty weary man by the end of the day, but with four of him on the job, Luke handled it easily. Lunchtime came and his duplicate brought out lunch, with hot fried chicken and warm fresh biscuits and fried potatoes, as well as Willy's device, and Luke used it to become one man and enjoyed his hot meal tremendously. Done, he turned himself back into five and sent one of his copies with the dishes and the device back to his house and resumed working again with a will. He was done with haying by three o'clock and was glad he was to be safe in the barn when the rain started in.

All four of him ran back into the house to get out of the rain and Luke goggled at what he was seeing.

The copy of himself he'd sent home was sprawled out naked on the couch two holding him fast by the arms, while three versions of his nude son were busily playing with his copy's bare body. One "son" was sitting on his "father's" chest while his "father" sucked on his little boy cock, a second was sucking on his cockhead while the third was licking his balls! The final two of the five Willy's held the struggling man one at each arm.

"What is going on here!" Luke demanded, in a chorus of four outraged parents.

The fifth copy looked around gasping. "The little snotpeckers done went and ambushed me!" He proclaimed. "Five of ‘em knocked me over and held me down, stripped me nekkid and started working me over! Lord, I'm so glad you all are here, help me with these little dicklickers, they've done wrung me dry!"

"I shore will. Willy, damn it all, I am your father and I mean I am the original!" he declared. "You get all five of yore asses over here right this minute and bring that there dee-vice over hyar with yuh!" His Southern accent was getting stronger as he went on.

"Yes, Paw!" the five boys, abashed and naked, walked over and the center one handed him the device.

"Just put your hands on yourself and hit that there red button this minute!"

"Yes, Paw." the four boys on either side touched the central one and with the press of a button, there was only one of him again.

"Now gather up your clothes and chuck those into your room." Luke took the device from his son. "I'll keep this thing safe from now on. Once you do, you haul your naked ass back in here."

"Okay, Paw." The boy did, and Luke saw that the boy now had five versions of his old, worn clothing. Have to use that device for a lot of things on the farm from here on!

But first things first. He went over to the naked, exhausted version of himself and said, "Grab hold of me, all of you. I'm gonna need all your energy here to deal with this."

One man again, he stripped off his wet clothes and was naked when his son returned to the room, he saw his Paw standing nude before him. Luke smirked and hit the red button until there were five of him again, all naked and all getting erect.

"You got too much energy in you, boy. I think it's time I wore you out proper."

The boy yawped as Luke scooped him up in his arms and carried his child to his monastic bed. A double bed, big enough to hold four people at need, the six of them crowded onto it.

He'd learned in the field that it was like his copies obeyed him without words, he could coordinate all of them like they were extra arms and legs and bodies.

His copies helped him to haul his naked boy up into the air and plunked him down in the middle of five naked, horny daddies. The five men commenced to kissing his boy all over, while one of them began to lick his ass and another tongued his little penis. Luke (the original) kissed his son's lips and said, "Now I'm going to give you all the daddy you can handle and then some."


"Yes, Son?"

"Are you my real Daddy?" Willy asked.

"Who cares?" Luke said and kissed his son again.

He wasn't the first Luke to stick his butt in Willy's ass, but he held onto that face and soon was stuffing his man-sausage into that warm mouth as Willy grunted from being fucked. Willy relaxed into it and soon had two more Luke-dongs in either hand as he sucked his father's cock while his father fucked him. The fifth Luke contented himself with tonguing Willy's little-boy wiener.

The Luke fucking Willy blasted into the boy's ass with a roar. The one tonguing him was waiting for that, and when the Luke (call him Luke #4) finished and withdrew, weak and trembling, the one who'd been sucking Willy's dong (call him #5) was ready to stuff in a fresh, hard, dripping pud.

Willy howled and shook with a little-boy climax while #5 fucked him. Luke pulled his wet dong out and said, "I'm just going to watch a while." to numbers 2 and 3. "You two go next."

"Next." whimpered Willy.

"I said we were going to wear you out and that's just what we're going to do."

Number Five blew his wad and the two remaining Luke copies quickly got the boy onto all fours and crammed him full at mouth and ass while Luke sat on the edge of the bed, watching as his boy was double-stuffed with daddy dick. The two were thrusting into him at the same time and the boy was like an accordion from the way he bucked upwards at each horny jab of man-cock.

Luke #2 (the one fucking Willy) reached his climax and Luke watched as come flew everywhere when the man lustily creamed into the boy's ass. Done filled him full, he thought proudly. From here on, it'll be smooth fucking.

Luke #3 was groaning as he pulled his hard throbbing cock out of the boy's mouth and Luke realized that #3 had nearly come as it was. "Stuff him hard and fast." He ordered. "Cream him hard, I want to slosh around in there when I fuck him."

"That won't take me long, I nearly loaded his mouth as it was." #3 grunted as he stuffed into the now-limp boy. "God damn but I'm hurting!"

"Get it in him and fuck him hard."

"Right!" Luke #3 hunched at his son while Luke got up and fed his boy his cock once again.

"Get me wet again, boy." he ordered. "I'm next and last."

"Yes, Paw, uh, uh, uh!" Willy wearily suckled on Luke's dong, not doing a good job but Luke was only interested in being nice and hard when it came his turn.

"AH-AH-HAH, AHH-UNHHHH!" Luke #3 squirted and more spunk flew all around the area between the two bodies.

"That's my cue." Luke grabbed Luke #3 and shoved him backwards and the still-hard cock popped out of Willy's butt like a cork.

"And now for the fuck of a lifetime." Luke said as he slid in his dong. "Ah, hell, yeah, feel all that thick wet Daddy-spunk in you, boy! You are loaded to the brim with my home brew, and there's more to come still!"

He began to hump his son's ass, enjoying the squishing, squelping sound as he thrust in and out. The sperm held his cock in like a suction, and he was the plunger pumping up and down.

Willy cried out in another little boy orgasm as his father fucked him for the fifth time in a row, and Luke closed his eyes in bliss as he felt his climax roaring up inside him.

"Here you go, boy, Daddy's come load number five and it's a big one!" He grunted. "AH-HA-HA-HAH-AH-AH-HAH-AH-HAH-AH, AH- HAHH-HUHHHHHHHNNNNNN!"

He shot the biggest load of his life into the little boy ass and felt his son shiver as he once again erupted all around the hard daddy-cock pumping up and down in his boy butt, and Luke grabbed his son and thrust in deep and plugged that butt fully, while he jetted the last of five loads into his son's bowels.

Done, exhausted, he relaxed and as he did, the jizz in Willy's butt blew the plug and sprayed his cock thoroughly. Too tired to care, he rolled off his son's body and onto the bed, gasping.

Hands touched him and he opened his eyes and saw the device in front of him, he took it and pressed the red button and was again a single, sex-exhausted man, and let his hand fall to his side, open, the device resting upon it.

When Willy took it, he barely felt it.

Then he felt tongues on his cock, cleaning him off, lick-lick-lick. He opened his eyes to see that Willy had copied his father's number, five Willys now tonguing his prick. One of them had his butt nearby his dad's face, and Luke saw it, and pulled that little butt around and began to lick his come off that much-ravaged ass.

Before he knew it, those boys had licked him into another erection and he looked up to see Willy, just one of him again, straddling him to ride on it.

The device was in Willy's right hand, Luke took hold of it and pressed the blue button.

Now there were two fathers in bed with sons riding their cocks, then three, then four, then five. Five little boy butts bouncing on thick, hard daddy dicks, all over the huge bed that had once been so very lonely.

Five men reached climax to squirt hot spunk up into five lovely son's asses, and five boys crooned in delight at their own little ecstasies as the daddy-jizz flowed into them once again.

The device came into play again and one father and one son, drenched in sweat and drained of spunk, lay on the bed wet from their exertions.

"How you feeling, Paw?" Willy asked.

"Pretty good, Son." Luke said. "I'm going to collect all the silver dollars I can get my hands on, and we'll use it to make ourselves right rich. Buy us a big house in town with lots of good food and nice clothes and...."

"And then what, Paw?"

"Well, I figure you and me can keep right on doing what we did tonight, in style." Luke concluded.

"Sounds good to me, Paw."

"Yeah. Now how about I stir us up some supper," Luke summoned up a copy and said, "and you go help him."

"Okay, Paw." Willy used the device and a copy of himself went with the copy father.

"Now you and me can take a nap while they're fixing the meal." Luke sighed in satisfaction. "Oh, and Willy?"

"Yeah, Paw?"

"Whatever you do, don't lose that device."

"I won't, Paw."

"Good boy."

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