The Man of Steel

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2016 by Eduardo

Illustration of The Man of Steel

"Look, Daddy, it's Superman!" cheered Gregg as they walked past the pawn shop. Tony's six-year-old son dashed up to peer avidly at the contents. It was a display-window, a small alcove of myriad items for sale within, a mishmash of this-and-that's which people in need of quick cash had brought it and sold for a tenth of its actual value and which was now on sale at half the price of new.

Tony walked up more sedately to see what had his son so enraptured. "Yes, it is Superman." he admitted. A mannequin, of course, dressed up as Superman, the costume and black curly-haired wig that is, the rest of it was the standard male mannequin the pawn shop boasted. This same mannequin, last week, had held a man in full hunting gear with a gun. This Superman had a length of what looked like a small steel beam in his hands, and it was bent! Tony wondered how they'd done that.

A look at Tony staring at an image of Superman would have said that it was a man looking at his elder brother. Tony was as tall and majestic as the comic-book superhero, with a magnificently muscled chest, broad-beamed body with powerful shoulders and enormous pectorals even in repose. He was an actual "Man of Steel" more than the comic-book character, as he worked in a steel mill and had earned his body honestly, not by dint of being born under a red-sun world far away. His face was as regally handsome as Superman's, the same powerful jaw and strong eyebrows, the same regally flat nose, the same piercingly beautiful and powerful blue eyes, but the hair on his head was cropped short and his jaw held a blue-tint of a recalcitrant lush beard that refused to entirely diminish under the assault of his morning razor, and by five o'clock (the current time of day was 5:40 p.m.) was the de rigeur "five o'clock shadow" that forced many men of means to shave more than once a day to vanquish.

Gregg (not Gregory, just the five letters to his boy's name) was his father's son, but held a rounder more cherubic face with an innocent smile that brought to mind the elves of ancient lore, his young frame was broad like his fathers and his curly black mop on top was less tamed than his dad's, but his body still remained that of a young child. His height was barely more than his father's navel (his mother had been a slight-framed woman) and he scampered about with grace and enthusiasm that charmed the elderly women who craved the chance to pinch one of those round cheeks and marvel at his boyish beauty. "Look, look, they have a movie poster, too!"

The poster was something of an antique, some old movie or other, but it showed Superman in a muscled pose in the foreground, wide-spread legs, powerful chest, broadly smiling face, he was tearing by brute force the heavy cable used to hold a wrecking ball to be wielded by a crane.

The price tag on the costume was $200.00 and even Gregg knew that was too much money, but the poster held a tag of only $15.00. "Can we buy the poster for me, Daddy, huh, Daddy?" Gregg begged.

Tony looked benevolently down at his child. "I guess we can afford it. If you don't mind skipping hamburgers on Friday night." He always took Gregg out to eat on Fridays for their payday celebration of sorts, and it was his standard test to see if Gregg truly wanted the item, because he loved their weekly outing.

Gregg answered immediately. "Okay, Daddy, no hamburgers tomorrow, but buy me the poster now, huh, can we buy it now?"

"All right, all right!" Tony laughed. He'd have to pack himself a lunch rather than patronize the food truck, but if it made his son happy, a man can do that. They went inside and less than ten minutes later, the poster was Gregg's. "You want that costume in the window, too?" the man behind the counter asked. "I could let it go cheap."

"I guess not." Tony said. "I'll think about it."

"One price bargain, today only." the man persisted. "Half price, $100.00 and it's yours. Your son would love it."

"I'll think about it." Tony backed away. His son was already at the door and hadn't heard them, thank God. If Gregg had started begging for the costume (what would a child do with an adult-sized costume anyhow?), the man would have not only raised the price but probably pestered them every time they walked by the shop and his son ran to stare at the costume in the window! Because he would, that was certain.

At home, Gregg ate swiftly and then ran upstairs with his precious poster. Gregg stayed to wash their few dishes and pack the leftovers for his lunch tomorrow, then went upstairs.

"Unh, unh, unh!" came the sounds of his son from his room. Tony was intrigued by the sound; was his son jerking off? An easy smile formed on his face, hell, it was natural and normal for a boy to discover his prick and how fun it is to whack at it. He'd just take a peek and see if that was so, and if it was, he'd sit the boy down and tell him that his desires were perfectly natural and normal and.... "Holy shit!" he breathed as he peered through the slightly open door.

The poster his son had prized so highly wasn't hanging on the wall, it was on his son's bed! And his son was on his knees at its base, hand busily jerking his little tiny wiener. His boy was whacking off to a poster, not of some big-busted broad, but of Superman! Superman!

Tony backed out and got back downstairs in a hurry. What the fuck was he going to do?

Something, but what?

He thought of something and placed a phone call. The place was still open. "Hello, that Superman costume in your window, you told me today you'd sell it for $100.00? Yeah, I've been thinking. Make it $75.00 and I'll buy it tomorrow." Tony listened and nodded. "Yeah, I'll be by about five o'clock." He had an afterthought. "Can you throw in that steel bar in his hands, too? What is it, foam rubber? I thought so. Uh-huh, you got yourself a deal. See you tomorrow after work."

He could run by before he went to pick up his son from the after-school daycare center.

Gregg ran to the pawn shop window and stopped, disappointed. "Aw, it's gone!" he mourned. The mannequin now wore scuba gear.

"It's a pawn shop." Tony explained gently. "Nothing stays there very long."

"I just wanted to see it again."

"You have your poster." Tony said. "You like your poster, don't you?"

"Yeah, I love it, Daddy."

"I know." Tony said, then when Gregg looked at him quizzically, he said, "I know you love Superman, son. You may even get a visit from him sometime. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yeah, Daddy, I'd love that a whole lot!" Gregg said. "Can we get the burgers?"

Tony looked at his son and realized the boy remembered well their deal of the day before, but hell, a child his age never thinks of consequences. And he didn't want to cook tonight, either, he'd missed his lunch at the food truck today after all, for cold leftovers. "Yeah, let's go!" The restaurant they patronized on Fridays was just two doors from the pawn shop.

Tony waited until his son was in bed and darkness outside was total. He didn't want his son spotting his impersonation. When it was past eight thirty at night and Gregg had been in bed for a half hour and sound asleep (Tony checked), he went to his room and unpacked the Superman costume. First a shave to rid his chin of the five o'clock shadow, he had to be completely clean-shaven for this. Then he stripped completely and pulled on the costume. For the price it was really a bargain, he looked at himself in the mirror when he'd donned the suit and put on the wig. "Damn, I really do look like Superman!" he thought as he looked. His son had a nightlight going, with the costume, his son's infatuation and the dimmer light of the nightlight only, he needed only to deepen his voice somewhat to become the Man of Steel to his son.

He thought about going outside his window to creep into Gregg's, but wasn't sure that his son had opened his window, the night was warm but not enough to require an open window. He didn't want the neighbors seeing him, either. His son was asleep, he could leave how he entered the room as a mystery.

He crept on soft cat feet to his son's bedroom door, making sure the hall light was out as he did it. He was in luck as his son hadn't closed his door tonight either (the latch was faulty, you had to look and be careful to close this door, a casual pushing wouldn't work), so he could ease it open and get inside and then close it for certain.

The click was loud enough to awaken his son. "Huh, uh, Daddy?"

"No, I'm not your father." Tony said.

Gregg started at the unfamiliar voice. "Su--, Su--, Superman!" he stuttered, then sprang from the bed to launch himself at his hero!

Tony barely managed to keep his feet at the force of the impact, Gregg's hands were around his hips and his face was pressed to his stomach. "Superman, Superman, you came, you came!" His arms released him to stand before him and look up at his hero's face.

Tony smiled benevolently down at his son, and said, "Yes, I came to have a talk with you...." Tony's voice trailed off when Gregg's arms released him and then one hand came up to touch Tony's crotch.

"I'm so glad you came!" Gregg gushed. "I've been wanting to see you for so long!"

"Well, I'm here and..." Tony tried to dislodge the eager little hand at his groin but the boy held him fast. The fingers even had found and partially wrapped his dong! Shit, he should have worn underwear under this costume, but hell, the suit looked like underwear as it was!

"Gregg, you have your hand on private part." Tony stammered.

"Uh-huh. Don't you like it?"

"I... Uh..." Hell, his cock had surged to steel hard on him, how do you say "no" with that proof of a lie. And Superman never lied.... "Well, yes, I like it, but...."

"Good!" Gregg's other hand came up and he was now working at the yellow belt buckle. It was the simplest of clasps, the suit below held on more by the slim elastic band under the buckle than anything else. The red briefs were more like panties than a man's undergarment!

So the clasp came undone easily and Gregg pulled and the red briefs slid down to expose his Daddy's cock, hard and waiting. Hell, at least his son had never gotten a look at his dick, much less with it stiff and pulsingly eager for attention!

"Wow, Superman, your peter is nice and big! And hard, too!" Gregg enthused.

"Yeah, I know, it's... You shouldn't be touching it and.... Oooh!" Tony couldn't help it, his son's small, tender hand had enclosed on his prick and it felt so very, VERY good! "Ooh, oh, oh, God!"

"It's like handling a piece of steel, Superman!" Gregg said as his hand began to pump his father's cock back and forth.

"Ah, aw, jeez!" Tony was in a special sort of hell. He'd told his son he was Superman, and his son believed it, if he now revealed himself, he'd not only ruin his disguise, he'd turn his son's father into a liar, and then he'd realize his father had a fat hardon from being played with. How the hell can you prevent traumatizing your son with all this? Your Dad has an erection because you're playing with his cock. What could he do, what the fuck could he do?

His traitor cock made the next step, it oozed a thick glob of precome out for his son to see. Gregg's lips licked and then he dove down and his soft, pink tongue scarfed the blob off to be ferried back into his young mouth and his son licked his lips again. "Mmmm, that tastes good, Superman! Really good! Can I have some more?"

"Oh, God!" Tony moaned as his son's mouth darted down and now they enclosed on his glans. "Oh, oh, Gregg, boy, Son, you can't suck on my.... God, his tongue didn't want to form the words, and his cock gushed more precome for his son's mouth to siphon away. Shit, he was so turned on!

"Uhh, that feels good!" Tony groaned. "So good, suck it some more, suck it more!"

Gregg giggled. "Okay, Superman. Can you lie on my bed for me? I can suck it easier there!"

"Oh, God!" Tony just lunged for the bed with the speed of light! He was on the bed and on his back, his cape draped off to one side, but his body was splayed out, a vision of muscled red and blue with the yellow emblem prominent on his broad, powerful chest! "Here I am, Gregg, come suck Superman's cock!"

"Yeah!" Gregg enthused. The boy stripped off his small briefs and, naked, crawled between his father's legs and his little head slid onto Tony's dong and Tony just moaned again. The mop of black hair was in his view and he put one beefy hand onto it and guided the lad on his duty, bobbing up and down and unleashing wave after wave of ecstasy up through his father's body.

But Gregg flagged after a few minutes and though Tony moaned in agony at the cessation, the lad rose to his knees. "I'm sorry, Superman." The boy was tired, Tony realized, the small lips unused to the effort had quickly lost their magnificent ability to milk his long, steel-hard supercock!

"It's all right, Gregg." Tony said as magnanimously as he could. "Why don't you bring those lips up here and lie on my chest, I want to taste my prick on your lips."

Gregg was quick to do that and he lay upon Tony's body and his hand stroked the large chest in adoration. "My Daddy has a big chest, too." he sighed.

"I'll bet mine is bigger." Tony said quickly, for a change.

"Yeah." Gregg agreed. "So big and firm, as hard as steel."

"I'm the Man of Steel." Tony affirmed. Well, he was, in that he worked at a steel mill.

"Yeah." Gregg said. "Kiss me."

"Gladly." Tony's big, work-roughed hands caught that soft round face and lifted the still-wet lips to his own and kissed. Damn, he could taste his cock on those lips, rich and thick with musky goodness. No wonder his boy enjoyed sucking his cock! He licked those lips when he let go of the kiss, his tongue cleansing his son's lips of all that rich flavor. "Nice." he said when he'd done. "I could taste my cock on your lips. I'll bet yours tastes as good," he went on. "How about turning those hips around so I can get a taste of yours."

"Okay, Superman." Gregg quickly pivoted on Tony's chest, the two thin legs landed on the pillow on either side of Tony's body and that tiny boy-pud was right in his face. His lips caught it and fed upon the small but firm pud. Mmm, his son's mini-cock was sweet as sugar and soft as silk. He worked his lips over his son's prick-let and Gregg gasped and moaned and his own face rubbed on Tony's dong. That velvet-soft cheek massaged Tony's organ and Tony felt a new rush of pleasure as his son nuzzled his prick. "Ooh, oh, that's nice, baby, real nice."

"I like what you're doing, too." Gregg said shyly.

Tony had an inspiration. "How about you turn back around and put your dick on top of mine. I got an idea how you and I can both enjoy the rubbing."

When Gregg's little dong rested on his own massive tube, Tony squirmed his hips and sent the two organs dancing over each other.

"Ooh, ooh, oh, Superman, that's nice!"

"Yeah, it's real nice." Tony panted. "Got me a hot little boy lying on my cock and I'm going to rub him for all I'm worth." His hands caught hold of his son's small buttocks and he began to move his son up and down, side to side, and the boy's tiny wiener rubbed his longer dong all over.

"Oh, oh, Superman, I'm feeling good, so good, oh, oh, OH, OH, OHHHHH!" His son shuddered in boyish climax, dry as a bone but in his son's actions, his father could tell he'd enjoyed the best little orgasm of his life!

"Oh, good boy, good boy!" he panted, his own lust building. "Give Superman that climax, feel my cock pulsing against yours as you squirm because you feel so, so good!"

"Ooh, oh, yes, I feel so good!" Gregg sighed. "So good!"

"Yeah, shoot it, boy, give me that boy come, I can feel your dicktip getting sticky! Give it all to me!"

"Ohh, ohhhhhh!" Gregg sighed and his small body fell limp onto his father's body.

If Gregg was satiated, Tony was driven almost mad with desire!

"Damn, I'm so hot!" He slavered. "I got to shoot my load, boy, got to shoot it!"

"Yes, yes, shoot it!" Gregg urged.

"Not like this, hell, no!" Tony growled. He rolled the small body off of his and rolled with it, putting his massive body on top of the slender form.

Gregg looked up into the blazing blue eyes and his legs moved apart, letting his hero slip his body between them. It was like the boy understood on some unspoken level, because when Tony grasped his legs and pulled upwards to shift the small body into position, his cock was hard as steel and that steel rod pushed against his son's small anus and the glans pushed itself inside.

Gregg gasped and his eyes flew wide, but he didn't struggle otherwise, his will was lost in the power of his father, his super-powered hero, above him and the pillar of his power pressing against his sphincter.

Tony felt the small bowels as they caught at first against his skin's pressure, but each time, Gregg would grunt and the bowels would relax, and he could push in further. Hero-worship was acting as an aphrodisiac to his son and the small boy wanted to give Superman everything he could, so he didn't fight the invasion on any level, and his body seemed to understand and give itself to him as best it could.

So his father was able to push his thick dong into his son's small body with only a bit of pain creasing that beautiful face, and when he had it fully inserted, he held it and gloried in his possession. "Got it all in you, boy, can you feel my rod of hard steel inside of you?"

"Oh, oh yes, Superman, it's so big! It's all inside me, I feel it, I feel all of it!"

"I'm going to fuck your sweet little ass now." Tony growled. "Feel my superdick as I pull it out like this!"

"Oooh!" his son gasped.

"And push it back in!" Tony did so.

"Ooh, oh!"

"And pull it out again!"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

"And back in!"


"You like that, boy? You like my cock in you?"

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, I like your cock in me, Superman!"

"I'm fucking your ass, you like that?"

"I like you fucking my ass, Superman! Fuck me some more!"

"Like this?" Tony pulled out and pushed it back in.

"Yes, yes, like that, more, more, please, more!"

"Ahh-huhhh, grrrrrruh!" Tony snarled and his hips began to move in earnest. He wasn't gentle, but his son just rode the waves of powerful male thrusts into his bowels, and as he fucked his son's butt, he felt the last vestiges of his hesitation leaving him. He need this, he wanted this, his son wanted it, too, why the hell should anything else matter? Give this boy all you got, Tony, give that sweet young ass a pounding it'll never forget!

He had the hot young ass all stretched out and Gregg's only noises were of pleasure. He began to ram the sweet butt with a fury that would have done his comic-book character proud. Gregg writhed and moaned in his embrace as he was fucked hard and fast and Tony felt a rush of glory when his son caught his breath and again groaned and shivered in a second boyish orgasm. He made his son come just by fucking him. Hot damn, that hadn't happened with him and a woman in some time! He'd begun to think he was a lousy lay, but it turned out all he needed was a hot young boy's ass to fuck and he was the best there was!

He moved his son's body into position after position, up on his knees with his son riding his cock and clinging to his chest with arms and waist with legs and moaning in his pleasure. Then back onto the bed with one leg pulled up high while he stayed on his knees and thrusting into the young body that way. His pleasure was intense but it was like he'd delayed his climax too long in being gentle with the boy, it now stubbornly refused to finish for him.

He fucked and fucked his son for most of a half hour and when climax finally climbed into the driver's seat, he grunted in his son's ear, "I'm coming, boy, going to fill your sweet young ass with my hot heavy spunk and when I do, you belong to me, you get me! From now on, you belong to me!"

"I belong to you." sobbed Gregg. "I belong to you."

"Here it comes." Tony gasped. "AH-AH-HAH-UH, UH, UH, UH, UHHH.....UH-GUHHH!"

He delivered all the super-load he'd promised in that ecstasy, while he shook with the power of his orgasm, he jetted massive packets of hot spunk into his son's ass while his son gasped and again shivered in another young climax, and even while Tony shook with an interminable number of orgasmic aftershocks, his body twitching as he shivered in his glow of post-climactic glory, Gregg sunk onto the bed, exhausted and weak from his hard daddy-fucking.

"Oh, man, that was so fucking hot!" Tony groaned as he pulled his soft, sticky dong out of that sweet ass, and felt the gush of expended jizz soaking his glans as he unplugged the ass.

"Uh-huh!" his son sighed.

"I got to get out of here." Tony got off the bed and pulled his red trunks up, fastened the useless but decorative yellow belt. His wig hadn't shifted in all that, he noted, a nice fit. He'd gotten a good deal on this outfit all right. Good for plenty more use.

"Did you like that, Gregg?" He asked the small form on the bed.

"Oh, oh, yes." Gregg moaned.

"I liked it, too." Tony went on. "But I don't want to come if I'm not wanted." His eyes lit on the Superman plush doll he'd bought his son for his birthday. "If you want me to come visit you, just put that doll in your window so I can see it when I fly by, and I'll come see you again. But only at night, all right, and don't tell your Daddy or anyone else about me. Can you do that?"

"Uh-huh." Gregg said sleepily and Tony wondered how much the boy heard. Well, he'd hear about it tomorrow if not sooner, if the boy hadn't understood.

He pulled the covers up over the boy and gave him a soft kiss. "Good night, Gregg."

"Good night, Superman." Gregg yawned and was sound asleep in a heartbeat.

Tony crept silently out of the room and quickly left the door slightly ajar so the click wouldn't alert the boy like it had before. He cat-footed back to his room and got out of the costume and stuffed it in a dresser drawer. He'd see what tomorrow brought.

Gregg came in cheerfully to wake him up and he asked, "How'd you sleep last night, Son?"

"I was fine, Daddy." Gregg said. "Let's get breakfast."

"Okay, okay, I'm awake." Tony sat up and realized he was naked. "You go downstairs and set up the cereal. I'll be down in a moment."

The Saturday was a normal day for them, grocery shopping and then some father-son play, not a thing out of place. Maybe Gregg thought it was all some sort of dream. Well, it had been a heck of an experience. He wondered what the pawn shop guy would pay him to buy it back?

He went in to kiss his son goodnight and stopped at the doorway.

Gregg's Superman doll was sitting in the window.

He made it through the goodbye kiss with a trembling in his entire body. "Sleep tight, son." he finally said and got out of there.

In his room, he waited. What was he going to do?

It didn't take him long. He dressed again, and as Superman once more, went down to creep into Gregg's room once again. This was going to be another hell of a great night for the Man of Steel!


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