After the Bar Closes

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Mike D.

Illustration of After the Bar Closes

Earl and Jake staggered out of the bar at 2:00 a.m. and as they got out the door, the lights went out, cloaking them into darkness on the mostly-unlighted sidewalk. Neither of them were drunk, exactly, they'd had several drinks over the last four hours inside, but on the whole, they were mostly in command of their faculties. Which made their main gripe all the more painful.

A pair of large, bull-strong, work-battered men coated in shadows, the dark covering them in its all-enfolding obscurity, they grumbled as they stood on the now-deserted street. Jake had no place to go but a rented room; he was reluctant to bury himself again in those four dreary walls of that claustrophobically small room. "Damn, I hate to go home right now. I'm horny, wish I could have picked up a piece of tail tonight!" he groused to Earl.

"I know." Earl commiserated. "Total sausage fest in there tonight."

"Wish to hell I could rent me a whore." Jake went on. "But payday's two more days off."

"Yeah, but...Hell, I know!" Earl said. "You want to get laid, buddy, I got you someone."

"Know what?" Jake asked, then the sense of the second sentence came through. "Who?"

"We can fuck my boy!"

"We can?"

"Sure." Earl slurred. "The wife's off visiting her sister, left him to stay home alone until I get home at nights."

Two men who got acquainted during five years in prison together have a different moral outlook on life. Jake grinned. "Sounds damned good to me. Haven't pounded a young butt since I got out."

"Me, neither, but the boy's ready enough. Caught him in bed playing with the dick of a friend of his two days ago. Whaled tar out of that boy and warned my son to keep his hands off. He's going to love a hard man's cock up his butt."

"Hell, then, let's go!" Jake leered.

The men banged into the dark apartment with energy and exuberance, stumbled toward the hallway, mostly avoiding the sparse furniture within. "My boy's room is on the right." explained Earl as they moved through the living room filled with well-used but serviceable furniture. A poor man's digs, all an ex-con can afford.

They got to the boy's room and Earl threw on the light switch, turning on a small light on one wall, banishing the darkness so far as the bed itself but little else. But it was enough to see these two men who had boy fucking on their minds. The men entering the room were both big and brawny, but that was all they had in common.

Jake was a large, black-haired man with a rakish mustache and a face that had been handsome, once. Many fights and a hard life and hard living had turned it into a brutal face, a bristle of beard-shadow reached in a visible area from the sideburns down the jaw to encircle the cheeks, pivot on the chin and climb up the other side, and covered the entirety of the underside of the jaw as well.

The arms were powerhouses, armed from many empty hours filled by working out in prison, the shoulders were thick slabs of muscles across the top, over the shoulder cap, down the arms, which then sprouted biceps that pulsed like a pair of melons as he pulled his working shirt off, to show a six-pack of abs that wrinkled as he bent down to pull down his pants. His shoes were after-work slip-ons he wore, leaving his workboots in his work locker; he'd kicked those off first of all.

Earl's blond-topped face was more triangular, he'd been a cute kid and some of that clung to him. He fought a receding jawline by his beard, a short growth around the jaw and a mustache thinner than Jake's. His skin was fairer, his muscles fit his body closer and leaner, his chest hair was thicker though the blond hair tended to vanish into his pale flesh.

Earl had on his workboots, he fought them off, then began to unbutton his shirt as the boy on the bed stirred. "Dad?"

"Hey, Sterling." The boy was blond as his father, and prettier than his father ever had been, a soft, angelic expression with blue eyes and pearly teeth gleaming from his partially opened mouth framed with clean, pink lips. A little more than six years old, the boy's arms were small and unlined by muscle, he moved like a kitten with uncertain, uneasy motions as the two big men loomed over him.

"You named him Sterling?" Jake asked, disbelievingly.

"The wife did, I was in the stir before he popped out." Earl had been out of prison a few months more than Jake, long enough to coax his way back into his wife's life and get his legs under her table, get enough money from work to begin to rebuild his life. Jake was still in the "just scraping by" stage.

"What's going on, Dad?" Sterling asked as his father and Dad's friend stripped down to boxers and briefs, then skinned those off and wore nothing at all.

"Brought a friend by for you." Earl told his son. "He needs some loving and you're going to give it to him."

"He's a pretty one, all right." Jake told Earl as he fondled his dong. "Those lips of his are just begging for it."

"So give it to him." Earl said. "He needs a taste of a real man's dong, so he'll quit fiddling around with those tiny winkies his friends have."

Sterling's eyes simply widened, he made no effort to move as Jake advanced on him, the big man climbed onto the boy's bed and straddled his body, the thick pud pointing at him like an eager Airedale guiding his master to the quarry. He raised slightly up on the bed, perhaps in an attempt to get away, but then Jake's big hands caught hold of Sterling's head and the boy's open mouth was then stuffed with the big man's monster schlong.

"Mph, muh, mph!" the boy protested as Jake drove it into him.

"Come on, boy, suck it!" Jake commanded. "Wrap those lips around it and hold on tight! And watch those damned baby teeth or I'll knock them out of you. You're going to lose them soon anyhow!"

"Muh, mmmh, MMPH!"

"Shit, that's a nice, warm hole." groaned Jake. "Been a long time since I fucked a soft warm mouth like this. Those whores in jail been doing it too long, it's like sticking it in a damp cave. This is nice, nice like a woman who's doing it for the first time."

"Yeah, boy, suck Jake's cock for him." Earl ordered. "You can do it, boy, I saw you working Thad Jameson's dick. It's the same fucking thing, just with your mouth, so get moving!"

"Like this." Jake began to force the boy's head back and forth. The thick pud pulled out to show a sheen of saliva now over it. Jake slid it back in and the boy's eyes bulged as he choked, for Jake had shoved it in deep enough to hit the back of the throat and dig partway down.

"Ah, gah, yeah!" Jake moaned as he held it in there, while the boy thrashed under him. "Take it, boy, take it all down!"

"Yeah, come on, Jake, give my little boy-cunt a working over." Earl urged him on. The big blond man was fondling himself, masturbating at the sight of his best buddy fucking his son's face.

Jake shook himself and began to ram the boy's mouth and throat, shoving it all the way down, the boy squirmed about but was held fast and pinned down, all he could do was kick his legs up and down.

Earl groaned and approached the bed, he pulled at the sheet which covered his son until he wormed it out from between their two bodies and could strip it from the bed, the boy's small briefs decorated with a picture of Spiderman on the front were quick to follow, leaving the boy nude. Sterling made grunts and moans, but Earl spotted his son's small erection.

"Yeah, knew my boy would get into it." Earl said as he caught hold of the small organ and began to jerk it. The boy gurgled as he did, even as Jake's plunges in and out twisted it into a weird warbling sound, the moan of pleasure was unmistakable.

"Damn right he loves it." Jake agreed. "Your boy loves the feel of his Daddy playing with him."

"Knew the little fucker would." Earl spat into his palm and rubbed it on his dong. "Like I know he's just begging now for me to shove my dong into his butt and you and me double-fuck him."

"Come on, then, man, I'm fucking close to juicing!" Jake grunted as he stopped humping at the small, protesting face. "I'll stop a little while for you, but hurry up, damn it!" He stopped with his cock, pulsing angrily at the interruption, still buried in the small mouth, but enough air got in to the boy breathe. "Got to get it into him." Earl grunted as he wriggled between the flailing legs. "Damn it, boy, hold still while! Huh!"

The child moaned as the hard rod of his father's manhood plowed into him. Tears formed in his eyes, as his daddy's dong violated his virginal ass, driving deep into his body. "Mmm, mmmuhhh, muhhhhh!"

"Hold on tight, boy." Jake advised him roughly. "Getting it in the first time always hurts, but it's not going to stay that way. Get to where you'll even like it. I know I did when my uncle fucked my ass, I was about your age. It's rough, but you get through it and soon you're loving that thick tool. Believe me, I know."

The boy subsided, and Earl's hips pounded at his ass. "Damn, he's tight, but this butt's getting used to it." he grunted. "I think Sterling's going to learn to love it just fine."

"Mmh, yeah, that ass just kind of gurgled around my prong. There's the boy's little prostate resting on top of my shaft. I'll just give it a tickle or two, that'll wake him up."

He gave an expert wriggle with his hips and his son gasped in surprise. "Just like the old lady, a couple of tickles the right way and she's ready to do anything I want." He kept his wriggling and the boy was silent, then let out a long, slow moan.

"That's got him going." Earl said with confidence.

A small hand snaked up and found Jake's right breast nipple, caught hold of it. Jake hissed as the fingers squeezed the tender nub. The mouth began to move itself, and Jake lifted his head and gave out a sharp laugh, threw back over his shoulder, "You've got him going, all right!"

The hands were still on the boy's head, but now all they did was guide the huge dong down the tender young throat. The young lips were hungrily suctioning the thick prod which had been violating it so roughly earlier. Now it was like they couldn't get enough of the hard prong, and Jake grinned as he moved his hips to let the boy drive it even deeper.

"Ah, yeah, God, uh, gruh!" Jake grunted as his passion built up again. "You've awakened the slut in this boy all right!"

"Does it every time." Earl confirmed as he slapped his son's buttock with his hips as he rammed the soft, yielding ass. "Nuh-uh! Damn, I should have been fucking this butt soon as I got out!"

"And I should have found you the first damn night I got out!" Jake growled. "We could have been double-teaming this young butt all the damned time along!"

"So let's double-juice this boy and make him all ours!" Earl snarled. "He's our bitch boy now!"

"Hell, yeah, our bitch boy!" Jake panted. "Shit, I'm going to cream your son now, Earl! Going to cream his little mouth full!"

"Do it, man, fill my boy full with me! Oh, oh, ah!"

"Ah, ah, ah!"

"Ahuh, ahuh, ahuh!"

"Mmph, mmh, mmh!" the boy joined in, his little boy shivering in his tiny climax.

"Here it comes, boy,! AH-HUHHH!" Jake blasted his hot wads into Sterling's young mouth, the boy was racked with his own pleasure and the come drooled out of his lips around the prick still drilling in and out, more spewed out both nostrils, but some of that hot sweet man-spunk went down his throat and into that young boy stomach.

"Yeah, cream him full, cream my son full, I, AH-AH-AH, KAHH-AHHHHH!" Earl shoved his man-tool deep into his son's butt and jetted his seed deep into his progeny's warm bowels, still shaking from the boy's delight at being fucked and sucking some REAL MEN!

It was three sex-sated bodies that sank down on the bed, gasping, panting, sweating, two deep male voices and another a youthful soprano. "Ah, God, damn, that was fucking hot!" Jake groaned.

"Straight fucking A, it was." Earl agreed.

"Yeah." the fully fucked boy added.

"This is one hot piece of boy ass you got here." Jake said. "Wish I could throw a fuck or two into it every damned night." He tousled the sweaty blond hair of the lad. "What would you say to that, boy?"

"Mm-hmm!" Sterling grinned with a beaming but come-stained face.

"So why not?" Earl offered.

"Why not what?"

"Move in here with me." Earl went on. "Pay me what you'd spend on that hotel room and chip in on the groceries and we'll do fine."

"Sounds good to me, but what about your wife, what's she going to think?"

Earl went to his pants and dug into one pocket, pulled out some mangled, much-folded papers. "Divorce papers. Wife ain't coming back. Just me and Sterling in here now. I went to the bar because I couldn't figure out how to tell Sterling. Was going to ship him off to live with my mother and father." He grinned at the boy all wet and man-fucked on the bed. "But not now. Now, you and me are going to keep this boy stuffed with man-dick every night and all day on weekends. How's that sound to you, Sterling?"

"Cool!" Sterling agreed.

"Now, it's time we all got some sleep. Come on, Jake, my bed'll sleep two."

"Make that three." Jake chimed in.

"Sure, come on, boy. We're going to want to stuff your butt again afore long."

The three transferred to the larger bed and the darkness closed in upon them all again.

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