Like Looking in a Mirror

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2013 by Eduardo.

Illustration of Like Looking in a Mirror

"How much further, Daddy?" came the voice from the back seat.

Bill Powers only hint about which son had asked that was the direction. "Another five miles, Teddy." he said.

"And we'll finally get to meet Uncle Phil?" Freddy chimed in. The two boys always alternated questions at a time like this.

Bill turned his rear-view mirror so he could see both his sons in it. Double-vision, it was, for Teddy and Freddy Powers were identical twins. Truly identical, like carbon copies of each other, like mirror images of each other. Their mother joked that when they combed their hair, "They don't use a mirror, they just watch each other." and it was true that the easiest way to tell them apart was to look at their part, Teddy parted his hair on the left side and Freddy parted his on the right. But that was their mother's idea and Bill suspected that they often changed it (and identities) every so often just to keep everyone guessing. Even now, they wore the same purple t-shirt and tan shorts, it was lucky that Teddy's shorts was a darker color than Freddy's and the t-shirt was a bit lighter. Of course, nothing said the boys hadn't exchanged clothes as well since morning.

Their faces were the same in every way, and could have been taken from their father's old childhood photographs. The same strong jawline, the same slender, high-boned cheeks, the same blue eyes, the same dark hair (their sole divergence from their father, they had black hair, their father a dark brown). But they couldn't have done better by their genetics, Bill mused to himself, he'd always been a muscled mountain of a man and had his choice of women growing up, his boys would be the same. Just like him and his brother had been, driving the girls crazy. In the genes.

Even their sense of humor was the same as Bill and his brother had been, like their little games about their identical appearance. Ah, the fun of identical twins keeping their parents guessing. Bill remembered it well! But that was part of the surprise he was keeping for his sons. "You two excited to meet your Uncle Phil?"

"You bet!" Teddy said.

"Yeah." Freddy agreed.

"Me, too." Bill said. "Been almost six years now since I last saw him. And he hasn't seen you two since you were two years old."

"A long time."

"Where has he been?"

Bill let his smile slip. "I told you two already. He was working in Alaska on the oil rigs they have up north."

"Cold place."

"Freeze your nuts off." Freddy and Teddy snickered.

Bill grinned again. "Maybe that's why he's moving back here where it's warm."

"Too warm."

"Boil your nuts off."

"Yeah." Bill said. "But he's got himself a nice place way up in the mountains. He'll be cooler than us in the city." The highway they were on, as if to demonstrate the heights they'd been climbing for the last hour, took a steep grade upwards, he reached to downshift, his large, brawny arm rippling with muscle as he took his car down from third to second. The car still struggled, but he let it be, it would make the grade.

"There's the turnoff." he said in satisfaction at the next bend in the road. "Your Uncle Phil's house is right up ahead."

"Wow." the two boys said in harmony, it was like a single voice from two throats. "It's nice." one of them said, they were too close together for Bill to figure out which one said it.

"Yeah, it is." Bill agreed. And it was. A serene, handsome wooden mountain cabin that had its back right up to the lake, a man could fish off the back deck, like as not. The view it had from there was lake, mountains, forest and clear, clean blue sky. Bill could have had a place just like it, if he hadn't met Serena and married and settled down. Phil hadn't, and had stood as his best man with a distinctly unhappy look on his face. Their separation had stemmed from that day.

Teddy and Freddy were here to meet their uncle and fish and have some fun. Bill was there to get the other half of himself back.

Phil Powers walked out the front door and stood and waved at them. Big, strong, powerful man, at ease in this masculine environment. Bill's face spread in a smile that threatened to split his face in two, and his brother's smile was equally as brilliant.

And his sons were freaking out. "He looks just like you, Dad!"

"He's your twin brother!"

"Yep." Bill said in satisfaction. "You two ain't the only twins in this family. My identical twin brother."

He nearly ran from the car to his brother and the two big men embraced the way two old friends would. His sons were right behind him and were talking at the same time, not in synch this time, making a happy racket. Phil let go of Bill and knelt down to give each eight year old boy a separate bear hug.

"And how are you doing, Teddy?" he asked the second boy still in his arms.

"I'm Freddy." the boy replied.

"No he's not, I am!" the other boy argued.

"No, I am!"

"No, me!"

"No, me!"



"All right, all right." Phil laughed. "So, Bill, how about we get Freddy and Freddy settled in.

"I'm not Bill, I'm Phil!" Bill responded.

"No, you're not, I am!"

"No, me!"



That got the boys laughing and after unloading the car and putting the boys into the second bedroom, Bill and Phil carried Bill's own luggage into the one Phil was using. Bill looked over the accommodations. "Only one bed?" he asked.

"We grew up sharing one bed." his brother said. "You got a problem with sharing now?"

"Me? Nah! Just wondering."

A slight pause and Phil said, "We had a lot on fun there, as I recall."

Bill turned and smiled at his brother. "Yeah, we did."

"Your boys share a bed?"

"Can't split them up that much. We bought them twin beds, they pushed them together."

A scraping sound could be heard through the walls. "Like that?" Phil said.

"Yeah. Just like that." Bill grinned himself.

"Want to get in an hour or so of fishing before supper?"

"Sounds good to me." Bill said. "If you come along." He laid a hand on Phil's shoulder.

"I would have it any other way."

"Let's go."

Forty-five minutes later, they had five trout worthy of cooking up. "The two big ones for you and me, and the three little ones for the boys." Bill said.

"You've got good boys there." Phil said. "And alike as two peas in a pod."

"And just as inseparable." Bill agreed.

"Like you and me used to be." Phil went on.

"I've missed you, brother."

"You, too, brother." and their hug this time was more than that of two good friends.

"We had such good times together." Bill said huskily.

"Why'd we ever stop?" Phil asked. "You were better than any broad I nailed.

"And you're better than my wife ever hoped to be." Bill agreed.

Their next hug stopped the conversation for a time, then Phil said, "I wonder if your boys play the same games we used to."

"I'm sure of it." Bill rubbed his chin. "I've heard noises in there often enough."

Phil's cheeks dimpled impishly. "You think they've decided to test out their beds?"

Bill's own cheeks dimpled as well. "Probably. We've left them alone and they've been traveling since dawn."

"Let's slip around to the side. We can look in their window from there."

The two men were like little boys skulking around the side of the house. If not for their fishing poles in hands and the string of fish Phil carried in his other, they would have been two kids out for a prank. They peered into the window of the boy's bedroom.

"Yep. There they are." Phil said when he got up to the window.

Bill got around him and looked in himself. "Well, I'll be."

Teddy and Freddy were on the bed, stark naked and in a sixty-nine position. Their young, slim bodies were gleaming pale off-white in the semi-darkness of the room, and their motions were like a single entity was on that bed, made up of four arms and four legs and two heads, and he didn't know which son was which, not naked, not without the cues of hair and clothes.

"I didn't think they were up to sucking cocks yet!" Bill blurted out. "They're only eight years old, for God's sake!"

"We started at ten." Phil agreed. "And you were good at it, too."

But Bill's voice had raised to a level that penetrated the glass window. The two boys stopped their actions and looked over. "Dad!" one of them blurted, in a younger voice of his father.

"Daddy!" the other chimed in a second later.

Phil just grinned and waved at the boys, but they were humiliated and slid off the bed and hid on it side furthest from the window.

"I think we've seen all we're going to see." Phil told his brother. "Let's get these fish gutted.

"I guess we'd better." Bill was thinking hard. Kids playing with each other's dicks is just boyish exploration, but actual oral stimulation of each other was pretty damned advanced! Phil had their own age of mouth-on-cock action right, and he guessed such things were common enough among twins.

Then again, modern shows took such things pretty far. You had to be deaf and blind to not find out all about sex pretty quickly. Eight wasn't out of the question, he guessed.

The memory of him and Phil in bed at the age of ten and their mouths sucking on each other's cocks flew up into his brain with a clarity that belied the years between. God, that had been so intense a feeling! They'd been insatiable for weeks after discovering that. And at thirteen, they'd progressed to anal sex. Plugging his brother's butt had been amazing, and so had been watching his brother fucking his ass. Like looking into a mirror, every motion, every sound, even the look on his face, Bill knew it like he knew his own.

Why they hell had they ever stopped doing that? Girls had intervened, flaunting their bodies and their sexuality, that combined with the television and advertising telling him to go after those girls, and it had all been so easy. Hell, even Serena...she'd practically proposed to him rather than the other way around with her constant hints and looking at rings and such, and his parents asking when he'd marry her. It'd been so easy to just go along with it and ask...and Phil had stopped sharing his bed right after that, like a scorned lover. Well...wasn't that what he'd been? Like the way it felt he'd lost his right arm when Phil moved to Alaska.

The boys slunk in to the table when Phil called them for dinner. "Some fresh fish for supper, boys!" he said when they appeared in the doorway. "Get your lips around these instead of what you were having earlier."

The boys cringed and Bill spoke up. "Don't fret about it, boys. We shouldn't have looked in on you. It's okay."

The two shyly came to the table and took their seats. Two boys across from each other, and the men at each end. Like looking in a mirror, Bill thought to himself again.

"We were just having some fun." Teddy (if that was Teddy and not Freddy wearing Teddy's darker shorts) said after a few bites.

"I know, Son." Bill said. "I know."

"Hell, boys, your daddy and me did that all the time when we were your age." Phil winked an eye at Bill. "Didn't we, brother?"

"Yep." Bill managed the word though it caught in his throat some.

"Normal curiosity." Phil went on. "Not to mention it feels great!"

"That it does." Bill got those words out with a bit more comfort.

"Watching you two got me downright homesick." Phil was an unstoppable force. "Of course, your daddy and me got all week here in the same bed to catch up some."

"Phil!" Bill felt himself flushing.

"Hey, if it's okay for them, it's okay for you and me." Phil countered.

"Maybe." Bill agreed. "But it's not something we should talk about at the dinner table."

"Just us guys here, right, boys?" Phil asked his nephews.

"Yeah, just us guys." Freddy smiled. "Having some fun."

"Lots of fun all weekend." Teddy put in.

"Like getting up at first light to go fishing?" Phil suggested.



"So you boys'd better finish your supper and get back in that bed. And try to sleep some this time, eh?" Phil winked at Bill. "Afterwards, you were interrupted earlier as I recall."


"And you and Daddy better get in bed yourself." the other son added. "And get some sleep."

"After!" the first one chimed in, and the twins giggled.

Bill laughed, over his discomfort. "Yeah, we'd better." He yawned. "That long drive wore me plumb out."

"I bet you're not that tired." his brother told him.

And with that laugh, they made it through their dinner and the boys left the two men alone.

Phil left the light on when they got to his bedroom. That suited Bill just fine. He wanted to undress while watching his brother do the same. They had this old ritual and renewing it was like being a teenaged boy again, and part of an inseparable pair. They removed their clothing together, at the same time, watching each other. Moving in a synchronized motions with Phil using his left when Bill did his right, and vice versa. As if they were looking in a mirror. Phil's shirt was a red plaid to Bill's solid blue, but that was okay, a minor detail. The face was the same, the body the same. Bill's boxers weren't Phil's briefs, but they came off the same way, and the cock revealed was the same as he now held in his hand and stroked it as his twin brother did the same.

"It's good to have you back." he said to Phil.

"It's good to be back. Damned good." Phil said as he walked toward Bill as Bill did the same to him. And their hands left their own hard cocks and caught each other's together. As they kissed, their hands moved in one accord, and their moans into each other's mouths collided as they exuded from the two throats, together, completely together. The years had just melted away, they were seventeen again and women were just something they barely knew or understood or wanted.

"Damn, I've missed you. I've missed this." Bill's chest heaved in his lust, and the blood in his veins pounded in a way it hadn't in two years or more.

"Why do you think I came back." Phil's breath guttered in Bill's ear. "I couldn't keep away from you."

"You couldn't have moved closer?" Nearly two hundred fifty miles apart!

"Not and have you all to myself." Phil sat on the foot of the bed and drew his brother down on top of him, and their chests bumped, their legs interlocked, their pricks thumped in eagerness on each other's thigh.

Bill moaned and grounded against his brother, who only groaned himself and ground back.

The two wriggled in their lust upwards on the bed, until Phil's head rested on the pillow and his hand reached up and found something inside the pillowcase.

A bottle of lube. He handed it to his brother and said, "How about you rub some on and let me have it."

Bill raised up to a sitting position, grinned and said, "I'll rub it on, all right." And his hand caught a glob of the oil and he lathered it on the cock.

Phil's cock. Phil just closed his eyes and groaned as Bill's hand slathered a thick glob onto Phil's dong, then he lifted up onto one knee, the other knee went to Phil's side at the waist, the first knee landed on the other side and then he was fitting that hard, beloved pud up into his asshole. It had been a powerful lot of years, but it fit in just fine. Like an old glove dug out of a drawer after a number of years still fits the hand intimately. His ass remembered.

Bill stared down into the joy in Phil's face and knew his own echoed it perfectly. He could grind slowly down further on Phil's prod and know every iota of the pleasure it gave to Phil the same way Phil knew how much he was loving the feel of that steel-like cock as it dug deeper into his bowels.

Moving up and down didn't diminish that pleasure, it increased it. Phil let Bill ride him until the motions didn't make the slightest wince of pain in Bill's face and then he caught his brother and rolled them over to get on top, Bill wrapped his legs around Phil's waist and Phil began to ram his cock in and out with a familiar rough male joy that had been missing from Bill's life for too long, too long. Too...damned....long!

"Uh, uh-HUH-HUH, UH-HUHHHHHHH!" Bill gasped and squirted hard upwards, splattering both his own chest and Phil's in equal measure.

As he did, Phil shoved his dong deep into Bill's bowels and moaned and a heavy load of hot male-spunk filled his brother's ass to the brim with liquid male love.

Done, Phil rested on Bill's chest, the two men gasping hard in their joy.

Was there a giggle of boyish voices from their window? Bill looked over, but the window was empty, only a rustle that may have been two pairs of young feet skittering through the leaves outside. Or a raccoon or two.

At this moment, he just couldn't care.

Bill awoke in the hours just before dawn with a hardon that was being lathered up by his brother. "Your turn now." he announced as he slid Bill's prick into his ass.

Their lovemaking mirrored that of the night before, only with Bill on top. Again, their lust lasted only moments before Phil sprayed them both as Bill pumped hot jizz into his brother's ass.

As they lay in post-sexual bliss, the unmistakable sounds of Teddy and Freddy in the next room came through. Boys moaning in joy. "Sounds like the boys are up." he smiled at Phil.

Phil grunted. "Guess that's my signal to fix breakfast."

"Let me." Bill offered. "Your ass needs to rest a bit, loaded with my come like it is." He fingered the wet spots on his chest. "Of course, I've got to shower first."

"Sounds like you'll have time." Phil judged. "Those boys aren't close to coming yet."

Boyish groans rose in tone. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" and "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"

"I spoke too soon." Phil sighed. "Get your ass in that shower already."

"Let's share, we'll be done quicker." Bill said.

The breakfast and sons appeared in due order, and the boys were looking at their father and uncle in bouts of giggles and whispers.

"You two sleep okay last night?" Phil asked.

"Yeah, Uncle Phil."

"Fine, Uncle Phil."

"After you finished spying on us, that is." Bill added. "You boys were peeking in our window, weren't you?"

"Hey, we did it to them." Phil defended his nephews. "Hell, I kind of expected it. It's why I offered to let you fuck me first."

"Too bad they didn't peek at us this morning." Bill said. "They could have watched me fuck you then."

"Yeah, they could've."

"This is going to be such a cool week." Teddy enthused.

"Really good."

They fished that morning, but after lunch, Phil waved off further fishing. "Fish don't bite well when it's too hot." he said as he stood on the deck with the others and looked out over the lake shining in the sun. "Let the mountains block the water a while and we can fish again near nightfall, catch some fish for supper. We got our lunch's worth already and then some." The four of them had caught a round dozen of fish.

"So what can we do?" Freddy mourned.

"I figure you boys can figure out something." Phil said, and then, looking at Bill. "I know your daddy and me can."

"How about something we can all do?" Teddy suggested.

"I'm game if you are." Phil said to Bill.

"Whatever you boys want to do is fine with me." Bill agreed.

"Thanks, Daddy."

"No problem, Teddy." Bill smiled at his son.

"I'm Freddy." the boy said as he knelt in front of his father. The small hands fished at his pants.

"Freddy?" Bill looked over at Phil, who had Teddy (if it was Teddy, the boys used that contradiction constantly) at his own crotch.

"Actually, I'm your Daddy." Phil said to Teddy. "You want to suck your daddy's cock?"


"I'll suck yours, Uncle Phil." Freddy said to his father.

"Sounds good to me, Freddy." Bill sighed as the boy's hands undid his pants buttons and brought out his hardening cock.

"I'm really Teddy." the boy said as his mouth sunk onto Bill's cock.

"Whatever." Bill groaned as the warm wetness enfolded his dong. "So long as you're sucking my cock, I could care less."

The boys got busy on the men's pricks, and Bill watched his brother being sucked as much or more than he did the action at his own crotch. The boys were doing just as he and Phil had done, matching each other by careful observation of each other from time to time. Bill and Phil moved together as well. Mirror movements by mirror men and boys, sharing their love and their sex equally, letting the pleasure wash over them.

"Love the action of these boys on my dick!" Phil grunted as one of Bill's sons (Bill still wasn't sure which was which).

"I do, too." Bill grunted. "You really got yourself a couple of hot sons here!"

"I sure do." Phil moaned. "Or you do. Whatever."

"Yeah, whatever." Bill agreed. "Shit, I'm about to shoot!"

"Me, too, brother!" Phil gasped. "Let's pump a hot man-load down these boy's throats, why don't we?"

"!" Bill groaned.





Twin hot squibs of male passion jetted into the pair of young throats, that gulped down their daddy's/uncle's spunk easily. Such good boys, Bill thought as the passion pounded his brain, and then released him. "Such good boys."

"Yeah, I'm real proud of my sons." Phil said.

"Hey, they're my kids."

"Dad!" Freddy said to him.

"Am I?"

Freddy blinked, and then said, "I'm Teddy."

"That's my boy." Bill agreed.

"What say we take these boys indoors and give them some more jizz in a while?" Phil chipped in.

Bill scooped up Teddy/Freddy in his arms as Phil scooped up Freddy/Teddy. "Sounds good to me." Phil said.

The next days were magical. Bill and Phil enjoyed the two boys and each other indiscriminately. Bill wasn't sure if he only fucked one boy or both, but he didn't care. Phil's cock was the same size and shape as his own, it couldn't have mattered.

But like all good times, it came to an end. Time to pack up. "I'm going to miss this place."

Bill said to Phil.

"Me, too." Phil said. To his brother's curious look, he said, "I just rented the place for a couple weeks. After that, I figure on moving in with the two of you. If I can."

"Only got two bedrooms." Bill said. "You'll have to bunk with my boys."

"Sure." Phil said. "Only maybe half the time, it can be you instead of me."

"Serena hasn't been putting out much lately." Bill warned.

"If I got to fuck her, I got to. But I figure I can use the break from the two little horn-dogs you've got."

"Yeah." Bill agreed. "And maybe you can pull a few of my work shifts now and then, too while I take the boys out for the day. Share the work and share the boys."

"We got ourselves a plan." And the two men shook hands as they grinned at each other, and as they did, to any observer, it was very much like looking in a mirror.

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