The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2007 by Dean Cameron.

Illustration of The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

I walked into the kitchen to find Mark on the phone. My older brother Mark was talking on the phone with my mother. Mark was nineteen and home from college for the holiday. I was just a few weeks more than six years old. It was Christmas Eve after sundown and it was dark outside.

Mom and Dad had gone to see my grandparents over in Minneapolis two days before but they were supposed to be home by now. Minneapolis was only a hundred miles away, they had planned to drive back Christmas Eve morning and we would have the holiday together as a family like we did every year. Mom and Dad did this every year, and usually brought home for me and Mark some very special Christmas gifts. They visited Mom's grandmother on the 23rd of December, because she lived in a nursing home that didn't allow children to visit (Grandma was in a hospital bed with a lot of machines and tubes in her, we talked to her now and then by Skype), and Dad's family always celebrated Christmas evening instead of Christmas day, we would travel to that after we had the regular Christmas at our house, just the four of us.

Trouble was, a terribly bad blizzard had begun Christmas Eve morning and it had just gotten worse as the day went on. My babysitter had had to leave us to go to her own family some three hours ago, and if she hadn't lived just two houses away, she might have been trapped here for the holiday with us. Which was the problem Mom and Dad were having.

"I understand, Mom." Mark said on the phone. "It's a bad connection but I can just hear you." He paused to listen. "No, Mom, I agree, you and Dad had better stay there until the blizzard clears up. Steve and I will be okay." Pause. "I know, it sucks you won't be home for Christmas but we can keep everything on hold until you get back, okay? I think Steve will understand, and I know I do. Steve is here now, do you want to talk with him? Hello, Mom? Mom? I can't hear you, I can't...." He hung up the phone. "Sorry, sport, we just lost our telephone service, our phone is dead." He looked up at the lights. "At least we have light and heat still, but no internet either. I wonder if we have the television?"

"No." I said. "I was watching it and it went out. Just static."

"Figures." Mark grunted. "Internet, TV and the telephone all come through our cable provider and they must be out of service due to the weather. The electric and gas both are physical lines buried underground. So we have the one but not the other. Don't fret, they'll probably come back on pretty soon."

"Mom and Dad aren't coming home tonight?" I asked. "What are we going to do for Christmas?"

"The weather service thinks the blizzard will blow over by the day after Christmas. Mom and Dad will wait the blizzard out at Grandma's and drive in and we'll just have Christmas as usual a couple of days late."

"Late?" I teared up. Christmas wasn't supposed to be any day but tomorrow. THIS was Christmas Eve! "But you mean, we're not going to have Christmas?"

"We'll have it, we'll do Christmas Eve on the 26th, and Christmas on the 27th. It'll all work out, you'll see."

"But...." I put out my lower lip, not pouting, but trying not to cry. "We can't do without Christmas! It won't be Christmas on the 27th, Christmas is tomorrow!"

"Hey, you don't want Mom and Dad to try to drive in the weather outside now, do you?"

"No." I said slowly. The TV had talked about all the roads being closed down and cars stranded and a family of five had actually frozen to death earlier that day, when their car got stuck in a snowbank on a lonely road about three towns over.

"So you and I have to just wait a couple of days. We can do it. You and me, right Sport?" Mark always called me Sport and I liked the nickname...from him. Mark is a big football star on the school team, he's their quarterback and everything. He has such big strong muscles, he sometimes asks me to sit on his back while he does pushups, and he can do them, too, more than thirty, with me riding on his shoulders and counting them off.

"So it's time for you and me to fix supper. How does a pizza sound to you?"

"We're going to order pizza?"

"Well, no, but there's a couple of store bought frozen pizzas in the freezer. How about I heat up a large pepperoni pizza and you and I can split it and just eat all we can eat of pizza? And there's ice cream for dessert, too, a great big tub. We'll have a pizza and ice cream banquet for the holidays, how about that?"

"It still won't be Christmas." I pouted. "Not really."

"Yeah." Mark thought. "Tell you what. You get three wishes tomorrow from me. Anything you want, three things, and I have to do it whatever it is. How about that?"

I grinned at that, what kid doesn't want to boss around his big brother, well, a little anyway. Three wishes. "That sounds better."

"Okay, Sport. Let's get the pizza heating up, and meanwhile have you heard the joke about the three angels sent down to Earth on Christmas Day to check up on how Mankind was getting along?" And with such things and telling jokes, Mark got me to not cry that this year, we weren't going to have a real Christmas. With his help, I managed not to cry all Christmas Eve.

I woke up early the next morning and went into Mark's bedroom. He was sleeping but heard me walk in and said, "Good morning and Merry Christmas, Sport."

"Merry Christmas, Mark." I returned. "It's Christmas morning." Then I remembered. "Only it isn't, is it?"

"It'll be Christmas for just you and me this year and Mom and Dad in two days." Mark reminded me. He looked at the clock. "Jesus, five thirty in the morning! Okay, let's get ready and figure out what we want for breakfast. Then we'll pick out a gift already under the tree, one each, to open for today and save the rest for Mom and Dad. How about that?"

"Sounds good." I was cheering up again.

Mark sat up in bed and I saw it. "Hey, you're naked." I teased him.

"Huh?" Mark looked down and yanked a bit of sheet to cover up his wiener in a hurry. "Oh, shit, I forgot all about it! Yeah, I've been sleeping bare for the last year or so. Now, go scoot and get dressed, and so will I, okay, Sport?"

I had a glorious idea. "You said I got three wishes today, right?"

Mark stopped in mid-movement. "Yeah."

"So, my first wish, let's you and me spend the whole day naked!" I promptly skinned down my briefs and was as bare as he was. "Come on, how about it? Just walk around all day shaking our wieners!" I shook my peter back and forth and it slapped from side to side.

Mark burst out laughing. "Okay, Sport, I said whatever you want, and you got it. Today, you and me go stark raving nekkid!" He threw back his sheet cover and did the back and forth that I had, only his peter was a lot bigger than mine and it slapped his thighs with a loud "pop, pop!"

"Do that again!" I urged him.

He shook his body back and forth again, "pop, pop!"

"That is so cool!" I said.

"Okay, now give me five minutes to hit the potty and then we'll go downstairs and dig out some breakfast. I can do eggs, how about eggs and bacon and toast?"

"Yeah." I said.

I sat at the table while he fixed the breakfast and we ate it in all good humor. Then we went to the tree and each picked out a gift. I chose a box from an uncle and it held a toy car you could control by a joystick that let it go faster, slower, left, right or whatever. Uncle Joe always buys me the best gifts! Mark picked up a gift from a buddy of his and snickered when he opened it. A box of something. "What's that?"

"Condoms." Mark said. "In five different colors."

"What are they for?" I asked as I looked at the package, it showed a wiener shaped balloon on it. "Balloons?"

"No, they're...they're something a grown-up uses when he wants to play with his cock."

Mark explained.

"Play with your cock?"

"Yeah, with a woman. You put it on to play with her with your wiener, and she won't have a baby." He saw my puzzled look and said, "Just know that grownups have different ways to play with their dong. That's because it's so big. Your little peter, you can only use your hand to play with it."

"Oh." I said and put down my joystick for the car, it went so fast I couldn't really play with it indoors, it would have to be an outdoors toy." What to do now? I mused and then brightened. "I know what my second wish is!"

"Okay." Mark, I think, had a guess what it would be, but he had promised, and my big brother never broke his promises to me. "What's your second wish?"

"I want to play with your dick!" I said. "The same way you use it to play with others, that is."

He was sitting in Dad's big comfy armchair, and I had been on the floor and I reached up and grabbed his dong. He gasped when I did that but didn't stop me and I pumped on it as it stiffened up. He looked at me and my hand on his cock and he was still and silent, then he let out a long, low moan. He slid out to where he was barely sitting on the chair, and his dick was wide open for me to fondle and pump. "Oooooooh, Sport, that feels so fucking good!" He crooned. I stopped and he added. "Come on, jack it some more for me, feels great!" The posture emphasized all his muscles, his big, broad chest, his powerfully muscled arms, his thick legs, his taut abdomen that was flat now, but when he exercised it showed a bulging six-pack of little abdominal muscles lined up in two rows around his navel.

"Nu-uh!" I said. "You have to teach me the other ways you play with a prick, that I can't do yet. But you can," I said cunningly, "so teach me!"

"Teach you? Teach you, oooooh, shit!" I had jerked him again a few times.

"Come on, second wish! You promised!"

"I figured you'd want to play games or something."

"I do. With your dong." I replied.

"Okay, Sport, remember you asked for it. One other way grown-ups play with their puds is they get the other person to suck on it."

"Suck on it?"

"Yeah. You want to play grown-up games, you put your mouth on my pud and I'll teach you how to suck my dick."

I obeyed and his soft, spongy glans had a bit of slimy goo on its bottom that got on my tongue. I pulled back off and worked my mouth and said, "I got something sticky on my tongue."

"That's called precome, and it's a taste of what you'll get if you suck my dick." Mark explained.

"Tastes good." I said and went back onto his cock.

"Now here's what you do." Mark said and he explained how I was to hold onto his cock with my lips and move my head up and down so I would be moving the skin on his cock up and down over his cockhead and I did that and he moaned and I got more of that sticky stuff on my tongue. I liked the flavor even better this second time and sped up. He groaned and looked up at him from my vantage point.

Mark's face had an expression I'd never seen before, all soft with his eyes half-closed and his mouth party open and he tensed the facial muscles and a moan oozed out of his mouth again. "Mmmmm, ohhhhh." he groaned. "Steve, you are a natural-born cocksucker." he said. "I've never had a better pair of lips on my cock from any of the girls of the Delta Phi sorority house, and those are the best of the bunch. Mmm, but you have them all outscored right from the get-go. Come on, suck it faster, my nuts are simmering, get them up to a boil and I'll show you what all this sucking is about."

I happily complied and Mark's groans got louder and he was kind of squirming under me, like he wanted to do something but there wasn't anything he could do that would make it feel better than it already was. His muscles shone in the overhead light with golden higlights that made them glow as they tensed and flexed and rose and fell and moved his arms and legs, his chest was moving up and down as he breathed harder and faster. His face was wrinkling as he moaned and he panted, small pauses between every few words, "Oh, oh, Steve, get ready, I'm about to come, I'll squirt a lot, of hot warm goo, into your mouth, you don't have, to let me do it, but I'm about, to come so, if you don't want, to drink it, better let go and, jack me, and.... AHHHH-AHHH-UHHHH, KUHHHH-MIIIIIINNNNGGGG, KAH-HUNNNHHHH!"

He gave up talking and just moaned as his dick spurted hot jets of gooey stuff into my mouth. I started gulping as it squirted but there was so much of it that I barely could hold it, and I held on and let it squirt in and fill my mouth as he finished and stopped suddenly, just lying still and gasping and I had a mouthful of that hot, sticky, sweet, salty, gooey goodness.

I gave a large gulp and swallowed it and said, "Wow, that was awesome!"

"Oh, ohhh, oh man, it sure was." Mark gasped as he panted. "Shit, my little brother is the hottest little cocksucker west of the Mississippi, man, I got to get me more of this soon as I can rest up enough to do it again."

"You can't do it again now?" I asked.

"Huh? Ohhh, no, not right away, but a few hours from now." he promised me. "Shit, I'm all worn out from that."

"I did a good job, didn't I?" I begged for more praise.

"Ohh, you did the best fucking blowjob ever." Mark said. "Wish I could tell my frat brothers about this, shit, oh, man, they'd be so fucking jealous of my hot little cocksucking brother."

"You could bring them to visit." I offered. "I could suck them then."

"Oh, man, they'd be all over you like flies on warm shit." Mark said and I giggled at the image. Me the turd and the guys all fluttering around and their cocks coming in to be sucked one after the other. Never thought I'd like to be compared to shit!

"So that's how you play with a cock when you grow up?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, that's one way." Mark agreed.

"What's the other ways?" I said. "I want to know."

"Other ways? Oh, God, I never counted them. Biggest one is that I stuff it in your asshole and fuck you that way."

"Fuck?" I said. I'd heard the word but never this way. "Fuck how?"

"I'd be behind you and pushing my cock in and out of your ass real fast." Mark explained. "Shoot all my hot goo right up your hooh-hah!"

I giggled at that and said. "Sounds like fun."

Mark looked at me. I could see him debating and he made a decision. "Being fucked is a pretty big deal. You have to be fucked the right way or it can really tear up your asshole. You could bleed and maybe even get sick from your inside being all torn up, that can happen if the guy is too rough. If it's done right, it feels terrific and if it's done wrong, it feels horrible." He firmed up and said, "And you're too young and too small for anyone to be sticking a dick in your ass, even me." He said. "So that better not be your third wish."

I considered all this. "You mean if you did do it, you'd hurt me even though you didn't mean to?"

"Uh?" I kept surprising Mark, I guess. Asking questions he didn't expect. "Well, if I did try, I'd be as gentle as I could, and take it slowly and easy and if you hurt I'd stop and pull out and...."

"Could you try?" I said eagerly. "We can try, can't we?"

"I don't know." Mark said. "I can't promise anything."

"But you can try." I said. "My third wish is for you to fuck me."

"Hoo-boy, did I ever make the wrong present for my little brother this year." Mark said to the universe. "I've created a sex monster."

I giggled at that. "You sure did."

"There are other things we could do." Mark begged me "Stuff that would feel good but not hurt you and...."

"No, I want you to fuck me." I said firmly.

Mark again appealed to the heavens. "I tried, didn't I? All right, if I'm going to fuck you we are going to do this the right way."

"The right way" turned out to be quite a production. If it hadn't been Christmas Day and our internet and TV still out (it came back about eleven o'clock in the morning, as did the phones and we talked with Mom, the blizzard had begun to stop and they were sure to get home some time tomorrow for sure), Mark spent the next several hours playing with my asshole. He had some lubricant in a bottle and he used it to grease up his index finger and he played with my butthole. Then I had to go to the bathroom and he took the opportunity to also flush out my bowels with an enema (that was freaky, warm water squirted up inside my ass and me rushing to the toilet to squeeze it all out again), but soon he had one finger all the way inside me and he began to touch one part inside me that felt amazing.

"That's your prostate gland." Mark said when I asked. "My cock touches that while we fuck and you are going to feel incredible."

"Feels incredible now."

"Yeah, but I need to move on." Mark said. He greased up his middle finger. "Now we stretch you out more."

He kept it up and after he got the second finger inside me good, it was time for lunch and we stopped for an hour or so while we fixed the pizza. I sucked his cock again while we waited for it to cook and he climaxed, shooting my now-hungry mouth full of hot come (I asked, it was called "sperm" officially, but other words like "spunk," "spooge," "jizz" and others were used casually. A lot of terms."

We ate our pizza and he talked about college and how he spent most of his time just going to class and studying books and working on class assignments. "You think school is rough, college is a lot rougher." But he also talked about the fun he and his frat brothers had, with parties and drinking and having sex with girls. "But I'm better, aren't I?"

"You sure are, Sport." he said and ruffled my hair.

After we had fully digested our lunch, we got back to it. He re-stretched me to two full fingers pretty quickly. "Now I give you three." he said. "When you can take that, I can fuck you."

I was eager but three were a lot to push into my little body. Mark wanted to stop but I begged him to at least keep trying and he did. After some time, he said, "Well, that's all the preparing I can give you. Shall we give it a try?"

"Yeah." I said as I got down on the floor. Our living room isn't real big, and the tree took up a lot of room, but we scooted the presents over and made room and Mark greased up his cock like he had greased up his fingers, and said, "Well, that's all the lube, this is a do-or-die attempt we're about to make. We don't get it, we'll have to wait for another chance some other time."

He got between my legs and I felt his glans kiss my sphincter and I moaned. My bowels flexed and Mark marveled, "Shit, Steve, you just sucked my glans inside without me pushing much. The head's already inside you."

"Great." I said. "Now do more, push it in to my prostate."

"Yeah." Mark agreed. His cock didn't feel anything but terrific and when he brushed my prostate with his cock I let out a groan like Mark did when I sucked him.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Mark grinned at me.

"Feels terrific." I said. "More, give me more."

"You got it, bucko." Mark pushed in deeper and even his shaft stroked my gland as he pressed onward. After a time, he said, "Well, that's it. You got the whole thing."

"Feels good." I said. "Now get to fucking."

"Slowly." He cautioned and moved to pull out like he had pushed in. I moaned more and begged him to hurry up, hurry up, but he kept pulling out until just the head was still inside me.

"Now we start the fuck." He announced. He gave a good push and I groaned as the entire thing was pushed into me real fast.

He pulled out slower but kept moving out, in, out, in. "How's that?" He asked.

"Great. Faster now, faster."

"You bet it's going to get faster." Mark said and he sped up a little at a time. It all felt great and soon he was panting as he fucked my ass, and I clung to him with my arms and legs around his powerful muscled body and he gasped, "Oh, man, I'm fucking my little brother. My hot little fuck toy. I'm sure going to miss this ass when I go back to college next week."

"Keep fucking me." I begged. "This is the best Christmas present I ever got."

"Mine, too." Mark agreed.

He fucked me in different positions and I came during one of them but he didn't stop, he let me rest a brief time then began to fuck me again. Me facing him, him behind me "doggy-style" as he called it, "pile-driver" with my up on my shoulders and him standing over me, but my favorite was the "flying fuck" where he had me clinging to him as he stood upright, his hands under my buttocks to hold me up and he fucked me in mid-air.

Mark's own climax began to build during that and he gasped, "Okay, Sport, I'm about to cream so I'm putting you back in the first position." He laid me back down on the floor and with me clinging to him still lying on my back, he fucked me fast as he could.

"Coming now, this may sting a little, if it hurts a lot, we know I've injured you, okay?"

"Okay." I gasped. He rammed me hard and fast and with a long kind of coyote-like howl, he threw his head back and roared as his climax struck, he fucked me like a maniac in fast, ramming thrusts and I felt his spooge inside me all warm and I moaned and shook with my own orgasm.

Done, he panted as he almost fell on me, landed on his elbows and looked into my eyes. "How do you feel? Does it hurt?"

"Only to know you're going to take it out now." I said. "I wish you could keep it inside me all day and all night."

He grinned at that. "Maybe next Christmas, if we have another blizzard and get stuck like we were today."

"Yeah." I said. "The Christmas that almost wasn't."

"But it was a good Christmas anyway, right?" Mark asked.

"It's the best Christmas I ever had." I agreed. He kissed me and we lay like that while the blizzard outside turned into a continuing but gently falling snow.

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