Touch Football

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Dean Cameron

Illustration of Touch Football

"Oh, geez, not that story again!" Morris moaned when his father mentioned the game against Tylerville of '76. "You scored three touchdowns in the final quarter and won the game, story over!"

"I got four touchdowns last game." I bragged. "Two of those were in the last quarter."

"Sounds like he's catching up to you, Dave." my dad joked to him.

"Yeah, well, my boy has passed a total of eighty seven yards so far this season." Morris said. "He keeps that up, he's going to break your record of three hundred twenty-seven yards for the entire season, and what are you going to do about that?"

My Dad pitched back his beer and let out a loud belch. "Ahhhh! Our kids are good, but they're not as good as we were when we were their age."

"We're still better'n them." Dave agreed as he lifted his own beer.

Twin groans erupted from Morris and me, two teenaged boys disgusted with their fathers' bragging.

"Ah, you two are kidding, aren't you?" I said when I was finished groaning, which took a while.

"Yeah, you two couldn't take us." Morris agreed.

"Are you serious?" Dad said, genuinely surprised. "Rick, son, you're only fourteen. You've been playing football for what, a couple of years? Dave and I have been playing it for over twenty years. Of course we're better than you, we're older than you."

I jutted out my jaw and said, "Well, you're half right, anyway. You're older than us."

Morris snickered rudely. So did I; it was a good shot.

Dad looked over at Dave. "Dave, I think you and I have just been insulted."

"Buddy." Dave said, "I think you're right."

"Time we teach our boys a lesson, don't you think?" Dad said.

"What'cha gonna do, hit us over the heads with your canes?" Morris teased.

"Chase after us in your wheelchairs?" I added.

"How about a game of football?" Dad said. "Us old farts against you young snots."

"Farts versus Snots." I hooted. "That's our teams, eh? Go, Snots!" And I used my finger to close one nostril and blew out a wad of snot right onto our living room carpet.

Dad's only comment was, "Good thing your Mom's not here to see that. Come on, let's go."

"Go where?'

"Backyard is big enough."

"Aw, that's too small. And only two players a team, we're wasting our time." Morris demurred.

"It'll have to be touch football." Dad judged. "And no scrimmage line, and you can pass from anywhere."

I considered those rules. "Okay. Only you realize, Morris and me are gonna whup your asses but good."

"In that case, we should get possession of the ball first, don't you think?" Dad said.

I shrugged. "Why not. We'll still whup your asses."

We used the line of the tool shed for one goal and a tree for the other, it left us with about thirty feet of room in between. For only four players, it was enough room.

Dad hiked the ball to Dave and darted toward the goal. An obvious ploy here was for Dad to make it to the goal and Dave pass the ball to him. So I let Morris head for his Dad and I covered mine.

Sure enough, Dave dodged Morris as best he could, got clear for a moment and tossed the ball to Dad near the tree.

I darted in front of Dad and jumped up and caught the ball, landed and was ready to run toward our own goal at the tool shed.

And Dad tackled me. Really hit me and knocked me to the ground and landed on top of me. The ball went flying (I wasn't expecting to be tackled in touch football) and went tumbling off. Dad stayed on top of me and I watched as Morris scooped it up and head for our goal, only to be tackled the same way by Dave.

"Let me up!" I protested to Dad. He was lying directly on top of me, his entire weight on my back. "No fair, Dad!"

"What's the matter?" Dad asked me. "Can't take it?" And he wiggled on top of me.

"This is supposed to be touch football!"

"And I'm touching you, aren't I?" And Dad wiggled again and I realized he was actually hunching at my butt, pretend fucking me.

"Hey." I said.

"Well, this down's over." Dad said, getting up off of me. He held out his hand help me up, and I saw his dick hard in his pants as he did. I got upright and he looked down and grinned. I looked down and saw my sweat pants had their own tent in them. I looked up at Dad again and he said, "I think you like being tackled."

We'd scored the touchdown, Morris managing to get the football over the goal line despite his father on top of him, so I grinned and said, "We're ahead of you, now, Dad. And if you want to play dirty, I can play as dirty as you can."

We got into position and Morris hiked the ball to me. I faded back (there's really only two tactics in two-man touch football, you can't really do anything but pass to your partner or run it yourself) and then ran for what I hoped was clear ground.

But I had two men ready to cover the space between. Dad again ended up right at me and as I tried to run past, he grabbed me and threw me down on the ground again, this time we ended up face to face, but him on top of me again.

The ball had gone flying again (this time on purpose, my only hope was to lob it to Morris and I sort of managed that at the last second) and Morris scooped it up just before it hit the ground and his father bowled him over from there. They ended up sort of spoon-fashion and Dave's hand was definitely on Morris' crotch, and I saw him fondling his son's basket as they lay in their prone position.

As for me, I had my Dad's cock grinding against mine now, and there was no way to pretend I didn't feel it or he didn't feel my own surging against his. Heck, our dicks were rubbing against each other's and it was only a few layers of cloth that kept them from touching!

"God, Dad!" I gasped.

"Still think we're too old for this game?" Dad asked me.

"What game are we talking about?"

"The game you and Morris were playing in bed last night about midnight." Dad said.

"Oh." I responded.

"The same game Dave and I have been playing ever since we were your age." Dad clarified in a husky tone, his breath coming sharply out of his throat. "Chip off the old block, you two. Building the team spirit with a bit of old-fashioned male bonding, right?"

"Yeah." I breathed.

"It was when I heard you moan out, 'Oh, Daddy' while Morris fucked your ass that I figured we ought to try this game." Dad finished. "If you want to, that is...." and he hunched at my crotch with his, hard, and I groaned as I felt that hard shaft thrusting against me. "...and this tells me you want to."

"Oh, Daddy!" I breathed and I reached and grabbed hold of him and I hunched up against him, frantically hard.

"That's my boy." Daddy breathed at me. "Caught your eyes at my crotch so much, I thought you must have troubles with your neck. Not able to look above dick level on me."

"Uh, uh, Daddy." I was still grinding against him. God, it felt so good, at last, to have my Daddy's body against mine. "Come on, Daddy, please!"

"Dave, I think our boys are ready for the main event." Dad said. I looked over and saw that Dave had Morris' cock out of his shorts and was pumping his son's cock in one large, brown hand. Morris was groaning urgently.

"Let's not keep them waiting then." Dave agreed.

Dad rolled off of me and I moaned, stood up along with him. My hand went right for his crotch, and I was fighting his pants' fly open while he did the same to me. When his fingers landed inside my shorts and his work-horned hand gripped my cock, I damned near creamed right then and there.

I had Dad's pants open by then and I had to fight my way through those briefs, which were perversely closed to me, I ended up going in over the top at the waistband when the flap defeated me. I got that huge organ in my hand and Dad sighed. Geez, it was so big! I'd never gotten a look at it growing up, just a time or two I'd be able to tell Dad had a hard-on in his pants like I'd seen a bit earlier, never more than that, and now I had hold of it. It was thick and long and plump and it throbbed in my hand as I slid the skin up and down on the shaft and as Dad worked mine.

"Ah, shit, Dad, I'm going to shoot." I groaned. It was too early. No fair! I was like the greenest kid on his first time, unable to keep his dick under control.

"Come on, baby, squirt it for me." Dad urged me. He turned me in his arm so I could rest against one broad shoulder and he had hold of me and I had hold of him and we were pumping each other's puds, and I was coming, damn it, right then, right then!

"Oh, ah, Dad, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I groaned.

Dad moaned back, "Shoot it for me, baby, shoot it! Uh, uh, uh!"

I groaned again and I squirted right then and there, my dick making a wide, high white arc of jism out in the bright daylight sun.

"That's it, baby, shoot it for Daddy. Uh-GHHHH!" and another spurt of jism to my right said that Dad was coming right along with me. Two jets of man-jizz, father and son, squirting out into the afternoon breeze, God, it was good, just like that, it was so damned good!

I sagged against Dad and he rested his head on top of mine as I shot the last of my wads and was left weak and panting, and Daddy moaned softly as he nuzzled my head with his cheek.

"Oh, baby, my little baby." Daddy crooned.

"Oh, Daddy, yes, Daddy." I panted back to him.

"Such a good boy, such a good boy."

"I love you, Daddy." I said.

I looked over and saw that Morris had been luckier, Dave's cock was going up his ass while he leaned against the tree. Morris was moaning more than he ever did when I fucked him, he was grunting like crazy as his father's prick crammed deeper and deeper into him.

"Looks like Dave's getting some of the good stuff." Dad observed.

"Fuck me, Daddy." I said quickly. "Please, Daddy."

I had his cock in my hand, I felt it jerk and surge back to life when I said that. "Oh, Daddy." I said and I knelt down to get a good taste of his dick.

It had a thick clump of jizz on it and I eagerly licked it off from him and Daddy groaned as I tasted his seed of life. "Oh, baby, yes, baby, taste that jizz." he groaned. "Suck it for Daddy, suck it for me."

I did, shoveling that huge dong into my mouth and Daddy moaned louder the deeper I got it. Soon, I had most of that massive monster inside me and Daddy urged me, "Come on, baby, slick it up for me, slick it up for Daddy so he can fuck his baby's butt. Come on, son, do it for Daddy."

I shuddered at the need I felt surging through my body then, the need for my Daddy's dick in my ass, to be his lover entirely, and I suckled at his cock fervently, laving all my passion onto his shaft, greasing it with my spit until it was a huge, slimy column of turgid man-flesh and Daddy was ready.

"Okay, Daddy, time to fuck me." I said. "God, Daddy, I'm so hot for you, come on, do it now!"

Morris was moaning louder and I looked over to see Dave's body arch in his pleasure and as he did, Morris moaned and his wads splattered the tree trunk, father and son sharing their joy and I wanted that with my Daddy.

I got my pants off and down on all fours, and I felt Daddy's hands grip my waist and then I felt that slick schlong pressing at my anus and I groaned and hunched backwards at it, wanting it in me, wanting it now,

Daddy's cock bent a little, and then it burst into me and I growled in my need and began to work my ass, squeezing it in deeper and deeper.

"Ah, shit, son, you're so fucking hot!" Daddy groaned. "Give me a moment, baby and I'll slip it on in for you."

"Oh, ah, uh, Daddy, yeah, fuck me." I murmured and laid my head down on the ground, lifting my buttocks and spreading them wide for my Daddy, my king, to finish what I had begun.

Daddy gripped my waist almost gently, and then he pushed into me and I felt that mighty prick slipping majestically inside me and I raised up, began to move my body in waves, arching and slumping my back, wriggling my buttocks in the process, and as I did that, Daddy began to fuck me.

It was everything I'd ever dreamed it could be and more. Morris was a good enough fuck, but he was almost mechanical in his movements, every one just like the other ones. With Daddy, though, for real my Daddy, it was like every move was different, as varied and glorious as a symphony of sounds, his movements ran up and down the scale, each one its own note that contributed to the magnificent whole that was his fucking of his son's ass.

In that time, which went on for a while, I was transported almost out of myself, I felt so much a part of my Daddy that it was like I was fucking myself along with him, thrusting into myself, I identified with my Daddy so much, and I felt my prick come back to life in no time.

And again, my traitor body climbed too fast to its climax.

"Oh, God, Daddy, I'm going to come again!" I gasped out. "Oh, oh, Daddy!"

"A real hot stud." Daddy praised me. "Just as hot as his old man. A real chip off the old block."

My breaths were ragged and harsh, I was unable to utter any other sound as I reeled once more upwards into my orgasm, as I reached my peak and peppered the grass with my come and only loud gasps escaped my lips.

"That's my boy." Daddy said, his own voice dropping into that husky tone I now knew. "Good boy, loving his daddy's prick, aren't you, boy?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy, yes." I sobbed. "I love your dick, daddy. Fuck me more, Daddy, fuck me more."

"Ah, you hot little stud. My own sweet baby, my little boy, my son, my baby, my SON!" Daddy babbled. "Ah, oh, shit, I'm coming, son, I'm coming!"

"Come in me, Daddy, come inside me!" I begged.

"Oh, ah, oh, shit, yeah, oh, oh, ah, ah, uh, oh, uh!" Daddy said and I knew even though the tones were soft that my Daddy was orgasming, he was filling my ass with his jizz and I felt it lighting up my insides with its fire, a warm, glowing feeling as it spread into my bowels and glowed there against my intestines.

"Oh, Daddy, oh, oh!" I moaned as Daddy fell over on top of me, clutching my body tightly and I felt his husky man-sweat dripping onto my back and neck.

"Oh, good, son, so good!" Daddy sighed.

We finished and both lay there on the ground and I would have been content to stay like that. But we heard a harumph of sound I looked up to see Dave and Morris standing over us.

"Excuse me, but we have a game to finish." Dave said.

"Yeah, and you two are down by six points." Morris pointed out.

"Not for damned long, we aren't." Daddy said. "Come on, Son, get up and I'll teach you to respect your elders."

"Hah." I said. "Morris and me are going to whup your asses. Snots rule!"

"You two might be young and strong." Daddy said. "But Dave and me are old and filled with nasty tricks. The only asses that are going to be whupped are yours." And he grabbed his crotch to show me what he meant.

Suddenly, I wasn't so sure we were going to win that game of touch football after all!


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