The Fires, Conclusion

By Tommyhawk1
Artwork (c) 2004 by Mike D.

Illustration of Fires Conclusion

The voice scared me all over again. It was one thing to be at the mercy of a force you don't understand, but to have that force speak...well, it turns into something understandable, and therefore fearful. I shivered and was unable to speak.

"Why did you want us to come here?" Gareth called out. "Why do you send the Things out at night, both to help us and to kill us at the same time? Why are we even here? Why did you bring us all here?"

"To repair this world." came the answer.

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Haven't you ever wondered where you are? I know that you do not know."

"No." Gareth's answer came slowly, and I knew he was saying more that he didn't want to know the answer to that. But he swallowed hard and asked it anyway. "Where are we?"

"It is your own world. It has been like this since twice the length of time of your earliest remembrance of this place."

"Twenty years." Gareth whispered. "What happened to it?"

"I did." came the answer.

"You did this?" I finally found my voice.

"Yes. I mourn for your people. I repent of my error. I wish to make amends."

"What did you do?" Gareth screamed at him. "What did you do to my home, my family, my life?" he shrieked.

"When I arrived on this world, I sent out a signal." the Castle explained. "I did not understand then how fragile your race is. The signal was strong enough to be heard around this world, bright enough to be seen by all your people. All I meant to do was signal my own arrival. But your race was too fragile."

"So they died." Gareth said, and his voice was a hoarse whisper.

"They died." the Castle confirmed. "The sound destroyed them. They were dead before I understood what had happened."

"God damn." Gareth said, and his words were more like a prayer than a curse.

"I repented of my error, but there were none to make amends to. I could only do what I have done, remain on this world and try to restore it. So I began my task, reaching back to the time just before my arrival, to find the few who would survive the trip through time. I failed many times before I found the right formula for survival."

"More deaths." Gareth said grimly.

"Yes, but all would have died upon my arrival in any case." the Castle said. "I took only those who were young enough to survive on this altered world, strong enough to struggle successfully. From those, I chose those who had the ability to survive time travel. I brought them, brought you, here to be the new start for mankind. My plan was to gather you, help you, teach you, to start over again."

"By sending the Things after us?" I asked. "If you wanted to help us, why send the Things after us at night?"

"To explain this part is so hard. But I must strive to succeed, to tell you why the Things are as they are. To explain then, the help you need requires what I do not possess. Hands, eyes, legs. To create such help, I had to use the very last of it my reserve. I failed for lack of sufficient reserve to make the helpers perfect. They came out flawed. They give the help they were intended to give, but they also do the damage by which you know them. My control of them is not perfect. I control them enough that you can survive, but not enough that I can prevent them from harming you.

"That is why I needed you to come to me."

"Why us?" Gareth asked.

"Not you." the Castle pointed out. "Your companion."

"Me?" I said, surprised.

"You are a most unique young human." the Castle said. "Your body contains within it all the data I need in order to repair the helpers, to make the helpers perfect."

"Me?" I asked again.

"You." the Castle affirmed. "Only by your help can I end the danger to you humans, and only then can I truly mend the damage I did so unwillingly to your world. With your help, I can at last restore the human race."

"Wow." I said when I thought that through.

"You said it." Gareth said. "So what do you need to do now?"

"Nothing more." the Castle said. "I have now obtained all the information I need to repair the helpers. You may leave."

"Hooray!" I cheered.

"Not so fast." Gareth said. "What are you going to do now?"

"I shall now be able to send out the helpers by day instead of night, their composition shall not require protection from sunlight. They shall move among you, be with you. You shall be able to deal directly with them for all your needs, and they shall supply them."

This was happening too fast. Helpers, instead of Things? An end to the fires at night? An end to being afraid?

"If you don't mind, I'd like to see one of these new and improved Things." Gareth said. "I mean, before you spread them around. You have messed up before."

"Certainly." the Castle said. "Attend."

And while the space around us darkened, an area nearby lightened. We watched as the form arose from the floor, his figure flowing like liquid. Colors raced around him, chose their places, blended, the figure began to take shape.

"It's a boy my age!" I said, surprised.

"Charley." Gareth said softly. "It's you."

The figure firmed up and I saw it then, too. "It''s me!" I said unnecessarily.

"It is to honor you, that I selected your form." the Castle said. "And it is only fair, for it is like you in every way."

"Every way?" I said. "What and Gareth? Is it like me like that?" I asked.

"Charley..." Gareth began.

"It is like you in all ways." the Castle affirmed. "The Helpers will take care of all their human companions' needs."

"God damn." Gareth said, again softly as a whisper. "And they'll also bring the food and other things we need to live?"

"Yes, but also that which you need to build your lives again."

"What about the towns?" Gareth asked.

"They are yours to live in once more." The Castle said. "The Things congregated there to leave their supplies where people would be, that is why none of you were safe there after dark."

"When are you going to send out these...Helpers?" I asked him.

"In the morning." the Castle promised. "They shall spread out at daybreak. And unlike the dark Things that came before, they shall stay each with their chosen companion."

A portal opened in one wall, beyond it was a short walkway downwards and at the end of that, was the outside. I could see the sun, it was only a short time from setting. "Gareth? The sun's about to go down." I cautioned.

"That doesn't matter." Gareth said. "Not any more. No more Things, Charley. No more nightmares. Come on, let's get out of this...whatever."

I followed him. No more nightmares...but no more Gareth, either? If he had one of these...these copies of me, one that would bring him whatever he needed, why would he keep me around?

I guess I'd have one of them, too...but it wouldn't be the same. No more Gareth....

I felt a tear run down my cheek. A bit later, another one from the other eye. After that, I stopped and just blubbered.

"Charley? Charley, what's wrong?" Gareth said, kneeling down and putting his arm around me. His big, strong, caring arm.

I turned and clung to him tightly. "I do want you to go!" I said, tears blurring my voice.

"Go? Go where?" Gareth was bewildered.

I blubbered out my fears in fractured syllables. Gareth understood me about halfway through it.

"Charley." Gareth said gently. "I'm not going anywhere. I promise. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever."

"But...but if you of the Helpers." I stammered out. "Why do you need me for?"

"Why I've always needed you for." Gareth said.

I looked up at him, right into his eyes.

"Because I love you." Gareth said. And there was no possibility of a lie in those words, in those eyes.

I clung to him, and now my tears, though still flowing, were a comfort to me. Gareth held me close while I cried, letting me heal at my own pace.

When I was done, I reached up and kissed his cheek. So warm, that cheek, so soft and warm. I kissed it again, and the cheek moved as he smiled, as his hands moved on my back for the first time, turning from comforting to...needful. Needing me. Gareth would always need me. Even with a Helper apiece for us, we would never be apart.

I noticed the shadows. "Gareth." I said. "The sun is going down."

"Yeah." Gareth said. "And no fire tonight. How about that?"

"Yeah." I agreed. "And we can sleep all the way through." I thought that part through. "Cool!"

"Very cool." Gareth agreed. One of his hands cupped under my buttocks, semi-supporting them. "Very warm." he modified.

"M-hm." I agreed. "Nice and warm."

We didn't have to gather wood. We didn't have to prepare a campsite carefully, to let us sleep right next to the fire. We didn't have to watch the sun, be sure to build a fire in time. Luxury! Time enough to love.

Gareth picked me up as his passion built up in him, as his need grew, I ended up with his hard cock jutting out his pants right beneath my buttocks, me supported there by those two hard hands, I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung there, my own hands feeling Gareth's shoulders.

We undressed each other slowly, in stages. The sun was now touching the horizon, visibly creeping downwards, the sky was turning from blue to a delicate purple, the clouds from white to orange and red in the western sky, fading to invisibility in the east.

Nude now, Gareth again knelt to take me in his arms, I stepped up to be next to him, and with my hand I cupped his balls, tickled them underneath with my fingertips, and Gareth chuckled, and his own large hand gripped my cock and balls, engulfing them utterly. I shuddered at the feeling of it, his warm, warm man-hand holding my entire boy-cock, so tenderly.

His fingers caught my prick and began to gently manipulate it, I groaned and grabbed his cock, began to pump it, feeling the heat and the passion rising in it, thick and throbbing in my hand.

Gareth threw back his head and moaned, and then he panted, "Let's get us a blanket down for you, kid. We got an entire night here. Tomorrow, we start building the new world."

"Yeah." I said. "With a hundred thousand me's to help out."

"There's only one you, Charley." Gareth said. "Everyone else is going to have to settle for an imitation." He squirted his oil on his cock, began to lube it up for me.

"Yeah." I groaned, fighting the blanket into place, it wanted to stay wrapped up tight, folded over itself, but I wouldn't let it.

I got the blanket spread out and lay down on my back, holding my legs up, and Gareth knelt between them, his hard dong in his hand, "Time for baby to get his nightly loving."

"Oh, yeah, yeah." I urged him. "Come on, give it to me!"

His cockhead kissed my anus and I closed my eyes and sighed. This was the first night of many, so very many. So much of my fear was from the worry that one night the fires would fail, the Things would kill me. Every night for me had to be the last night of my life. I'd grown up like that, never knowing. But now, I knew. I had a lifetime left.

As Gareth's prod pressed into me, I dug my heels into the backs of his legs and helped him slide it inside me. His chest was in front of my face, and I kissed at his nipples, biting at them playfully, and he grunted when I caught one, and shoved his dong in deeper still.

Done, buried inside my ass where he belonged, Gareth's arms wrapped around my back and mine circled his waist, and he slowly began to fuck me as the sun continued to set. All the disc was behind the hills now, only the purple sky and orange clouds continued to shine and give light to the forest that was silently turning a deep gray. I would have been in a panic before...but no longer.

When Gareth tired of his position, holding me and himself both above the blanket, he let go and I stood up and braced against the tree nearby, extending my buttocks, and Gareth squatted to send his prong back into me again. His hands held my hips tight and he began to hump into my ass. "Ah, uh, yeah, sweet baby, sweet baby, uh, uh!" he groaned. "Such a sweet butt. No copy could ever take your place, baby, never."

"Yours, either." I agreed. "Oh, Gareth, uh, yeah, fuck me, fuck me."

"Baby, sweet baby." Gareth moaned. "Such a wonderful tight little butt on you, on my little baby, yeah."

But Gareth tired again, and I realized that he had spent so much of the day tensed up. Me, I depended upon him for my protection and could rest...he depended upon himself and could not.

So when his hunches slowed down, I said, "You lay down, now." I said. "I want to be on top of you now, okay?"

"Okay, baby." Gareth lay out on the blanket and I straddled him, again sent that wonderful warm pud into me. Now I was the one doing all the work, Gareth just lay beneath me and let me service him. I had a sudden visualization of a dozen or more men lying like this, and each one had me on top of him, working his pud. Starting tomorrow, that scene would be real.

It lent a strength to my movements, I bounced up and down on Gareth's dong with a frenzy I hadn't matched before except in my moments of greatest excitement, for that was this time, my mood, the knowledge that I would be, in my own self and in my copies, serving all the men of this world, now and forever. A hundred thousand Gareths lying and a hundred thousand Charleys on top of them, bouncing on their cocks, loving them, caring for them, forever. A world full of men and the boys who loved them, joined together.

That thougth sent my senses into climax, and I groaned, my sphincter clamped on Gareth's rod, and he grunted as my tight butt milked his prick and when I finished, but before I could lose my muscle control to the weakness that follows delight as night follows day, he gave a gasp and his jizz pumped upwards into me. I managed to keep moving until he was done, until his seed was milked out into my ass, until it was dribbling down my legs and squelching about inside me and then I dropped onto my knees and lay down on top of Gareth, and as the darkness grew about us, as the sight of Gareth disappeared into the darkness, his warmth replaced it, leavening my need for him.

Tonight would be an odd night for the humans of Earth, I mused as slumber stole over me like a blanket, warm and inviting. They would spend the first night ever without danger to their lives. They would rouse to nurse the fires, and yet the darkness would be empty. And in the morning, they would see the Castle disgorging its load of replacements, the Helpers that would join them and never leave. With the help of the Castle and its army of my copies, the Earth would rebuild itself again, anew, bright and untarnished by the stories of its past I had been told, fearful tales about the fires that no longer burned.

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