The Fires, Chapter Twelve

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Roscoe

Illustration of Fires #12

The next morning, I helped Gareth gird himself for battle. The Things did not leave us anything ; I tried to decide if that meant they didn't want us near the Castle, or if the Castle would contain everything we need. Like Gareth said, we had to be ready for anything.

So I helped him by strapping on his arm and shin greaves, large metal things that would help protect him in a fight. I enjoyed feeling the muscles as I tied the straps, these strong arms that held me so warmly, these legs that would carry me whenever I tired. I trusted them to protect me if that was needed when we got inside the Castle.

Gareth tested the edge on his long knife, and slid it back into its sheath. "Okay, sport." he said to me. "Time for you to meet your destiny. Are you ready?"

"I guess so." I said. I didn't know why the Things lived here or why they wanted me here or what, but like Gareth said, we didn't have a lot of choice, not if the Things were ready to brave the fires to make sure we came here.

So I gulped, and followed Gareth on the last hundred yards to the Castle.

We got there and began to walk around it. The Castle was featureless, shiny surfaced with the same milkiness as quartz, I again felt I was looking at some gigantic crystal. If I hadn't seen the Things come out of it, I wouldn't have thought a way in was even possible.

We got back to the place we'd started and Gareth said, "Well, we're here but I'm damned if I know what to do next."

"I think the Things came out about here." I said and put my hand up to the wall, the first time either of us had touched the wall.

I yelped, because my hand went right inside the wall!

"What the hell?" Gareth had seen it. He put his hand out and when he did, his hand bumped.

A bit of experimentation by us showed that I could reach right in wherever I wanted, but Gareth couldn't.

"Well, well." Gareth said when we figured that out. "Looks like they want to see you all alone."

"No!" I shrieked when he said that. "No, no, no!"

"Hey, easy, easy!" Gareth said. "I'm not agreeing to that. Let's try this." He bent over and scooped me up in his arms. When he stepped forward, both of us were able to go right into the wall.

I'm not sure I can explain just what happened next. We were surrounded by flashing lights in all sorts of colors, red, green, yellow, blue, they formed square and circles and triangles and other patterns. The walls, too, moved about on us. Gareth dodged when a piece of wall came towards us, with me in his arms, he could only tuck and roll and we ended up on our stomachs, a few feet apart.

I started to get to my feet, and found one of my hands caught. Right out of the floor, a sort of vine, red like the spot it had crawled out of, had rushed out and wrapped around my wrist! I yelped, and that's when another one grabbed my legs, both of them!

"Gareth!" I called out, looked over at him. He had his own problems, there six of these weird vines tangling all over him, so I gulped and reached for my own knife. If I couldn't fight this thing off, I could at least keep it busy until Gareth could get loose.

Another look and I figured that I would have to rescue Gareth. The vines were only hindering me, they had him wrapped up like a mummy! I got my knife out, but the vines got my hand and squeezed so hard I dropped it! The knife fell to the floor and I watched it sink as if in some thick liquid, and it was gone.

We were caught. Whatever the Castle wanted from us, it was going to get.

There comes a time when you aren't afraid any more. When the fear has gotten so bad, a sort of calm comes over you. I was helpless, things were hopeless, Gareth couldn't help me, we were doomed. I think you only feel afraid when you can do something about it.

So I waited in silence and calm for what would happen next. Wait for the chance to escape. Then, maybe, I could feel afraid again. Gareth said it was the adrenaline rushing through your body, said that it's what lets people walk through fires or cut off their own legs when they have to. Your mind takes over and your body obeys.

The vines were pulling at my body, no, at my clothes. I could feel the vines running over my body like blind fingers, finding the ties at my waist, the buttons on my shirt. Other vines ran up inside my clothes.

Whether my design or by blind chance, the vines caught my pants and pulled them down.

Then I felt another sensation. This time, something had hold of my dick! A smaller, it was clamping down all around me, I could feel it, like the cup of a flower, only it constricted at the top. Further down, the vine was wriggling on me. God, this vine was working my cock!

"Gareth!" I gasped out. "Gareth, are you all right?" I looked around as best I could (the vines had me pretty wrapped up), but didn't see him.

"Uhhh!" Gareth's groans told me where he was. Overhead! I looked up, and he was in my position, mostly, above me and his feet where my head was, but gripped about the same, arms, legs, pants down, cock gripped and being worked. The vine on his cock was pumping him darned hard. He wasn't struggling any more, his long knife had vanished, probably the same as mine had. His body was thrashing, but it was more like he was trying to fuck back at the vine.

The vine working his dong had worked so fast, it was breaking up, the juices of the vine were dripping from his cock. A drip from the vine poured onto me, and I realized that my calmness, which I had thought was overcoming my fear, had been the vines, they were doing something to Gareth and me, controlling us in some way. I thought of the medicines the Professor could mix out of plants, and figured this was something like that.

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Gareth moaned as the vine released his prick. "What does this place want with us?"

"It's me." I gasped out. "I don't know, but I guess you're part of it."

The vines began to move us, Gareth was brought to hover directly over me, the vines moved and guided him.

My legs were pulled widely apart and I realized. "Gareth? I think they want you to have sex with me."

"Heh!" Gareth said. "I think you're right. Are you all right with it? I'll fight them off much as I can, just say the word."

"No." I said. "Maybe that's all they want, I mean, maybe then they'll let us go."

"You know I love you, Charley." Gareth said as his cock touched my anus. I felt the sticky vine juice on my ass, it wasn't like tree sap or green leaf juice, it was more thick and kind of like the oil that Gareth used on me. I felt better about that, it meant his cock wouldn't hurt going in me if the vines were gentle about pushing him into me.

They used his weight to drive it in, I felt a vine brushing him into position, Gareth's pud wavered slightly, I shifted my buttocks upwards, and that let him get it aimed right.

I was down next to the floor still, as his weight pushed into me, I used the little slack of the vine trapping me to touch Gareth the only place I could, on his leg. I felt it, his calf, the lengths of muscle there under the straps of the guards that had been so useless in our defense.

Gareth's cock slid into me, it wasn't hard to take it anymore. Part of it was the plants and whatever they were doing to make me feel so good and calm, but part of it was that this was Gareth. I loved him. I trusted him. He wasn't going to hurt me, even if his body wasn't under his own control just now. That wasn't his fault.

I gripped his calf hard when he penetrated me, gasped, "Oh, Gareth! Oh!"

"Yeah, baby, you're so good." Gareth returned. Using the words he had used to me before, making me feel that this wasn't anything but us choosing to make love.

"Ooh, oh, yeah, fuck me, Gareth." I said in my own turn, closing my eyes and trying to make believe this was just like the other times, when Gareth and I were sitting near our fire, the Things held at bay, and we were just enjoying ourselves during that short period of time, after the labor of the day and before the slumber of night, to rest as we could while keeping one eye open for the fire.

The vines were moving Gareth, or maybe he was moving some himself, but he was pumping his cock into me with all the old, familiar, loving vigor. Gareth was such a strong man, such an athletic man, his muscles could drive him in ways that few others could hope to match, I didn't blame him for enjoying the drive of his prick into my ass, God, I loved it myself, I didn't need the vines working whatever charms they had on me! I could love this just for itself, for the feel of Gareth on top of me, ramming his dong into me. I just wished the vines would let him hold me while he fucked me.

And the vines lowered Gareth onto me. They didn't release us, but they gave us all the slack we needed, and Gareth squirmed around on me and I turned over to face him, his cock dropped out of me and the vines let him get into position, then helped him get it back into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms onto his back, and when the vines gripped us tightly again, we were in a true embrace.

We didn't have to move, the vines moved us. I looked how the vines came out of the floor, walls, ceiling, the vines came out wherever they were most needed, and in whatever color their source was. I watched the squares on one wall, the vine holding Gareth was red until the square sprouting it turned to a pale blue, then it was pale blue all at once, too.

I rocked myself on Gareth's cock as he pumped in and out of me, while Gareth crooned his words, such soft and warm words, into my ear. I cradled my head in the curve between his breasts, my ear pressed there could feel the beating of his heart. I shuddered as I heard it, felt like this was all I needed, now and ever, was to be like this, in Gareth's arms, making love.

"Oh, baby!" Gareth groaned. "Baby, I love you!"

"I love you, too!" I gasped. "Oh, oh, I'm coming!" And I was, in my own little-boy way, the tingling that shivered all over my body.

Gareth held me tenderly as I climaxed, and when I was done, he said, panting, now only letting the vines work his cock in my ass, "I'm pretty close. If the vines let us go when I do, I want you to get out of here if you can. Okay?"

"Okay." I said.

He began to pump into me himself again, and I realized he hadn't said anything about getting out himself. Before I could say anymore, though, he clenched his teeth, grimacing, and grunting, "I'm coming, baby, I'm coming, get ready!"

And I knew he didn't mean get ready for his come-load.

His hot sperm jetted into me, such a wonderful load of jizz, and I milked at his cock with my ass as he did so, wanting him to come in me, come all he could. I didn't want to leave without him! I decided that if he wasn't able to come with me, I wasn't going!

So he gasped, grunted, his come load stopped and he was done, panting heavily.

The vines didn't let go. I tried pulling on one, it was loose, not yanking on me, but the part wrapped around me was still gripping me, I couldn't get it to turn loose.

"It's still got me." I told Gareth.

"Yeah, me, too." Gareth said. "I guess you and me walked into a trap, huh?"

"We didn't have any choice." I said, shuddering as I remembered how the Things had attacked New Haven. No fire alone in the forest could have fought them off if they'd tried it again on Gareth and me. I knew that. Whatever this place wanted with us, we had to go along.

"So what do we do now?" I said to Gareth.

"Wait and see what happens next." Gareth said.

"I wish I knew why this place wanted me to come here." I said. "Why it sends the Things out, to help us and to hurt us. Why are we even here!" I called out.

"I shall answer your questions." came the response.

But it wasn't Gareth. The voice came from all around us.

It was the Voice of the Castle!

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