The Fires, Chapter Eleven

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Vitaly

Illustration of Fires #11

We made it to the hill just before the Castle as the sun grew lower in the west. Gareth judged the distance yet to travel. "God, I hate to stop when we're so close, but I think we'd better." he said, casting his eyes around. "We're going to have to spend the next few hours just finding enough firewood for the night."

"But we're almost there."

"Yeah, and what do we do when we get there?" Gareth returned. "I'd rather have some time to figure that out when we stand in front of...that."

"Is that really a castle?" I asked.

Gareth smiled. "Damned if I know. Hell of a large building. Or maybe it's a machine. Or just a damned big jewel." He and I were looking at the Castle, it was a huge thing, bigger than any building I'd ever seen before, it was the size of a small town all by itself. Gareth's comment about the jewel was from the way it glistened like a jewel, shining from any number of facets that shone with rainbow colors, some reflecting the sky, some pulsing in a way that had nothing to do with the lighting in colors of blue, red and green, though two were yellow. But mostly, the facets were the nearly-clear, milky-white shine of crystal or quartz. I'd never seen anything like it, like I said, but it surprised me that Gareth didn't recognize it, either.

"But what is it?" I pressed.

"Charley, if things work out the way I think they will, you'll be the one telling me that." Gareth said, sighed. "Let just say that it's the first thing I've seen here that even comes close to explaining this crazy world you and I live in."

"You think this castle is why that light come out of me sometimes?"

"I think that somebody or something is keeping a special eye on you. Maybe on me, too." Gareth said. "That same somebody is in control of the Things, making them take care of us so we could come here."

"But the light?" I said again.

"Either the light is something you're doing, and this whatever in the Castle wants to see you about it, or the whatever in the Castle is making the light because it wants to take care of you for some reason." Gareth said, paused, bit his lip, then said it anyway. "I think it's the second one, that you're being taken care of for a reason. You and I have come here to find out the reason." He paused. "I think the reason they saved me with you was so I could help you get here, take care of you. Speaking of which, we need to find firewood, and right now."

We didn't find any, but Gareth found plenty of something else to burn. At his suggestion, I helped him gather up large clumps of dried dung, which we set alight. "Knew there was a reason we got a big box of matches this time around."

The stuff smelled awful when it burned; Gareth and I stayed on the windward side of the fire and what we lost in warmth, we gained in cleaner air. Supper was half of our remaining food supplies. (We had learned to keep something back, but the food the last couple of days had been barely enough for the two of us. So far, we hadn't needed the extra food.)

When we finished our meal, it was fully dark. The Castle, though, was lit up. I stood watching it with fascination, and so did Gareth.

It was like watching the stars dancing, is all I could say. Gareth said it looked like a fireworks display, but I didn't know what that was. Flashes of color, bursts of light, some rays of light shooting up into space.

Then, from the bottom of the Castle, lit just barely by the lights of the Castle, came the Things. It wasn't like they were coming out of doors in the Castle, it was like they were oozing out of the walls. Blackness would seep out, form together, arms and legs reached out of the puddles and rose up into shapes that screamed out, then ran from the painful light that had generated them.

"Jesus H. Fucking Christ." murmured Gareth. "We'd better build up the fire, now!"

I knew what he meant, and I piled some more chunks of dung on the fire. But when he tried to add some more, I stopped him. "We can't put any more on." I said. "We have to have enough to last the night."

Gareth sagged. "All right. But we'd better stick close to the fire. There's a hell of a lot of Things coming our way."

And they were. I could feel them running past us in a steady stream, howls and moans and shapes, rushing by, running past us, their paws/hooves/feet making soft padding sounds on the ground just outside the rim of the firelight. And yet I knew, looking at them, that they were all going to run right on by us. I wasn't afraid of them at all, it was more like a fascination at the vast movement of black forms, passing me by, passing me by.

And then they were gone. All of them had rushed past our fire, and we were alone with the darkness, quiet, empty darkness.

Gareth was standing there, long knife in his hand, and he was trembling. I saw that and ran over, grabbed his leg. "It's over now, Gareth." I said to him. "It's over."

"God." he whispered, but I don't think it was to me. "God, my God, what is that? What is that place? And what does it want with us?"

"With me." I pointed out.

"Charley, God, we should just leave this place and never come back."

"Remember what happened at New Haven?" I said. "The Things came for me there. And yet, here we are next to the Castle, and they just ran on by. Gareth..." I reached up and took his free hand. "I don't know why, but I feel safer here."

"Really?" Gareth said. "Right here, where the Things come from?"

"But the Things went away." I pointed out. "All of them went away quick as they could."

Gareth shook his head. "God, I wish I felt safer myself right now." he said. "I wish I had any sort of clue at all what you and I are getting ourselves into."

"Gareth." I said. "You said that you think that someone is taking care of me. I think so, too, and I think it comes from there."

"I wish I could argue with you." Gareth said. "When the Things attacked New Haven and left that message, bringing you here seemed like the only thing to do. I figured it was a matter of seeing who was in control of the Things and asking what he wanted. After all, he was protecting you, not hurting you. Now...I don't know what to think. I guess I figured whoever was behind it was human, but this isn't human, Charley, not human at all."

I squeezed his hand. "Gareth, whatever you want to do is fine with me. You say for us to go, we'll go.

Gareth looked down at me, and then he laughed, and I knew everything was all right again. "God, listen to me." he said. "Makes you wonder which one of us is the little kid, huh?"

I let go of his hand and reached back and under his mid-thigh tunic. "Shall we compare them and find out?" I teased as I found his cock, covered only by his soft leggings.

"Why not?" Gareth said. "Looks like we get a quiet night for a change."

I hadn't waited for him to answer, but had fished inside the leggings and their open middle flap. Underneath was a pool of warmth and in the middle of that was the round softness of his dong.

Gareth sighed as I grabbed hold of him once again. He always loved this moment, I knew by now, loved the way I held his cock and fondled it into rigid hardness. He sheathed his long knife and then his hands undid his buckle and set it down where it could be handy. He removed his clothing as I kept working his cock, moving with him as he lifted his legs so that I could keep a tight grip on him, Gareth removing layer upon layer until soon only his strong, white body was left, and I could lean over and take him in my mouth unencumbered. Gareth groaned as I covered his dong with my lips and let the sturdy pale shaft slip onto my tongue and nestle in the warmth there and I closed and encircled him, felt the thick rod jerk as Gareth's desire pulsed through his dong.

"Ah, uh, yeah, Charley, yeah." Gareth sighed. "God, kid, you just feel so good, God, yeah, uh!"

I moved my mouth up and down in a slow, leisurely motion, while with one eye I check the fire. The fire was low but was burning steadily, and with the darkness silent around us, I felt that was enough.

"Uh, oh, baby, yeah." Gareth sighed. "Come on, baby, let me feel that sweet soft body of yours."

I let go and stood up, let Gareth's powerful hands remove my own clothing, until I was as nude as him, and then he reached down and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he kissed me and I kissed back, feeling the head of his dong just kissing the nexus of my buttocks.

It only took a bit of wiggling to get it in position, and Gareth gave a gasp as his pud touched my anus, and I smiled at him as I wiggled more and caught the tip of the glans inside me, and he could feel the heat of my ass around his cockhead's tip, and he groaned yet again. "Oh, baby, such a sweet baby boy." he sighed. "You like me inside you, don't you, baby?"

"Yeah." I agreed and squirmed, and pressed down. It was awkward, but after a bit of work, the glans popped inside me, and then it was easier. Gareth knelt down slowly, and when he got onto his knees, he sat back on his heels and that drove his dong into me and I raised my head up and gasped as that powerful shaft slid into me and filled me with its heat and its vitality. As I adjusted to both his presence within me and the thrills rippling through me, I looked down again, into Gareth's eyes, the gentle eyes looking right into mine, and I panted and stared trustfully back into his.

"Such a good boy." Gareth crooned to me. "Such a good, good boy."

"Oh, yeah!" I gasped and I began to move in Gareth's arms, his strength holding me against him, holding me in place, and all I had to do was lift myself and fall back again and that would drive his dong into me.

Gareth's mouth was open and I felt the hot rush of his breath as I moved on him, as I rode his cock and felt the heat of it building within me.

After a time, I slowed from the exertion and Gareth realized this, leaned over and gently, one hand catching both our weight, he lowered us both to the ground where he was on his knees and one hand, the other on the small of my back, and now I was hanging from him like a baby monkey hangs from its mother, and now all I had to do was swing back and forth, swing little monkey, swing! It was almost like being weightless and I swung upon Gareth's prick, feeling the hot rod building, building!

As Gareth's passion built up within, he took control as he always did, and he lowered me down to where my back rested now upon the ground, and with my legs still about his waist, he hunched forward until my lower back was entirely off the ground again, and now he drove himself into me with those powerful legs that could carry me whenever I tired throughout the day and still have energy left for night like now.

"Oh, baby, I'm going to come." Gareth panted in my face, his moist breath like the misting rain, he was gasping for breath so hard. "Get ready for it, baby, I'm going to shoot!"

"Ooh, yeah!" I gasped back and I caught a tight hold on him again and helped him hunch into me with rapid vigor, and Gareth was moaning, groaning, grunting, growling, and I felt the raw power within him tense suddenly, it was like his entire body had turned into sun-warmed stone, and in that moment of rigor, he released a long, low sighing moan, and when he did, I felt his cock jerk, pulse, and the hot sting of his jism shot into me.

Gareth's hips were moving his body in rabbit-fast like hunching motions, his cock was wiggling within me rather than withdrawing and plunging back in, and that rabbit-like movement kept his come spurting inside my bowels, and he filled my little body full and the excess flowed over and out my sphincter the way an overfull glass brims over, and his cock, still wriggling, made squishy sounds as he pistoned in and out of me, and I groaned, spasmed, and my own little-boy climax wracked my body as Gareth's own orgasm subsided so that I was still clutching to him and groaning as he slumped down in post-coital lassitude.

"Oh, baby, oh, baby!" Gareth panted. "My own little baby. I love you so, baby, I love you so!"

"Me, too!" I sighed. Then I realized how dark it was, looked over. "Gareth, the fire! It's about to go out!"

"Shit!" he jerked out of my arms and jumped up, staggered to the dung pile and piled more onto the fire. For a time, there was no flame to speak of, but Gareth ministered the smoking pile diligently, placing his face right up to the execrable mass and blowing, and finally the flames, reassuringly yellow and red, reached up once more, while I scanned the surroundings fearfully.

But the darkness around us was still. For all the Things mattered, we might as well have not bothered.

"No way!" Gareth said firmly when I said as much to him. "I don't trust those Things at all." He looked at the Castle, now glowing much as it had before it had released the Things. He shook his head. "We ought to take off at first light! This can't be any good. It just can't."

I put my hand on his arm. "Whatever you want to do, Gareth." I said. "Whatever you want is fine with me."

He chuckled. "I know that, kid. You and me are a great team." He sobered again. "I just keep remembering those Things charging the fires at New Haven, just because you were inside there with us." He bit his lip. "We have to find out what this...whatever...wants from you and why."

"I'm not afraid." I told him again. "The Castle is good. I feel it."

"Then why is it what makes the Things?" he returned. I had no answer for that.

We rolled out our blankets close to the fire. The light at least was certain. As long as we had light, the Things couldn't get us.

Tomorrow, we would see what the Castle wanted with me.

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