The Fires, Chapter Ten

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Roscoe

Illustration of Fires #10

Gareth and I set out the next morning, heading toward what Gareth said was the direction of the Castle. I was nervous leaving the valley, for it was said that anyone who left the valley never came back. Still, nobody I'd ever heard of had ever done what I had been doing, either.

The next few days sort of set the pattern for our life. We'd settle down mid-afternoon to make our camp. Gareth was adept and methodical, in less than two hours, we had enough wood cut to last us through the night. I spent the same time getting some smaller, drier sticks, fallen branches and such, to be kindling. A fire needs something easy to eat at first, was how the Professor had put it when teaching me to make a fire. Dry leaves at first, then dried, soft, even rotten wood, then you could put larger pieces on it with some hope they'd catch light. Dried wood burned brighter and hotter, but burned itself out quicker. Gareth's fresh-cut wood would burn lower, but steadier.

As the sun went down, the fire was going and after using it to cook a meal, we banked it and built it up to burn for the night. After that, it was a matter of one of us waking up to put more wood on the fire, every couple of hours. But we might not have bothered, the Things avoided us entirely. It seemed strange...having the night be empty instead of filled with the sounds of grumbling, rumbling, movements of darkness on darkness and the brief glimpses of eyes and teeth just outside the range of the light of the fire.

The next morning would be supplies the Things had brought. That was sometimes interesting, we'd learned to keep whatever they gave us, that rope they gave us one day for example came in handy when we had to rappel down a cliff, it was just long enough.

But on the fifth day of our travels, there were no supplies waiting for us! I was looking around, hardly believing it. Gareth did the same, and finally he stopped and laughed. "Hey, Charley." he called out to me. "Give it up, eh?"

"I don't understand." I complained. "We don't have anything for breakfast, even!"

"Our own fault." Gareth pointed out. "We were so used to the Things giving us everything we needed, we started depending on them instead of doing for ourselves."

"So what are we going to do?" I asked.

"Tighten our belts and keep an eye out for a rabbit we can knock down with a rock." Gareth said.

"That doesn't sound as good as eggs and bacon." I complained.

"We should have saved back a few of them, then." Gareth said.

"You're not helping." I said as my stomach growled.

"Come on, let's get moving." Gareth said as we shouldered our packs. At least they were lighter than usual. No food inside them at all.

That wasn't the only surprise we had that morning. The trees had been thinning out some the past few days, we had been crossing large meadows, but those were like we had in the valley.

Only we walked out of the last patch of woods, and before us was...

"Gareth!" I said. "What happened to the trees?"

Before us was grasslands, and nothing but! No trees at all!

"Hey, kid, the trees couldn't go on forever." Gareth said. "So we made it out of the forest, that's all. When you travel, you have to expect to see new things."

"But...but we'll get lost!" I complained. "How can we know where we're going without the trees to help us keep track of where we are?"

"Charley...we have the map." Gareth said. "All we have to do is keep traveling in the direction we're going and we'll get to the Castle. I'd guess another four or five days of travel. And look...there's a rabbit!"

I grabbed a rock I'd been carrying for a while for just this time. If you throw straight and hard, you can knock a rabbit down, stun it long enough to catch up to it and kill it. Then there'd be fried rabbit for lunch!

I missed the rabbit and it took off running. I ran after it (a man or a boy can outrun a rabbit, the only problem is if the rabbit runs into a hole. In the woods it had been tricky, the rabbit able to run around trees easier than me, but rabbits are stupid and likely to run right at you as not, zig-zagging back and forth.

I nearly stumbled as I hit the black-covered area. One moment I was running through grass, which I was at least used to somewhat, and then suddenly, there was only hard rock under my feet, hard, black rock. It was higher than the grass and I landed a foot on it and it caught me off guard and I turned half around.

And stopped in my tracks. "Gareth!" I called out. He had to see this!

After a while, Gareth came out and said, "Oh, my God."

"This is a funny sort of rock." I said to him. "Look at it, it must be the longest rock ever!"

"It's not a rock, Charley." Gareth said and I could hear something like the awe in his voice that he'd had when I'd risen up in the air, glowing by myself. "It's a road."

"This isn't a road!" I scoffed. I knew roads, they were dusty patches through the forests, or broken-rock things, harder to walk through than the woods themselves.

This was...smooth. Oh, there were cracks here and there, places where the grass was pushing up through it, but mostly, it was flat and smooth and level and it went straight off in both directions, just as far as you could see, over a hill on either side.

"Come on, sport!" Gareth said, "we can make some good time on the road, if it keeps going the way we want to go!"

I had to agree it was a lot easier, walking over level ground than through grass or leaves.

"This is great, isn't it, kid?" Gareth said. We were both trotting along.

"Yeah, only...why is the...road so...wide!" I panted.

Gareth slowed down. "Sorry, Charley."

"Why's the wide?" I asked him. "And why the...funny white paint...on it?"

"This road was built for cars. The white line was to tell the car to stay on its own side."

"Cars?" I said. "You mean those funny rusted bumps in the towns."

"Yeah." Gareth said. "When those rusted bumps were new and they worked, they would run up and down on these roads. They went really fast, too."

"How'd they do that?"

"They have engines under their hood. You started the car up and it would make a roaring sound and that would make the wheels go around."

I considered this preposterousness as seriously as I could. "Why don't the cars run anymore, then?"

"They were broken down before we got here." Gareth said. "If the cars had been running, we might have been able to use some of them. As it is...." He trailed off and shrugged, and we walked on.

"We'd better find some shelter soon." I opined after a moment. "It'll probably rain tonight."

"Why?" Gareth asked. The sky was quite blue.

"I hear thunder." I said.

Gareth listened. "That's not thunder. That' God!"

"What is it?" I asked. The roar was getting louder, and I had to agree with Gareth...this wasn't thunder! I'd never heard anything like it!

"Get off the road!" Gareth said to me.


"Get off the road!" He yelled at me. I stood still, and Gareth loped over to me, scooped me up under one arm and went off the edge of the road.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"A car's coming!" Gareth said. "And coming fast!"

Gareth said afterwards the car wasn't moving fast for the time before he'd come here, but it was moving faster than any man could move. He seemed to feel we'd be safe once we were off the road, and we stood just off it, looking as the car came up to nearby us.

The noise it made was horrible, a loud roaring/rattling/clanking sound with occasional popping and banging sounds. It was a truck, with a flatbed on the back of it, the cab was old and rusty, covered with red spray paint.

I thought it was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen in my life!

The truck stopped beside us. The driver (Gareth taught me all these words after, when we were talking about it) leaned on one arm out the window and said, "Hello, there!"

"Hello!" Gareth said in return, and so did I, his echo.

"Where you two heading?"

"To the Castle." I chipped in. Gareth looked at me, and I realized he maybe didn't want these two men (there were two in the truck) knowing where we were heading.

"The Castle, huh? Never been there myself, but I can just see it, the end of this road." He pointed ahead of us.

"How far does the road go?" Gareth asked.

"The driver looked at his panel, said, "Sixty miles and seven-tenths."

"Wow." I said.

"How do you know that?" Gareth asked.

"Been running this bus service on this road for nigh on three years now." the driver said. "One hundred miles exactly. I know because that's how far my bus runs."

"Bus?" Gareth said. "You'd give us a ride, then?"

"Sure." the driver said. "Just pay your fare and climb aboard."

Gareth froze. "What's the fare?"

"What you got?"

Gareth bartered with the man while I examined the truck. Looked under it was interesting, it had a long, spinning metal rod. When I heard Gareth concluding the deal, trading some tools we had with us, I looked at the back of the truck. He had nailed some wooden boxes to the bed of the truck. Old wood and new wood were used all around. That didn't surprise me, everything I saw was like that, old and new and make-it-do was how we did things.

"Climb on, Charley." Gareth said as he scooped me up and lifted me up onto the bed of the truck. "Take a seat and be ready to hold on." He climbed up after me and soon as he was seated beside me, the truck starting moving again. There was a bit of a jolt, and the truck bounced about quite a bit, but I didn't care. I was too enthralled at moving fast without running. "This is a lot better than riding in a wagon!" I cheered.

"It is something, isn't it?" Gareth agreed. "God, it's been so long since I've ridden on any kind of car, even this is a freaking luxury!"

"We're going fast, aren't we!" I said, watching the grass flying by. Here and there were fences, some still standing after a fashion, grayed by long years of standing untended in the sun and rain, it was just...incredible!

"Pretty fast." Gareth agreed. "Sixty miles, and we'll cover that in an hour or so at this rate. It's like cutting two, three days off our travel."

"Yeah!" I cheered and I watched the road going by.

And going by.

And going by.

After what felt like a long time (Gareth says it was only ten or fifteen minutes), I got restless. I was squirming around, those boxes were hard.

"Hey, sport, hold still!" Gareth warned me. "We'll hit a bump and you'll go flying. Falling off at this speed can really hurt you."

"These seats hurt!" I griped.

"It's only for a couple of hours." Gareth pointed out. "You can put up with it for that long. Look at me, I am."

I looked at him, grinned. "Can I sit in your lap?"

He grinned back at me. "Sure, kid, come to Daddy Gareth."

I clambered up into his lap and his arms went around me and he held me. Ahh, this was more like it. We couldn't do anything right now. No fires to tend, no walking to do, nothing but to sit and cuddle. My stomach grumbled, but I'd been hungry before, I could ignore it.

No, my problem was that I was sitting around doing nothing. I never was doing nothing before! I didn't know what to do!

"S'matter, kid, getting bored?" Gareth asked me.

"Yeah." I said. "There's nothing to do."

"We could play a game." Gareth said. "Word games, or guessing games, or such."

"Okay." I said.

"So, what do you want to play?" Gareth asked me.

I shifted on his lap and got straddle of his legs so I had our crotches touching. "Guess what I want to play?" I teased him.

We hit a stretch of bad road and it jarred us up and down, our cocks were rubbed in that position though the rest of us were in danger of being thrown apart, we had to hold onto each other, Gareth with one arm looped over the back of the seat.

"Uhhh!" Gareth said when that was done. "I can guess easy enough, you little horn-dog."

"Come on." I coaxed him. "We got nothing else to do for hours and hours."

"All right, but you got to do all the work." Gareth said. "I'm going to spend my time holding on tight and holding onto you."

"Okay." I agreed.

The easiest way for us to do that was for me to take off my pants entirely. Gareth's trousers were tougher, but after some tugging, I got them open and pulled down so that I could free his cock. It was wedged down one leg and took some work before it sprang out to stand up in the daylight.

"Ooh, yeah, baby." Gareth said when I got his dick free. "Mmm, yeah, that's it, baby, hold it for me."

I slid down onto the bed of the truck and Gareth reached out and caught me by my arm with one beefy paw and I looked up at him.

"Don't scare me like that." he said. "Thought you were going to fall off."

"Not me." I said confidently. "I got hold of you." And I did, hold of his hard cock, it felt like I could hang from it and it wouldn't bend, no wonder I'd had trouble getting it out of his pants.

"I like the way you hold on." Gareth agreed.

"You'll like this even better." I promised and bent my head down to take him in my mouth. Gareth moaned like he always did as soon as I started sucking on him. He loved the way my mouth felt on his prick, he just went into ecstatic moaning every time I touched my lips and tongue to it. It was always so hot and hard, too, when I sucked it, so that my tongue got all the saltiness of his glans, and that slimy bubble of precome was always waiting there to be kissed off by me. I always took it as the taste of things to come, but this time, I had bolder plans in store.

I sucked on Gareth's prick until I got it all wet and slick, until Gareth was groaning and his cock was just as hard as ever, my mouth bobbing up and down on it in smooth motions, me only slightly hobbled by his hand clenching my arm protectively tight. The bouncing of the truck helped that, too, sometimes all I had to do was hang on to his cock with my lips as the truck made it pump in and out and even when it hit the back of my throat from the hardness of the bounce, and I choked a time or two because it had been driven down my gullet, and the compression on his glans probably squeezed Gareth hard, he only moaned and withstood it, so I did, too.

But I got it all wet, like I said and then I said, "Okay, let me back up in your lap." I said and I climbed back in. Gareth's arms held me tight by my waist, and I used my own small hands to guide his huge prod up to my asshole.

"Mmmmm." I hummed throatily as the massive prick kissed my butthole and began to worm its way in. Gareth's cock always felt so good just then, so big and strong and it was spreading my butt cheeks wide to make room, and then my sphincter always resisted just a little, and then it would give way and then all at once, Gareth's cockhead was inside me.

I crooned when that head made its way inside me once again, I just loved it so much, the feel of that huge bulb as it made itself at home in my bowels. Once it did that, Gareth would exert such a gentle pressure and the huge trouser-snake would slither its way into me deeper.

I shivered as the shaft began to lengthen inside me, feeling Gareth's cock taking over my body, until I was just an appendage of his body. Sometimes I wanted to be like this forever, just sitting like this, or better, if we could rig some kind of harness so that Gareth could carry me around like this, me just like his backpack only in front, and my arms around his neck and my ass holding his cock deep within me!

I murmured this to Gareth and he panted, "Later, baby, later, we'll try that. Maybe after the Castle, we'll build you that harness and we can try it out. Would you like that, little buddy, would you like to ride around on my cock all day, just the two of us, walking around with you hanging on by my dick?"

"Oh, oh, yeah!" I panted. "Yeah, Gareth, I want you to fuck me all day long, yes!"

"I wish I could, baby." Gareth gasped. "God, your little boy ass is just so damned sweet, God, I just want to keep you like this all the time!"

"Oh, yes, Gareth, yes!" I chimed in.

Gareth began to move his hips under me, shifting back and forth on the seat, and that with the truck's movements were nirvana for me, I just felt like I was riding on the clouds in the sky, all soft and warm and safe. Nothing is safer than clouds, even at night, the Things can't ever touch them.

"Oh, baby, you feel so good riding on top of me like this." Gareth moaned. "Oh, sweet baby, my little boy, I love fucking your ass like this. Ride me, baby, ride my cock, make me come right up inside your sweet little ass."

I began my own rocking motions, then, urging Gareth to shoot his spunk wads into me, God, I loved those hot, creamy loads, they were a part of Gareth and I got to keep them when we were done, always, they were inside me and belonged to me then! Belonging to Gareth, belonging to me, us belonging to each other, that was what I loved so much about Gareth fucking me, because it made us, for a little while at least, one person, and his part was so big and strong and kind, I wished I could be part of him always!

Right now, though, I had his cock in me, and I wanted the jism it would give me, and I began to move harder now, trying to milk that semen out of Gareth, wanting his jizz to pump into me, feel that hot, salty spunk as it gleamed inside me, sparkling like pearls in the darkness with their own light, and they lit me up with their power.

My own little-boy climax struck me and I was groaning in Gareth's arms, he held me tight and let me shiver and shudder and groan as I was wracked with my little orgasm, and then he kissed me so softly, and I groaned then and I made myself move, wanting him to feel this with me, feel it now, feel it now, Gareth, I thought at him, so hard it hurt my head, but his cock was so hot now, it was pulsing like it always did just before coming.

"Oh, baby, oh, baby!" Gareth panted, "Baby, I'm going to shoot it inside you now. Are you ready for it, baby, you ready to take my come in your sweet little boy butt for me?"

"Mm-hmm." I agreed. "Give it to me." I mumbled at his ear, a moist whispery sound without all the syllables intact, just "gi' i' tuh muh" but he understood and his fingers clenched down harder on me.

"Hang on, baby, I'm going to shoot it now. Shoot my little baby full of my jizz, feel that hot jizz burning for you, baby, feel it burning for you?"

"Yes, yes, give it to me, please!" I begged him.

"Oh, baby, oh, oh, uh, GUH-HNNNNUH-HHNNNHHHH!" Gareth groaned between teeth pressed hard together, lips apart, his teeth gleaming like the pearls that his jizz made up, and I felt his cock harden, pulse, and then he was spraying up into me.

Hot, hard and wide he sprayed, if he had been shooting into the air, he would made a total mess of himself and me and everything around us. But his wild-shooting prick was safely held in my butt, all it could do was wash me thoroughly with his come-wads, and I watched Gareth's face as he climaxed, saw how soft and gentle his face was as he ejaculated into me, and I wanted this moment to last forever, his jizz pumping into my butt, feeling it sizzle and fizz inside me!

And he, alas, finished and was holding onto me for himself now more than for himself, holding himself together, keeping his spirit anchored where he was, for without that he might have floated away like those clouds, I knew how he felt then and it was wonderful flattery that I had made him feel this.

"Oh, baby, oh, baby." He whispered to me fiercely. "Whatever happens at that Castle, remember that I love you, okay?"

"Sure." I said, puzzled by this. What could possibly happen that would make me think anything else?

He held me a bit longer and then said, "We'd better get our clothes back up and together." he judged. "That road has to be ending pretty soon, unless I miss my guess."

"Huh?" I was surprised. Sixty miles, and we had only been riding for... "Has it been that long?"

"Long?" he chuckled. "Kid, you had my cock in you for nearly an hour." He rumpled my hair. "Lost track of time, did you?"

"Yeah." I agreed.

"I felt it, though." Gareth said with feeling. "God, you were working me so long I felt like going absolutely crazy. Man, if we could do that forever, that would be so, so cool."

"Yeah." I agreed.

We got our clothes on and sure enough, maybe ten minutes later (regular, long, drawn-out minutes with nothing to do), we reached the end of the road. We ended at a river, and a bridge that had fallen down.

"End of the line." the driver announced. "Castle's over there past those hills. Too much fog in that next valley now to see it from here but it's over there."

"Great." Gareth said and we got down.

"Look for a while, then we have to head back." the driver said.

"Okay." Gareth acknowledged.

A pause.

"Ain't you two going to want a ride back?"

"Back where?" I wanted to know.

"Back to your homes, you know, where I picked you up."

I shook my head. "We're going to the Castle."

"Going to it!" the driver was shocked. "I thought you two just wanted a look at it. People come out, if they're lucky, they see it, and then they get back on. You two really going to go over there?"

"Sure." I said.

"Why not?" Gareth asked.

"Why not?" the driver said. "Man, don't you know? The Castle is where those Things all come from. Days when it's clear, you can see them in morning or evening, going in or coming out of there. They leave it soon as dusk starts in and they can walk in the shadow of the mountain. That Castle has to be crowded thick with them, day and night! Come on, get back on the truck. I'll take you back for nothing."

I looked at Gareth. Gareth looked at me, shook his head. "We're going on to the Castle."

The driver snorted. "And people call me crazy for running this bus service! You two are the real crazy ones."

"Maybe." Gareth said. "But we have to go there. Thanks again for the ride."

The driver turned his truck around and took off. Gareth stared after it until it vanished.

"God, a real automobile, and a truck." he said, sighed. "Man, I miss all that so much."

He stared a bit longer, then shook his head, looked at me, then at the sky. "Let's get to building a camp." he said. "Just pick a spot, and then I'll go hunting for a squirrel or something for our supper."

He did and came back with two squirrels, which we roasted for supper. The next morning, the mound of supplies were back. Another day, maybe two, we'd be at the Castle at last!

And maybe then, Gareth mused as we built the fire, we'd learn a thing or two about what was going on in the world.

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