The Fires, Chapter Eight

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Dean Cameron

Illustration of Fires #8

Zach got up to feed the fire just before dawn, I had awakened like I always had done with the Professor, to feed the fire, and I saw him put on some wood and relaxed, went back to sleep. I saw him getting dressed as I did, but didn't think any more about it; it was nearly dawn after all.

But he was gone when I woke up. His bedroll and some other stuff was missing from the wagon. Nothing more than you could call a fair share, though I wish he'd left us some more of the food than he did. Gareth muttered to himself as he looked over what was left.

"Damned bastard." he said. "I knew he was up to something, I fucking knew it! Never should have trusted him, never!"

"Gareth?" I said. "What's wrong?"

Gareth leaned his arms on the wagon's side and turned his head to grin back at me. "My fault." he said. "Zach is something of a loose cannon. The reason he got assigned to reconnaissance for New Haven; he was going to do it anyway, might as well get some information from him, that was the Mayor's idea. He likes to wander about, see what he can see. A good fighter, too, when things get nasty. It's why I agreed to have him come with us. I should have known he'd cut loose from us first chance he had, especially after last night and him getting pissed. But what he was saying, hell, if I hadn't said anything, he may have actually tried some of it, I couldn't let that happen. Like a rabid dog, what was I thinking?" He was talking to himself, again.

"What do you think he's going to do?" I said.

"Probably show back up at New Haven in a couple of days, probably tell them that we got killed and he barely escaped with his life." Gareth said. "He's done things like that before, too, telling a tall tale or covering up something he's done wrong. Still, I wouldn't have minded having him at my back in a pinch."

"We'll be extra careful." I said. "Professor and me did okay for years, just by being careful."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Gareth said. "Well, we lost some things we could have used thanks to Zach leaving. We'll have to scrounge extra hard in the towns for a while. Let's get breakfast."

I helped him get breakfast and we set out for one of the towns, one Gareth said should have been stocked by the Things just the night before. Markham and his men would get there first, but there were always food and other stuff they overlooked. Gareth and I would just hide out nearby until the afternoon, and then we would slip in and poke around. Just like me and the Professor, only better! Gareth could fight the crazies if they found us, and he knew which town the Things visited with their gifts, and when.

That was our plan, and like everything else in my life these days, things didn't work out that way at all. Markham's men were waiting for us, they had us surrounded in no time. Gareth pulled out his long knife, but lowered it when he saw the odds, and the men tied our arms behind our backs.

Then they took our wagon, of course, and everything else, including Gareth's blade and armor, and our clothing. They laughed as Gareth was stripped bare of his clothes, me they left with only a shirt and said I looked like a pigeon with my gray shirt and my skinny white legs under that. Nearly everything we had, and everything of any value, was taken away, back to Markham I guess. "What should we do to these two?" one of them said when they were done looting us of everything we had.

"Markham's aide told us to take them back into the forest and leave them for the Things." the man growled. "These two are from New Haven, and they can't be allowed to get back there alive. The plan is, as far as anyone can tell, they just let their fire go out."

My heart sank as I heard this, and the men laughed gruffly. Gareth struggled with his bonds but he couldn't do anything, of course.

They took us to a place in a large, barren clearing where someone had built a camp not too long before, the circle of stones and charred wood was still there. They laid out a blanket for us to sit on beside a large rock, left a few things they'd kept out of the cart strewn about like the Things had tossed it there. The idea was enough to leave enough to identify who we were, along with our bloody bones after the Things got done with us. Something for the searchers of New Haven to find when they came looking for us, and they'd never think to blame Markham for what had happened.

But of course, nobody would even come from New Haven to look for us.

They built up a fire, a nice-sized one, in fact. But with no more firewood for it, and us bound up, we wouldn't be able to keep it going all through the night.

Darkness came, and I saw with fear that the fire was going to die out about the same time as it got fully dark. There wasn't a branch or a twig or a leaf that we could add to the fire, and you can't search outside the firelight, not after dark!

Gareth grimaced and groaned and then his arms came free! He was loose! He fought with my bonds, fumbling with knots that he could have cut easily if he'd had a knife. "We have to get out of here, fast!" he grunted to me. "Find somewhere we can fight the Things off."

"We can't!" I groaned as my bonds came free. "The Things, they have claws and they have teeth, they have big, sharp teeth and their claws, they made Joey's leg bleed when they got hold of him!"

"Keep your head about you." Gareth warned me as I stood up. "First rule of survival is to never give up. I don't intend to and neither should you!"

I could only moan and point. The Things were coming at us! Gareth looked around, snatched up a fair-sized rock, the only possible weapon to hand. I looked but there wasn't even another rock I could get to, I could only climb up on the big rock near us and hoped I could dodge around up there for a while! Not giving up hope. But that hope was an awfully small ember, just like the fire.

Things loped toward us, growling in their triumph, right near the ashes of the fire, their eyes glowing brighter than it did, now. They had us! They had us!

I opened my mouth and I screamed!

And that's when it happened. The light. The beautiful, beautiful light!

It was all around us, everywhere! I looked down at Gareth for I was now floating above his head. He was staring up at me in awe!

You see, I was the source of the light, me! This amazing, yellow-tinged light was just pouring out of me and over the landscape, and the Things moaned and keened as the light struck them, black shards of darkness trapped by the light, and they seethed in their agony.

Without knowing how or what I did, I raised up my hands and I pointed my palms at the Things, and when I did, blasts of light shot out of them and hit the Things, and they reeled back, howling, burning, scampering around, howling in their rage and their pain!

My hands followed them as they raced back toward the forest, toward the shadows, away from us, and I watched them running, hearing the sounds as the darkness about us, for the very first time, didn't glare and murmur at me; the Things were gone, they were gone!

I settled back down onto the rock, and still the light poured out of me.

"Gareth?" I asked him, for he was staring at me, like I was something he'd never seen before, ever! "Gareth, what's happening?"

"I don't know, Charley." He admitted. "How are you doing that?"

"I don't know!" I groaned. The light was still glowing out of me, I was like a living fire, and Gareth reached out, a timid hand, fearing touching me would burn him, his palm was blazing yellow as he reached closer to me, and he yanked his hand away, decided against trying to get closer. I sat down on the rock, and said, "Gareth, what's going on? How am I doing this?" Me in my glowing light washing over his face.

Gareth said, "Charley, this is new to me, too. Nobody's ever been able to do that before, ever. People just don't do that. I don't know what's going on here either."

I got down from the rock to stand beside Gareth, looked up at him and saw the fear in his eyes. "Gareth? Don't leave me, please! You promised you wouldn't ever leave me!"

"No, I won't leave you." Gareth promised me yet again. "You and me are buddies. And right now, I'm damned glad you're my buddy, damned glad. You keep that glow going all night long and we just might survive this after all."

Gareth and I waited through the night, me getting sleepier and sleepier but still glowing away in the darkness. I fell asleep after a while, and I guess Gareth did, too. I don't know if the glow lasted all night, but when I awoke, it was dawn again, just before sunrise, and I sat up with a start and looked, and Gareth was right beside me.

I shook his shoulder. "Gareth? Gareth, wake up!"

He jumped and sat bolt upright, looked at me, at the sun just beginning to rise. "We made it." he said to me in wonder. "Thanks to you, we made it."

"But how?" I keened. "Gareth, what am I going to do?"

"What will you do? With you being able to keep the Things at bay whenever you want to? Anything you want to, at a guess." Gareth said. He must have been thinking it all last night. "You can intercept the Things when they're carrying stuff to the towns, take your pick of it all. Drive the Things away entirely, even, if you want to. Charley, you''re the most powerful person on this whole world! They got to take you back in New Haven now if you want to go there!"

I looked at Gareth and he was smiling at me, but it was a very frightened grin. He was afraid of me, now.

I couldn't bear that, not Gareth! He couldn't think I was something he'd be afraid of. I just couldn't.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I reached up and hugged him, real hard. And then with one hand, I reached down and cupped his balls. His cock was there, but so small, so scared feeling. Even I'd known this about your balls and cock, when you're scared, they sort of shrink back into your body.

Gareth's was like this, his big balls felt like tiny marbles, his cock was practically non-existent. He gasped when I touched him, and it wasn't the kind of gasp where he was turned on. It was a gasp of fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I said. "I'd never hurt you, Gareth."

"I know." he said.

But his cock was still shriveled. I managed to fish it out of the tangle of his balls, and I said, "Please, Gareth. Don't leave me, too!" Playing with his cock was like playing with a broken piece of leather, the glans was solid but it flopped about on what felt like an empty tube.

"I'm not going to leave you." He said. "I don't understand what's happened here and right now, it's all freaking me out. But whatever it is, I'm sticking with you."

I got a firm grip on his cock, holding the head between my thumb and index finger, and the rest wrapped around that hollow tube of flesh. "Thank you." I said. And I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth.

I didn't dare turn loose of it, it was still limp. But it was now filling up, getting not hard, but at least no longer the ghost of itself it had been.

His glans was like rolling around a ball of meat in my mouth, the wrinkle of foreskin around it was the fatty part of it, when it's holding onto the meat with only some slender threads and can fall off. I stuck my tongue between the two, but nothing fell off.

My hand was keeping his cock upright, and now it was pressing against my palm, filling up, stretching out.

I giggled around his cockhead, a sort of "M-hm! M-hm-hm-hm!" like sound, and I moved my tongue and lips quicker.

"Oh, oh, Charley." Gareth said. "God, kid, if you can do that to the Things, there's nothing in this world can stop you. You and me, we can bust this place wide open. God knows it needs something like you in it. You and me."

I liked the sound of that. Me and Gareth, the only people able to face the Things on their own terms, in the darkness, and send them skittering, jibbering, flittering back into the bushes, fleeing from us instead of mumbling-grumbling-bumbling in the dark! Yes, we would face them together, me and Gareth, yes!

Gareth's cock was firm and full now, restored to its former glory, and I admired it for a moment, shining up at me, and I looked into Gareth's eyes and the fear was gone. And I dove down onto his cock and loved the sound of Gareth's moan as I took him into myself once again!

"Oh, oh, baby." Gareth sighed to me. "That's good, baby, that's so good, such a sweet baby!" I liked to hear him call me baby.

His big, powerful hand slid over my body, found my hips, circled and slid to the front and his hand was just able to capture my little dick with his fingertips! Oh, that felt so good, Gareth's fingers clinging to my pud, wanking my little wienie, making me feel good, while I slurped on his pole and tasted the salty dark savor of his dong's juices.

"You're my baby." Gareth crooned to. "My little baby boy, oh, yeah, baby, suck my cock for me, suck it good, baby!"

Oh, baby, baby, yes, I thought to myself. I'm his little baby boy! The Professor hadn't called me that for years, ever since one time I'd had a fight with him and said he couldn't call me his baby. We'd made up, but he had stopped calling me his baby. Now I was someone's baby again. Being someone's baby meant someone was protecting me. And this one, this one would stay with me, not run off like Joey had!

Gareth was panting harder now, and his cock was getting warmer. I wasn't surprised when he panted out, "Oh, baby, enough now, come on, get on my lap, sit on it for me, baby, sit on it!"

I got up and straddled him and slowly squatted down and he guided his pole of a prick into landing right at my butthole, I was squatting over Gareth, him sitting on the blanket, our only possession now, and I was joining our bodies together, his sliding into mine so that we were one together now, together.

When his dick was firmly inside me, Gareth reached out and caught hold of me, his hands cupped under my buttocks and to my surprise, he lifted me into the air like that and then knelt and then rose, and then I was holding onto his shoulders with my legs wrapped around his waist, his hands still supporting me, and I was able to bounce up and down on him, him standing up like that, and it was wonderful, I felt even more a part of him, he could have strapped me into place like that and I could have ridden him all day long! Gareth was so strong, he didn't strain at all under my little weight, he was spending more effort driving his pud up into me and I was going "guh-uh-uh-uh-uh!" as I was jolted up and down, as his prod drove into me and was pulled out again with an almost sucking-like feeling, like when you step into deep mud and when you pull away, the mud tries to hold onto you, my ass was trying to hold onto Gareth's dong, no, it didn't want to let go of him either!

But Gareth after a time leaned back onto the rock I had clambered up in fear the night before, it was a bit too high to make him a chair, but he was able to lean back onto it and be stable and now it was up to me to keep that cock of his driving in and out of me, and I held on with my hands behind his neck and I moaned as I kept riding his prick, I wanted to feel it going in and out of me forever, just forever!

But Gareth was groaning and his cock was getting so hard and so hot, I knew he was about done, and I said, "Yeah, come on, shoot it in me, I want it, I want it, shoot it in me, please, please!"

"You got it, baby, you got it, oh, oh, uh-GUH-MMMMNNNNNGGGGGKKKKK!" he guttered out through clenched teeth and I felt his jizz peppering my insides as he squirted up into me, I felt it drizzle out of me again and back onto his balls, I felt it flowing in and flowing out and it was all good, so good, and I moaned and shuddered with my own little climax while this big, strong protector, my friend, my comrade, my lover, held me, cared for me, fucked me and loved me and I felt his spunk fall like ripe apples down to the ground with squishy plops!

"Oh, oh, oh, baby, oh, baby." he whispered when he was done, when the come still drizzled out of me, a bubbling, seething squib of it still inside me, percolating my innards and washing me clean and free of my fear, for anything could be all right as long as I shared it with Gareth.

Gareth panted even after his jizz stopped dripping, holding me close to his sweaty chest, my body moving back and forth as his powerful lungs gasped in and expelled air in mighty blows.

I stroked his sweat-soaked hair and then I leaned in for a kiss and he gave it to me, slow and sweet, and everything was right with the world once more.

I slid off his dong and down his legs with regret, I would have loved to stay there. But the daylight beckoned, and we were now without anything at all.

"I'll be damned!" Gareth said suddenly.

"What?" I said, looking up at him, then at the way he looked.

A wagon was there, not our wagon, not one I'd even seen before, and it was loaded up with stuff, all kinds of stuff!

"Who's is it?" I asked.

"I don't know." Gareth said. "But it didn't just walk here by itself. Let's go see what it is." His white naked body walked toward it and he didn't seem helpless at all by his nudity, just inconvenienced.

"Could the Things have gotten somebody last night and left it here?" I asked.

"I don't know." Gareth admitted. He pawed the possessions. "This stuff is all mixed up, there's a couple dozen eggs in here, some smashed, because someone threw a wrench on top of it."

"What's a wrench?" I asked and he showed it to me, a metal thing a foot long and dripping with egg whites.

"Charley." Gareth said after a time. "I think the Things left this here. Left it for us. After you drove them away with your light, they came back and gave us this."

"Gee!" I said as I considered that. "I wonder why?"

"And here's your answer." he said, lifting out a plaque like the one the guy back in New Haven had shown us. But it didn't have words on it, just lines and circles and stuff.

Gareth studied it. "Charley." he said slowly after a time. "I think this is a map."

"What's a map?"

"Kind of like a guide to where things are." he said. "See, this line is the river, it flows just like that. These little empty circles are the towns. This circle filled in solid, that's where New Haven is."

Gareth had fished out clothes that would fit him and was getting dressed. There were long blades in that wagon, too, and he had one that was shiny silver in color, and very pretty, he called it a "sword."

I found something even better, the Professor had had one for a while until we'd had to trade it for food at a time when we were really hungry. A box full of matches, a big one, too, lots of matches, enough for hundreds of fires. "Great!" I said. "Let's build a fire and eat. I'm hungry."

"Look at that." Gareth had been looking at the map while I stirred up eggs for us to eat. "Would you look at that?" he showed it to me.

"What is it?" I pointed to a large thing like a capital letter "E" lying on its side, but with the three prongs topped with arrow-heads.

"Looks like a castle." he said. "But it's beyond anything where I've ever been."

"What's a castle?"

"An important building." Gareth explained. "A real important building."

"Maybe we ought to go there." I said after I thought about it.

"Maybe we should." Gareth agreed. "Charley, I think the Things gave us this map so we would go there."

"Why would they do that?"

"I don't know." Gareth said. "They're very interested in you, and after what you did last night, I can see why they would be."

"Are we going?" I asked.

"Let's think about it." Gareth said. "First thing we need to do is see if you can turn on that light whenever you want to."

I tried all that day and even some that night, trying to make that light turn on again. But nothing happened, no matter what I did.

So it was back to building fires, and back to being scared of the Things in the darkness. And they were out there. Oh, they were definitely out there!

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