The Fires, Chapter Seven

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Roscoe

Illustration of Fires #7

I didn't take part in the argument that broke out, I hid out in Gareth's hut and shivered. Oh, God! I prayed. Please don't let them send me away! It's not fair! Outside, the men shouted. I didn't seem to have many friends, and I guess I couldn't blame them. I blubbered back and forth between real tears and a sort of snort-sniffle-whuffle sound that only let me hear them talking and that would sooner or later start me crying again. I was just so darned scared! So very, very scared!

Then, after a short period of silence that was the men voting by show of hands, I heard Gareth's voice, too, yelling them down, telling them that if they threw me out, they'd have to do without him, too because he was going with me! I lifted my eyes to Heaven again. Thank you, God, oh, thank you! At least I wouldn't be alone!

I guess I couldn't blame the men. Those Things had killed four men and badly injured eight others, plus any number of other lesser injuries. And that was only one night...what if the Things attacked again tonight and tomorrow, too, on and on...New Haven just couldn't take it.

Only...why me? Why would those Things want me? And if I went back into the forest, even with a fire going...the way those Things had braved the fires about New Haven to come up to the walls...they'd get me! They'd get me!

Gareth walked in and I jumped up, ran to him, wrapped my arms around his body, my right cheek pressed into his stomach, and while I tried to say something, all that came out was frightened grunts and sobs as my tears renewed into full-blown crying.

Gareth just knelt down and held me, my head now rested on his big, strong shoulder. He just held me and stroked my back.

When my tears stopped, he said, "Come on, buddy, you and me are a team, right?"

"Don't let them send me away!" I blubbered. "Don't let them, plea-ea-ea-ea-se!"

His voice softened. "Sorry, buddy, they voted against you staying."

My tears started in again. I'd known that...but it still hurt!

"Hey, hey!" Gareth said to me. "But don't worry about the Things! I'm coming with you. We'll build nice, big fires, every night, I promise. I won't let them get you!"

I clung to Gareth again, this time fiercely. "Don't ever leave me." I sobbed. "Don't ever, ever leave me!"

"I won't." Gareth said. "I promise." He held me a bit longer, my tears stopped. "Now, let's wipe those eyes...and that nose." he said as he looked at me. I smiled timidly and did so, using the sleeve of my shirt to wipe my face, it had a wide, flaring end on it.

"Okay, now what?" I said when I finished.

"Now we figure out what we're going to keep and what we're going to leave behind." Gareth said.

I squared my shoulders. "I can help with that." I said. "Professor and me moved all the time. We'll need a small wagon if we can get it...."

By mid-afternoon, we had a small wagon loaded up as well as we could hope to move it through the forests easily. Gareth said, and I agreed, that we should get as far away from New Haven as we could before we had to make camp, as the Things naturally congregated around New Haven. The more people, the longer the camp was there, the more Things you had, even I knew that.

"Hey, Gareth." came a voice as we were about to set out.

Gareth looked up and beamed. "Hey, Zach!" he said. "Charley, this is Zack, a friend of mine. He's been out in the forests the last few days."

I shook his hand. Zach gave me the same feeling as Gareth, a large, friendly man who was at ease in this life and world. His face bore a rather large nose, but his eyes were kind and his grin unforced, and that hand was fully as powerful as Gareth's.

"Going somewhere?"

"Yeah, they're kicking me out." I said. I said it quite genially. I had been so busy packing and getting things ready, I had managed to put the danger right out of my mind. Just a benefit of being my age!

"Mind if I come with you?" Zach asked me.

"Sure." I said.

"Zach?" Gareth said, surprised.

"Hey, it's not like I don't spend more than half my time out there anyway." Zach said. "You do, too."

"Yeah, but...."

"And if they're going to buckle under the minute things get rough, then why should I hang around until they get around to me?" Zach concluded. "Nothing that special about New Haven, is there? I mean, we can set up a town ourselves somewhere else the way they did here."

Gareth lit up with this statement, and so did I. I mean, if you have to go out and start a new life, better to do it with two strong guys along, instead of all alone.

We made pretty good time with both Gareth and Zach pulling the cart. On the level areas, I even got to climb aboard and ride it.

We stopped while the sun was still up the sky about six or seven widths (which I remembered the Professor had told me that meant about an hour of time, then he couldn't tell me what an hour was except it was quite a long time) and Zach and Gareth cut us firewood while I cleared an area for our camp. Supper was provisions Gareth had collected from the New Haven larder; we had enough to last us four or five days and by then, we could have scavenged from the towns. I was as ready as I could be to restart my old life, only with new companions.

We built up the fire more as the darkness grew. I became nervous again, but the Things, now that I was back in the forest, returned to their usual ways of lurking around beyond the campfire. Whatever had driven them to attack the town of New Haven was gone from their brains...if they had any. That was Gareth's opinion, and I went along with it.

Zach argued. "The Things must have someone or something controlling them." he said firmly. "That attack on the town was just too damned effective to be by animals." He had gotten back to town about mid-morning and been filled in on what had happened, he'd explained.

"You got it backwards." Gareth said. "They just came at us in waves on all sides at once, no plan to it at all. One would be wounded and others would stop the attack to kill and eat the wounded one. Our fire traps sealed off one group and they died when the sun came up, turning to vapor like they always do. What kind of intelligence could do that?"

"Yeah." I put in.

"You're outvoted, two to one." Gareth grinned as he rumpled my hair and I grinned. I was out of New Haven, but everything that faced me now, I knew it and was prepared for it. I could relax tonight, really relax.

Gareth and Zach kept talking and I got bored with it, for their talk had turned to their days before they had arrived here, and something Gareth called "football" and Zach called "soccer." Whatever it was, I couldn't follow it, other than it was two teams of men kicking a ball around. I asked why they were kicking the ball, and their explanation left me none the wiser. Gareth said I must not have had any chance to play. "No other little boys around." he said.

"Only Joey." I said. "And we never played anything like that."

"What did you two play?" Zach asked me.

"Same game I play with Gareth." I said. "At night, in bed." I reached out and fondled Gareth's crotch. "Sometimes during the day, too."

"Gareth?" Zach asked in some surprise.

"It was his idea." Gareth said defensively.

"Uh-huh." I said and my hand went underneath his waist-wrap, this one was only cloth, he had taken the mesh-metal off as soon as he had known the Things weren't going to rush our campfire. "I like to play with Gareth."

I could see at least three pairs of eyes out in the darkness, but I had seen those eyes too much to be afraid of only eyes. As long as they were well out there, away from the light and as long as I was right next to the campfire, near to the light, I felt brave and safe.

"Shit, Gareth, he's only a little boy!" Zach breathed as he watched my hand now busy with Gareth's cock.

"It was his idea." Gareth said. "I'm not making him do anything, am I?"

"No." Zach conceded.

"As long as he doesn't mind and I don't mind, where's the harm in it?"

"Yeah." I said. "I just like to play with my friends." I looked at Zach, how intently he was looking at my hand busy under Gareth's wrap, and I said, "Would you like to be my friend, too, Zach?"

Zach's response was to reach down for his own crotch. "I wouldn't mind." he said.

"Charley?" Gareth said to me, a one-word question.

"Why not?" I answered his unasked question. "It'd be fun, wouldn't it?"

"What about you and me?" Gareth asked. "The two of us, together."

"You're my best friend, Gareth." I said sincerely. Looked at him, realized maybe he didn't want me to do that. "Well, if you say I shouldn't do it, I won't."

"What's that about not making him do anything?" Zach teased Gareth.


"Come on." I begged Gareth. "I'll always sleep with you. Promise I will. But Zach's with us, too. Don't you want to play with him, too?"

"You didn't mind before you got your own little boy-toy." Zach pointed out as he fished down his leggings and lifted his own waist-wrap to reveal his hard dong. "If we're going to share the fire from now on, ought to share everything."

"Yeah." I pointed out.

"Now you've been outvoted." Zach said.

Gareth looked at me and I said, "I won't do anything unless you say it's okay." as serious as I could. "Never, ever."

Gareth said, friendly but a bit grudging. "Well...all right. Wouldn't be fair to leave Zach out in the cold when he's helping us and all. But I get first time, he has to wait until I'm done, okay?"

"Hey!" Zach said.

"Okay." I agreed.

"Why do I get left with sloppy seconds?" Zach said.

"Cause Gareth's my best friend." I said.

Gareth laughed then, and now I knew things were all right. I took the chance to lift that wrap away and free his cock and I leaned over and kissed that dew-drop of clear liquid away, tasting and savoring the salty warmth of it.

Zach came over and sat down on my other side. "Think you can take care of both of us at once?" he said. "One hand on each?"

"I dunno." I said. "Never done it before. But I can try."

"Yeah, come on and try." Zach said.

"Hey, he was going to suck me!" Gareth protested.

"He can do both." Zach pointed out.

"Sure." I said and demonstrated by catching hold of Zach's prod, giving them both a couple of pumps just to hear my two friends both groan at the same time, and then I leaned over and took Gareth's cock into my mouth and his groan was even more deep and satisfying.

Zach shifted and got to his knees, and now I could jerk his prick even while I gave Gareth's pud my full mouth attention.

Gareth was making small groans, Zach's were louder, he was enjoying the display of watching me suck Gareth's prick. "Christ, look at this little bastard chowing down on you." he moaned. "Man, we ought to take him both on at the same time, fill the little cunt with both dongs at once, really make the little prick choke, shit, I can just see him taking both our dicks in his butt at once, him squealing like a stuck fuck-pig, I could just...."

"Hey, hey!" Gareth got upset. "What are you thinking here?" His cock was going down, I looked up at him, and he was mad, so I let go of both of them, concerned. Nighttime was no time for arguments, because no matter how mad you got, where were you going to go? You all had to stay near the fire.

"Hey, Gareth, cool down man." Zach said soothingly.

"I don't like you talking like that." Gareth said. "I don't even like you thinking like that."

I was silent.

"Hey, I was just talking." Zach said. "Shit, I wouldn't hurt the runt any, like you said, only what he wants to do!"

"Well, don't talk like that." Gareth said. "God, man, you're freaking me out. Charley's my buddy, and I said I'd protect him. That includes you doing anything weird like making him take both of us at the same time."

"All right, all right." Zach said. "Sheesh, I was just playing a fantasy."

"Well, I don't want to hear it." Gareth said, but he was cooling down.

"Come on, we're pals." Zach said. "We've been together here for what, three years now? You've known Charley what, three days?"

"Charley is different." Gareth said sternly. "Nobody gets to hurt him, ever, you understand."

"Yeah, yeah, I understand." Zach said. "I'm sorry, honest. It was just talk." A pause. "Are we still friends."

Gareth paused, too. "Yeah, we're still friends. Maybe I just overreacted."

"You really got it for this kid, don't you?" Zach said. "What are you, in love with this boy?"

"I said I'd protect him." Gareth said. "I promised to look after him. He and I are sticking together, like a family." A pause again. "Yeah, I love Charley, okay." He looked down at me. "I love you, kid." he said to me.

"I love you, too, Gareth." I said.

"Shit, I can see I'm odd man out here." Zach groused as he went to the other side of the fire. "You two lovebirds just go ahead without me. I'll have to find my own if I want any, I can see."

He stalked as far as he dared, to the bole of a tree nearby and leaned against it, watching us.

"Nobody gets to hurt you, Charley." Gareth said to me. "Never, ever, ever. Anybody tries, you come get me."

"Okay." I said. "I'm sorry Zach and you are mad at each other."

"We'll get over it." Gareth said. He raised his voice so Zach could hear. "Maybe next time he can even join us again. I'll even share if that's what you want."

"Cool." I said enthusiastically.

"Hey, Zach, want to come back over?" Gareth offered. "I'll share Charley with you. Just don't talk about doing mean stuff to him."

"You two just go ahead." Zach said. "I'm going to take the five-finger discount tonight." He was still obviously mad.

"If that's what you want." Charley said. "Come on over if you change your mind and can behave."


Gareth sat back down and my hand returned to his prick. I had to get it hard all over again after that shouting match, I guess getting mad makes your wienie shrivel all up. But after a while, Gareth relaxed and his pud began to fill again.

"Yeah, now it's getting all nice and fat." I said approvingly. "Nice prick to play with, really nice."

I lifted back his waist-wrap again and this time, his entire cockhead was saturated with his pre-come, it must have drizzled out when he went soft, for his glans was sticky with the stuff. "It looks like an apple!" I said. "All wet from being washed off and yummy, too, I bet." I put my mouth on it and sucked off that salty-sweet juice. "Mmmm, yeah, good." I judged. "Bet there's more where that came from."

"A whole lot of it." Gareth said to me, his hand rubbing my head a little too hard to be playful. "Think you can get it all out of me."

"I'm sure going to try." I said.

I went to work on Gareth's pud with a will, bobbing my head up and down while Gareth grunted appreciatively.

"Ah, ah, ah, yeah." Gareth said. "Oh, Charley, you're such a good cock-sucker, so good, yeah!"

I heard another moan and saw that Zach was watching the two of us, his hand busy at his own dong. I gestured for him to come over, but he waved me back with a shake of his head. He was still mad, I guessed, but not mad enough to not watch us! I figured that meant by tomorrow, I'd have three in my bed.

"Oh, oh, oh, my little baby boy!" Gareth groaned. "I love you, baby, I love you."

I let go of Gareth's dick and I said, "Would you please fuck me now, Gareth? Please, huh, please?" That was for Zach, who groaned at hearing me beg for Gareth's cock in my ass. I'd figured he'd like to hear that, and he did.

"Yeah, baby, it's all yours." Gareth said. "However you want it, baby, it's all yours."

I leaned over against the tree Gareth had been resting against, and I gripped it with my hands. "How about like this?" I asked Gareth. That would give Zach a really good view.

Gareth pulled down my own shorts and underpants, baggy on me as they were meant for a man, but they had strong elastic and stayed up well enough. But they came off easy as could be, too.

Gareth's finger teased my bunghole all greased up with oil, and I put on a show for Zach, still sulking under his own tree. If he was going to be a poop-head and not play with us, I would make him regret his choice by giving him the best look he could get. So I laid it on thick for him, Gareth got into my wriggling and moaning, too, and after he got that oil into my ass, he panted, saying, "God, Charley, you are one hot little stud, aren't you? You ready for my dick in you, now?"

"Yeah, come on, Gareth, stick it in me!" I groaned. "Yeah, I want you to stick it in me, nice and hard, yeah!"

Zach groaned and Gareth must have realized then what I was doing, for he said, "Well, then, hold onto your supper, ‘cause I'm going to shove this all the way up inside you, little friend."

"Ah-ah-ah-oh-oh-oh-oh-OOOHHHH!" I groaned as Gareth's prick pushed its way into me. Gareth always had such a hard prick, and it was weeping out more of that delicious juice, only this was smoothing the way as he shoved it into my butt, and I keened a mournful sound as I was impaled upon Gareth's dick.

"Oh, ah, yeah!" I moaned when Gareth got it into me. "Yeah, God, Gareth, I love your dick, yeah, I love it, I want more of it, more, please!"

"Ah, shit!" Zach moaned. "God, yeah, come on, Gareth, fuck the little cunt!"

Gareth was too wrapped up in his own pleasure to trigger on that word Zach used, he began to pull his pud out, slowly, not wanting to move it but having to move it to make his pleasure grow, he gave gutteral moan that shifted octave when he pushed back into me.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me, Gareth, fuck my ass, yeah!" I chimed in. "Oh, yeah, oh, oh!"

Gareth's hips began their practiced, lithe sway that drove his pud in and out of me, I didn't have to fake groans for Zach now, I was loving Gareth's cock in me, it was raking my insides and that only made them shriek with pleasure that came out my mouth, I closed my eyes and just loved the feel of being fucked by Gareth, loving Gareth, Gareth loving me, the two of us joining like this in joy and delight! I couldn't wait until I felt that hot jizz inside me, feel it bubble in my insides and bathe me with Gareth, marking me once again as his, totally his!

"Oh, yeah, come on, Gareth, shoot it in me, shoot it in me!" I begged though Gareth wasn't close to climax.

"Yeah, come on, fuck the little bastard, fuck him hard!" Zach called out. Again, Gareth didn't hear him or ignored him, but he did speed up in his motions, and I loved it, loved his cock in me, and I felt my own body wracked with its tiny little-boy orgasm, I groaned and moaned and even felt a bit of wetness on my glans when I did that, oh, it was good, it was so good!

"That's my baby, that's my baby." Gareth crooned. "You love it when I fuck you, don't you, Charley."

"Oh, yeah!" I panted. "Ah, yeah!"

Gareth's strong arms wrapped around me and lifted me up and still impaled on his dong, he carried me a few steps and laid me down on our bedding and covered us up, him still humping my ass as his arms did their duty, until we were sheathed in warm cloth and hidden from view.

Zach was left bereft then, he could only see our bodies wriggling under the covers, and he gave a lonely howl and his jism jetted out onto the grass and leaves.

Gareth fucked me longer, taking his time now we were in bed. After some very long time of it, he panted, "Oh, baby, I'm going to come now, I'm going to come." And his words were a whisper.

"Yeah, come on, come on." I whispered back.

Very quietly, almost like a sneak-thief, he reached his climax, muffled his grunts of pleasure so that Zach couldn't hear them. I felt Gareth's jizz squirting into my butt and that salty sting was the only other giveaway, that and the slightest change in Gareth's sighs of pleasure, and then, my butt full, Gareth finished and lay still.

"Mm, that was good, baby."

"Gareth?" Zach queried. "Are you two done?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "Nice. Real nice."

Zach clouded up. "That wasn't nice, I wanted to watch you two do it."

"Should have joined us when you had the chance." Gareth teased him. "That's what you get for getting mad."

"You can join us tomorrow night." I promised him. "I want you to be my friend, too."

"All right." Zach grumped. "Tomorrow night it is. Your ass will be mine, then." As he laid out his own bedding, he grumbled, "Yeah, you'll be my little cunt-toy and love it."

I looked at Gareth, but he seemed to be falling asleep and hadn't heard it. Well, that was okay. Long as Gareth was here to protect me, I wasn't worried about Zach any. After Zach and I did it, things would be okay. Maybe I'd even climb into Zach's bedroll later tonight, when I got up to feed the fire.

Awakening to feed the fire, yes. And the Things watching hungrily from the darkness.

This was my life. With Gareth and Zach to share it, it wouldn't be such a bad life.

Things would look better in the morning. I was sure of it.

And I went to sleep in Gareth's arms while the Things whuffled about us in the darkness, waiting for their chance that would never come.

Long as we were careful, that is. And I intended to stay very, very careful!

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