The Fires, Chapter Five

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Vitaly
Illustration of Fires #5

"There's New Haven." Gareth pointed as we cleared the trees. I'd never seen a clearing this large, and right in the middle of it was New Haven.

"Wow!" I said. "It's beautiful!" And it was! They'd built an entire city out of wood and tin and lots of other things! That explained why Gareth had picked up some of the things he had; things like nails and nuts-and-bolts and small bars and tools. He had a packload of such things that his broad shoulders carried easily upon his back.

Gareth laughed. "I've never heard it called that before!" he exclaimed. "Most people who see it the first time say it looks like a piece of shit! But it's our piece of shit and we're going to keep it."

"Yeah." I said enthusiastically.

Men were working on the clearing, which was covered with lines of small plants; I watched them putting more in very carefully.

"What are they doing?" I asked Gareth.


"What's that?" I asked.

Gareth smiled. "We're trying to grow our own food. We had the luck to locate some seeds not long ago, and we sprouted them inside our walls, and now we're trying to plant them in the ground. So far the Things haven't bothered them, so we plant more every day and wait and see when or if we're going to set them off."

"What kind of food are you going to grow?" I asked, trying this odd notion on for size. I'd always gotten my food out of cans or jars or bags!

"Oh, vegetables of all kinds." Gareth said. "Over there," he indicated some short stalks of skinny green plants, "That's corn."

"Really?" I looked at it, puzzled. "But corn is yellow."

"It will be when it gets ripe." Gareth said.

I considered it again. "How does the cream stay on those skinny stalks?"


"Yeah, creamed corn?" I said.

Gareth didn't stop laughing at that one until we got to the gates of New Haven.

We were followed inside, all the men working in the fields came in behind us. I saw that but watched Gareth and he didn't seem worried, so I decided that they were just coming to talk to Gareth and maybe to meet me the first time. A horn had blown when we were halfway to the gate from the edge of the forest, and when we got to the gate, which had been only a little bit opened, it opened all the way up and I saw a lot of men there, a clear area in front of them, the men laid out like a "U." As we got inside, Gareth walked (and I walked with him, not knowing what else to do) up to near the end of the U and I looked back and saw that the men closed us in. We were surrounded, and the men weren't smiling. Neither was Gareth. I heard the muttering, "A boy. He has brought back a child!"

"Welcome back, Gareth MacCormick." said one man.

"Thank you, Mayor." Gareth said.

"Who is this you have brought to us?"

"This is Charley." Gareth said. "I found him in the town I was scavenging, and brought him back to live with us. He and another boy ran into a pack of cannibals, the other boy ran away and was safe, but I had to rescue this one. After that, I figured he should come home with me."

"You know our rules, Gareth." Mayor said. "No one can join us in New Haven unless they can do their share of the work."

"He's only a boy!" Gareth protested. "He won't eat much. I'll share with him."

"I agree he's only one child." Mayor said. "But it's what he represents. If we start allowing in people who can't pull their weight, do their share of the work, then everything we built is going to fall apart. It's all we can do every day to keep the Things away at night, work on the...." the Mayor trailed off as he looked at me, harumphed and resumed, "A child isn't going to work as well as a man but I remember children well enough to know they need as much food as a man, maybe more, and a lot more trouble besides."

"I won't be any trouble!" I blurted out. "I've been working long as I can remember."

"Mayor." Gareth said. "Charley has been here longer than many of us. He's grown up in this place."

"Is that all you have to say?" Mayor said with a scowl on his face.

"No, not all." Gareth said, and he raised his voice, I knew he was talking to everyone now, not just this "Mayor" fellow. "I don't know what the rest of you are working for, but I'm trying to build a town here. And with that town, I'm building a life." He put a hand on my shoulder. "What kind of town are we going to have here? One filled with old men who are just surviving until they die? Or a town which sustains itself, has a history, a future! Charley here isn't just a single boy! He's our future! He can learn what we know, pass it on to others. If we can find other children, we can build families. Families!" He said again.

The Mayor burst out laughing. "Unless you find a girl child or two to go with him, he's just another damned snatch victim like you and me!" he guffawed.

"I still say that Charley and other children like him, if we can find more, are the way of the future of New Haven." Gareth said stubbornly. "There was another boy child with him when I first found him. Maybe there will be more."

"I still say we can't have anyone here who isn't going to work!" the Mayor said.

"So put me to work!" I said.

"Yeah, put him to work." Gareth chimed in. "We allow all new men thirty days to prove themselves to us. Give Charley thirty days to prove himself." He rose more erect, somehow. "At the end of that time, if you decide against him, I'll leave with him."

That caused a mutter; I gathered that Gareth was a pretty valuable member of this group of men.

"Now, Gareth," The Mayor said soothingly. "You know we all want you to stay here. But we can't be blackmailed into doing whatever you want because of that." he pointed out. "Still, you're right about the thirty days. Okay, we'll put Charley to work and see how much work a little boy can do. And how much trouble he's going to be! Just look around and see how he's already gotten everyone standing around idle! Come on, back to work, you can gawk at this real-life boy child when you all come in for the evening meal!"

Gareth expelled a breath as the men began to break up and return to their tasks. "Whew!" he said. "I wasn't sure he was going to let you stay for a while there."

"Am I in trouble?" I asked.

"I tell you, I didn't think the Mayor was going to behave like that." He said. "I figured he'd be glad to have a kid around. Make this place more home-like. Like I said, we are building a town here."

"So what am I going to do?" I said.

His arm came around me, soft and kind. "You're going to be Charley, that's what you're going to do. You'll work at what you can and we'll see what happens. Like I said, if you go, I'll go with you."

"Okay." I said. I felt very grateful to him, as you can imagine. Being alone was scary! Now, I was going to have lots of people around me...if they let me stay. They had to let me stay, they just had to!

I looked up at Gareth again and he smiled down at me. At least I wasn't going to have to do this all alone!

"So what do we do now?" I asked him.

"We go back to our home." Gareth said. "And you're going to find out what it's like to have walls around you and a floor under you and a ceiling over you. And you're going to sleep in darkness and like it.

"Darkness!" I shivered.

Gareth smiled. "You'll see why it's safe to sleep in the dark tonight."

"But the Things!" I protested.

"The Things can't get inside our walls." Gareth explained. "The walls are topped with braziers, big pots filled with fires that burn all night every night. You're safe inside here, Charley. Really, really safe."

I balked at the entrance to his house, inside his place was...dark!

"It's safe!" Gareth insisted, and I gulped, went on inside.

"It's my fault, I left the shades pulled down when I left." Gareth explained. "It gets lighter in here. And if the dark bothers you too much, we'll get a light in here for you at night."

"I wasn't scared of the dark." I said. "Until I was in the dark with Joey, and there wasn't any light nearby, and the Things were trying to break in and get us."

"There'll be plenty of light nearby all night." Gareth promised. "And if the Things get in, I'll protect you."

He pushed aside the coverings he had hung over the window and I could see the place better.

It was...nice. To see it with my eyes, remember that everything I'd ever had had to be carried with me to a new campsite. What Gareth one man could carry it with him. He had a big, lush pad on the ground which was obviously his bed. He had ornate wooden boxes here and there which he used to keep his clothing and all kind of things, more than my eyes could take in at one time.

Gareth had things he wanted, and kept just for himself, but didn't have to use them all the time! To me, that was wealth beyond even that of Markham and all his trade goods. Even Markham was ready to trade anything he wasn't using right then!

"This chest of drawers (he indicated a wooden box and pulled on its side and I saw it slid out to show a smaller box inside the larger box) is empty and it can be for you." he said to me. "We'll get you some more clothes as soon as we can, and you can hang them here."

I found my eyes filling with tears at that. "I...I can have clothes and not wear them?" I said.

"Sure." Gareth seemed surprised.

"I can keep things here?"

"Of course." Gareth said. "Anything you want. This is your home now."

I broke down and cried like I'd cried when the Professor had died. Gareth was bewildered at this, he knelt down and took me in his arms and held me.

"Here now, here now!" He said as he patted my back. "What's wrong?"

"I just...I don't know." I said. "It's just that...I never had a home before. I never even knew what it was, until now!" And I cried some more, and now Gareth held me more confidently. After all, I was crying from happiness. I hadn't known that was possible!

After my tears stopped, he wiped my face with a clean white cloth he had (a piece he didn't need to use except for wiping away my tears) and said, "There now. Are you hungry? They'll be serving the evening meal in another hour or so, but I have some food I keep here in case I get hungry between meals, you can have some of that if you're hungry now."

I looked up at him. "I'm not hungry." I said. And I reached out to hug him and this time I wasn't seeking comfort.

He felt that, in my arms, I was holding him differently, I guess, for his breath quickened and he said, "I think you're hungry for something else."

"Yeah." I sighed back at him. "Can we do it here, now? Do we have to wait until dark?"

"Not this time." Gareth said and his kind eyes smiled at me along with his rows of teeth.

I kissed him and he lifted me up with his hands under my buttocks and I wrapped my legs around him. God, he felt so good, so big and strong and young and full of life. It was like hugging a, I don't know, a source of power. Like this was someone I could depend on entirely. It wasn't entirely like loving Gareth, though I knew I loved him, it was like this was where I could start to build my new life.

Gareth walked us both over on his knees and laid me back, and I felt my back touch that thick padding. I felt really good, it was like the leaves I would gather up under myself for my nighttime bed, only better, this bedding didn't poke me here and crackle in my ears there and have something slimy crawl out of it onto me here and there. This was soft and it gave under my back just the right amount, to make lying on it more comfortable than the bare ground, it shaped itself to me and helped support me, too.

Me and Gareth. He was pulling my clothes and his off alternately, soon his bare chest touched mine and I felt the light tickle of his chest hairs on my own and I giggled as he noisily kissed my ear and neck, treating me gently. All that strength, all that power, and he kept it in careful check, to touch me with soft fingertips and stroked with delicate grace while his lips were wet velvet that slid across my white skin in warm splendor!

"Aw, aw!" I moaned as Gareth's manhood touched my lower abdomen. I felt how it was pulsing angrily, like a snake ready to strike, but he was keeping it in check, waiting until I was ready. If I needed hours, he'd wait those hours until I let him take me.

Because of that, I didn't make him wait, I got some spit on my palm and reached between us and rubbed his cock with it. Gareth sighed when my wet hand touched his dong, and he jerked, gushed out his crystal-clear virility to kiss my skin with its moist aromatic sting, a tiny spot of wet liveness upon my body!

I reached up for more spit and Gareth said, "You don't have to wet it down that way. I have some lubricant here. Stuff they actually made for this."

"Okay." I said and Gareth reached for a small table-with-box inside it (he called it a nightstand, I learned all these items of his had names) and pulled out a small bottle. He raised upright and I regarded his tumescent pud aiming at me as he squirted a bit of the fluid of the bottle onto his hand and began to rub it over his cock. The stuff didn't soak in like my saliva had, it stayed on top of him, giving his pud a shininess to it, it sparkled like the grass after a morning dew, silvery and brightly renewed.

"You want some of this up your ass?" He asked me.

"Nu-uh!" I said, shaking my head. I knew by now that if I wanted a man's cock inside me, I didn't need a lot of help taking it. And I wanted Gareth. "Let's save it for later."

He smiled, and reached and grabbed my ankles with his big paws of hands, lifted them high. "Are you ready for it?"

"Uh-huh!" I said emphatically.

"That's my horny little boy." He said approvingly. The tip of his glans touched my bunghole. "There it is and here it comes."

"Bring it on." I encouraged him.

His lubricant helped a lot, or maybe I was just so very ready for him, because I didn't have any trouble at all taking him inside me. Even Gareth marveled at the ease of his entrance. "My God, Charley." he said to me as his cock was about halfway in. "You really can take this, can't you?"

"Yeah." I breathed to him. "More. Give me more of it."

Gareth's eyes closed and his head rose up as he pushed even deeper into me than he had before. "Ah, shit, yeah!" He sighed. "Such a sweet little boy butt, Charley. God, I love fucking this tight little boy butt of yours. Shit, all those times I was fucking other men, I would think how much better it'd be if they were smaller around. But you are, and yet you still are taking all of me! God, it's great, just fucking great!"

"Fuck me, Gareth." I moaned. "Fuck me now."

"You got it, kid." he said and his lithe hips began their eternal motion to move his prick in and out of me. I sighed as I felt his thick pile-driver of a dong moving in and out of me. That lubricant really did help a lot. But there was more to it than that.

"Oh, oh, Gareth!" I gasped out. "I love you, Gareth, I love you!"

Gareth chuckled, a low, deep sound in his throat. "I love you, too, Charley. It's like I've been waiting for you all my life."

"Oh, me, too!" I panted. "Fuck me harder now, please, Gareth, fuck me harder!"

His motions sped up and I crooned with my joy as his dong pistoned in and out of me, my body was shivering all over from the raw rapture of it, the sheer sexual sensations that siphoned off my senses and converted them all to this, to feel Gareth's prick in my ass, moving in and out and delight and joy moving in its wake.

I gurgled, clung to him tightly and my small-boy climax shuddered me. Gareth felt my sphincter constrict around his cock and he gasped out, "Shit, boy, you're tighter than ever now, shit, that hurts!"

"Oh, oh, oh!" I was too lost in my orgasm to do anything even if I could have figured out what. When my joy crescendoed and dove back down into dark torpor once again, my butt released its killer grip on him and Gareth heaved a sigh of relief.

"Shit, kid, you really came that time, didn't you?"

"Oh, yeah!" I said in two quick breaths of sound. "It, was, great!" Three more exhalations and I could spare no more, I had to restore oxygen to my depleted body.

Gareth moved within me quicker now, and my climax-wracked body gave him no resistance at all, he could fuck me as he would and my body accepted it, and as he came to realize that, his thrusts into me became even more and more energetic and intense. I felt the power of his body moving and I looked up into his lust-glazed eyes and I closed my own, crooned once again. This was sheer joy, this moment, not even my climax could match it, this was me giving myself to Gareth, which was where I belonged, now and forever. This...THIS was my home! This was what made Gareth's place so special to me, that it belonged to me and him, the two of us, one house for one unit, Gareth and me, now and ever after!

Gareth was beginning to lose the smooth symphony of his muscles, now he was hunching with more urgency, as his pleasure rose in him and as I felt his body climb toward orgasm, I found my own body rising with him, riding with him, ready with him.

As Gareth gave a keening moan and his jizm spurted into my butt, I found myself again clinging to him as my body shuddered with my climax, we were two bodies connected in this moment of raw ecstasy, his joy was mine, and my desire was his, the two of forever!

Done, nearly insensible from the joy that had clawed me twice so closely together, I could only quiver in his arms, holding onto him as the only rock in my life, and his own body was slicked from sweat and I felt his body's oils playing over me on their leisurely drips from his body and their luxuriously slither down my own sides to the mat beneath us, and Gareth feebly used the last ergs of his strength to roll both of us over, so that I was atop him, though his cock still remained imbedded inside me.

"Ah, damn, kid, you caught me again!" Gareth said, chiding me in a not-serious tone. "I don't know if my dick can handle being mauled every time I stick it in you like this."

"It'll have to learn how." I said. "‘Cause I'm not letting go of it."

He laughed, a bark of sound quickly depleted of volume by the exhaustion of his frame. "You really are something." he said. "I think we just have time to take a bath and then we'd better get ready for the evening meal. The rule is, you're ready when it is or you do without. Ten minutes after that bell rings, we'd better be there with plates ready."

"Okay." I said. I gingerly pulled myself away from him, his glans released with a timorous popping feeling. "I need to get to know the people here, don't I?"

"You sure do." He said. "Thirty days from now, they're going to vote whether to keep you here."

"But if they don't let me stay." I said, then paused.

He completed it, "Then I'll come with you and we'll build our own walled town without them!"

"Maybe we can pick up Joey if that happens." I said. "Then there'd be two of us to keep you happy."

He chuckled. "Sounds like a plan to me. But let's try keeping you here, first." He rummaged about. "This shirt is a little large on me." he pulled it out. "I think you can wear it like a one-piece thing. We'll pull a tie around the waist for you. And I'll ask around, see who has something that'll fit you."

"Start getting me stuff to keep." I agreed. Yeah, stuff I needed but didn't have to use right away. Sheer luxury! If you don't believe me, try living without it for a while!

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