The Fires, Chapter Four

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Dean Cameron

Illustration of Fires #4

When dawn finally peeked through the trees, it shone upon two very determined young boys. We were getting the heck out of this town and find a fire!

But I found that Joey had come up with his own plan. Whereas I wanted to find a fire, he wanted to find Markham!

"You're kidding?" I said doubtfully when he told me this. "There are other people. Markham's done with this town until the next time, so anybody who comes by won't be part of Markham's group. We don't have to go with Markham."

"But he's got the biggest fire?" Joey asked out.

"Yeah, biggest one I ever seen." I agreed.

"And he likes boys?"

"I told you what he did to me." I said.

"But he'd keep me if I went to him."

"I guess so." I said. "If you don't mind him fucking you up the ass, and letting other men do the same."

"I don't mind." Joey said.

"You're nuts!" I said to him. "You don't know what it feels like! It hurts, it hurts so much!"

"But you can do it?"

"Yeah, you can do it."

"And after a while, it doesn't hurt as much?"

"No, after a while..." I agreed, trailing off. "Joey, I thought we were going to stay together. We don't have to go to Markham. There are other fires."

"But they may not take us." Joey pointed out.

"No, they might not." I agreed. "We'll have to ask them."

"But you said they'd kill us if they saw us!" Joey chided me. He was mentioning things we'd talked about the day before.

"Some would." I said. "We'll have to be careful."

"But Markham will take us for sure."

You can see we were arguing in circles, but neither of us were giving up. All this racket had the very effect the Professor had warned about so many times to me on our very quiet or someone will come rob us!

Joey and I were surrounded suddenly by three men. They were alike in all the ways that mattered, wearing only some brownish, stained rags, skinny from lack of food, gaunt-eyed from the lack of sleep you got from having a small fire (the Things would get too close and they would growl and grumble at you, you had to have plenty of wood for the fire all night and some people just didn't do it, or didn't have the energy to cut and gather that much wood), they had long, filthy beards and hair, their teeth were discolored and yellow, and they gave off a disquieting odor I couldn't quite identify. These men had been here for years, and the long knives in their hands, hammered out from lengths of metal, were wicked-looking.

"Would you look at these two?" one of them said.

"I didn't think there were any kids at all here." the second one said.

"This one's nice and fat." the third one said, poking at Joey. "I bet he's got some food close by."

"And if he doesn't, I bet he'd roast up nice and sweet." the first one said.

Oh, my God! Cannibals! The Professor had said that some people had been reduced to killing and eating other humans! I hadn't quite believed it.

"Cannibals!" I screamed out. "Joey, run! Run!" I started to run away and was grabbed by one of the men. Joey was luckier, he jerked away from one of the men who had his arm, and when the man reached to grab again, he collided with the second man, they tangled for a second...and that was enough to let Joey get clear and he was running!

"Run, Joey, run!" I screamed out. And I wasn't holding still, I was wriggling and kicking and clawing as best I could. It wasn't working.

"Well, we got this one, anyway." the first man said. "All right, kid, you know where there's some food hidden?"

"No!" I said. If I told them where Joey's hiding place was, he might be there and they'd catch him! "I don't have anything, let me go!"

"Well, if you don't have any food, then you can be food." one of the men said. He leered at me, leaned down and his tongue came out of his mouth, and he licked my cheek, I mean actually licked me. "He tastes like he's been eating good for a while, even though he is skinny."

"Last chance, kid." the third man said. "Give us food, or become food. You decide."

"Let me go!" I begged him. "Please, let me go!"

"I guess we eat long pig again tonight fellows." the second man said.

"At least this one'll be young and tender." the first man said. "Not tough like that last one we got."

I was ready to talk, then. I had to just hope Joey hadn't run back to his hidey hole, because in that hole was enough food to buy these men off, maybe enough to get them to turn me and him both loose.

As I sagged, ready to let these men raid Joey's hidey hole with him maybe in it, that's when it happened.

A clomping sound, and the first man jerked around, clutching his arm. "Ah! Damn!" he called out, and he was tugging and I realized that he had a metal spike of some sort in his arm. Blood was only beginning to ooze out around the edges of it.

"Shit." He moaned as he spun about. "I'm stuck!"

Another clomping sound, and I realized then I was hearing the sound of a metal throwing knife imbedding itself in a human's body, through flesh and into bone. The scream now came from the third man, and he was spinning around, and this knife was sticking out of the back of his left hip. "How-ow-ow-ow!" he howled.

The second man was now looking around, his long knife drawn.

And the knife-thrower, my savior, jumped down from the overhanging, wielding his own blade. Red-haired, he wore a wide grin that said he was more than able to fight off three cannibalistic scavengers. His body was wide shouldered and his stomach was taut and ridged, his arms were rounded and moved in easy synchronous waves as he swung his thick-bladed long knife around his head. His legs were spread apart and were like tree-trunks that swayed gently in the wind of his motions, bending but not giving way in the least.

"If you fellows are planning to eat tonight, you'd better pick something else. I don't think this little fellow would agree with you. I know I don't." He said the last line in a menacing tone.

It didn't faze the second man, who sprang at him. There was a clashing of blades, and I was worried for my rescuer, this man knew something about how to swing a blade himself. The red-haired man blocked the cannibal's pummeling attacks, using an easy motion that spoke of long practice and training, and then he gave a carefully-timed twirling flick of his wrist and the second man's knife went spinning away.

The first man was coming at the red-haired man with a large club and the red-haired man gave a sudden flip, landed on his shoulders, and his legs came up and he impacted the first man in his sternum with his feet and the first man went flying over his head and crashing into the side of a house, and the red-haired man kicked and bounced back up and landed right on his feet.

"Who's next?" He asked as he resumed swinging his sword.

The two cannibals left standing were taking to their heels. The third was still lying unconscious on the ground.

The man looked at me, swung his sword around and then returned it to the place on his belt where he had a long pocket hanging outside his pants for it; made of leather, the blade slid in easily and flawlessly.

"So, kid, how long you been here?" he said. "Haven't seen anyone young as you before."

"Where's Joey?" I said, realizing. "He ran off."


"Another boy, my age." I said.

He shook his head. "I haven't seen him." he said. "I heard you and your friend arguing and came to see what was going on. Good thing I did, wasn't it?"

"We have to find Joey." I said. "He's all alone here and he lost his hidey-hole last night. The Things will get him tonight for sure without a fire!"

He understood that and helped me look. But Joey wasn't at his hidey-hole and there was no sight of him the rest of that day. As for my friend, whose name turned out to be Gareth, he was patient, using the time to pick up some things here and there which he stuffed into a backpack he had with him, carrying the heavy load easily. He puzzled me in that he didn't scavenge for food, though he picked it up, he shared it with the others we met, which let me ask questions. With the fourth group we questioned, we learned that Joey had made it to Markham's camp and had basically taken my place in Markham's camp. I didn't know if Markham had fucked him yet, but I didn't want to know. Joey had made his choice. As for me...

I looked at my friend, and he looked at me and smiled. "Gareth, can I stay with you at your fire tonight?"

His response was to rub my hair. "I never expected that you wouldn't." He said. "You need a place to stay, don't you?"

"Yeah." I agreed.

"We have room for you in New Haven." he said.

"New Haven?" I asked, puzzled. "What's that?"

"You'll see it, tomorrow."

"Cool." I agreed.

"We'd better get traveling." he said, casting a glance at the sky. "We'll have to reach my camp before nightfall, after all."

"Okay." I was more than ready to go with him. After all, he'd saved my life and this "New Haven" sounded like a place I'd be safe from the Things. You spend a night with the Things clawing at you and you in the corner with only a tiny axe to protect yourself, you'll grab any chance of safety that comes your way.

On the way, my sleepness night before caught up with me, I began to stumble and yawn. When I nearly fell, he caught me and said, "Tired out, are you?"

"Yeah." I said. "I don't know if I can walk much further."

He shifted the backpack, scooped me up and said, "You don't have to walk any further."

I went soundly to sleep cradled in his arms.

I woke up some time later, realizing vaguely that he had shifted me several times. I was sleeping with my head resting on his leg, and I turned onto my back and looked up.

"Are you hungry?" he asked me.

I looked first at the fire, a nice big one that would last. "Yeah." I agreed.

I sat up and yawned, and he reached a long, big arm forward and pulled back a long stick. On the stick were hunks of meat mixed with vegetables, all of them roasted and smelling wonderful. He pointed the stick at a plate and used his knife to scrap e them off the stick, some slid down, others fell apart. "There you go." he said to me. "Eat hearty. You slept through lunch, you know."

I ate eagerly. "Where are we going now?" I asked him.

"Back to New Haven." he said. I came here mostly to look around, check on Markham's group.

"What's New Haven?" I asked him again.

"A village." he said.

"Huh?" I said to that. "But if we needed a village, why not just stay where we were?"

He stared at me, then laughed. "You really have grown up here, haven't you? No, New Haven isn't a village like the kind you grew up with. In New Haven, people actually live there."

I was shocked. "But the Things! What do you do about the things?"

"Same as we're doing right here. Fires. Plus a high wall. And they try things on us now and then anyway, but we're not giving up."

"Really?" I said, doubtful about this. The one time I had tried to spend a night inside a town, well, you know what happened with me and Joey. "Can they get in?"

"They do sometimes." Gareth admitted.

I thought about Joey with the Thing holding onto his leg, dragging him out. If the Thing had gotten his leg outside, it would have started eating him! I shivered. "I don't want them to get me." I said.

"They won't get you." Gareth promised.

"Why not?" I asked, genuinely curious.

Gareth smiled gently. "Because I won't let them get you."

You can't imagine what that promise meant to me. The Professor had always said that without the fire, the Things would get me. Markham had said that the fire was my job and if I didn't keep it up, he'd let the Things get me. Again, the fire was my only protection from the Things. Joey's protection hadn't worked. No protection other than the fires.

Only now, I had another protection. Gareth and his blade.

Gareth just smiled when I went over and sat in his lap and put my arms around him. One massive arm curled around my back and formed my backrest.

"I'm glad I belong to you now." I said.

"Belong to me?" he said.

"First I belonged to the Professor." I said. "Then he died. Then I belonged to Markham. I didn't like him and I left. Now I belong to you. I like you." I said and I hugged him tighter.

"I like you, too, kid." he said. "When they got you, the first thing you thought of was warning your friend to get clear. If you'd run the moment you realized what they were, you could have gotten away, did you know that? But you stood still and warned your friend and then tried to run, it's why they got you, did you know that?"

"No." I admitted.

"It's why I like you." he said.

"Good." I said and snuggled in closer. Long as the fire was burning brightly, I didn't need his long knife to take care of me. A bright fire gave us time to do other things.

I slid off his lap to sit beside him and my hand went up his thigh to under his tunic, and I found that he was using a trick of such garments, the bottom half was just leggings, there was an open space between, the material was only pulled together. Knowing this, I slid my hand right up between the leggings and found his manhood between, soft, warm, yielding, supple. My fingers were plowing through the almost formless mass, separating out the penis from the balls, they felt exactly alike to me, when I heard Gareth gasp.

Shock, surprise, his breath a hissing intake of breath. "Hey, hey!" He said to me and his hand came down to stop me, but he hit the top of his tunic and the stiff material prevented him from doing so, and then I had his prick in my fingers, still soft and almost flimsy-feeling, but I had a grip on it now.

I smiled up at him, his mouth an "O" of surprise, and said, "Feels good." I said. "Clean, too, Markham's was dirty and smelled funny."

"What are you doing?" he said to me, his voice for the first time not at all assured and comfortable and easy and light-hearted.

"Feeling your dick." I said. "If I belong to you, this is what I should do."

"Belong to me?" Gareth said. "Hey, I said you could stay with me. I didn't bring you here for this. No matter what Markham made you do."

"You mean you want me to stop?" I asked him. His cock was firming up, getting nice and hard and stiff. Now my fingers had no trouble hanging onto it. "You feel bigger than Markham, too, I think."

"But, but Charley..." Gareth said helplessly.

"Gareth." I said to him intently. "I belong to you now. I got to belong to you." I said urgently.

"But...but...shit!" Gareth said. "Charley, if we were back home, there's no way you and me could do this. I'd be back in college, and you'd be in grade school, for chrissake!"

I knew what he meant by "back home." "This is my home." I said. "Always has been.

And I want to." I began to pull his pud up and down, the thick foreskin velvety warm in my palm. "And there's no going back home." I pointed out. "We're stuck here, both of us, forever and ever." His cock was harder than ever. "I want to belong to you." I said again.

Gareth closed his eyes and raised his face up to the sky, expelled a heavy breath. "Okay." he said. "Okay." he said again after a moment, and in that one word was a galaxy of relaxation.

I scooted down and snuggled over to get my face up to his crotch, and he lifted his tunic up and aside for me and I saw his cock, a tall curving blade shining in the firelight. Then I saw more and giggled. "Your hair is red down there, too."

"Yeah." He agreed. "It's red all over."

"Will mine be blonde?"

"I guess so."

"Cool." I said, and I put my mouth onto that cockhead. The glans was small and almost pointed, it fit into my mouth easily, and I even had room to run my tongue over it as I pressed my lips down over the foreskin beneath.

Gareth moaned as I licked his cock. "Aw, fuck." He breathed. "I can't believe we're doing this.

I sucked upwards on it hard, pulling his foreskin all the way over and up and then let it fall, freeing my mouth, and I said, "Your cock tastes better than Markham's, too." I said. "I knew it would."

"Oh, yeah, suck it some more." Gareth asked me. "Please, Charley, suck it some more."

I was glad to resume my working of his cock, and it oozed grateful pearls of clear precome for my tongue to taste as I moved up and down the clean, brightly shining shaft. This was something more than it had been with Markham or Scottie, this was me doing it because I wanted to. I'd called it wanting to belong to Gareth, but this was more like I wanted to make him happy, give him pleasure, reward him for saving my life, for taking me in, for not making me return to Markham. So many men would have gladly turned me back to Markham, but Gareth was taking me to New Haven. And there was Gareth as well, honest, strong, caring, kind. All the elements of the Professor, but where the Professor had been white-haired and his hands had trembled all the time and his muscles had stood out in thin lines like cords on his body, Gareth was young and vital and powerful and his muscles bulged out in triumphant bulky energy waiting to be tapped!

"Aw, yeah, fuck, yeah!" Gareth moaned as I plied my newly-won skill on his pud. "Yeah, if this is what it means for you to belong to me, I love it, yeah!"

I had been coating Gareth's cock with my saliva all along, and I judged the thick coat it now wore sufficient. "Oh, this isn't me belonging to you." I said. "That takes more."

"More?" Gareth almost whimpered.

"You need to fuck me for that." I assured him.

"Ah, shit!" Gareth answered that. "Kid, can you do it? You're so fucking little?"

"I can do it." I said. Scottie was bigger around than you, and I took him.

While I pulled my clothes off, Gareth shucked his leggings and pulled his tunic off over his head. I was glad of that and I watched his white body lay back, ready for my services.

"Okay, you ready?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah." Gareth breathed. "I'm so fucking ready for you, kid. Sit on my dong, let me see you sit on it!"

I straddled his waist, slender and supple and sleek, and I squatted down and my fingers guided his pud up to my asshole spread wide by my posture. Gareth's thin-tipped cock fit into the pliable opening easily and I looked at this strong man lying under me, waiting for me to do what I wanted to do, taking that and no more, and I found that my body opened for him easily, I could almost sit straight down on him just as I was!

Gareth began to moan as my sphincter closed upon his glans, and as I slid him deeper into me, his moan grew and extended, a single, solitary groan that contained all of his soul in it. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuhhhh!"

And I was seated upon his lap again, this time his pulsing dong buried in my butt, and I closed my own eyes and I groaned myself. "Oohhhh, yeahhhhhh!" I said.

"Oh, fuck, a little kid is sitting on my cock." Gareth moaned. "Shit, if the guys back on the football team could see this, they'd fucking totally freak!"

"They're not here." I reminded him. "It's just you and me."

"Yeah." He agreed. "You want to make the movements, or should I?"

I was grateful for this choice. "Let me do it first." I said. "I want to make you glad I belong to you."

"Oh, uh, yeah!" Gareth grunted as I began to rise up and down, sending his throbbing member in and out of my bowels. "Oh, yeah, ride my dick, boy, ride my dick! Fuck, oh, fuck, yeah!"

"Ah, ah, ah!" I agreed. This was feeling so good, good in a way that the other times never had. I think the difference was in my choice, in the way that I was doing this myself, not having it done to me, and I could stop if I wanted to. But if I did, Gareth would be disappointed, and I didn't want him disappointed in me, ever.

So I rode my rescuer, my hero, my lover and new master, I rode him gloriously in the night and even the rumbles of the Things outside as they prowled around, looking ceaselessly for the gap in the light that would let them get us, they didn't bother me the way they had before, always, that bit of nervousness that kept me waking and searching for the fire. For now, I had Gareth and the Things would never get me, never!

It became a game for me, a marvelous, varied game, as I wrung pleasure from Gareth's massive body, watching his face as it crinkled and wrinkled and grimaced and grinned in desire, I wanted this to be the best he ever had, bind him to me with the love and passion that was mine to give and his to take, an eternal gift that would always be his and be mine.

"Ah, ah, aw, fuck, Charley, I'm going to come." Gareth moaned. "God, I need to come!"

I grinned at his vulnerable, loving face, flushed and smoothed by his need, he was mine now, and I was his, this moment was all it took and the rest...that was ours to celebrate with!

"Oh, yeah, shoot it in me!" I begged Gareth. "Come on, shoot it in me, I want it in me, all of it, yeah, yeah!"

"Oh, fuck, yeah, fuck, uh, fuck, yeah, fuck, uh, fuck!" Gareth panted. "O-ah, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'mmmm co-o-o-o-o-mmmminnnnggg!" And I felt his jizz shooting up into me, hot, heavy squirts that ballooned my intestines outward until they strained to hold this heavy package and I felt how my body was holding onto it, all of it. None of it was escaping, not one drop!

And then I felt my own climax hit me, without a hand on my prick, without stroking myself or being stroked, my body found its ecstasy without the stimulation of my prick, and my prick was turned from the master of joy into its tool, and my body told my cock to ignite and it did, and so the pleasure flowed in reverse somehow and yet it was just as wonderful as ever before, even more wonderful because this time, my body was following my mind, and my climax was not a betrayal of myself.

My pleasure done, I panted and looked down at Gareth, his face still clenched and teeth gritted from his last dregs of joy and I gasped out, "Now I belong to you." and I fell over onto him and I plastered my body against his, and I clung to him tightly, and this was like a moment of birth for me, my birth into a new life as Gareth's boy.

Gareth tiredly petted my head and didn't try to shift me off from him. After a moment, he pulled the blankets over us and I looked at the fire.

I could sleep three or four hours before I'd have to get up and feed this fire. My lifetime of practice setting an internal alarm, I went to sleep, my head pillowed on Gareth's broad chest, rocking me with every breath he took, and I floated to dreams on this gently undulating sea of his strength.

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