The Fires, Chapter Two

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Eduardo
Illustration of Fires #2

My new guardian had lots of things, more than the Professor and I had ever had. When he saw the blanket I was laying out to sleep under, he said, "Hey, kid, you going to sleep on the bare ground?"

"Sure." I said, surprised. I'd never slept any other way. Leaves would warm up after a time, in colder weather, I would burrow down into them a ways and hit that warmer layer of decaying leaves beneath, sleeping with the worms and bugs skittering there for the sake of being warmer from the black mulch, and pulling more leaves over top of me.

"Dig some more out of the wagon there." He pointed. "It's trade goods, but no reason you can't use it until I can sell it."

"Thanks." I said. My ass still ached from his fucking of me, but with this man's stew inside my stomach, so warmly comfortable after days of little to eat, and with his offer of a sleep more comfortable than I'd even dared dream of, I was only grateful and smiling.

I got up on the wagon and found a huge, thick blanket, big and puffy. "Can I take this?" I asked.

"Take whatever you want, kid." my guardian said. "You're living with Markham now, and Markham is me. Only the best, that's my motto."

"Yes, sir." I said gratefully.

"Long as you do what I want you to, you'll only have the best." Markham said. "Now you get some sleep."

"Want me to keep an eye on the fire tonight for you, sir?" I said. "That's what I'd do for the Professor."

"Hey, that's your job from now on." Markham said. "One of them, anyway."

"Yes, sir." I said. I looked at the huge flame. "How big do you want the fire to be overnight, sir?" He had a very big fire going.

"Keep it the same size all night long. We have plenty of wood, just keep it going. I've found those Things climbing up on them, and they steal things up, too, sometimes. The fire has to stay big to keep the wagons safe."

"Yes, sir." I said. I decided to keep a fair distance from the fire when sleeping, I was used to the cooling air to wake me up, warn me when the fire was going down.

"Ahh!" Markham said as he lay back. "To sleep the entire night through without having to get up. Kid, I'm going to like having you around and not just because you have a really nice, warm butt to fuck."

I grinned at him. "Me, too, sir. I'm glad to be with you." I really was. Waking up to add to the fire wasn't anything new to me, and when I did sleep I was going to have all kinds of comfort, not just a ragged blanket over me. A sore butt was a small price to pay.

I added to the fire every so often all night, going right back to sleep each time. Maybe tomorrow I'd get a little closer to the fire, soon I could sleep right up next to it, like Markham was. Even so, I was enjoying a level of luxury I'd never known before.

It continued the next morning, I awoke to the smell of heaven. Markham was cooking breakfast. Bread cooking in a Dutch oven over the fire, a skillet with eggs and bacon in it. Eggs! I'd never had eggs, never seen them for real, even. I'd only seen pictures of them, that and the Professor's description of them. He had spoken of them in terms that made my mouth water, me eating my corn mush and utterly tired of it.

"How do you like your eggs, Charley?" Markham said to me. "Fried or scrambled?"

"I don't know." I admitted. "I've never had eggs before."

"Growing kid has to eat." Markham said. "Get some meat on those bones, make that bony butt of yours nice and round, good for humping."

"Yes, sir." I agreed.

"I'll fry the eggs, already got the bacon grease here. You check the biscuits and make sure they're not burning."

So I had a breakfast like nothing I'd ever had before. Eggs tasted a little funny, with the yellow stuff running all over, but good. Bacon was as good as the other times I'd had it (a couple of times, always for supper), and the biscuits were soft, sweet and fluffy, not the hard, flat, bland things the Professor had cooked for us.

By the end of that breakfast, I was ready to do anything that Markham wanted me to do. Really! If he had asked me to come over and sit down on his cock, I would have raced over to do it.

I soon found out why Markham's camp looked so lived in. He'd been here a while. He made his living by trading, people would come to him with the things they'd gotten in the towns and trade him for the things they needed but didn't find. They had to give Markham more than they got, but hey, like Markham said, they needed these things he had and didn't need what they brought in.

We had a lot of people coming in and out, and only one guy puzzled me. He arrived in the afternoon, and after meeting with Markham, he was waiting around. When it was time to eat, he shared in our food, even though Markham hadn't shared lunch with anyone else but me, though four guys had stood watching us hungrily. Markham had had to pull his sword on one guy, a nasty blade made out of a length of steel and ground to a sharp edge. But this new guy, Markham laughed and talked with him, shared food with him, and also some stuff in a bottle they both drank out of. I sniffed it once, while I was handing it from Markham to this new guy (Markham called him Scottie but I didn't think that was his real name from other things they said), and it smelled awful. I jerked my head back and they laughed.

When the sun started going down for sure, I said to Markham. "Is this guy staying with us tonight?"

"Sure." Markham said. "Scotty and me are friends. He keeps an eye on the town, knows when new stuff is put into them, and gets first grab at them. Then he comes here and trades with me."

"Huh?" I said.

"When new things are put into the towns, I go in first." Scott repeated.

"New things put into the towns?" I said. "How?" I'd never thought about it, the Professor and I had to search a lot for the few things we'd gotten. The backs of cabinets, the top shelves of closets, the space under the stairs, the buildings outside.

"The Things do it." Scottie said. "They carry things into the towns at night. It's why you can't stay in the towns at night, they go into the houses and put things inside them. They don't like you getting too close to the towns, either, but there are places where a man can camp and still see what they're doing."

"Really?" I said, surprised. Then, "You're funning me, aren't you?"

"Honest truth." Markham said. "You never wondered why, us carrying goods out of the towns, all the men in these hills about, and we never run out?"

"Not really." I admitted.

"Even the fresh food sometimes." Scottie said. "Like those eggs I brought Markham three days ago, he give you any of those? Dozens of eggs in trays, just sitting on a table in a kitchen of a house that had been bone empty the day before. I traded two dozen of them to him."

"Really?" I was surprised by this. "The Professor and me never found anything like those eggs. Some bacon now and then, hanging in a barn. And some meat we got once, the Professor said it was a leg of lamb...." I trailed off. That lamb leg had been fresh, blood still dripping from it. "Okay, somebody puts the stuff in the towns at night."

"Smart kid." Scottie said. "That why you're keeping him around."

"But why do the Things do that?" I asked.

"Charley, if we understood these Things, we could do something about them." Markham said. "As it is, we just have to keep alive."

"You could try heading over the hill." Scottie said. "Other people have. Of course, they've never come back, even when they promised people they would. None of them. One of them was a man I'd known for nearly seven years." He paused, then said, "I found his ring, though. In one of the houses. The Things brought it back and left it with the other stuff."

"But the fires." I said. "They won't come close while the fires burn."

"No, they don't." Scottie said. "But they get those people who leave anyway. Better to live like we are, and stay alive."

"Yeah." I said after a while. Then, "You really go into the towns first and take all the good stuff?"

"Hey, if I don't take it, someone else will."

" that fair to the other guys?" I thought about the ragged, hungry-looking men I'd seen. How often I'd been hungry myself.

"Fair?" Markham and Scottie both started laughing. Not a nice laugh, a long, hard, mean laugh. "Nothing's fair about any of this." Markham said when they were done. "Look around you." Nothing but darkness. You remember how things were before you came here?"

I shook my head no.

"I do." Scottie said. "I was in college, playing on a football team, driving my car and going out on dates, movies, trips to the beach." He turned to looked at me. "Any of this familiar to you?"

I shook my head again.

" was great, all of it. Then I woke up one morning and I was here. Wearing nothing but the briefs I had on when I went to bed the night before. Didn't know where I was, and I still don't know. Found a house and I would have stayed there if I hadn't run into one of Markham's men. I was scared shitless for days and days. Now, I'm not scared anymore. This is life for us now, kid." Scottie said. "Get used to it."

I shrugged. "Nothing for me to get used to." I said I after a time. "I don't remember anything else."

"Count yourself lucky." Scottie said to me. "Markham's taken you in. I have to work like hell, sometimes fight off other men for the good stuff, just to stay alive, and here you just walk in, and get taken care of for nothing."

"I wouldn't say that." I retorted. "I'm being useful to Markham."

Scottie snorted. "What can a little kid like you do for him?"

"I keep the fires burning at night." I said. "I fetch things for him when he asks me to. And he likes to fuck my ass."

I heard a strangled sound from Markham. Scottie looked at me. "He fucks your ass?"

"Yeah." I said. Then, "Well, he did last night, and I figure he'll do it again tonight."

"So that's your job around here." Scottie said.

"Yeah." I said. "And I'm good at it."

"Yeah?" Scottie asked me.

"Yeah." I said.

Scottie surprised me. He turned to Markham and said, "How much?"

"You got any more of those eggs?"

"I got eggs."

"Two dozen of them."

"One dozen." Scottie countered. "God knows when I'll find more of them."

"Eighteen, then." Markham said.

"Deal." Scottie said. "But I get him for the entire night if I want him."

Markham shrugged. "Fine with me."

They shook hands, which puzzled me. "What were you trading for?" Throughout the day, the items had been in plain view, examined, probed for holes, rusty spots scratched at, virtues exalted and flaws magnified. But these two had empty hands.

"A piece of your ass." Scottie said. "Want to see if you're as good as you claim you are."

"He's good." Markham affirmed. "Raw but eager. You won't have to hold him down while you fuck him."

"Fuck me?" I was surprised. "But...but I belong to you." I said to Markham.

Markham shrugged. "That's why I get to sell you if I want to. But I won't sell you, kid. Just rent you out now and then."

"Bet you're better than those scrawny dudes the others have to sell." Scottie said. "I've never seen anyone as young as you here, not by a long shot. But you're not too bony for a kid."

"I'm going to fatten him up, get him nice and round and soft." Markham affirmed.

I was standing there, goggling. My ass hurt me all over again of a sudden. It was one thing to have one man doing that to you. But if he was going to sell me to often would he do that?

While I was thinking that, Scottie was opening his pants and then he took it out.... "Oh, my God!" I said. "No!"

Scottie was bigger than Markham. He had pads on his shoulders and upper body he'd made out of old tires, that made him look even more muscular than he was, that an forearm protectors like Markham had. In a knife fight, the forearms were the most vulnerable, exposed part, even I knew that, though the Professor and I had avoided fights. We'd watched a couple of times, though, from our hiding places while others fought over and took away the stuff we'd hoped to get for ourselves.

The Professor had never taught me to fight. I don't think he even knew how. It was why we'd lived on crumbs while other men had become almost wealthy, like Markham and Scottie. Men who could buy and sell little boys like me.

"Come on, kid." Scottie said. Let's start with you getting a lip-lock on this whanger of mine. It's hungry."

I went over and knelt at his feet, looked up at him.

"Take it in your hand. Don't worry, it won't bite you." Scottie said and snickered meanly.

I took the warm prick in my hand, feeling its heat on my palm, it almost radiated at my cheek.

"Now let's see how well you can suck it for me." Scottie said. "Remember, you suck it good enough, I might not fuck you."

I'd had my bit of training the night before, I knew at least this time what to expect. That helped quite a bit. My mouth could open enough to take him and I lowered my head onto his prick, and when I closed my lips around his cock, Scottie lunged at me with his hips, and drove it in.

Too big! It was too big! I immediately choked, coughed, sputtered, but Scottie's hands grabbed the back of my head and held me in place. I gagged again, and again, and felt my bile rising up in me, felt the rush of vomit coming up my gullet, and I think Scottie felt it, too, for he let go of me and I felt down onto my hands, coughing, trying not to puke up on his shoes. I didn't know what he'd do to me if I did!

"Damn, kid, you can do better than that." Scottie said scornfully. "There's a young fellow Torville has that can take two of these at once, take them both all the way up or all the way down, even likes it. Maybe I paid too much for you, eh?"

"No refunds." Markham said lazily. I looked at him, reclining, watching us but in a way that said he wouldn't step in no matter what happened. No help there!

"Try it again, kid." Scottie ordered and lifted his dong up to my lips. There was nothing else for it, I had to open my mouth and let him push that huge thing right into my mouth. Just like before, he pushed it in hard, trying to drive the entire immense length into my throat.

I tried, and this time I got the entire length inside my mouth at least, though I barely touched the bush of pubic hair at his base before I had to let him go again, and this time he didn't stop me.

"That's better, kid, but not better enough by a long shot. If you can keep it in there, I won't fuck you."

God, what a choice! I could strangle on his pud or be split into two when he shoved it up my bum! I couldn't take him, either way!

I tried a couple more times on his cock, managing at best a couple of strokes before I gagged beyond endurance. Scottie got tired of that and said, "I've wasted enough time on you, kid. I know your butt can take it, so turn around."

I did, but not to bend over, I started to run instead, though I had no place to go. There had to be a place that was far enough from the fire that Scottie wouldn't follow, but not far enough that the Things would get me. Would there be?

I started to go around the back side of the larger wagon, and a form was there. Two of them, looking at me with glowing eyes, and I heard a growl. Things! Things! Only shadows in shadows, but they showed the way a black cat shows, as a moving living thing closer than the darkness beyond it. You don't see it, you sense it somehow, only a cat is little and these things were big, bigger than me, bigger than Scottie or Markham, I felt/sensed too that they had claws and fangs that craved the chance to dig into me.

I skidded to a stop and backed away and that's when Scottie grabbed me. By then, I didn't care! I whimpered in fear and clung to his big, strong arms, begging them to protect me.

There are worse things than being fucked by a lusty, horny man. Much, much worse.

"Okay." I whined. "Okay, I'll do it."

I undressed entirely at his orders, small, white, helpless, as Scottie lowered me back onto the ground and lifted my legs up. "All that running dried my dick out." Scottie growled. "You should have let me push it right in, you would have had more to lubricate it."

He pressed his pud between my buttocks and I felt my saliva there, more like the coating that lines the throat, heavy, slimy, and it was gummy from the exposure to the air. That was what I had to help me take his cock into my ass.

The huge bulb of his glans pushed into me, and I could only moan. I had nowhere to go, I could only lay there and let this big man do whatever he wanted. And he would be only the first of the men that Markham would sell me to. I thought of the men who had come by that day, dirty, nasty, evil-laughing men, some smelling of blood, others smelling of only their own filth. Scottie was the best of this doubtful breed, he at least was clean and self-respecting. Most of the men of the fires did only that little which let them stay alive, thinking only of their own pleasures as whim struck them. Only a few like Markham and Scottie thought ahead, small wonder they were friends.

Scottie wasn't my worst nightmare. He was the best of the group still to come! They would only get worse!

That combined with the pain of his cockhead pushing into my butt, spreading me out, out, further than Markham had, and still it pushed me outwards, I felt my hips, even, being pushed apart for this man, and then, God, only then, the glans made it inside me!

Scottie grunted in approval and began at once to shove deeper into me. I had no time to get used to him, he plowed into the burrow of my bowels, pressing my innards outwards, I could no longer tell how much his hurting of me was my body tearing and how much was just the incredibly huge pressure of his organ cramming me beyond full.

"Oh, oh, take it out, take it out!" I cried out at last. I didn't know what Markham would do if Scottie was disappointed, but right then I didn't care. He could beat me if he wanted, I couldn't stand it anymore! "Take it out!"

"Hell, no!" Scottie growled. "I just got the mother into you."

I squirmed and surprised him, I was breaking away from him and I managed to pivot on that monstrous fulcrum of his cock and got onto my knees, and from there I could have sidled away, but he held me down, threw me flat onto the ground from there, and the fall drove his shaft back into me to the hilt, and I moaned.

"Oh, God, take it out, please, take it out!" I babbled. "Please, I'll suck it again, I'll do whatever you want me, too, just take it out!"

"Hold still." was his only response. "Little prick, you cost me eighteen eggs. Eggs! I haven't had eggs in three years, and I paid eighteen of them for your ass, and I'm taking it, so shut the fuck up!"

I lay my head down on the ground and sobbed as Scottie pulled my hips up higher. Now he had me where he wanted me, his cock inside me and me ready to be fucked. My pain was irrelevant, he was the only thing that mattered.

His strong hips drove his prick in and out of me, his thighs slapped my buttocks with wetly-crimson-colored sounds of flesh against flesh, whap-whap-whap! Each sound was the punctuation to my violation, my body quivering like so much wet pudding as he rammed his dong in and yanked it out, small grunts of animal satisfaction escaping his lips.

"Ah, yeah, kid, now you're being a good boy." Scottie grunted at me with piggish syllables. "Such a soft little-boy cunt you got here. Gah, get a bit more meat on this ass and it'll be nearly as much fun to fuck as my girlfriend's pussy was. Guh, uh, huh, uh!"

"He's going to be a top-notch whore once we get him broken in." Markham said.

"Ah, ah, damn right!" Scottie said. "You give me regular shots at him and I'll sing his praises to everybody I talk to, you'll have them lined up to fuck this kid all day long. Then I get him again at night!"

"I still need my turns on him." Markham said. "You just take your fuck and leave the boy to me."

All this talk about me while Scottie fucked my ass, like I was nothing. Nothing and, not quite. I was a butt they could fuck. Markham took care of me, the way he took care of anything he wanted to sell! I couldn't bear it, I couldn't!

I had to get away. That was certain. I couldn't run out into the darkness, and escape in the daytime, easier enough to do, wasn't much better. I remembered my panic as the sun began to set. I had to have someone to take care of me. Someone better than Markham or Scottie.

I had to get to the towns. That was where I'd seen people before, always. Not every time, every day, but more than I ever saw them in the forest. It was my best chance to get away from this horrible life I'd fallen into.

Scottie went into the towns. He could take me there, if Markham would let him. Or Scottie would pay for the privilege of keeping me for the next day.

Bracing myself, I began to fuck back against Scottie's thrusting piston of a schlong, extending and accentuating his pleasure. Scottie began to groan as I did. "Ah, damn, kid, you're getting into it now, aren't you?"

"Yeah." I managed to lie out through clenched teeth.

"You like being fucked by me, don't you?"

"Yeah." that low sound from me again.

"Tell me how much you like it." Scottie panted. He was getting more excited, his cock was stiffer than ever now, a hard, red-hot prong in my bowels, steaming its way in and out of me.

"It's good, yeah, I like it, yeah!" I got out.

Scottie moaned and laid over on top of me and got hold of my cock. It was limp but the feel of his hands suddenly got me hard. This was the way, this was my ticket out of this place, I had to please Scottie enough that he'd take me with him. Maybe even for more than one day, if I didn't see anyone else. My body somehow understood that, helped me lie to him, told him that I really, truly liked being fucked by his powerful rod.

So I got a stiff prick and Scottie fondled it between thumb and forefinger, a tiny pellet of boyhood and he worked it and I felt my body, willing deceiver, tingle from the sensations. "Oh, yeah, yeah!" I moaned.

"God, kid, you're damned hot!" Scottie gasped. "Shit, I never knew a little kid could be so fucking horny, you little fucker!" he slavered in my ear. "You damned little prick, God, such a good fuck, such a good fuck!"

"Take me with you." I whispered back. "Give him more eggs, enough to let me go with you for a couple of days. I'll make you happy, honest I will."

"Oh, shit, yeah!" Scottie groaned. "God, I got to fuck this ass all night long, all night long!"

"Oh, sir, I'm feeling good. It's good, it's good, it's goo-oo-oo-ood!" I guttered as the tiny climax assailed my brain.

"Hot little stud, God, so hot!" Scottie groaned. "Hot, hot, hah, hah, hah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"

"Shoot it, sir, shoot it!" I urged him, though I felt weary and limp and his cock was like hot raw meat in my butt. "Give it to me, sir, give it to me."

"Oh, yeah, little ass, little boy ass, hot, hot, hah, hah, ah, ah, AHH-GUH, HUHHH!" And Scottie was coming now. God, his load was heavy, sticky, thick. It didn't flow into me, it pelted me like shots of gravel, hitting my intestines, boiling and stinging as it struck, and I groaned and hoped he'd mistake that for pleasure, raised my head up and crooned.

As Scottie finished, as he slumped down and his heavy weight pinned me, I saw again the Things, peering around the wagon. Those eyes were familiar, it was like the same Thing had been following me around. Well, as long as I had the fire, he couldn't get me! Scottie's arms curled up to encircle me and it was protection, not protection given freely but at a high price, but it was protection and I accepted it, let it keep me from the fear as the Thing glowered and grumbled at me.

"God, you have such a hot little ass on this one." Scottie said and I almost answered. He was speaking to Markham. I was only property.

"I told you you'd be happy."

As Scottie started to get up, I whispered again, "Remember. Take me with you. I want to go with you."

Scottie didn't say a word to me. He went back over and got his clothes, pulled them up over his still-sticky cock and buttoned them, sat down next to Markham. Markham opened another bottle of that stuff they'd been drinking. I watched for a while and then made my bed. I still had the fire to keep an eye on.

Until I had another protector, this was my life. My plans suddenly didn't seem so worthwhile anymore. Where was I going to find a protector better than these two? And if I did, what could I offer him except the very same ass these two were using?

The Things mumbled behind me, a little too close and I got up hurriedly and fetched wood.

Like it or not, until something better came along, this was my fire. I'd better take good care of it.

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