The Candy Man

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Shoka
Illustration of Candy.Man

School was out! Only another week and it would be summer vacation! Eight-year-old Max ran out the door with all the other kids at Tompkinville Elementary school, feeling the exuberance, nearly summertime! Most of the other kids ran for their bikes, for Tompkinville was small enough to let most of them ride their bicycles to and from school. Max hoped to get a bicycle. His birthday was next month; maybe Mom was saving up for one. He'd certainly hinted about one enough, though he and Mom didn't have a lot of money. They had enough trouble just making the rent on their house. But Tompkinville was a great place to live, a small town by the sea in the hollow of a bay, with clean air, clean streets, houses that looked like they had all been built a century before, a town where everyone was friendly...a town frozen in time.

On foot, Max could take shortcuts that the other kids couldn't. Not that they were all heading the same place, but enough of them were that he wanted to get there first. Two blocks away (three by bicycle) was the sweet shop! There it was up ahead, a small white building much like a house, with wide windows decorated with pastel renditions of the store's contents...candy! All kinds of candy!

There was a new sign in the window, too, "Under New Management" but he didn't read it or think anything of it. He was too eager to get there, and see Old Man Seville, who always gave him a free piece of candy! Today, he'd ask for one of the Russian caramels, mm-mmhhh! His mouth watered at the thought of it, soon now, soon!

Inside, he stopped in front of the counter, looked up and was shocked! "You're not Mr. Seville!" he blurted out.

"That's right." the man behind the counter said to him. "What do you want to buy?"

"Buy?" Max said. "But Mr. Seville always gives me a piece of candy, every day!" He said this in the voice of any boy denied what he had come to consider to be his right, whining but defiant, as well.

"Well, Mr. Seville retired." the man said. "This is my store now, and I don't give away free samples."

"But Mr. Seville...."

"I'm not Mr. Seville!" the man said. "Now, what do you want to buy?" This man was nothing like Mr. Seville, who had been short, round, balding, kindly and fair skinned, this man was tall, thin, swarthy in complexion, skin the color of rich caramel, with black hair and mustache, and black eyes, the deep black color of fresh licorice.

"Nothing." Max said, disconsolately and walked out, sat on the steps outside. Other kids were entering, kids with money, kids who bought their candy every day. Max watched through the window, watching with his empty pockets, always empty pockets. His mother was too poor to give him an allowance; she had enough trouble keeping clothes on his body and food on the table. Old Man Seville knew that, knew about Max and his mother, it was why he had always given Max a piece of candy after school every day. "Just one piece of candy," he muttered. "Is that so much?" But it was important to an eight-year-old boy! Mr. Seville was gone, what was he going to do now? Would he even be allowed to hang around here until his Mom got home from work? And summer coming, too!

He sat down on the sidewalk and looked through one of his books, the one his class had been reading. He leafed through it, not wanting to go home without the candy but not having anywhere else to go. Looking ahead, he saw the boy raking leaves, and then in the next scene, the woman giving the boy money. He looked at it again. That was the answer!

He looked back at the window and saw the sign in the window near the door being turned over from "Open" to "Closed." He yelped, "Hey!" and darted in before the man could close the door.

"I'm closing." the man told him. "You want to buy something now?"

"No." Max admitted.

"Then time to leave." The man pulled down the shades on the first window. His body, visible now to Max, was strong and lithe, the muscles moved on his arms and back as he bent down to pull the shade fully down. He turned and saw Max still standing there. "Time to go." he repeated.

"No!" Max said. "I mean, I want to talk to you."

"I'm not giving away any free candy." The man closed the blinds on the other window, turning the sweet shop dim, secret...magical, almost. All this candy, sitting there, waiting for someone to come along and eat it! And in the midst of it, this man with skin like caramel, eyes like licorice, teeth like peppermint after you lick off the red stripe.

"I wasn't going to ask you for candy again." Max said. "I wanted to know if you could give me a job."

"A job?" the man was surprised by this.


"Doing what?"

"I dunno." Max admitted. "Whatever you wanted me to do."

"Whatever, huh?" the man grinned down at him.

"Yeah, sure." Max said. "Anything at all."

"What about your mother?" the man said. "Isn't she waiting for you to get home now?"

"Nu-uh!" Max said. "Mom works until six. I got a key." he said.

"What have you been doing after school every day until six?"

"Coming here." Max said. "I'd sit and talk with Mr. Seville. Help him sometimes with things, get stuff out of the back for him and get the door for people and...and stuff. Did he really leave?"

"Yeah, kid." the man said, a lot kinder than he'd been. "He didn't tell you he'd sold the place? We signed the papers over three weeks ago."

"No." Max said. "So, can I work for you?"

"It's against the law to hire kids your age." the man said. "And I can't pay you much. We'd have to keep it all a secret, just between you and me."

"Sure." Max said. "I know all about secrets."

"Yeah?" the man said. "What kind of secrets?"

"Like me and Uncle Tony had."

The man smiled. "My name is Tony, too. Antonio, but you can call me Tony."

Max smiled back. "Okay, Tony."

"What kind of secrets?" Tony repeated.

"Games we'd play when Mommy wasn't home." Max said. "Special, secret games."

"What kind of games?" Tony asked, but the look in his eyes as he gazed down at Max said he'd already guessed. Max's Uncle Tony had had that same look after they'd started their games.

"Well." Max said, "Uncle Tony's favorite game was the Worm Game."

"How do you play the Worm Game?" Tony was puzzled.

"First, I had to find the worm." Max said. "That was easy, though." And Max reached up for Tony's crotch. "It's always right in here."

Tony just let out a small gasp as Max unzipped his pants and felt inside. Max's hands moved with the assurance of experience gained at his uncle's knees (literally), it was the work of a moment to note this Tony also wore boxers, find the flap and get inside, find the man-worm lurking inside and pull it out. As he did, the thick dong swelled and fattened.

"Ooh, you got a bigger worm than my Uncle Tony." Max said. "Lots bigger."

"Guh." was all Tony said, panting heavily. "Now what...about the...Worm Game?"

"I get points." Max said. "Uncle Tony always told me how many. And when I get one thousand points, I win. What's my score so far?"


"Long way to go. So I'd better start playing." Max said. He began to pump the long, hard dick, he had to move his hand longer than he did with Uncle Tony, but this Tony's cock felt a lot better to him. And the way Tony was groaning, he bet he was making lots of points!

"How'm I doing?" Max said, looking up at the dark-skinned man, this new Tony, watching him with eyes both strong and soft at the same time.

"Doing good, kid." Tony said, panting. "Up to a hundred now."

"Yeah." Max said. "To get the good points, I have to do more." he said.

"Yeah, faster."

"Uh-uh." Max negated. "To get more points, I gotta do this." And he put his mouth on Tony's cock, and tasted the heavy saltiness there. Mmm, it reminded Max of pretzels! Only this was better, warm and flavored with something more, something like a hot dog, when you put your mouth on it and haven't yet bitten down on it, just the juices flowing out of it, warm, a little greasy, but good, good!

"Mmm!" Tony said. "One hundred and fifty now."

Max began to slide his mouth up and down on Tony's dick, mmh, it was just like sucking on a hot dog still steaming and warm! His mouth watered at the flavor, and that made it easier to suck on it, deeper, and deeper, and deeper!

"Oh, oh, God!" Tony groaned out. "Two hundred now, kid, two hundred!"

This was taking too long, Max tried something else his Uncle Tony had liked, he began to tickle this Tony's balls with his fingers, was rewarded by a shuddering sigh and an announcement. "Two hundred and fifty! Uh, huh, uh, three hundred!"

Yeah, this was more like it! Max kept playing with Tony's nuts, brushing them lightly as he continued to slurp on the tall hard shaft, just like a peppermint stick, you got the most out of it by plunging back down over it again and again. Max let go of Tony's ballsac and unbuttoned his shorts, unzipped them. He was getting close to the halfway mark.

"Three fifty! Four hundred! Oh, oh, uh, five hundred!" Tony moaned.

And Max let go. Tony was astonished as Max stood up. "Oh, God, why'd you stop?" he gasped out. "You aren't done yet." Gasp, pant, pant. "Don't you want to win?"

"Sure." Max said. "But now it's time for Level Three." He let his shorts fall down to his shoes.


"Worm Attack." Max said and stepped out of his shorts, held his hands up to Tony. "You gotta lift me up, though, unless you want to lie down instead."

"Huh, uh, huh." Tony panted. "God, kid, you know it all, don't you?"

"Uh-huh." Max said. "Pick me up."

Tony scooped Max into his arms and lifted his young protege up. Max felt one big hand cup his buttocks and then he was up at waist height, and he wrapped his arms around Tony's shoulders and his legs around Tony's waist, and now both dark hands were on his bum and that long, spit-slicked dong was touching his crevice.

He felt the huge cock touch his butthole. "Oooh, that's big!" he gasped. "Ooh, oh, oh!"

That massive head was stretching his little bunghole wide. "Ooh, oh, it's too big!"

Tony looked at him. "Want me to stop?"

"Nu-uh." Max said. "But...I don't want to yell when you put it in me. Uncle Tony had to put his hand over my mouth the first times, until I got used to it."

"Yeah." Tony gasped. "Can't have people hearing a kid screaming."

"There's a handkerchief in my shorts." Max suggested. "You could stuff that in my mouth."

Tony looked, smiled. "I got a better idea." He said. He reached behind Max with both hands, leaving Max hanging from his body and Max heard the candy jars being unscrewed. Tony came back and one hand was full of bright-colored teddy-bear shaped soft candy. "Here." he said. "Stuff this in your mouth. You wanted candy. Just stuff them all in."

Max did so and was surprised how firm the candy bears were. He was expecting gummy bears, very soft, and these both were and weren't real gummy bears, they were thicker, harder and clung to his teeth like anything. A few chews and he was hard put to pull his teeth apart, they were gummy-beared together!

"Mm, mmph!" he gurgled.

"That ought to keep you quiet while I shove it into you." Tony said. "Don't chew any more, just let them hold your mouth shut."

"Mm-hm!" Max said "Okay" with muffled mouth and it came out garbled but Tony got the message anyhow.

"Here it comes kid. Ready for Level Three?"

"Mm-hm!" and this time he was saying yes!

That huge glans touched his asshole again and this time Max gasped, and Tony didn't stop. He supported Max's butt in his hands and Max's weight was slowly pressing him down on Tony's cock, sending that huge prick into him. That giant mushroom head slid in with a sort of pop-like feeling, and Max let out a yell, gloriously muffled by the gummy-like bears, muffled by a mouthful, an entire mouth just full, of candy!

And now Max's weight wasn't enough, now Tony began to push Max's thighs down with his hands, pressing him down onto Tony's prick, sending that huge shaft into Max's thin young body, God, it was filling him full, and now he let out a yell that pulled his teeth apart and it was the body of gummy bears in his mouth that gurgled his cry of pain.

Max used his tongue to shift the gummy bears around and bit down again, more hardish soft candy squished between his teeth and over them and now he was set again.

Tony pushed down hard and now Max was thoroughly impaled, he felt that huge pud driven up inside his body like a stake, it was deep inside of him, and he let out little whimpers of pain and submission.

"Whoo, huh-huh!" came Tony's breath right in his ear. "That's got it inside you, now, son." he sighed. "You okay?"


"Good." Tony said. "Six hundred points now. You ready to go for it?"

"Mmmm!" Max moaned. "Mm-hm." he mumbled around the blob of candy cementing his mouth closed.

"The candy did the trick, didn't it?" Tony murmured to him.


Tony began to move Max up and down now, and Max sighed, snuggled into the firm body holding him. This was so much better than Uncle Tony ever was! Much better. This Tony was holding him, holding him completely, he was totally supported by Tony while Tony's prick slid in and out of his ravished butthole, he felt so very much like he belonged to Tony now, and Tony was treating him the same way, the prized possession held lovingly in his arms.

Tony's hips swayed back and forth and his hands lifted Max's butt up and down and that moved Max on Tony's cock, sending the huge organ bobbing in and out of Max's ass.

"Seven hundred now, kid." Tony said. "You ready for me to speed up the Worm Attack?"

"Uh-huh." Max said. The candy was mostly dissolved now, it was flowing down his throat, leaving sweetness on his tongue as it went, soft and gooey and sweetly-sugary. And his ass tingled with pleasures of its own, that heavy dong was brushing him inside as it moved, hitting a place inside him that Uncle Tony rarely managed with his short dick, this bigger dong brushed him there constantly.

"Ooh, oh, yeah!" Max moaned. "Come on, worm, come and get me!"

Tony began to move harder now, faster, the movements became jerkier. He leaned backwards so he could drive upwards into Max easier, and Max let go of Tony, just held on by his hands to Tony's shoulders and Tony shifted his hands up to the small of Max's back, now he was really bouncing on Tony, it was like bouncing on the horse in front of the grocery store where you put in a quarter. He got very little of that, but this was better, this was riding something better than a plastic horse, this was riding Tony!

So he clung with his legs and he bounced hard, Tony moaned as Max did this. "God, eight hundred now, boy, eight hundred! Ooh, oh, oh!"

Tony straightened up again and Max had to grab to get hold of Tony as Tony leaned forward, and now he was swinging by his hands and legs from Tony like he was hanging from a tree branch and Tony's hands held him by his mid-back, and that left Tony free to thrust hard with his hips, driving that huge prong into Max's little butthole.

Max gasped, moaned, and shuddered with his little-boy orgasm, yelling out now not in pain but in inexpressible pleasure, hanging onto this huge, strong man who had driven him to this height.

And Tony moaned, "Oh, oh, nine hundred, oh, nine-fifty!" He gave some growling, snarling-like sounds and then his whole body became hard as he stiffened, and Tony gasped out, "Here it comes, kid! Here's the thousand! Oh, OH, OH, GUH, GOD, UH, HUH-HUH, UH-HNNnnnnhhhhhh!"

Max felt the heavy load as it flooded into his body, felt it squelch around as Tony continued to fuck his butt, felt it dribble, drain out of his ass as he overflowed, and he was filled to the brim with Tony, overfilled, filled with the delightful, delectable cream of the new candy man!

"Hah! Hah! Hah!" Tony heaved as he finished, heavy, moist sounds that blasted Max's ear-drums, his universe was filled with the sound of Tony's breath, his nostrils filled with the lusty sweat-smell of Tony's body, his skin felt the touch of Tony's body, he was wrapped up in Tony, covered with Tony, the way the creamy white center of a Ding Dong is surrounded by the dark rich cake!

Tony raised back up and now he leaned back against the shelf behind him and Max was snuggled up against the strong chest still moving up and down from the huge breaths still being taken in.

Tony's hand came up and brushed through Max's sweat-drenched blond locks, and Tony said, "Whew! That was really great, kid."

"Yeah." Max agreed. "I never did mine before when Uncle Tony fucked me. You're a lot better than him."

Tony grinned. "Glad to redeem the name of Tony for you."

Max smiled back and then his eye caught a jar just behind and to the left of Tony's head. The jar of Russian caramels, unsealed because the caramels were individually wrapped. "Then I got the job?"


"After school every day. And maybe all day this summer?"

"Sure." Tony agreed. "I can't pay you a lot, but you can have all the candy you can eat."

"Yeah." Max said. "Can I have one of those Russian caramels?"

"Help yourself."

And with Tony's cock still imbedded in his butt, Max took a single Russian caramel, unwrapped it, and ate it. It tasted just like Tony, he decided.

"It tastes just like you, Tony." he said.

The cock still in his butt began to swell up.

"Wow!" Max said as he felt it pushing his bowels wide once more. "My Uncle Tony never could play two games in a row."

"Let's take you upstairs to my bedroom and we'll see how it goes." Tony said.

Riding Tony all the way, Tony's dick poking his ass with every step, Max rode up the stairs to Tony's bedroom.

At a little before six o'clock, Max kissed Tony good-bye and ran home to Mom. His ass hurt a little, but not enough to make Mom worry. But their house was only two blocks away from the sweet shop, he got there as she did.

"Hi, baby." Mom said as he ran up. "How was school today?"

"Good, Mom." Max babbled. "And, and Mr. Seville, he sold the sweet shop, but the new candy man, Tony, he's even nicer than Mr. Seville." he said. He held up a small brown bag. "Look at all the candy he gave me to bring home to you. And I get to stay with him and help him this summer, he's letting me work in his store. I get a dollar a day and all the candy I can eat."

"That's good." Mom said, relieved, Max knew that it was because now she didn't have to hire a babysitter for him for the summer. "Now, I want you to promise me that you'll be a good boy and do whatever the candy man tells you to, all right?"

"Don't worry, Mom." Max promised. "I already do."


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