The Amenities

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Eduardo

Illustration of The Amenities

"Rachel! Rachel!" Old Lady Greenberg called out. She meant my mother. My mom threw down her dishrag and ran downstairs. I ran over to the window, dragged the chair over and climbed up on it to see outside.

The man standing on the stoop looked to be a proper gentleman! He was wearing a top hat, waistcoat with vest, carrying a walking stick, and behind him, a two-horse cab waiting for him, one of the better ones, too! The very mark of a gentleman in this year of 1890!

Mom got outside and whisked him inside. The landlord couldn't know that she was trying to rent out our bedroom, once the man was moved in, we could spread about a rumor that he was my uncle or something and his presence would be accepted, albeit with ill grace.

Given that Mom was renting out a room in her apartment without the owner's permission, you might wonder how he even knew about it. The answer was Mrs. Greenberg, she sat on the stoop in her rocking chair and when the landlord wasn't about, she hung out the "Room to Let" sign. When the landlord came by, she would quickly throw her shawl over the sign until he had passed. Mom paid her a penny a day for this, and she used it to buy herself tobacco to chew on. Her spitton was by her side, an old can which was usually half-full of the brown combination of spent tobacco juice and her spit.

As for the gentleman, what was he doing here? Well, even the better class of Jews in New York had to deal with the fact of exclusivity barring him from all the better hotels...and a lot of the not-so-better ones. Or he might prefer to be able to eat without suspicion, knowing the meal he was given was kosher, not pork mixed in with beef by some malevolent chef in a hotel.

And for us, why were we renting? Because we needed the money, bad. Some days, we didn't have very much to eat. Mom managed something every day, but I could see the strain of it telling on her. I had offered to try stealing apples from the grocer and bringing them home. Mom had hesitated and said, "No. Not yet." And the "not yet" is an indication of how bad things were. We were honest people, we didn't steal...not yet, we didn't. But if we didn't get someone to rent our room very soon, we might have to start!

I turned around and sat in the chair when the door to our apartment opened. "Walk on in, Mr. Apfelbaum." My mother said. "You'll find the place neat as it can be."

The gentleman in his fine clothing stood in the center of the room and surveyed our residence. Along one wall was the bed, my mother's bed. She was giving up the single bedroom to the renter. There was two sitting chairs and the table with two chairs, behind it was the stove and a cabinet where Mother prepared the food. At the moment, the cabinet held the small tub she was using to wash our dishes. The stove had a pot boiling at the moment, Mom was cooking some chicken feet to flavor a soup for our supper.

The man saw that and said, "Do you keep a proper kitchen?" By which he meant kosher.

"Of course." Mother went over to the cabinet. "The meat dishes are in this cabinet and the milk dishes, I keep in this chest." She opened it and he nodded approvingly. "Everything I cook, I buy at the Jewish market."

He passed on, walked away and I realized his question had only been curiosity rather than religious query. And his attention came to me, sitting in one of our two chairs.

"This is my son, Joshua." my mother said. "He's a good boy, he never makes any noise at night. Stand up, Joshua and say your manners to Mr. Apfelbaum." my mother urged me.

I got off the chair and gave him a small bow, which he gravely returned. "I am pleased to meet you, Mr. Apfelbaum." I said.

"Pleased to meet you, Joshua." Mr. Apfelbaum said. He was a young man, in his twenties without any mustache or beard. His hair was darker than mine, with a straight nose and sharp cheekbones, the sort of man of whom the old ladies would say in their gossip, "such a handsome boy; if there ever is a pogrom here, he can pass and maybe save his mother, God bless him." Given their horror stories of what went on during pogroms, that wouldn't be such a bad thing! I hoped we'd never have a pogrom here in New York. Sometimes my friends would get beat up by packs of boys when they went out exploring, and I was always careful to stay in the Jewish quarter. Still, looking at Mr. Apfelbaum, I realized for maybe the first time that maybe it was possible to both be Jewish and to be successful and rich and live a good life. Maybe you didn't have to survive on cabbage soup and latkes.

"Let me show you the room now, Mr. Apfelbaum." my mother said. "It's a very nice room, the bed is the one given to me and my dear departed husband on our wedding day by his parents...." The door closed, shutting off any further words from her, which was fine, I didn't want to hear them.

"Departed" indeed! My father had taken off two years ago, when I was six years old, and we hadn't even heard from him since. I guess that's "departed" but hardly made my mother a widow!

The door opened again, and my mother came out, still talking. "The train station is only three blocks north of here, you can take the train to your work, or I can send my Joshua out in the morning to fetch you a cab."

"And what are you asking for the room, Mrs. Goldfarb?" Mr. Apfelbaum asked.

My mother hesitated. "Five dollars a week if you take your meals elsewhere, ten dollars if you eat breakfast and supper with us."

The man frowned. "Your price is rather high for a place as simple as this." he said. "If I am to pay a higher price for a room, it ought to come with some amenities."

My mother licked her lips. "And what sort of amenities would you like for me to add?" she said.

"There are two sorts of amenities." Mr. Apfelbaum said. "There are the amenities of property..." He paused and looked around, and it was obvious to both Mother and me he didn't think that was an option, "...and there are the amenities of service. I shall pay the five dollars for the first week, and at the end of that time, once I see what amenities you can offer, then we shall discuss whether I shall remain here and whether the price for the room should remain the same."

Mother hesitated only a moment. "Eight dollars for room and board." she said. "I'd like a chance to show you what I can cook when I have money to pay for something besides chicken feet."

"Done." Mr. Apfelbaum said and he and Mom shook hands. He reached in and pulled out a five-dollar bill and three singles, peeling them out of a substantial roll of money. Mother practically drooled at that roll, and so did I! While he went back downstairs to pay off the cabman and bring up his bags, Mother and I were dancing around. Me, I was thinking of all those nice things Mom would cook, now that she had money to buy meat, real meat! And something besides cabbage and potatoes!

We spent the rest of that evening practically waiting on Mr. Apfelbaum hand and foot. Mom wanted him to stay, I was hoping he'd toss me a coin for a tip like I'd heard they did for bellhops in hotels or waiters in restaurants. That was my ambition, to get a job as a waiter and from there, work my way up until I owned my own restaurant. A real restaurant, not a deli like the others that were all around us, struggling along, barely making ends meet, cheating their customers whenever they could. I'd make it, though, where they hadn't! I just hadn't figured out how, yet.

About nine o'clock at night, Mr. Apfelbaum yawned. "It has been a tiring and very hot day for me and I wish to retire now." he said. "But before I do, I should like to bathe myself."

"Joshua." Mom ordered and I leapt up to run to his room and fetch the pitcher kept there for bathing. That was how we bathed, sitting on the side of the bed or standing in the bowl (some did one way, some the other), using the sponge and pitcher to sluice the water over your body. I brought back that pitcher full of water from the pump in the basement, carrying it up the stairs carefully.

When I got back, Mother said with determination. "That water will be too cold." she said judgmentally "Let me heat it for you."

"That would be...amenable." Mr. Apfelbaum said and Mother smiled at that word. While it heated, Mr. Apfelbaum went into his room and closed the door.

Mother poured the hot water into the pitcher (she hadn't made it boil, just heated it up so it wouldn't be chilly) and handed it to me. "You take it in to him." she said. "I won't enter his room at all when he's there. It wouldn't be proper. You will have to be the one to take things in to him when he needs them."

"Okay, Momma." I said dutifully, and smiled. The more I did for Mr. Apfelbaum, the more likely I could get a tip from him!

I carried the water in like it was so much liquid gold, got inside and looked, gasped.

Mr. Apfelbaum was completely naked!

You may be surprised at my surprise, for he had mentioned his intention of taking a bath. However, most people bathed without undressing entirely. Some would not even change their undergarments save while lying underneath their bedcovers for fear of exposing their nude bodies. I had expected to see him partially disrobed, but no more.

But he was sitting on his bed in all his nude majesty, and he still looked like a proper gentleman even without his top hat or his waistcoat or that gold watch whose chain dangled across his vest.

"Ah, good." he said to me. "Bring the water here, boy."

There was no help for it, for me to hand him the pitcher of water, I had to stand right in front of him. With his legs on either side of the wash basin, I could see his penis.

Hair! I hadn't even considered that men would have hair down there! I had seen hair on men's hands, hair on their arms, hair on their legs, but around Mr. Apfelbaum's prick, he had lots of hair, as much as on his head, only it was curly instead of smoothly wavy as he had on his head.

"What's wrong with you, boy?" Mr. Apfelbaum asked me. "Haven't you ever seen a man without his clothing before?" His body was like a cluster of balls, all of them covered like a sack inside the sheath of his skin, forming him into this man who moved an arm and it was as smooth as a song, his fingers curved up toward me, and it was like a bird landing on a wire, serene harmony in action. Every part of him was bigger than me, not just his cock, but every part of him bulged out, telling me what I could aspire to one day, if I were but lucky enough to attain the masculinity that he had.

"No, sir." I said honestly enough.

"What about your father?" Mr. Apfelbaum said, then remembered. "Or an uncle or brother?"

I shook my head again. "Every time I see them, they have their clothes on."

"Even when sleeping?" Mr. Apfelbaum queried me.

"Yes, sir."

"Hmph!" Mr. Apfelbaum said. "Well, it is my policy to sleep completely without clothing of any kind. The body is healthier if it is given the chance to breathe at night, and in this weather, keeping your body covered with your sweat all night long is only conducive to rashes and distempers."

"Yes, sir." I said docilely. "I'll remember that."

"Well, thank you for bringing in the water, Joshua." Mr. Apfelbaum said, dismissing me. "I need to bathe and get some sleep now. You may call and wake me up in the morning at six o'clock."

"Yes, sir." I said and turned about, left. He rose from the bed and as I closed the door, I paused, stared at his body again. Hair around his cock! I had never imagined that!

He went to bed a short time after finishing his bath, and Mother decided that it would be a good idea if we went to sleep ourselves, so we wouldn't make noise.

I got into my own bed, just a quilt on the floor beneath me and my pillow, with another quilt to cover me. Not that I could stand the quilt, it was just too hot. I wasn't supposed to, but I stripped down to my bare skin. If Mom caught me, I'd be in trouble, but I could tell her it was Mr. Apfelbaum's idea and she probably wouldn't get too mad at me.

Mr. Apfelbaum was right, it did feel better that way. I slept on top of both quilts and that helped, too, the floor was awful hard. My bed had been the one my mother was sleeping in now. Of course, with us needing money, I wasn't upset at losing my bed, it was really too small for two people, anyhow. Mom's bed, the one Mr. Apfelbaum was sleeping in, was big enough for two.

I wondered if he'd mind sharing the bed with me.

Wondered how I'd ask him if he minded.

Then thought about him sleeping naked.

Wondered if he was on top of his covers like I was. New York is so hot in late July, sleeping naked on top of your covers was the only way to stay even a little cool.

Thought about all that hair around his dick. I hadn't even imagined that, I had figured his cock was as hairless as mine was. Felt my own dick, how small and hairless it was.

Wondered if it would get hair when I got older.

Wondered what it felt like, that curly hair like Mr. Apfelbaum had.

I heard Mr. Apfelbaum talking and wondered as I listened. It wasn't very loud. Was he calling to me?

I could just make out my name in what he said. Maybe he was awake and needed something.

I got up and padded over to the door. Looked back, Mom was still asleep. I decided to open the door quietly so as not to wake Mom. Went inside and shut the door again, then over to Mr. Apfelbaum's bed.

I could just see him lying in the bed. On top of his covers, of course, like I had expected. And asleep. I wondered then what it was that I had heard, and then he stirred, murmured.

Mr. Apfelbaum talks in his sleep, I realized. I'd heard of that, a friend at shule said his brother talks all night long, kicking around, hitting with his fists, too. My friend had to share his bed with his brother and could show bruises where his brother had kicked or hit him in his sleep.

But Mr. Apfelbaum wasn't moving around. Just sort of muttering in his sleep.

Then I looked down his nude body, just looking to see all that hair around his dick.

And I got another shock. His dick was bigger, a lot bigger, and it was standing up all by itself!

It hadn't been like this when he had been sitting on the bed before! I wondered if this was something that happens to a man when he goes to sleep, does his cock wake up and keep watch for him at night? No, that was silly, a dick doesn't have any eyes!

Then why was it like that? Swollen?

I looked at Mr. Apfelbaum, wondered if I dared touch it. Just a little, so I could see if it was okay. He wouldn't wake up if I just touched it, would he?

I took a deep breath and reached out and took hold of it. It felt funny, my own dick was so soft all through, but this felt like it had something inside it. Something harder, and warmer. Kind of like a can which you've wrapped in a blanket, and the can is hot and you feel that through the blanket when you hold onto it. Like that.

I felt it harder, trying to figure out what was inside Mr. Apfelbaum's cock. Frank curiosity, the bane of youth, took control, and I sort of forgot I was supposed to be doing this quietly, and not wake him up. Too busy trying to figure his dick out.

I realized what I was doing when I felt his hand on my arm. I started to pull it away, but he clamped down and held my hand in place. Still holding onto his cock.

"What were you doing?" he asked me.

"I just wanted to touch it." I said, my lower lip quivering. I couldn't read his face in the darkness, he was just a sort of white form on the bed.

"Did you like touching it?" he asked me.

"Yes, sir." I said. "It feels funny. What makes it all hard like that?"

"Several things." he said. "One thing is when someone touches it, strokes it up and down like you were doing."

"I'm sorry." I said.

"It's all right." He said. "It feels good when someone touches it like that."

"Like this?" I said and began to pump his cock up and down again.

"Ahhh, ahhh!" Mr. Apfelbaum said. "Yes, boy, like that."

"You want me to keep doing it?" I asked him.

"Yes." Mr. Apfelbaum said. "You may service my manhood for me."

Service! Amenities! "Would...servicing your an amenity for you, sir?" I asked him.

"It would be the very best of amenities if you did." Mr. Apfelbaum assured me.

"Then I'll do this for you all the time." I said for him, my hand moving on him more confidently now. "This is easy!"

"Ah, ah, ahhh!" Mr. Apfelbaum said. "That is one way to service my manhood, boy, yes!"

One way? "What are the other ways, sir?"

"Ahhh, ahhh!" Mr. Apfelbaum moaned. "Another way...would be...for take it in your mouth.... Use your....mouth to...service it."

Another surprise for me. I hadn't thought of taking someone penis in my mouth! But if it would make an amenity for Mr. Apfelbaum, I was willing to try it. I got my little mouth in place just above his dong and said, "Like this, sir?"

"Yes, boy, like that, just take it in your mouth." I did and he winced when my teeth scrap ed the edge. "Ow, oh, boy, watch out for your teeth. Keep them back, use your lips. And your tongue, boy, use your tongue on it."

Guided by his gentle instructions, I began to suck Mr. Apfelbaum's cock and he nudged me along the proper path until soon he had no more instructions for me. I was sucking up and down, my tongue laving my saliva all over it, and he was groaning in tones of raw pleasure, the same way I did when I got a piece of hard-rock candy and started sucking on it, that sweet taste in my mouth, it make me groan that very same way.

"Yes, boy, good boy, Joshua, serving me in my pleasure, that's the very best of amenities." he crooned. "Would that I could have you do this for me the entire night!"

My mouth was getting tired and I kept it up for a time longer then I stopped. "My mouth is tired." I said. "Should I return to using my hand?" Mr. Apfelbaum seemed to like my mouth more than my hand, so I wasn't sure he'd settle for that, but my little mouth was so tired from pulling up and down on his huge, hot, fat dong!

"No, boy, there's...ahhh!....there's one other way you can service me. There's some pain in it, but once you get past it, it is the very best way of serving me. Would you like to learn it?"

"Yes, sir." I said, eager to sound ready. The thought of the coins he would place in my hand were enough to make me totally compliant, whatever he wanted, I was ready to do it.

His instructions were baffling to me, but he guided me into place with his strong hands, me sitting on top of his cock, the big head nestled between my buttocks and Mr. Apfelbaum panted, "Now, boy, we need to push this up inside you."

"Inside me?"

"Inside your little hole, boy, that's how you service me."

"Is it going to fit?" I asked in some dismay.

"We will teach it how to fit." Mr. Apfelbaum assured me.

And we did, slowly he worked his cock up into my ass, and there was pain most of the time, but when it happened, he would pause and let me wait a time until we tried again. Time was lost, it was endless and unending, eternal and unimportant, we were busy in this joining of our bodies and I was in an odd place of both pain and delight, for I found that his cock as it made its way into me bore pleasure in its wake, wherever it touched me, when the pain departed, the joy began.

Finally, I was on all fours above Mr. Apfelbaum, looking down into his eyes in the darkness, just able to make out the tenderness on his features as he looked up at my young face, mouth open, trusting him as he slowly began to take his pleasure with me.

His hips thrust up into me and I gasped, for the pleasure that movement brought was both alien and delightful, strange and ecstatic, this was the delight which two bodies can bring each other, and this was my introduction to it, in the bed of our new boarder, a gentleman and a kindly man, teaching my young body to combine with his in joyful union!

"Oh, Mr. Apfelbaum, sir!" I gasped as his prick slid in and out of me, my body adjusted to him, taking him, taking all of him and repaying me in unmitigated, unending revelry! "Oh, sir, this feels so, this feels so....good!"

"Ah, Joshua, boy, move with me." Mr. Apfelbaum instructed. "Together we can more than double our pleasure in this."

I began to move and soon found my body knowing how to do it almost without thinking, this was like chewing your food, you don't think about it, you just do it and the body moves in complex ways without conscious control, and you are at once an expert in how to do it.

Mr. Apfelbaum groaned anew as our bodies humped at each other, his cock driving into me, and he moaned and said, "Now let me roll us both over so I can finish this, for I am about to burst!"

I didn't know what he meant, but I let him roll us so I was on my back, my legs wrapped around his body, my heels resting in the concave hollows of his buttocks, and he showed me how much more powerful he was than I, for his body thrust at me and rammed his cock deep into me and pulled it out forcefully, and all of that was at a speed I had never yet dreamed of attaining.

I could only cling to him and let him take me in this way, his muscled body was warm beneath my hands as I stroked his back, his face was looking into mine, lust staring into lust, and each taking confidence from the other, so that we rose to desire's height as one, one body, one experience, one climactic joy!

For me, it was a tingling that struck all over my body at once, it was a delight I had never felt before, though now I know it for the pale shadow of what it will become. For Mr. Apfelbaum, there was all of my own and more, and another shock to me when I felt his cock do what he had said, it burst and poured into me!

I felt the hot shots of his jism and didn't know what was happening, only that it meant for Mr. Apfelbaum an extremity of pleasure that he craved, that he tried to prolong by continuing to move even when the bursts of his ejaculation ended, his still-hard dong driving in and out of my ravaged butt, my own body still quivering from the aftershocks of my own miniature orgasm, and the two of us, sweaty, panting,!

He lay upon me, but only for a moment, and then he rolled us to lay in each other's arms side by side. I grinned tiredly into his triumphantly depleted face and said, "Oh, sir, that was a service to you?"

He grinned back. "That was the most excellent of all services to be had, my boy, if I may call you my boy, for I wish to lay my own claim to you."

I considered that and my missing father and my impoverished mother and his wealth and youth and energy, and I said, "I should like that very much, sir."

"Good." he said. "Then you shall sleep with me the rest of this night, and I shall make things right with your mother in the morning."

With that, I went to sleep, waking only in the night as the air cooled to pull the quilt up over both of us.

The next morning, my mother was at the stove when I came out to get my clothes. "Joshua, what were you doing in there with Mr. Apfelbaum, and without any clothes on?" She was very surprised.

Mr. Apfelbaum came out, he was now fully dressed (he had been dressing himself when I woke up), and said, "He came in during the night to help me when I couldn't sleep." he said. "And the lad fell asleep right where he was, so I let him spend the night with me."

"I see." Mother said. "I appreciate your kindness."

"Not at all, Mrs. Goldfarb." Mr. Apfelbaum said. "I found his staying in my room with me to be most convenient. A very comfortable convenience indeed, having a personal servant in attendance on me. I was thinking instead of his making his bed out here, he could make it in my room and be there whenever I needed his services." As if not thinking about it, Mr. Apfelbaum pulled out his roll of money, just held it in his hand, but Mother was hypnotized by it.

"Of course, Mr. Apfelbaum." Mother said. "If that's what you want, I see no problem with it."

"Very good." Mr. Apfelbaum peeled another five-dollar bill and two singles off of that roll of money. "I would consider the amenity of a personal servant to be worth payment of fifteen dollars a week. One must expect to pay for their amenities, after all."

Mother's opposition, feeble as it was, evaporated at that. She took the money and said, "Very well, Mr. Apfelbaum, so long as you stay here, Joshua will be your personal servant."

And then Mother looked at me. "Do you understand me, Joshua? From now on, you do anything Mr. Apfelbaum tells you to."

"Yes, Momma." I said. "I'll be the best amenity he ever had."

And that's when Mr. Apfelbaum dug into his pocket and pulled out a dime and handed it to me. My first tip! I was on my way!


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