The Hitchhiker

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Mike D.

Illustration of 'Hitchhiker'

"Coming up on the interstate." Grandma announced like it was something important. "We can make Sedalia by nightfall at this rate." That might have mattered if we had been leaving from Columbus instead of Indianapolis. Grandma and Grandpa insisted on stopping frequently, every few hours, to sit and "recover" from the travel.

Me, I was lucky to be along with them on this trip, according to my Mom and Dad. Grandma and Grandpa were spending their retirement years traveling around the country, staying at their relatives along the way. They hit our house every two years almost like clockwork.

This time, Mom and Dad were about to take off for a long trip to Europe, and would be gone for the next four months. That left me to consider, since school had two more months to go. They decided they could dump me on Uncle Vern and Aunt Louise in the majestic town of Sedalia, Missouri, and I could finish out the sixth grade there. That went over like a lead balloon with me, as you can imagine, but I wasn't being consulted. I wanted to stay with the parents of one of my friends at school, but Mom and Dad said no, and I could return to school the next year. Okay, it all made sense, I guess.

So I was sitting in the back seat of my grandparents' car, we'd been three days on the road, making only about two to three hundred miles a day, and I was getting thoroughly bored with the trip. Grandma and Grandpa were getting deaf, both of them. By something approaching telepathy, they could hear each other. Neither of them could hear me unless I screamed at them. They often seemed to have forgotten I was in the back seat. I personally think they were getting senile. But Grandpa's driving was stable and safe, if markedly slower than the flow of traffic, and they seemed to be competent in all the ways that mattered. And maybe, if Grandma was right, we'd be in Sedalia by nightfall.

Or maybe we'd end up stopping in St. Louis and be yet another day on the road!

That "rest stop" comment started sounding good another hour later when we got closer. I leaned up to shove my head close to both their ears and said, "Hey, Grandpa, I need the rest stop!"

"What's the matter, Linc, can't you hold it until we hit Missouri?" Grandpa said, then he laughed, "Heh-heh-heh-heh!"

"Hee-hee-hee!" Grandma put in.

"Aw, come on!" I grumped. "We stop for you two often enough!"

"Well, I wouldn't mind a chance to drain the goose myself." Grandpa said.

"Oh, you!" Grandma slapped Grandpa's arm gently, a mind-your-manners slap. They seemed to be very much in love, very happy with each other. If this trip wasn't take so darned long, and if I could have talked to them without leaning forward and screaming, I could have had a good time.

The rest stop was just some picnic tables and a set of restrooms. A man with a backpack and sitting on one of the tables, feet on the bench, watching.

I just hit the urinal and was done, but when Grandpa went into one of the stalls, I knew he'd be a while, and after I was done, I was stumping around outside, not going anywhere or looking at anything.

"Hey, kid, which way are you going?" came a soft male voice.

I turned to look at the speaker, it was the guy who had been sitting on the table.

"Sedalia, Missouri." I said to him. "We'll get there tonight unless Grandpa has to hit too many rest stops."

He chuckled, and I realized he was maybe eighteen or nineteen years old. "I'm Rance Conner." he put out his hand and I shook it. His smile was easy and relaxed, his face was covered with some days' worth of beard stubble, but that just brought out the line of his jaw, a graceful curve down a cleft chin. His skin was golden brown from days in the sun, his long deep brown hair was clean and held back with a rubber band in a full-bodied ponytail, a small gold ring glinted from one earlobe. He had on a green windbreaker over a red plaid shirt with a white t-shirt peeking out in a triangle at his throat, that over a pair of blue jeans that were faded but only due to wear, they had started out deep blue; now they were just medium blue.

"I'm Lincoln Wayne." I said. No, I didn't say that backwards, our family name was "Wayne" and I'd had the misfortune to be born on Lincoln's birthday. "But everyone calls me Linc."

"Good to meet you, Linc." Rance said. "I'm heading for Sedalia myself, if I can hitch a ride. Think you got room in your car for me?"

Picking up a hitchhiker isn't usually a good idea. He could be a robber or thief. That backpack could be holding a weapon and we'd be left dead somewhere....

Yet people still hitched rides, and people still picked them up. I liked Rance, he didn't seem like the kind who'd take a knife to your throat. He didn't seem desperate, or dangerous, just a young guy on the tramp.

"You'd have to ask my grandparents." I said. I figured if Grandpa and Grandma were okay with it, so was I.

Grandpa came out and he and Rance talked; it turned out that Rance knew some people in Sedalia that Grandpa also knew; so this was enough to make Rance something other than a stranger, and Grandpa agreed to let him ride with us to Sedalia.

We got in the car and underway once again. Rance found out pretty quick what I had known all along, except for their pronouncements from time to time, Grandpa and Grandma were pretty much incommunicado. So he leaned back and looked my way. "Why are you heading for Sedalia?" I asked him.

"Why are you?"

"I'm being dumped on my aunt and uncle until July or August." I affirmed. "You?"

"Got some family in Sedalia I can stay with." Rance said. "Long enough to find a job and get some money."

"Where'd you come from?" I asked.

"Baltimore." Rance said. "You?"

"Jersey City. Why'd you leave Baltimore?"

"I asked too many questions." Rance said, cutting me off.

"Oh. Sorry." I made a face and shut up, and the miles went by a while in silence.

"So what do you do for fun on this ride, Linc?" Rance asked me.

"Bored already?" I grinned at him. "I've been on this ride three days already and I'm bored to death. I had a Gamestation until the dumb thing on me died yesterday morning." I cocked my eyebrow. "It's why I've been asking so many questions."

"I see." Rance said.

"If you got any ideas on what to do the rest of the trip, I'm willing to listen." I said, looking out the window. Damned interstate highways, they cleared the roadway on either side so far that you didn't have a damned thing to look at. We were in Ohio, but it could have been Missouri, or Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. It all looked alike, and....

And I felt a hand on my left leg. Surprised, I looked down at it, the big brown hand like a large spider straddling my thigh, followed the arm up to the face, the head tilted, the eyes...questioning.

"Coming up on Dayton." my Grandma announced. "Another forty-five miles."

"Be there in another hour." my Grandpa agreed lazily.

"Are you two okay back there?" Grandma called out without looking back.

"Yeah." I said. "We're fine." And though my voice wasn't loud at all, Grandma nodded and went back to her maps. Rance's hand was gripping, kind of kneading, my thigh, as it slowly crept upwards.

"There's a restaurant in another thirty miles." Grandma said. "Shall we stop and have a bite to eat there?"

"I could use something to munch on." Rance said to me. His hand came up and cupped my crotch. "Something nice and young and hard. You got anything like that?"

Grandma didn't hear him, of course. She just smiled and nodded again, and I realized he could have said anything and she would have smiled and nodded.

"You got anything like that, kid?" Rance asked me again.

I could only nod.

"Give us something to do, won't it? Scoot down in the seat a bit for me." Rance said. "Got to get this open."

I scooted and when I did, Rance's hands grabbed my fly and he worked my zipper down. "How old are you, Linc?"

I started to speak, my voice cracked, and I gulped, tried again. "Th--, thirteen. And two months." I quickly added.

"Yeah, a nice, hard, barely-teen cock." Rance said. "Best kind there is, hot and fresh on the vine, just ripe enough to eat and still filled with juice."

God, I was hard enough already, that drove my cock into a piece of solid steel! It hurt to have Rance pull it out of my pants, and yet when he did, it was the best damned feeling in the world!

"Yeah, hard young cock." Rance murmured. "Got to get my lips around this one."

And he leaned over and bent his head down, and I could only let him, could only sigh in pleasure as his mouth closed on my cock. He took it down the entire length easily, his lips only touched when he got to the bottom, and he was pulling up on my shaft as he gripped, it was like a warm ring of velvety delight was running up my cock, he was pressing his tongue to the side of my dong and I closed my eyes and groaned as he pulled up to the glans, his lips rippled over the flare, and he released me with a pop.

Raised up and licked his lips, let a smile touch his face. "Yeah, fresh and virginal, just the way I like it."

"Uh, guh!" I said to him. Really, I had lost the power of speech, I was proud to get that much out!

Turn around this way, let me get a better hold on it." Rance advised me.

I scrambled around per his instructions. Watched his face, so wide and masculine, as he bent back to working on my cock, and when his warmth enclosed on me, I was lost again in pleasure, my entire concentration was in my dong, he was working my prick. God, this man was a pro, my first time being sucked by a man and he was the best I'd ever had!

Grandpa and Grandma were in their own little world in the front seat, while I had my own thing going on in the back! They were involved in distances, amenities, towns and their attractions. I had this sun-browned stud working on my dick, pulling my delight out of me with every stroke, until my body begged for relief.

But having brought me to the height of my joy, he seemed content to keep me there, he slowed his tempo, working his lips in a way that somehow kept me at the zenith of my desire, he held me there while my prick pumped out massive amounts of pre-come, my dong throbbed with need, my moans were seriously in danger of actually being heard by my grandparents!

"Coming up soon." my Grandma said.

"Huh?" I groaned out.

"The restaurant." Grandma clarified. "It's coming up soon."

"It sure is." I grunted to Rance, who grinned at me. "If it doesn't come soon, I'm going to bust a nut."

He grabbed my balls with that and squeezed, and I gasped. He moved his lips, somehow differently (I've never had a blowjob better than that first time with Rance, he knew everything about it!) and I was suddenly able to, allowed to, permitted to come. I clung to that permission, hunched up with my hips and I was coming! All at once, kind of like I blasted wide open or something.

Rance choked, I guess I should have warned him I was coming, or maybe he wasn't expecting it. But he had gloated about having a thirteen-year-old cock in his mouth, he should have expected a teenager's heavy load!

So he choked, but he held on, and after a moment, he began to drink it, I could hear him swallowing, God, he was drinking my jizz! In my dazzled state of mind, it was magical, him swallowing my sperm, like he and I were connected now, joined forever!

Even when I was done, I kept on groaning and grunting, not wanting this to end, not ever, I wanted him to suck me for the rest of my heretofore miserable life, and miserable no longer, because I had Rance now. God, don't let it ever end!

But I finally had to damp down into simple panting, and I felt the cold air as he let go of me, and he straightened up and wiped at his lips. "Yeah, that's a nice hot load." He said to me approvingly. "Such a sweet, hard load of jizz. Bet you could do that again in a couple of hours, couldn't you?"

"Yeah!" I sighed out.

"Here's the restaurant." Grandma warned, and I got busy getting my pants pulled up again.

Rance ate lunch with us, and I saw him looking around. A couple was there with their son, a young blond-haired guy, and he excused himself, got up and went over to them, talking to them. I watched him jealously, he was smiling too much. Right at that blond guy.

He came back and said, "I got myself a ride on into Sedalia."

"But you're riding with us!" I protested.

"Give me your number in Sedalia." Rance said. "I'll give you a call."

"I don't know what it is." I said miserably.

"Oh, I have the number of Vern and Louise." Grandma said. "So nice that Linc will have a friend in Sedalia." And she fumbled in her purse to get it.

I couldn't take it, I just got up and got back into the car. Sheesh, my first time, and I was losing him already! That first time is so important to a guy, you know? It wasn't right that he would immediately leave me and go after another guy like he had, it just wasn't right!

Grandma and Grandpa came out almost ten minutes later, and I sat in silence as they dug Rance's backpack out of the trunk, we started up and got back onto the highway. Grandpa was an okay driver, but the rule was not to speak until we were moving out on the interstate; even Grandma was quiet so he could concentrate.

"Such a nice man, that Rance." Grandma said to me then.

"Yeah, yeah." I said, not caring what I said. Grandma couldn't hear me.

"He was so lucky, meeting up with his cousins like he did." Grandpa said.

"Huh?" I said, leaned up so I could be heard. "Those were his cousins?"

"Yes, and he's going to be staying with them, so he's riding on in with them." Grandma said.


"Yes." Grandma said. "He did say to give you this, though."

She handed me back a note and I sat back to read it.

"Loved having you, Linc." the note said. "Call me up when you get to Sedalia and I'll give you a ride you'll never forget." After his name was a phone number.

Grandma had apparently read the note. "I think it's nice him offering you a ride in Sedalia to pay back for this one. You going to take him up on that?"

"Oh, as much as I can." I promised her. "As much as I can."

And the miles continued to roll on by.


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