By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Barton.

Illustration of The Watchdog

"What are we going to do?" Mom asked Dad when he came home. "Not only is Francine staying over with Deborah this weekend, but Daniel invited Brad to stay over, too! Like I haven't been paying attention to who they've been dating."

"So tell me what's wrong with it?"

"Daniel and Francine are dating, so are Deborah and Brad." Mother explained patiently. Dad was a guy and couldn't be expected to know this stuff, as he'd told her any number of times. Me, I was a quiet spectator, sitting at the kitchen table, eating my cookie and milk, my after-school snack, the only sound beyond their voices was my legs kicking under the table, my left foot hit the central pillar of the table now and then, a dull bonk-bonk-bonk sound.

"So that means...." Dad prompted her. He still didn't get it.

Mom made an exasperated, "Hunf!" sound. "It means they plan to slip into our childrens' beds tonight!" she went on. "You know that Daniel and Deborah are sexually active, not that I like it, but I told them, never under our own roof, and those two are going to break that one simple rule!"

"Deborah and Daniel are nineteen now." Dad pointed out. "You can't keep them from consensual sex." My two older siblings were twins, fraternal of course. They were in college now, both attending local colleges. Me, I was Mommy's little mistake, as Daddy said now and then when he thought I wasn't around, only six years old and making their life busier than they expected to be in their fifties.

"I can in my own home!" Mom complained. "But how are we going to stop them from doing it tonight?"

"You could stay up all night." Dad unhelpfully supplied. He really didn't see it as a problem.

"What I need is to put a spy camera in their bedrooms." Mom mused. "But I guess it's too late for that tonight."

"Give it up." Daddy suggested. "Your children are growing up, at least two of them are. They'll move out soon and then it'll just be the three of us."

"Yeah, you still have me, Momma!" I said loyally.

Mom looked at me and then her eyes kind of widened. "Yes, I have you! That's it!"

"What's it?" I wanted to know.

"We'll put Eddie into Daniel's room with him and Brad." Mom said. "Then if either of them tries to leave during the night, he can come tell us."

"Hey, yeah!" I agreed. "I can stay with Daniel and Brad this weekend! Yay!" I cheered lustily, for my biggest problem with Daniel was that my big brother had no time for me. But staying in his room, he wouldn't be able to avoid me and neither could Brad.

"Kind of a dirty trick to play on them." Daddy mused.

"Their own fault." Mom declared. "They knew the rule, not in my house. They want to fool around, they can go anywhere else in the world, but not in my house." She considered a while. "Better not break it to them until bedtime." she decided, then to me, "Now, remember, Eddie, not a word until tonight, okay?"

"Okay, Mom!" I grinned ear to ear. Boy, was Daniel in for a surprise!

It went over like a wet blanket when Mom dropped it on the four of them at ten o'clock that night. Ten o'clock was bedtime for my family, and even guests weren't allowed to overstay the hour. Even when Deborah had had pajama parties, her friends had to all be in her bedroom by that hour. Really put a crimp in my sister's life growing up, from the way she talked.

Well, that was to be my job, the crimp in my older brother's and brother's friend's life for the entire weekend. While Daniel and Deborah griped to my mother, I went to Brad and said, "You want me to show you to our room?"

Brad looked down at me and grinned, he was a big, blond stud with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, he and Daniel were on the same football team, they'd met in college playing football, same way Deborah and Francine had met in class. "Why not? Going to sleep is all the action we're getting tonight. Thanks to you, you're the watchdog keeping us foxes out of the henhouse!"

Mom heard that, unfortunately and I led Brad upstairs while the argument started in all over again.

I stopped off at my room to change into my pajamas and when I got to Daniel's room, he was already in there with Brad and they were getting undressed.

"What the hell is that you're wearing?" Brad asked me.

"Pajamas." I said. I was proud of mine, they were decorated with action pictures of the Hulk and Spiderman and Thor and the Fantastic Four. "Where are yours?"

"Don't use them." Daniel said. "I sleep in my briefs."

"You do, yuck!" Brad said, the last word like a regular word. "All skanky with the sweat of the day and all. You shouldn't do that."

"I shower in the morning."

"But your body has bathed in your salt all night long. Not to mention it getting all in your bed."

"Yeah, that's gross."

"You're no better, all that wool on you, you probably sweat like a pig all night." Brad countered.

"So what do you do?"

"I sleep the way nature intended." Brad declared.

"You sleep naked!"

"Yep." Brad grinned at me again. "And so will you if you're smart."

With sudden determination, I said, "Me, too!" and started tearing off my pajamas. "Come on, Daniel, let's get naked!"

"You guys are nuts." Daniel opined. He was down to his briefs now. He had a pretty nice body, too, not as big as Brad's, but nicely muscled and a taut abdomen, flat where Brad's had bulges of abdominals on either side (I know he'd worked out for several hours before coming to visit us).

Brad, however, was in all his naked glory and I saw that his cock was a fair-sized pink-tipped sausage dangling in its blond bush as he crawled into bed. I stripped myself naked and jumped in on the other side, "I get the middle!" I proclaimed.

"Come on, Danny boy, strip out of those jocks and get in!" Brad advised.

"Ah...what the hell!" Daniel pulled off his briefs and I saw that his prick was equally as thick and long as Brad's, though a darker, almost gray, in color.

He got into bed and I proclaimed, "Yeah, now we're all naked in bed!"

A thump on the wall above the bed, a knock. "Are you guys naked in there?" came the call of Francine.

"You boys better not be whacking off in there!" Deborah chipped in. The two girls giggled.

"Why do you care!" Brad told the wall. "You aren't getting any of it tonight!"

"They are jerking off in there, aren't they!" Deborah yelped.

"Ooh, can't you just see the two of them, lying side by side, yanking it?" Francine oozed. "Ooh, that gets me so hot, I just might have to join in."

"We're naked in here, too, boys!" Deborah informed us. "The two of us lying on top of the bedsheets, all ready and willing and nobody to take care of us. What are we going to do?"

"Have to take ourselves in hand." Francine advised. And then she began to make noises, small grunting sounds.

"Oh, God, they're in there, doing it!" Daniel moaned. "They are, that's just how Francine moans when we're doing it."

"Deborah, too." Brad grunted. "Man, I bet those girls are over there rubbing their snatches, shit, that's Deborah all over, always driving me absolutely crazy."

"Are you jerking it?" Daniel asked, alarmed.

"No." whispered Brad. "But I'm damned tempted."

"Why not?" I put in. "What's wrong with jerking it in bed?"

"I can't do it with my little brother and another guy in the bed with me!" Daniel was scandalized. "That'd be too weird."

"Yeah, I know." Brad agreed. "Pumping your pud with other guys in the bed is just out of the question. But oh, man! I need to pump it. I may have to go into your john and yank it!"

"You don't have to do that!" I assured him.

"Yes, I may!" Brad warned. "I got a hard one here that won't go away!" The girls next door heard him and giggled.

Brad groaned and I took action. If he needed to get his cock pumped and couldn't do it himself, then that was what I was for! I reached over and caught hold of it, his pud was thick and hot and throbbing in my hand. "I can take care of it." I told him.

"Oh, uh, oh, oh, God!" Brad moaned.

"What are you doing, Eddie?" Daniel hissed at me.

"He's got hold of my dick!" Brad whispered back to him. "And now he's jerking it for me!"

"Eddie, you can't do that!"

"Oh, yes, he can!" Brad asserted.

"What are you boys doing over there?" Deborah called.

"Yanking it!" Brad proclaimed before Daniel could say anything.

"Both of you?" Francine wanted to know.

I reached my other hand out and caught hold of Daniel's prick. As I'd thought, he was as hard as Brad had been. Those girls moaning away next door, whether they were faking it or not, was bound to get guys my brother's and Brad's age all worked up. I'd heard Dad talking about it with Mother before, they were at the age when it was the strongest thing in a man's life, according to Daddy. A fellow couldn't help but yank it, according to Daddy (they hadn't known I was there, of course, I was always hearing them talk about stuff they didn't want me to hear!)

"Hell, yeah!" Brad declared. "Daniel here's got his own stiffie in his hand and he's pumping away at it!" Well, I was, and Daniel had quieted down except for grunts and moans as I pounded his wiener.

"What about your watchdog?" Francine wanted to know.

"He's sound asleep already." Brad said. "Went to sleep on a blanket across the doorway, just like a dog!"

I giggled at that and began to jerk him harder for that. Brad obligingly groaned harder.

"Oh, shit, I'm going to cream all over my chest, Deb! Going to have to sleep with my jizz on my body, wouldn't you like to lick it off for me?"

"Ooh, if I were in there, I'd be sucking on your fat lollipop of a cock for you." Deborah declared. "I love the taste of a hard man dong!"

"Me, too." Francine agreed. "I wish I had your brother's big cock in my mouth right now. Ooh, the thought of that heavy tool sliding over my lips and tongue is driving me mad, I am so hot right now, I am burning up!"

The talk of these girls had me stirred, and I know that Brad and Daniel got even harder, listening to their girlfriends talking about sucking on their dicks. Me, I was wondering what it was like.

"Man, I wish Deborah was sucking me right now!" moaned Brad.

That decided me. I let go of Daniel and slid down under the covers and soon had Brad's dong in my mouth. I didn't know what to do, but figured if I held it in my mouth and moved back and forth, that ought to do something.

Brad's cock was topped with something sticky and salty-tasting, I got it on my tongue and was fairly overcome by the flavor of it. It tasted like Brad, I mean, like if you could turn a man's body and mind and smile and jokes into a liquid, it would taste like this. I moved and that squeezed out more of the juice, and I realized that I could siphon it out if I squeezed harder with my lips as I moved up and down.

And Brad loved it when I did that, he moaned even louder. "Oh, man, oh, man, that is so hot!" He groaned.

"What's so hot, honey?" Deborah asked.

"Thinking about you over there stroking yourself, while I do it over here!" Brad quickly answered.

"Well, I'm doing it for you, baby!" Deborah crooned.

"And I'm loving it!" Brad said loudly, then softly to me, "I love your lips on me, Eddie! Suck it more, and faster."

"Oh, man, I can't believe my little brother is sucking your cock!" Daniel groaned. "God, I don't believe it!"

"You can have some of this, too." Brad offered. "Hey, Eddie, give your brother some of this good loving! I'll wait."

"Oh, oh, God!" Daniel moaned.

I skittered over on my knees and soon was burying my face in Daniel's thick, musty crotch. Where Brad had smelled clean and sharp, Daniel was danker and thicker, but just as savory in its own way. When I sank my mouth over his prick, Daniel's hand caught my head and pushed me even deeper.

I got another gush of that liquid and again, this liquid tasted like my big brother and I again began to squeeze hard with my lips to work more of this fluid out of Daniel.

And I felt Brad's cock resting against my buttocks. What was he doing? I didn't know, until his cock found my butthole and then he was pressing it in a way that force his cockhead partially inside. I grunted and Brad hissed to Daniel, "Keep the little fucker muffled. Don't let the girls know. Be hotter that way."

Daniel agreed and held me tightly down over his pud, his cock stuffed in my mouth and partially down my throat, while Brad pushed his cock the rest of the way inside me. It hurt, but no more than it does when you take a really big dump, only this was going inside me instead of being squeezed out.

Soon, he had it buried well inside me and said, "Okay, Eddie, you get used to that for a while. Oh, man, I'm ready to blast already, just feeling that hot ass wrapped around my pud!"

"While you're waiting, get back to sucking my cock! Daniel ordered and I again nursed his cock, wondering where this was all going.

And then Brad began to move his hips back and forth, and to my surprise, the feel of his cock moving in my ass felt...good! All warm and tingling and my innards fluttered as he fucked me, and Daniel's prick was warming up, too, with Daniel moaning.

Brad was grunting hard as he thrust in and out of me.

"You boys getting ready to shoot in there?" Deborah called out.

"You better believe it!" Brad panted as he continued pounding my butt. "Going to blow a big one for you, baby!" he said, but he was patting my butt as he said it. "A nice, big, hot, load of, oh, oh, oh, here it comes, baby, here it comes for you! AH-GAH-AH-AH-HAH-HUNNNKHHH!"

"Yeah, shoot it for me, stud!" Deborah agreed. Brad did, I felt the hot flood of his spunk pouring into me, and it was loaded with his energy, it burned my insides but it was good, so good!

"Shoot for me, too, Daniel!" Francine cried out. "Shoot for me!"

"You got it, honey, oh, God, going to blow it, fill you full!" Daniel groaned. "Ah-huh-uh, GAH-HAHHHHH!"

And now my mouth was filling with more jizz, this one my big brother's and I had to drink it down, because his hands held me fast, and I gulped and looked up at Daniel as I did and he was looking right at me, at his little brother, while he squirted his load into me.

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Brad gasped. "So hot, so fucking hot!" he exclaimed as his hands stroked over me in exhausted relief.

"I know, I know." groaned Daniel. "I don't believe we did this, I don't believe it!"

"Are you boys okay in there?"

"Yeah, we're good." Brad gasped as he sagged onto me.

"Is your watchdog still safe in there?"

"Yeah, he's fine." Brad agreed and I chuckled as I licked my lips.

"Safe and sound." Daniel added.

"You boys sleep sound now, you hear?" Deborah called. "We want you all rested up and ready for us tomorrow, you hear?"

"I hear." Brad agreed. And then softer, to me, "But I don't think we're going to get much sleep tonight, do you?"

"Nu-uh!" I giggled. And we were right, I slept between these two and kept waking up to find a hard cock from one side or both poking at me. We did it again and again, and Daniel fucked me while I sucked Brad and the next time it'd be the other way around.

Brad and Daniel went out with the girls Saturday morning, while I watched cartoons. I guess they had sex while they were gone, I don't know. But that night, we three again were busy under the covers and the same on Sunday night.

I hated it when Monday came along. But Daniel and Brad told me something that cheered me up, they were going to take an apartment in town together. "And you will be our favorite visitor there, Eddie!" Brad told me. "Can't keep a home without a watchdog, you know!"

And I grinned up at him and said "Ruff, ruff!"

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