The Ticket

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2002 by Vitaly

Illustration of New Year's Eve Party

Chad was bouncing eagerly in the seat of his big brother's old Cadillac, watching intently at the limited horizon ahead, for only the area lit by the big car's headlights was visible at this hour of the night. "How much further, how much further?" the six-year-old boy suddenly asked, for the car had turned onto a side road from the main drag. He'd traveled the main road any number of times, going with his mother every Saturday to the grocery store, but he'd never gone down this side road. He'd been to other places just off the main drive, usually such roads were short and ended at some farm or house set well back from the noise and publicity of traffic, for you didn't choose to live this far from town unless you were either a farmer or a misanthrope of some other stripe.

"Less'n a mile." Doug smiled over at his little brother, the big studly form a grayish, unclear form unidentifiable had he been a stranger. But Chad knew his big brother well enough, a dozen years older than himself, more, for Doug was now almost nineteen, and Chad knew his body, too, for he'd stared at it often with a hero-worship both unlimited and undemanding, his greatest wish and dream simply to one day become a man equal to the man now driving this car on the dark night, to have those strong arms, that broad chest, even have the same amount of chest hair between his own breasts, a dusting of thin hairs a lighter shade than the one on his head, a shade of milk-chocolate brown they both shared, a large hulk of a newly formed man, the face one that could have adorned the big screen in a leading-man role without any trouble, and, the part that Chad loved most, the broad, easy smile that Doug aimed at him right then, for it glowed even in the faint reflection of the Caddy's lights on the road and trees that now pressed close about on both sides, for this side road was far from a major artery.

"A mile? Where are we going?" Chad asked, the latest time in a string of such since he'd been told about the trip a few hours before, but the first time since getting in the car.

"To a meeting." Doug told him again as he had before. Their mother and father were on a family trip, Doug was in charge of Chad until they returned, so they weren't sneaking anywhere, and Chad didn't understand why Doug was being so vague about everything.

"What kind of meeting?" Chad tried the second question he had again.

"A special meeting." Doug said yet again.

Chad had heard this numerous times, but the proximity of this event had him curious all over again. "Will there be other boys my age there?" he asked, a new question in this series.

"Nope, just you and a bunch of guys I know." Doug informed him.

This was new information to Chad. "So why am I going with you tonight?" Chad wanted to know. He was glad to share this time with his big brother regardless of what it was, but he'd been denied access to such meetings in the past.

"Why, don't you know?" Doug asked him. "I'm trying to join this club, and you're my ticket."

"Your ticket?"

"Yep." Doug agreed as he suddenly paid attention to the road, making another turn-off onto what could barely be called a road at all, a pair of ruts in a field, well-worn and well-traveled so that they were permanent features of the landscape...but no more. At the end of this track, Chad could see the lights of a house.

"We're there!" he exclaimed.

"That's right." Doug told him as he parked his car to one side of the track and turned off the engine. "Now listen to me, Chad, this is important."

"All right." Chad turned at once from exuberant child on an adventure to serious attention, for his hero was speaking.

"Like I said, you're my ticket. These guys are going to be asking a lot from you tonight, but all you have to remember is that you're my ticket. If you keep these guys happy, they'll be happy with me. If you make them unhappy, then I'll be out, too, along with you. So just be yourself, have fun and help them have fun, and you and me'll be fine. If I hadn't thought you could do that, I wouldn't have brought you."

Chad felt a pride in that. He knew that he wasn't first choice for Doug to bring to this meeting, Doug had spent a good deal of time on the phone with several girls he knew, trying to convince one or the other to come with him, but the girls had apparently all known all about this meeting and wanted no part of it, they'd all shot him down. Chad had seen Doug disconsolate and climbed up into big brother's lap and Doug had looked at him and then invited him along on the trip. Well, if he needed to be his hero's "ticket" then he'd be the best ticket ever!

"Don't worry." he told his big brother. "I'll be the best ticket you ever had!"

"Attaboy!" Doug reached over and ruffled Chad's hair with his fingers. "Now let's go!"

Inside, like Doug had said, were several guys about Doug's own age or perhaps a couple of years older. Chad put on his best smile, but he didn't make the best impression with the group anyhow.

"Who is that?" the man who opened the door asked Doug.

"It's my little brother." Doug told him.

"Where's the girl?" one man demanded.

"Yeah, where's the snatch?"

"You were supposed to bring the pussy, Dinmuir!" a third one added.

"That's what I did, right here." Doug gestured to his little brother.

Chad looked up in surprise. First he was a "ticket," now he was a cat? "I'm no pussy." He objected.

"Look, put him upstairs and I'll explain." Doug told them. And to Chad, while aiming the young boy at one of the men. "You go upstairs with him and you'll see. Just remember what I said outside."

"All right." Chad followed the man upstairs.

At the top of the stairs was a short hall with several rooms opening off it, the man led him to the door at the end of this hall. It opened into a substantial room, which held inside a bed unlike anything Chad had seen before. Instead of being rectangular like most beds, this one was round, and about ten feet across! The bedspread was a deep pink color, and a lighter pink adorned the walls, the trim was white, and the entire effect was of a woman's bedroom, albeit the bed was the only piece of furniture in the room.

"So what's your name, kid?" the man asked.

"Chad." Chad told him. "What's yours?"

"Gregg." the man supplied. "You got any idea what's planned for you tonight?"

"Nu-uh. But Doug told me I was his ticket. And to make sure you were all happy."

"Yep, that's right." Gregg agreed. "First thing you got to do is take all those clothes off. I got to get you ready."

"Okay." Chad began to pull off his clothes. He wouldn't have bothered to get dressed so carefully in his best had he known the first thing he was to do here was take them off!

Gregg looked over the cute, thin boy when he was nude before him, a look on his face as if he was evaluating a cow he was thinking of buying. Then he nodded. "Cute kid, aren't you?"

"I guess so." Chad smiled.

"Okay, next thing to do is get on that bed on all fours. I have to lube up you up before the main event."

"Lube me up?"

"You don't want to take them dry, kid." Gregg told him. "Come on, hurry up, soon as they decide you're better than nothing, they're going to be all over you like flies on shit."

Chad got onto hands and knees on the bed and found Gregg soon sticking a finger up his butt! He yelped and squirmed, but the finger was coated heavily in something thick and slimy and went inside anyhow. Once inside, the finger squirmed around and Chad grunted and writhed as he was probed, and soon a second finger joined the first, which renewed the discomfort. But it remained discomfort and the fingers found one point inside his insides that felt kind of tingly. When Gregg stuck in a third finger, Chad barely noticed, he'd found how to relax and let his insides stretch themselves out as the fingers wriggled, wriggled, wriggling, like three fat worms.

"Okay, kid, one more test before I turn them all loose on you." Gregg told him.

The fingers were withdrawn and Chad felt a strange sort of emptiness, his relaxed bowels feeling kind of limp and saggy, like an empty sack. Then he felt it return. Only one of them and bigger.

Chad turned his head to look and realized that Gregg had stuck his cock into Chad's ass! Chad gasped. "Ooh, oh, Gregg, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry, kid, just testing to make sure you're ready." Gregg told him. He moved the hard cock back and forth a time or two and Chad grunted as the thick prick struck him in ways the fingers hadn't quite. But the glans stroked that special place inside him and he shifted his hips, his bowels gave a sort of gurgle, and the way was clear.

"Yeah, boy, you're ready." Gregg told him. "All right, just a couple more shoves, uh, uh, uh!" he made three firm strokes into Chad's butt and Chad moaned, in pleasure rather than pain, and then he pulled it out. "Now, you just be ready for the guys when they come in, and you'll do fine."

Chad, left alone in this room, on all fours naked on the bed, wondered anew at this. Doug had brought him here for this? He'd called Chad his "ticket" and the men had reacted to him with a mixture of curiosity and dismay.

Doug needed him. He was Doug's "ticket" and that meant his big brother needed him.

Chad resolved to be the best ticket these men had ever had! Whatever they wanted, he'd do his best!

Into this room the men filed in. The light downstairs had been dim and sparse, but this room was well lit and Chad could see them all.

The man who had opened the door for them was first in the room, and he grinned at Chad in a way he hadn't downstairs. "Okay, kid, you ready for the balling of your life?"

"Yes, sir!" Chad said bravely.

"I greased the little fucker up right, Glenn." Gregg agreed.

"So hand me that lube." Glenn was busily undoing his fly and Chad gulped as the man took it out and he realized the man's tool was even bigger than Gregg's, which had been hard enough to take. But he remembered his resolve and his only action was to lift his buttocks up a bit higher as the big man crawled up onto the bed. Glenn was some years older than Doug but couldn't be more than twenty-five, for he still had that indefinable look about him that only young men can carry, the shine of the man's skin was smooth, the skin supple and unweathered, the man's hair was black and he wore a small beard without a mustache, which gave him a bad-boy look that matched the mean leer on his face as he confronted the naked young boy in the bed.

"Roll over, boy, I want to watch your face as I cram it in you." Glenn ordered.

Chad obeyed and the man's body pushed up against him. Except for undoing his fly, Glenn hadn't undressed, and foremost in Chad's eyes was the man's chest, covered in a shirt with blue and black vertical stripes, and with that filling his vision, he felt the huge prod shove into him.

The bigger dong caused Chad to grimace in pain and Glenn chuckled as he saw the rictus of agony in Chad's face. "Hard to take, isn't it, boy?" he said. "Yeah, all the women do the same thing when I stick it in them, they moan and cry out at first, but soon enough, they're grooving on it, and I figure you will, too, boy!"

"Uh, uh-huh-uh!" Chad gasped as Glenn's movements began, and he clung to the big man as if he were drowning and Glenn was the lifeguard. The pain subsided, and that bigger prick was rubbing Chad's special place inside really well and Chad groaned in pleasure as the fucking continued.

"Yeah, I figured you'd like this big pud in you once you got used to it." Glenn chuckled into Chad's pleasure-contorted face. "After you get used to me, the rest of these guys won't be any trouble at all to take."

The rest of them? Chad looked over at the group of young men watching the action with expressions of eager excitement. These men were all going to fuck his ass? Oh, man, that couldn't be it, it couldn't! "Doug? Doug?"

"Yeah, Chad, remember what I told you." Doug said quickly.

"Yeah, I know." Chad panted as the strokes of Glenn's cock in and out of him sped up. The big man was going to come, it had only been a couple of minutes, but already Glenn was grunting and panting as he slammed the big rod in and out of Chad's tender young butt.

"Come on, shoot it in him!" one of the men called out, they saw that their leader was ready to spurt, too.

Chad gripped Glenn's body tighter and began to move with him, helping the man fuck him and the added stimulus that gave pushed the man over the edge, and he suddenly gave a few rapid-rabbit fucks into Chad's body, then shoved his pud in deep as he could and threw his head back and roared out his pleasure like a lion over its fresh kill! "AH-AH-AH-ROO-OO-OO-OO, AH!"

Chad felt the sticky, salty jizz flowing into him and he gave a few grunts to pretend that, he, too, was feeling the joys of the flesh, as he had a short time before when staying over at a friend's house, and they'd played with each other. That time his joy had been real, this time it was an act, but it helped the huge man on top of him complete his joy and roll off of him, exhausted and empty.

Within ten seconds, a second man was on the bed to replace Glenn's place on top of Chad and Chad grunted as the man's dong slid into him. It was smaller, thinner, but longer than the last two dongs that had been stuck into him, and Chad tried to give this new man a good ride, too, for the quicker he milked these studs, the quicker it'd all be over with.

"Mmh, yeah, man, I can feel your juice up in there, Glenn!" the man marveled as his cock encountered the load Glenn had just unloaded into Chad's ass. "Man, you really shot a huge wad in there, didn't you?"

"Always do, Troy." Glenn boasted.

"Hey, come on, hurry up, the rest of us are waiting." a man complained.

"He's got a mouth, don't he?" Glenn suggested.

"Huh? Yeah. Hell, yeah!" the man clambered toward him, tearing at his pants as he did.

"Hope you're up to a double-dicking, kid." Troy told him in some sympathy.

Because Troy had been kindly, Chad found the discomfort of the longer cock to be less than a problem. "Hey, yeah, I can do it!" he bragged.

The man was stripping off his pants entirely and revealed a lower body hairier than any Chad had ever seen. His experience was limited in that way, but this man had lot of black body hair, it hung in thick waves all over his body that he was almost zebra-like, and as he straddled Chad's head, standing on the bed, Chad saw that even the man's ass was fuzzy with hair. And then that ass descended down toward Chad, he saw the man's testicles in the center of his vision, the shape of the balls and the scrotum reaching toward the asshole making an elongated heart-shaped with a wrinkle of flesh bisecting it neatly in half down the middle.

"Watch it with that ass, Zane!" Troy griped as the man settled down onto his knees and then Chad's entire view was of Zane's crotch, and the hard prod was being shoved at his face.

Chad knew what he had to do, to take this thing in his mouth and work it back and forth like using his hand. He'd heard of this, but never seen it or done it.

But he took the prod into his mouth and did his best to suck on the prong. Zane didn't object to his inexpert application, he seemed to relish it, even as he winced now and then from Chad's mis-steps. "Yeah, ah, ah, uh, ow, uh, yeah, uh, uh, huh, uh, ow, uh-huh!"

"Oh, shit, man, this is such a hot little ass! I can't believe we're gang-fucking a little boy here!" Troy marveled as he humped at Chad's ass. "I can feel Glenn's jizz in there, it's squelching around my cock and oh, man, it's so hot, so fucking hot!"

"Come on, ram that butt, we all get a turn on him!" a man called out and that was when Zane suddenly creamed. Chad was sucking on him and all of a sudden, his mouth was filling with hot man-jizz, and Zane held his face onto his man-pole while he shot his wads, and Chad swallowed, choked, and gulped anew, he had to take this hot, salty spunk, had to, and then Zane was done and Chad could catch up and did, and ended up sucking on Zane's flaccid, soft cock.

And then Troy finished up, squirted his wad into Chad's ass, and the fresh load of jizz stung his ravaged butt anew.

By that point, the men had stopped even pretending to take turns, and they pressed against Chad in all directions. Chad ended up with another cock up his ass, two men on either side with their cocks presented for him to suck on, and two more men by their sides but further down, and they were making Chad take their cocks in his hands and jerk them. That, at least, he knew how to do. As for sucking two men at the same time, he alternated, and the men, who were good friends, seemed to enjoy sharing his attentions. And the man at his ass, by now thoroughly stretched out and fucked open, was no problem, Chad was so overwhelmed that a prick up his butt was a mere nothing.

The men squirted over Chad's body, splashing him in several places, both sides of his face, his chest, his right arm, his left hand filled with the dribbles of one man, and then these men were replaced by more. Chad sucked the cocks presented to him, jerked the ones that were put into his hands, let the cocks that drove into his ass pump him as they would, and endured.

The men eventually were done with him and most of them left, leaving only Doug, Glenn and Gregg behind. "Okay, Dinmuir, you know the rules." Glenn told Doug. "You brought it, you get it last. Throw a fuck into your little brother so we can wrap this up."

Doug walked over to the bed and looked down at Chad, all covered in man-spunk and worn out on the bed. "You okay, Chad?" he asked.

"I'm...okay." Chad told him.

"Come on, fuck the brat." Glenn ordered.

"I got to do it." Doug told Chad. "It's part of the initiation here. Okay?"

Chad looked up at his big brother, at his hero, and a slow smile grew over his face. "Okay." he said and raised his arms toward Doug.

Doug pulled his pants down and Chad feasted his eyes on Doug's prick. He'd longed to see this cock, hold it, touch it. Now it was his. "Come on, let's do it!" he urged.

Doug's smile matched his little brother's. "Okay, little brother, I'll give you a fuck that'll make you forget all the others." Chad greeted Doug as he laid his body down on top of Chad, and held him tight.

Chad groaned as Doug's prick went into him. This was what he'd wanted, what he'd dreamed of, even when he'd been playing with his buddy's cock, he'd wished it was Doug's cock he was playing with.

As Doug began to move, Chad felt it, then, what had been missing from this entire night. His own passion. He'd faked pleasure three times so far, but those had all been acts, same as he had with Glenn, attempts to make the men come quicker, come harder, to be the "ticket" that Doug had needed.

But this time, it was all real. He held onto his big brother's body as his brother fucked him and soon enough, his pleasure began to grow and fill his body full to the bursting point.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Chad cried out as Doug fucked him, and Doug's groans were rising right along with him.

Glenn laughed as he watched the brothers moving, and he said, "Looks like your little brother has been missing your cock!"

"Yeah, uh, uh, uh!" Doug moaned. "Oh, oh, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"Oh, oh, oh!" Chad groaned. "Oh-OH-OH-OH-OHHHH!"

"Oh, shit, oh, oh, AH-AH-AH-HAHHHHH!"

As Doug ejaculated into Chad's ass, Chad was shaken by his own little-boy climax, and he clung to Doug as Doug's body convulsed in orgasm, and their shared joy rose and fell together until they were a pair of slumped, exhausted bodies.

"Yeah, man, that's how you fuck a hot little boy ass!" Glenn praised Doug's efforts. "You really wrung your little brother out, didn't you?"

"He's one hot property." Gregg agreed. "I wouldn't mind throwing another fuck into him right now."

"Not now, we got to get this meeting going, it's close to midnight already!" Glenn ordered.

Gregg pointed to another door in the room. "You can shower in there, kid, and get cleaned up. After that, wait in here, your brother will come get you when we're done."

Chad showered and then sat and waited for almost an hour, and was asleep when Doug came to get him.

Doug didn't wake him, simply carried his sleeping brother in his arms and put him carefully into his Cadillac's back seat, and carried him home.

Chad woke up the next day in Doug's bed, and saw a sleeping Doug lying next to him. He stirred and Doug woke up and looked at him. "Good morning, little brother."

"Good morning." Chad agreed and stirred, and realized that he was naked. Doug, too, had nothing on. "We're both naked." he giggled.

"Damn right." Doug agreed.

"So did you get to join the club?" He asked Doug.

"Yeah, but I don't think I'll go any more." Doug told him. "I don't like the way they all treated you. You're my little brother, they didn't have to act like you were a piece of meat."

"Oh." Chad thought it over, decided an apology was in order. "I'm sorry, Doug.

"For what?"

"That you're not going to be in that club."

"It's okay." Doug told him and took his little brother in his arms. "You and me are going to have a new club. Just the two of us. What do you say about that?"

"That sounds great!"

"Then let's take care of the initiation." Doug told him and kissed his little brother. "We got three days until Mom and Dad get back, I figure that's just long enough to take care of it, don't you?"

"Yeah." said Chad and held his big brother tight.

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