Birthday on the River

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Dean Cameron

Illustration of Birthday on the River

Kevin stopped dead in his tracks at Mom's words. "Aw, Mom! Don't make me drag Jimmy along!"

"But it's my birthday!" I yelped. "I wanna go with you!"

"He can go with you this one time, can't he?" Mom pointed out. "After all, you didn't buy him anything for his birthday. So think of this as his birthday present from you."

"Yeah, my birthday present!" I seized on this argument. "I get to go with you 'cause it's my birthday!"

"It's just this one time." Mom pleaded with Kevin while I raced to get my swim suit. I didn't put it on, I could do that at the river. Grabbed my towel out of the bathroom and I was ready to go!

By the time I got back, Kevin had lost his argument with Mom and the two of us went out to break the news to his buddies that he had just been saddled with his little brother, and seven-year-old me (just turned seven years old that twenty-fourth of July) was going with him and his eighteen-year-old buddies from school, down to the river this afternoon, to go swimming.

Waiting out in the pickup was ten other guys, all the members of Kevin's pack of friends from high school. Three were in the front, and the other seven were sprawled in the back. Kevin and I crawled in the back. Or at least, I tried to, I was still on the tailgate (which was in the "up" position, trying to get in the back. "Help me up, Kevin!"

"What's the turd doing with us?" asked Marvin.

"Get lost, doofus!" said Tyler.

"No, I'm going! Help me up!"

"Sorry, guys, Mom's making me bring him along."

"It's my birthday!" I added. "So he has to bring me along."

"You're fucking shitting me!" mourned Alex.

"No fucking way!" intoned Boris.

"Sorry, guys!" And Kevin reached out, grabbed me by the belt loop on the back of my jeans, and hauled me on board. And the pickup took off with a roar!

"What the fuck are we going to do with him?" asked David.

"Ignore him and hope he falls in the river and drowns." Kevin suggested.

"No way!" I said. "I swim better'n you do."

"The hell you do!" Kevin retorted.

"I beat you in the race last year." I reminded him.

"I let you win!"

"No, you didn't!"

There was more but that was most of it. When we ran out of "yes-I-dids" and "no-you-didn't's," then we were silent, or I was. Kevin and his buddies were talking like I didn't exist. Well, that was normal, enough, so I didn't let it get to me. After all, I was going with him to the river!

The river wasn't any sort of official swimming beach, just a place behind a private farm that we could go and get into the river. There wasn't much of a beach, if you wanted to tan yourself, you had to get into a meadow or something, for the trees went almost to the edge of the river. We had a narrow ledge of rocks and patches of grass some ten feet across, rocks on the lower parts and grass on the parts where the river rarely came. In winter, the rocks were all underwent, but now in summer, they were exposed, a half-circle of pale, smooth stones. It was onto this area that the guys dispersed, laying out beach towels, and standing on them to strip down. I found myself with no place to lay my little towel so I went up onto the small hump of the grass and laid out my towel and sat down to take off my shoes.

"What are you doing?" Kevin demanded.

I looked up. "Putting on my swimsuit." I was just drawing it up my now-bare body. "Going swimming!"

"No way!" Kevin declared. "I saw how much birthday cake you ate. You need to wait another hour before you go in!"

"Nu-uh!" I protested. "I want to go swimming."

"It's one-fifteen." Kevin told me. "You can go in at two o'clock. And not before! Mom told me to watch you and that's what I'm going to do!"

"But it's my birthday!" I protested. "Swimming is supposed to be your present for me!"

"It will be...after two o'clock." Kevin said as he pulled off his shorts. He wasn't wearing anything under his shorts. But he'd known he was coming here, I had only learned at the last minute.

"But I want my present!" I whined.

"I got a present for you right here!" declared Brad. I looked over and he was wearing a loose pair of shorts for swimming in, and he had his hand on his junk and was waggling it at me. "You can use it to wash down your birthday cake!"

"Kevin!" I asked my brother to stand up for me.

"The fucker had four pieces." was all Kevin said. "I doubt he's got any room for that in there."

Brad guffawed and the guys ran off to dash into the water, where they laughed and played and splashed and dunked each other. Me, I sat on the bank, hot and sweaty and tired and not enjoying my birthday at all! I was so mad I could spit! I had to wait until two o'clock! Kevin had eaten some of the cake, too! He should be waiting up here with me!

I got to watching some beetles crawling over the rocks just below me and didn't hear Brad walk up. "Hey, Jimmy!" he said right beside me, startled me a good deal, and he laughed, sat down beside me. "What you doing?" He was wet from swimming and his body shone in the sunlight that broke through the tree branches right at this small hillock. Brad had light blond hair, shining blue eyes and looked as handsome as a TV star. That's what Mom had said about him to a friend of hers one day which I'd overheard. But she was right. Even when he was insulting you, you didn't care because he was paying attention to you.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" I griped. "It's not fair!"

"What'd you expect? Kevin didn't want you to come on this trip."

"I know, but I wish I could have brought some of my friends with me." They'd been at the birthday party and left just before I'd learned about Kevin's trip to the river.

"Your friends would have had to wait an hour, too." Brad pointed out.

"We could have done something else."

"Like what?"

I shrugged. "Played with each other."

"I'll play with you." Brad offered. "What would you like to do?"

I looked over at Brad and then down at his shorts, which now wet, were sticking to his body and I could see his dick inside there. Then up at him and he saw very well where I was looking. "What would you like to play?" He asked me again with a cocky smile.

I felt bold enough to do what I did with that, which was to reach over and grab his crotch. "I want to play with this!" I told him.

"So what the fuck you waiting for?" was Brad's only response.

Delighted, I reached up for his shorts. Brad had to help me get them down but when we did, I got an unobstructed view of his cock, and it was hardening up! "Gosh!" I enthused. "It's so big!"

"Big and ready!" Brad told me. "So get to it! I haven't wanked it in a week now, what with visiting relatives in the house. Going to slip into the woods but then I saw you, and...uhhhhh!" That was when I grabbed his cock and wrapped my fingers around it and felt how nice and fat it was, and then I began to work it up and down. "Ahhhh, awwww, yeahhhh, Jimmy, that's it, play with me, play with my fat dong! Ahhh, yeahhhh!"

"What the hell is going on over here?" It was Tyler, who I guess had seen Brad sitting by me and come up to see what was going on. Now he was watching me with Brad's dick in my hand.

Before I could stutter or blush or anything, Brad said, "I'm giving Jimmy his birthday present! I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted my dick!"

"Yeah!" I giggled.

"Shit!" Tyler marveled. I could see the bulge in his trunks (a small, tight model) as his cock grew. Tyler is a big guy like Brad, but black haired, dark-eyed, and hairy as a monkey, whereas Brad was nearly hairless.

"You got a present for him, too." Brad pointed out.

"Yeah, give it to me!" I told him and made a reaching movement toward his crotch with my hand. I couldn't reach it, but he got the point.

He hesitated but only a moment, and then he stepped up, pulling his swimtrunks down as he walked over, and his dong flopped out for me. I caught it up in my hand and it was dark toned and thick and warm. I moved my hand up and down its length, and the soft velvet of the shaft began to fill with warm, solid man-meat.

"Ooh, that feels good!" Tyler grunted.

"It sure fucking does!" Brad agreed. "Get closer here, we don't want to wear this little cocksucker out too quick."

"Mmm, you think he will suck our cocks?" Tyler mused.

"I'll bet he'd love to." Brad said. "How about it, Jimmy? You want to wrap your lips around this love-muscle of mine? I know I'd love to have you do it."

I'd never considered such a thing but bravely said, "Sure, Brad. I'll suck your cock for you."

"Attaboy!" Brad encouraged me and I leaned over and got my lips on his cock.

"Mmmh, uhhhh!" Brad grunted. "Uhh, you got to keep your teeth clear of it. Use your lips, and get lots of spit worked up, let my prick slide in and out of a wet mess. Uhhh, ohhh, ahh, like that!"

"He let go!" griped Tyler. He got down sitting next to me. "Here, keep working my pud, Jimmy. I want to keep it worked up for when you're done with Brad."

I tried but it didn't work very well, I had to keep my attentions on Brad. Tyler gave up and got up again and I thought he was just going to wait, so I got onto my knees and leaned over Brad so I could suck him easier.

And then I felt Tyler's hands on my waist, then he was pulling off my shorts. "Got to give you your present another way." he grunted as he wormed them off my body.

"You think he can handle it?" Brad asked.

"What's going on here?" asked Alex.

"Jesus, Jimmy's sucking on Brad's cock!" That was Marvin.

"And Tyler's going to fuck him!" that was Frank, the other guy who'd been in the back of the pickup with us.

Fuck me? Tyler was going to fuck me? I would have said something but Brad chose then to grab my head and hold me tightly onto his prick, and then I felt Tyler's cock pressing against my ass. He'd slicked it up somehow and while it was uncomfortable being pushing into my ass, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I grunted as he pushed at me, but no more. I even managed to keep sucking on Brad.

"Look at the little fucker taking it up his ass!" Frank marveled.

"Why are you guys all over here?" Boris wanted to know.

"Jimmy's giving out blowjobs."

"Giving, hell!" Brad declared. "We're all giving him what he wanted for his birthday, some cock to suck! Oh, God, uh! I'm about to come! Suck it harder, Jimmy, suck it harder!"

"Yeah, and some cock up his ass, too!" Tyler put in. "Uhhh!" He had more than half of it up my butt now, and began to fuck me.

"Oh, ah, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Brad gasped. His hands held me firmly down on his shaft, and then he came, spurting up into my mouth and forcing me to drink all of it down.

I drank his spunk...and felt a heady rush of sensation. I'd made him shoot this out of his cock, all of it, and it was hot and salty and musky and man-flavored. It was like...drinking Brad himself. I wanted it, all of it and I gulped eagerly after that.

"Me, I want him next!" Alex declared and he knelt down beside Brad and shoved his dick across Brad's legs toward me. All I had to do when Brad let me go was raise up and I was face to face with Alex's cock, in its bush of red-colored hair the same color as that on his head and I opened my mouth and took it down.

Tyler was humping at me now, and it didn't hurt much now. Tyler was groaning like crazy and I knew he wouldn't last long, so I just sucked on Alex a little as his cock fattened up, while I moved my hips back and forth to drive his cock into me a little more and Tyler felt that and he moaned, "Oh, ah, uh, I'm coming, ah-huh-uh, GAHHH-HUHHHH!" I felt the hot rush of his seed into my ass and then Alex grabbed my head and forced me to speed up on him as Tyler squirted my ass full.

When Tyler pulled out, someone else shoved their cock in and I didn't know who, but I saw Boris and Marvin on either side of Alex and I reached up and got a dick in each hand and I pumped as well as I could while sucking on Alex's thick, uncut dong.

Kevin came up about the time that Alex finished shooting his load into me, and I let go to see my big brother watching me suck on his friends, jerk on his friends, be fucked by his friends.

"Hey, Kevin, your little brother is busy collecting presents from everyone!" Brad cheerfully declaimed. "I just gave him a nice big present and everyone else is chipping in. What do you think of that." Boris moaned and shot his load onto my left shoulder just then. "See, Boris gave him another present right now!"

The man fucking me groaned and I realized it was Frank, and he was coming in my ass. "Oh, oh, man, hot, hot ass, yeah, uh, uh!" Frank gasped as he ejaculated his load in on top of Tyler's.

Momentarily turned loose by everyone, I rolled over onto my back. "Kevin, don't tell Mom, okay?" I panted. "We were just playing, honest!"

Kevin walked over toward me. His face was expressionless, blank, I couldn't tell if he was mad or what. "Kevin, what is it? What?"

Kevin's hands reached up and peeled down his yellow-and-red swimtrunks. Brad laughed when he saw that and he said, "Looks like it's time for your big brother to give you his present."

"You won't need any spit." Frank panted. "He's plenty slippery inside from jizz already."

Brad and Tyler lifted up my legs and Kevin knelt down between them. His face remained expressionless as he pushed his big-brother cock up against my ass.

"Kevin?" I asked wonderingly as I felt that glans kiss my sphincter. "Kevin?"

Kevin pushed into me and I moaned and clutched at his broad, strong arms which rested on his knuckles on either side of my body.

"Yeah, come on, push it into him, make him feel you, make your little brother feel your cock in him." Brad urged him onwards.

"Oh, oh, Kevin!" I groaned as Kevin got his manhood all the way inside me, then he began to move up and down. "Oh, oh, Kevin, oh, oh!"

"Come on, fuck your little brother, man, fuck your little brother!" It was just the two of us now, and everyone else was watching, while Kevin fucked my ass. He moved in stern, even movements, like he was thinking about every stroke into me before he did it, and I felt a wave of pleasure rush through my body and I groaned, clung to Kevin's shoulders and I shuddered in a strange pleasantly electrical sensation that rocked my entire body.

"You made him come! You made your little brother come, Kev!" Brad cheered. "Come on, now, finish him up, own him now, man, come, come on and come, come on and come."

"Come, come, come!" his buddies chipped in and then it became a chant while Kevin rammed me harder and harder and then he shoved it in deep and his face flushed bright red and hot splashes of big-brother spunk gushed into me and as it did, his friends applauded his accomplishment.

But that wasn't the end of it, the rest of his buddies all climbed on to take their own turns on me, even Brad and Boris and Alex shoved their cocks into me after a while and before the afternoon was over, every one of Kevin and his buddies had fucked me and all of them had come at least once, sometimes more. I lost all count of who had done what. It wasn't until after three o'clock before it was all over with and I got a chance to go into the water and swim and wash myself clean.

Brad had me ride up front with him for the ride home. "We had a hell of a time, didn't we, Jimmy?" he asked me when the pickup was clear and back on the road to home.

"Yeah." I giggled.

"Me and some friends are going camping next weekend. You want to come with us?"

"You and who else?" I asked eagerly.

"Me, and Boris and David and a couple of other guys." Brad looked at me. "You'll be kept well-stuffed all weekend long, don't worry."

"Okay." I chuckled.

Mom asked me how I'd enjoyed myself, and I told her I'd had a great time and was going with Brad on a camping trip next weekend if she'd let me. She told me to have fun. Kevin was awfully quiet the rest of the day and I wondered what he thought about it all.

But after I got in bed that night, after a while, my bedroom door opened and Kevin came quietly in and got in beside me. And I knew then the rest of my summer was going to be terrific!

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