Army Buddies

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Dean Cameron
Illustration of Army Buddies

I was on a two week's leave with my Army buddies after a training stint at Fort Irwin. Fort Irwin is way the hell out in the desert part of California, not that far from Las Vegas, and a far cry from my home in northern California, not far from Eureka. I could have gone home, but hell, if there'd been anything back home that I wanted to get back to, I would never have joined the damned Army now, would I? So when Cisco Rodriguez offered to let me go with him to his family in Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance. I could stay with him, travel about and see the town (lots to see in Los Angeles) and Bill Mathers overheard us and invited himself along. Cisco didn't mind, his sister was in college in Phoenix and wasn't due to come home until the middle of June, Bill and I would have to share her room, but it was a large bed. Cisco would be with his wife Carmen in his old room, just her and his parents and his sister's son lived in the large, four-bedroom house. I didn't ask questions about the sister's son, but a bit of quiet mental arithmetic told me she'd had the boy when she was only fourteen years old. Explained how she was a young college girl with a five-year-old boy back home that her parents were raising for her. I kept quiet, my own older brother was a drug-dealer. Like I said, I had nothing I wanted to get back home to.

I assume Bill had similar reasons not to want to go back to Fresno, I didn't ask. Three Army guys dressed in Army desert fatigues, we boarded a Greyhound and headed for Los Angeles. Most of the guys headed the other direction for Las Vegas, so we had comfortable seating, no need to share the pairs of seats, that Friday morning. By nightfall, we were at his house in southern Los Angeles. The neighborhood wasn't the best, but nobody fucks with three brawny guys in Army fatigues, and Cisco was known in the neighborhood, we didn't have any trouble.

Until we got to his house, that is. Oh, it was a nice, big house, but it was not holding only four people, it was holding eight! Cisco's sister Maria had returned early from college (she'd dropped out) and with her was her current boyfriend and three, count them, three young daughters of his all under age eight (he was thirty-ish). We Army buddies of Cisco were about as welcome as ants at a picnic!

But his mother was one of those women with old-fashioned ideas. No, no, we were NOT to go find a motel, we were her son's friends, so we had to stay with them. It was only a matter of finding a way to let everyone sleep. If I hadn't been planning to only stay two weeks, I wouldn't have let myself get talked into it. But I was only a visitor, you can sleep on a bare floor after the Army is done with you, and I didn't have a lot of money on me. I wasn't going to Las Vegas for a damned good reason, I'd been there on my last several three-day leaves, and had wasted far too much cash on those fucking games. I'd thought I was a good blackjack player, I knew now I was wrong! Those Vegas guys ate me for breakfast without half trying!

So to the sleeping arrangements, well, the parents were staying in their room of course, and Cisco had his old bedroom back, with his wife in it. The sister was taking her old room back, with her boyfriend. The sister's boy had his own room, and the three girls got the sleeper sofa in the living room. I'd been hoping for that last spot myself. So where would we sleep? Why, with Maria's five-year-old son, of course! "Damien's a good boy, and he has a big bed. It won't be a problem." she said airily.

"Yeah, I have a big bed!" Damien declared loyally. "You can both sleep with me in my bed!" He was a happy, boisterous kid, and had kept me and Bill busy since we'd arrived, he wanted us to play games with him and talk with him and oh, my God, the questions this kid had! His skin color was quite a bit lighter than any of the rest of the family, his father must have been a white guy. Again, I didn't ask, I'd learned in the Army not to ask any questions I didn't really need the answer to. But he was cream-colored, with bright brown eyes and shiny black hair and a ready, easy smile on a smooth, well-shaped face and body, and he moved as smoothly as a cat as he raced about.

Bill was taking a real shine to the kid, the big blond-haired stud was bending all over himself to make that kid's day. He got up from the floor and said, "Is that bed big enough for us? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, come on, I'll show you!" And he grabbed Bill's hand with one of his and reached out with his other to take mine and dragged us both upstairs. The little fucker had a king-sized bed, all right, it filled nearly half the room. Plenty of room for the three of us. I didn't see why the mother hadn't put the three girls with him in this bed and left the sleeper sofa for Bill and me, but given his mother had gotten knocked up at fourteen, maybe she wasn't taking any chances.

But I was feeling better about getting a good night's sleep at last, the Army doesn't believe in letting you sleep at night, I swear to God. After some of the things I'd been through, sharing a king-sized bed with a buddy and a little kid would be heaven!

The mother (Cisco's mother, that is, Maria didn't lift a finger to take care of her own child, focusing only on her boyfriend's daughters...but I didn't say anything!) put Damien to bed at eight o'clock, and with the girls needing to get to sleep in the living room, it looked like I was going to have to hit the hay at eight-fifteen myself! Well, I'd said I wanted to get a good night's sleep, get an early start to seeing Los Angeles!

Damien was giggling as Bill and I arrived, he'd been in bed less than ten minutes and his new friends were about to join him in the bed. He sat up in the bed and watched Bill and me as we undressed. I was planning to sleep in my boxers all along, but with that kid's eyes staring at me at every step, I wished I was putting on some pajamas. Bill stripped down to a pair of briefs and got in before me, sliding into the right-hand side. Me, I stopped, looking at the two taking up both halves of this large bed. "Where do I sleep?" I wanted to know.

Damien scooted over next to Bill, leaving the left-hand third of the bed empty. "Over here!" he patted his other side.

That suited me anyhow, but there were only two pillows. "Won't you need a pillow for you?"

"I'm okay." he assured me. Well, he could move his head over and lay it next to me or Bill, I guessed. I wasn't going to fight about it. I lay back and Bill reached over and turned off the light, there was a switch by the bed that turned off the overhead light. The room was suitably dark, oh, quite a bit of light came in the window from outside lights, but none of it was direct and it gave the room a film noir sort of feel. Your eyes can't see color without a certain amount of light, so everything, including the three of us, were all white, gray and black.

Eight twenty, and I was in bed! Ah, well, one thing you learn in the Army is how to sleep when and where you can, I guess that's why they do all those sleepless nights on you, you learn how to grab some shuteye when you can and love it. I closed my eyes and started myself firmly on the journey to slumberland. I could sleep ten hours and get up at six a.m. and get out of the house before the brats started getting too active. Damien especially, if he knew I was going out, he'd probably want to go with me....

I felt it then. A small hand at my stomach. Touching the waistband of my boxers, and feeling out my stomach's abs. Lingering over the little bumps of the abs and then over the waistband and he found the open fly underneath.

"What the hell?" I heard Bill exclaim. And then Damien giggled.

"What are you doing, you little demon?" It was Bill's version of "Damien" and for all I know, that's where the name came from.

I heard the waistband of Bill's briefs snap against his stomach (a small but distinctive sound) and then Damien said, "Hey!"

"You trying to feel my dick?"

Damien's other hand was at my fly and it had stopped, but now it dove in and touched my dong.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I told Damien. Reached for him, but the sheet over us got between my hand and his, forming an impromptu block of me getting any kind of hold. Shit! "You let go of me!" I exclaimed then, because this young kid had just caught hold of my pud and wrapped his little fingers around it! "Criminy!" That's not the word I was thinking, but while you learn to swear in the Army, you also learn not to swear if a woman or a kid is your target or even can overhear you.

"What do you think you're doing, Damien?" Bill demanded.

"Going to play with you." Damien answered.

"Hey, hey, playtime is over." Bill said. "Especially playing with Mr. Willie."

I had still not gotten over the obstacle of the sheet, I seem to have lain down on a part of it with my body and my arm was on the other side of it though still under the sheet. My other arm was blocked by Damien's own arm and body.

"Then I'll just play with Victor." Damien decided.

"Vic? Has he got hold of you."

"Yeah, I...shit, help me out here, will you? I'm blocked!" I replied. "I....oh, shit! The little brat's pumping on me now!" Damien had begun to whomp on my dick, all right, and the little fucker was damned good at it, too! How much experience had he racked up in his five years, anyhow?

Bill didn't understand. "Man, you can't let him do that!"

"I'm not letting him! I'm blocked, I tell you!"

"So tell him to let go of you!"

"I did! I...Oh, shit! That feels so fucking good!" I breathed. I said the Army had taught me to control my language, but not when you got a five-year-old boy whomping on your prick! The Army doesn't teach you how to handle that!

I stopped trying to fight off the kid entirely, it had just been too fucking long since I'd whacked myself, much less been whacked by another. Bill wasn't helping either. He just said, "I can't believe you're letting him jerk you off."

"I don't believe it either!" I grunted. "Oh, shit! He's good at it, too!"

"I did it with Cisco all the time." Damien assured me. "He liked it, every night he'd come in and let me play with him."

"God. Damn!" Bill said slowly, wonderingly.

"Oh, oh, uh!" I grunted.

"Hell, then, I'll take me some of that!" Bill said in sudden determination. I looked at him and he was fighting the covers off him and then pulling down his briefs. "Here you go, you little demon you!" He said to Damien, as he exposed his prick, pale white as he was but hard and ready. "Give me some of that action."

Damien giggled and grabbed him. There we were in darkness the color of a black-and-white film, just enough detail visible to make out what was going on, and I saw Damien with an Army cock in each hand and pumping away joyfully. Bill was raised up on both elbows and he looked down at the small hand pounding on him, then he raised his head and moaned.

I looked down at Damien's other hand jerking on my own cock under the covers and decided, I got my hands both free and pulled the covers entirely down. I wanted to see this, all of this. "Man, I can't believe Cisco taught you to do this!" I said to Damien. "You are one amazing little horndog, aren't you?"

"Yeah!" giggled Damien. "That's not all he taught me. You want to see?"

"Hell, yeah!" Bill said for both of us.

Damien scooted down on the bed and let go of both of us. I watched as he recaptured my cock with one hand, but as for Bill...

His head dove down and sucked Bill's cock into his mouth. His little head was bobbing back and forth in no time and Bill just moaned again, only deeper this time. "Uhhhh, uhhhhhhhh!"

I was turned on by Damien's hand but suddenly my brain had bigger prey in mind. "Uh, uh, Damien, I get to go next, after Bill, okay?"

Damien giggled around Bill's pud and let go of me and I watched, my cock churning, while Bill got sucked by our little play-partner. Damien was giving him the blow of his life, I could tell, or maybe it was the fact that it was a little boy doing it instead of a grown girl, but Bill was grunting and moaning to beat the band. He suddenly said, "Oh, God, I'm coming, I'm coming now, here it comes, oh, OH, OH, AHH, AHH, UHHH-HUH-GUH-HUHHHHHHHHHH!"

Damien was a real trooper, he held on and caught all of Bill's load and from the way Bill was moaning, it must have been a whopper. Bill was groaning and writhing about under Damien's ministrations and then he stopped, sagged back onto the bed fully and just moaned and Damien let go of his prick, and it was just a deflated balloon by that time.

I watched with mounting glory as Damien snaffled over on all fours to get to between my legs and then he was scarfing my dong into his mouth.

If his hand had been delightful, his mouth was ten times so! No wonder Bill had groaned so ardently, hell, this was the sucking of a complete cock-expert, Cisco had taught him and taught him well! "Oh, man, oh, man!" I guttered as I put one hand over my eyes, fingertips only touching my face, my other hand flung over the top of my head, elbow akimbo. I was lost in my passion, a soggy piece of manflesh lying back at the mercy of my little cocksucker, I never wanted Damien to let go of me. Tie a sling to my waist so he could ride in it, and I'd walk straddle the rest of my life, with little five-year-old Damien hanging onto my cock!

You can guess I didn't last that long, either, and then I was moaning my own warning to my little prick-master. "I'm coming now, Damien, I'm coming, OH, OH, OH-OH-OH, OHHHHHHHHH!" My cock squirted hot jizz like a sunovabitch as Damien milked me as expertly as he had Bill, not losing a single drop of my come and then I was limp and soggy as Bill was, and Damien scooted up to lie between us again. "Did you like that?" He asked us.

"Oh, yeah!" Bill breathed.

"You bet!" I agreed.

"Man, I want you to do that every night we're here!" Bill said.

"Shit, I want you to do it three times a night!" I topped him.

"Yeah!" Bill chimed in.

Damien giggled again. "All right."

True to his word, Damien woke me in the middle of the night by sucking my cock. The sounds of my groans woke Bill and he reached over and felt Damien's tight little butt. "Mmmm, I'd love to take that little cherry of yours, Damien." he sighed.

I got so turned on at the thought of that, I came right then, suddenly and Damien was caught a little off guard but he reacted gamely and only lost a few drops of it onto my body.

"Mmmm, yeah, now me." Bill said.

Damien started sucking Bill but after only a moment of that, he turned loose and damned if the little fucker didn't climb up on Bill's stomach and stuff Bill's prick right up his little ass! Jesus, what all had Uncle Cisco taught his little nephew anyhow? Bill didn't question it, he just let Damien ride him a while, then he rolled Damien over and began to bang his butthole properly. Damien had his own little-boy orgasm as Bill hammered him, and Bill came soon afterwards.

Watching Bill fuck our little bed-partner turned me on all over again and when he finished, I was quick to pull Damien my way and stuff my own hard-again prick up his butt. It took me a while, but I got my rocks off a third time and Damien had his own second climax from me fucking him.

I went back to sleep with the three of us kind of all tangled up in each other and the next thing I knew, Mamacita was knocking on the door and telling us all to get up, it was seven o'clock and she had breakfast ready.

I went down to breakfast groggy but sexually satisfied, to find Cisco alone at the table. He looked up at us and grinned. "How'd you two sleep last night?" he asked as we sat down to the table. Eggs, bacon, toast, everything a normal American family would need for breakfast, Mamacita believed in treating her guests right, I'd been semi-expecting tamales or breakfast burritos.

"Pretty damned well." I said promptly as I quickly loaded my plate. You learned that in the Army, too, eat while there's food on the table.

"You better believe it." Bill agreed.

"Didn't sound that way to me!" Cisco grinned widely. His bedroom was right next to ours, so I didn't ask how he knew what he knew.

"You taught him pretty damned well." I told Cisco.

Bill rumpled Damien's hair. "You sure as hell did!"

Damien giggled. "Yeah!"

"So what do you two want to do today?" Cisco asked.

"I figured we'd look around Los Angeles and see the sights." I said.

"So where's Carmen?" Bill asked.

"Working. Her husband's taken his girls to their mother's house and then he's going to his job. We got the place all to ourselves until nightfall."

"Oh." I said, significantly.

"Yeah, oh!" Bill agreed.

"So if you two want to head out, go ahead. Me, I'm going to get reacquainted with my nephew."

I stopped with a forkful of eggs on its way to my face. "Now that you mention it, that sounds better than walking around Hollywood."

"It sure as hell does." Bill added.

"Yeah!" Damien added enthusiastically.

"Always the best fun is hanging out and sharing with your buddies." Cisco summed up.

So after breakfast, we all trooped back up to Damien's bedroom for some more fun and games. I didn't think I'd be seeing much of Los Angeles this time around after all!

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