Daddy's Nasty Weekend

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Voyeur. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration of Nasty Weekend

I burst through the door of my Daddy's new apartment. "Hi, Daddy, I'm here!" I called out! My first full weekend alone with my Daddy, the first since the divorce, that is. Daddy had had a terrible time getting an apartment like the court insisted he have for my full visitations with him. He and I were supposed to get every other weekend and eight weeks in the summer, but so far, it had been only Saturday afternoons. But no longer; my Daddy had an apartment just for the two of us!

Daddy came out of the kitchen and said, "Hey there, Sport!" and he knelt down and I ran over and into his arms and he gave me a great, big, long hug!

Then Daddy leaned back enough for me to plant a big, wet kiss right on his lips! "Mm-wuh!" I said as I let go.

"What is that for?" Daddy wanted to know.

"For finally getting this apartment for us." I said. "Now I can come stay with you every other weekend, and for weeks and weeks in summer!"

"If your Mother lets you." Daddy said a bit soberly. Mom had done everything she could to cheat Daddy out of his visits with me. He'd had to go into court again and again.

"She will." I said. "She made me promise to tell her everything we did this weekend, but I'm not gonna! I'm not going to tell her a single thing!"

Daddy laughed. "That's the spirit." he said. "So what do you want to do this weekend?" When it was just a couple hours, we could go to the park or the zoo or such, but we had a whole weekend now. And Daddy had spent an awful lot on this apartment, enough that we couldn't go any place much, not that I cared (the zoo gets boring after a couple of times).

And besides, I knew just what I wanted to do! "What do I want to do?" I repeated theatrically. "I wanna do everything that Momma doesn't want you and me to do!"

"That's the spirit!" Daddy applauded.

"I want to get noisy!" I said. "I want to get silly! I want to get nasty!"

"Nasty?" Daddy said. "Right! Nasty! What do you say you and me get down and nasty this weekend?"

"Yeah!" I crowed! "Totally nasty!"

"That's you and me." Daddy agreed. "Two guys who are going to get nasty with each other, right?"

"Right!" I agreed.

"Then let's get started." Daddy said.

"What do we do first, Daddy?"

"First we take off all our clothes."

"Right here?" I said. This was the living room, after all! Then... "Yeah, right here!"

"That's my nasty little boy!" Daddy approved. He was unbuttoning his shirt, I was quicker with my t-shirt and I had myself bare-chested while he was still dealing with his cuff buttons.

Daddy had his shirt pulled out and I saw his belt and I said, "I'll help you get naked, Daddy!" And I grabbed his belt and began to tug on it.

"Go ahead, that's my boy, that's my nasty little son." Dad urged me on as he pulled off his shirt and I saw the broad expanse of his hairy chest with his breasts jutting out, the pectoral muscles were so big, and Daddy's arms had huge orange-sized biceps on them, too. I had a bit of trouble with the belt, getting the clasp unhooked, but after it came undone it was easy, and I pulled the belt out from around Daddy's trim waist like unrolling a rubber play-snake from the coil you left it in. Daddy undid his top pants button while I was putting down the belt, then I grabbed his zipper and unzipped him and then I caught hold of the sides of his pants and began to yank them down. Daddy just laughed and let me. "You know I'm going to need you to get my boots and socks off if you pull them all the way down." he pointed out.

"Sure!" I said. So Daddy let me skin the pants down his hairy legs, and I saw the thick muscled thighs and above them, the white briefs there with the huge bulge in the center. "Gosh, Daddy, that's a big wienie you got in there!" I marveled.

"It's big because it's happy." Daddy said. "Happy me and my little boy are out to get nasty. Now, let's get these shoes off of me." Daddy sat down on the couch and I unlaced his boots and Daddy used the toes of each other shoe to ease both of them off his heels. "Now take them the rest of the way." He said. "That's what nasty boys do, smell that nasty skank in those boots."

I took a whiff and made a face. "Eww!" but I was grinning because it wasn't all that bad. Kind of ripe more than anything foul.

"Now peel of these sweaty socks of mine, if you got the stomach for it, my nasty boy." Daddy said.

I got his socks off and said, "Now for those pants. We got to get you naked."

"Yeah, naked to be nasty." Daddy agreed. He let me peel off his pants, then he said, "Now you got to catch up with me. Get those shoes and shorts off."

I did, and that was easy, the shoes weren't tied too tight, and the shorts were only held by a tie at my waist, I skinned them down and now I was like Daddy, wearing only my small briefs, they were decorated with the Lion King Simba.

"You ready for the big nasty?" Daddy asked me.

"Yeah." I said eagerly.

Daddy knelt down and he very tenderly pulled my briefs down, leaving my small, thin, white body totally bare. When he did, he said, "Yeah, that's my sweet, little, nasty little boy, isn't he?" His big hands, rough with callouses from his work, stroked up and down my body, almost scratching it from their roughness, but gentle otherwise.

I shivered, and I nodded. "That feels good, Daddy. Really good and nasty."

"We're going to get even nastier." Daddy promised. "Now you pull my briefs down like any nasty fellow ought to."

I giggled and reached up, Daddy's briefs were just about the same height as my head and I pulled them down, and I got the biggest whiff of Daddy I ever had when they came down. His wienie wasn't pink and standing out like mine, it was deep brown and covered with lots of dark hair and it sort of exuded this strong aroma like nothing I'd ever smelled before. Daddy's dick was in the middle of this, and I saw it twitch and swell as I looked at it. "Golly, Daddy, your wienie is acting all funny."

"It wants to get nasty with you." Daddy explained. His hand came down and stroked on it, and it went out all straight and hard like a little branch on a tree, it stood up and pointed out away from Daddy. "See how happy it is to see you?" And Daddy licked his hand and stroked it on his wienie and I saw how it was shining from that.

"Can I touch it?" I asked.

"That's my nasty boy." Daddy said and I knew that meant yes, so I grinned and caught hold of it.

When I did, this big blob of clear liquid oozed out of the slit and it got onto my hand, and it was warm and sticky and I said, "That's really nasty, Daddy, your dick is getting my hand sticky."

"That's because it likes you." Daddy said. "It wants you to give it a kiss."

"Eww!" I said and that time I meant it.

Daddy didn't press it. "Let's sit down, and you sit in my lap." Daddy said. I did and his big thing was pushing up between my legs as I sat across Daddy's lap.

"I'm getting too big for your lap, Daddy." I said.

"Not too big for m lap." Daddy said. "Not when my boy wants to be nasty with me. When my boy wants to be nasty with me, he sits in my lap and I do this to him." And Daddy got hold of my dick, and instead of just holding it like I did for him, he began to work his fingers on it up and down, up and down.

"Ooh, ooh, Daddy!" I said. "This feels so good, it just has to be totally nasty."

"It gets even nastier." Daddy promised me. "You'll see." And his hand kept on moving on my wienie, up and down and up and down and as he did, it felt better and better and then, oh, then!

"Oh, Daddy, oh, oh, oh!" I groaned as the best feeling in the world washed over me right then. It left me and I felt shuddering against Daddy's broad, hairy chest.

"That's my nasty little boy." Daddy whispered to me. "My nasty little boy loves getting nasty with his Daddy, doesn't he? Doesn't my nasty little boy?"

"Uh-huh." I panted. "Yeah."

"Is my nasty little boy going to make his Daddy happy now?" Daddy went on. "Is my nasty little baby going to give Daddy's dick a little kiss?"

"Okay." I sighed. Right then, I couldn't have denied my Daddy anything. I got off his lap and Daddy laid down and said, "There it is, baby, give it a little kiss for Daddy."

I leaned over and gave my Daddy's dick a kiss right on top of it. Just a quick "smack" and I was done.

"Mmm." Daddy groaned. "Kiss it again, and better."

I kissed it again, a little longer."

"Ooh, baby, it feels so good when your mouth gets on it. Could you take the head of it into your mouth for me, can you be that nasty for me, Son, can you be nasty with your Daddy and take his cockhead into your mouth and just hold it there?"

Yeah, nasty! Momma would sure have a fit if she knew we were doing this! You don't know how much she tried to keep Daddy from seeing me at all, lots of mean tricks.

So I was ready to be as nasty as I could, just to enjoy the fact that she couldn't stop Daddy and me from having our weekends any more! I said, "Uh-huh." and I leaned over and I got hold of Daddy's cock and I kept the head inside my mouth, holding it there all warm and soft, it was like holding this big grape in my mouth.

Experimenting with Daddy's cock in my mouth, I touched my tongue to it and Daddy moaned, said, "Yeah, baby, lick my cockhead, lick on it for me, suck on it for me, too, make it feel so good, so nice and nasty."

After a while, Daddy rose up on one elbow, panting, and he said, "You ready to get even nastier?"

Nastier than me sucking on his dick? I nodded and he said, "Get ready, baby, this one is a little rough, but I won't hurt you. Just hang on like you are, let me do all the work, and you'll be fine."

Again I nodded, and then Daddy grabbed me by the head and he began to move my mouth up and down on his dick, really fast. His cock was stabbing at the back of my throat and it was kind of rough, I couldn't breathe very well, but he was my Daddy and I trusted him, so I held on as best I could while Daddy made my mouth work on his cock.

"Oh, yeah, baby, nasty, real nasty baby!" Daddy panted. His hands were gripping my hair and that kind of hurt, but I only whimpered as he pumped my head up and down. "Nasty little boy, sucking his Daddy's dick, nasty boy, nasty, nasty, God, yes, and I'm nasty for making him suck it, God, I'm so nasty, nasty Daddy and his nasty baby, oh, yeah, God, I'm going to shoot now, baby, going to shoot my nasty stuff right into your mouth, baby, nasty stuff, sticky nasty, yeah, here it comes, baby, uh, UH, GUH-GUH-UH, GUH-UHHHHH!" and my Daddy's cock did squirt a whole lot of really strong, sticky goo into my mouth! His hands didn't let go so I got all of it in my mouth, even though it was dribbling out around his cock from my lips, even though I was strangling and swallowing and I almost choked and when I did, my Daddy's gooey stuff dribbled out of my nostrils, too!

Daddy was panting loud, panting about being nasty, a nasty Daddy, and his nasty Son! That was us! When Daddy was finally done, when he let go of my head and I could raise up off his cock, which was now shriveling back up again, I wiped my nose and mouth with the back of my hand and I said, "Wow, Daddy, that was nasty, all right! But it tasted okay, once I got used to it."

"That's my boy." Daddy said. "Only a nasty boy like you would like to drink his Daddy's nasty come. Are you my nasty little boy?"

"I sure am, Daddy." I said. And I felt another drop of his come drip out of my nose, and I caught it on my finger, and stuck it in my mouth and sucked on it. "Mmmm, yeah, Daddy, that tastes pretty good."

"My nasty little boy." Daddy said yet again. "Quite a start to our nasty weekend, isn't it?'

"Yeah, Daddy." I said. "We can be this nasty all weekend long."

Daddy grinned up at me. "You want to try something even nastier tomorrow?"

"Why not now?" I asked.

Daddy laughed. "That's my boy! But your Daddy will have to rest, and it's time for a nasty Daddy and his nasty son to have some nasty supper. How about if I call for a pizza?"

"Can I answer the door naked?" I wanted to know.

"I'll take care of that." Daddy said. "You just stay in here when it comes."

Daddy pulled on a pair of shorts for the pizza man when he came, but that was all he wore. Daddy took off the shorts right after he closed the door, then he sat next to me on the couch, and I smelled the pizza and I smelled my Daddy. I couldn't say which smelled better to me. Daddy all hot and sweaty and that smell that was uniquely him was stronger than ever. But pizza always smells good to a hungry young boy like me. I settled for eating the pizza while I snuggled up next to him. When the pizza got cool enough to eat with one hand, I reached over and held onto Daddy's dong with the other and Daddy just snickered around a mouthful of pizza and let me hang onto him. Such a nice, fat dick my Daddy has on him. I wondered if next time he'd let me try to suck him all the way without sticking it down my throat like he had. I bet I could manage it if he let me.

Done with the pizza, we watched some television and Daddy's hand caught hold of my dick too. I loved the feeling of it and Daddy must have realized I was ready to go again, for he pushed me back onto the couch and he took my dick into his mouth and he sucked on me just like it was a real true big one like his, and I loved the warm mouth as it worked over my prod and I came just like he did, and I only wish I could have squirted my juice in him like he had into me.

I wanted to suck Daddy after that, but he pushed me away. "If we're going to get extra-nasty in the morning, I'm going to need all my strength." he said. That got me more curious than ever, but Daddy didn't explain, saying I'd understand when he and I did it and that it was the nastiest thing we'd ever do.

He and I shared his bed that night, and I loved the way he felt, my body warmed up against his and his cock resting on the top of my leg which I'd thrown over him.

I woke up and it was early, really early, Saturday morning, and I couldn't figure out at first what was happening. I was on my stomach and my ass was up in the air and something wet was tickling it. No...licking it! I finally raised my head and looked around and my Daddy had his tongue stuck into my little bung-hole and he was licking at me!

Nasty indeed! I thought as my Daddy licked my ass. Momma would never believe me if I even mentioned this, not that I was going to. Daddy and I were going to have our secret for sure.

Daddy's tongue was actually sticking its tip into my ass a little ways, and I felt so good the tingling it was doing, that my dick got hard all over again. Daddy reached up and played with it, but not in a way like he wanted to make me feel real good, just sort of feeling my dick while he licked my ass.

"You ready to get really nasty now, Son?" Daddy asked me.

"Sure!" I said. I figured he wanted me to lick his ass, and if it felt this good, I could do it for my Daddy.

But Daddy said, "Okay, Son, get yourself ready because this is going to be the nastiest thing you ever went through. Even more nasty than when I made you suck my dick. Are you nasty enough for this, son?"

"I'm nasty enough for anything, Daddy." I said confidently.

And my Daddy rolled me onto my back, lifted my legs up and he wiggled up until his dick was up against my ass, and I realized he had gotten it real greasy somehow, and I felt him trying to stick his greasy dick up inside my ass.

It hurt quite a bit, and I yelped when he shoved. Daddy looked up. "You have to get ready for this, Son. It's going to hurt for a little while, but only a little while, okay?"

"Just like getting a shot?" I wanted to know.

"Yeah, sort of." Daddy said. "You're about to get a big fat shot of my dick in your butt, and you have to get used to it when I get it in there. Are you ready?"

I took a deep breath like at the doctor's office. "I'm ready, Daddy."

And my Daddy pushed into me, hard! My yell would have been deafening had Daddy not put his hand over my mouth to quiet me. "Come on, my nasty little boy, this is the nasty part, you want to be nasty with Daddy, don't you?" he crooned. "You and me, two nasty guys together, all the time, you'd like that, wouldn't you, my nasty baby boy?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded so he could hear me over the muffler of his hand.

"Here comes some more of it." Daddy said and he shoved in again. I gurgled and I grumbled and I made some really weird noises, but I kept from shouting again. It was awful close, though, but I kept on doing that until Daddy said, "Now you got my whole dick in your little butt, baby. That's the nastiest thing you can do, have your Daddy's dick in your butt. Do you like it there, baby? Is it nasty enough for you?"

"Oh, it's really nasty, Daddy." I sighed. It still hurt, but Daddy was holding still now and that helped. "This is nastier than anything I ever heard of."

"But do you like it?" Daddy asked me. "Do you like this way of being nasty?"

"I like being nasty with you, Daddy." I said. "Anyway you want to be nasty with me is fine." And I moaned, for Daddy moved a little then and it hurt. But not as much as I thought it would.

Little by little, Daddy began to move and I found that he was right, that the pain was ending, soon, my Daddy was able to move all he wanted and that was okay with me.

Daddy was loving this, too. "Oh, baby, my nasty little baby, you love having your Daddy fuck your nasty butt, don't you, baby? Oh, yeah, fucking my nasty little baby's butt!"

"Oh, yeah, nasty, Daddy, nasty!" I said. This was the nasty weekend of a lifetime! I hadn't dreamed how nasty we could be! I never wanted to be anything but nasty ever again!

"Oh, Daddy, fuck me." I said by way of experiment with this new word. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me nasty."

"Oh, baby, yeah, I'll fuck you." Daddy gasped and I knew I had used the word right. "I'll fuck my sweet boy's ass until I get it all the way nasty all the way through. I'll pump my jizz up there and it'll drip out of your ass, baby."

"Oh, yeah, Daddy, sounds real nasty." I said. "Come on, do it for me, Daddy, fuck me."

And Daddy did, and he was right, he needed all his energy to fuck me like he did that morning. He fucked me hard and then when my butt was beginning to hurt again from all the fucking, he said, panting, in my ear, "I'm going to come, now, baby. Right in your ass, baby, right in your ass, here it comes, baby, all that hot juice right up your ass."

And I closed my eyes and sighed as my Daddy hit his climax and his jizz flooded into my bowels. My own little orgasm wracked me at that time as well, so that the two of us were groaning together, having our pleasure together, being nasty together.

Daddy rolled off me when he was done, and he said when he caught his breath, "So, how are you liking our nasty weekend so far?"

"It's nice and nasty." I agreed. And it wasn't even half over yet!


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