My Mother Married Six Men

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Vitaly

Illustration of My Mom Married Six Men

I was sitting in my Sunday best waiting while Mother entertained a man in the next room. Waiting for her to come get me, because I had to meet that man. He was going to become my new stepfather.

My father had died not so long ago, after a very long illness, one that had him seeing all kinds of doctors and borrowing money everywhere he could to pay for them. When he died, the creditors had come after us. They'd taken our house and everything we owned but the clothes on our backs...and still they wanted money, something like another two thousand dollars. And in 1861, that was a LOT of money! Even if Mother hadn't had me to think about, and I was only seven years old, too young to work, she couldn't have paid off that much money even if she worked the rest of her life.

So Mother had done the only thing she could; she'd run an advertisement in several Western newspapers, saying that she was a good-looking newly widowed woman with a young child, who would marry any decent man who was willing to pay her debt and take care of her and me. Mother had a photograph of herself made to send to the men who corresponded with her over the next two months.

She had selected one, a big, strong, decent man who sent a letter from the local banker saying he'd loan the man two thousand dollars any time the man asked him for it. So we had taken the train fare he'd sent to us and come West, and Mom was meeting the man tonight, in person, for the first time. He had a secret to tell her, she said.

I looked up as Mom walked into the room and looked at me with a look that was really strange. Kind of confused, kind of triumphant, both at the same time. "All right, Joshua, come on in and meet who I'm going to be marrying." Her voice kind of cracked on the last half of that sentence, the words "who" and "marrying." were higher-pitched than usual and her voice got weird on those words. But I got up and walked after her into the sitting room, looking around and blinked.

Six men were standing in the room instead of one. All of them were young, in their twenties and thirties, all were over six foot tall, all had dark brown hair over a solid, square, dependable face, all had broad shoulders, strong arms, thick chests, narrow waists, all bore the same sort of polite, friendly smile toward me as I walked in behind my Mother and at first, I couldn't quite decide which one of these six was the one in the photograph, then I realized. "You're all brothers!"

"That's right, Joshua." my Mother said, and took the arm of one of the six men. "Joshua, this is the man I was corresponding with, James Longstreet, and these are his brothers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Peter." All names from the New Testament, I recognized, but that wasn't so unusual, my own name came out of the name of one of the part of the Old Testament. But they were all tall, strong, big-armed, broad-chested, thin-waisted men, with strong, handsome faces under dark hair, with even darker eyes and smiles that were all alike as they could be. Their only difference was their age, maybe fifteen years divided the oldest and youngest, with Peter, the youngest, around twenty years old and James, the oldest, at around thirty-five.

"So, you're going to marry James, Mom?" I asked, looking up at them. I was small and skinny for my age, with the blond hair of my father and mother, pale-skinned and looking maybe even younger than I was, looking up at that big, strong man. Yes, a good man to be my new father.

"No." Mom said. "I'm going to marry all six of them."

"All six?" I looked at the other men in bewilderment. They seemed a little embarrassed about it.

"Only way to make it fair." James told me soberly. "The money we're going to be giving your mother belongs to all of us. And once we give her that money, it'll be a long time before we have enough money to buy ourselves another wife."

"Oh." I said.

"So, Joshua, honey." Mom asked me. "Are you okay with this? With me marrying six men at one time?"

I looked over at the men, who were regarding me. Six stepfathers? The father I'd had had been sick and lying in bed more often than not. He'd never played with me. These men would all be able to do things with me, whenever I wanted. If one of them were busy with something, it'd be okay, because there'd be five more of them to play with me.... "I think that'd be terrific!" I said, and my enthusiasm won a chuckle from the men.

"Our plan is that we each spend one week with you at a time." James went on to my mother. "The other five will leave you alone for that time, except for those womanly chores that come around."

"This many men, I'll need some help in the cleaning and washing." My mother returned and made a shoo-ing motion at me with her hands. I left the room and went back to where I'd been waiting before. I had a lot of thinking to do, anyhow. Six stepfathers! I'd have to think of games we all could play! And would I want to sort of choose which one I'd go crying to when I hurt myself, and which one would take me fishing, and which one would teach me my lessons and....

You can understand how much trouble I had getting to sleep that night. The next day, Mom and the six men she was marrying went with me to the church and the pastor there performed a marriage ceremony. I guess they'd talked to him the night before, because he didn't say anything about Mom and these men getting into such an unusual marriage. He asked Mom if she agreed to marry all six of them, then asked each of them if they agreed to marry Mom, and then pronounced them "men and wife" like he did it all the time.

We then went over to the bank and James and his brothers with Mother set up to make the loan on their farm to get my Mother the two thousand dollars. The banker said it'd take a week to get the documents done and the money in the bank for her. Mother seemed disappointed in that, but soon enough put a smile on her face again. After all, she was going to get the money, it was just going to take a week.

So we all got into the wagon, me, Mom and my six new stepfathers, with all our bags and took a long ride up, up, up the mountain, a long, long ride. We ended at a farm much like other farms, if you ignored the fact that it was laid out different, on account of it was built on the side of a mountain. Not a steep part, of course, that'd be stupid, but a part that was more level than most if not real level, sort of a small valley way high up the mountain. It had horses and cows and chickens and farmland in the lower part with the house and barn and such higher up the mountain. Mother spent most of the ride complaining that she wasn't going to do as much housekeeping as it'd take to take care of six men, we'd all have to help her out on everything, on and on, and I guess they all got tired of trying to answer her and the last half of the ride was spent in a sort of overwhelmed silence.

The house itself was nice. A big living room and a nice kitchen, and a small bedroom on the lower floor of the house, that room would be Mom's and whichever of the six husbands was sleeping with her that week. The second floor was all one big bedroom, with six beds. Five would be for the men who weren't sharing Mom's bed that week, and I would get the other one. That suited me fine, Mom would have the one man with her, and I got all five of the others, for an entire week. How great would that be for a kid who'd always been shortchanged on parenting, to have five dads ready to spend time with him? And the time I'd spent talking with them told me I was going to have a lot of good times. They promised me that soon as I learned to ride a horse, one of their horses would be given to me, be all mine. And they'd teach me to drive the mules so I could plow the fields with them, and whenever they went to town, there'd be a dime for me, which I could have to buy things at the store for my very own self! I tell you, I had new fathers, and they were ready to grant my every wish! Mom for her part seemed to want to ruin my fun, she pointed out about the money that they only went in to town a couple of times a year! The rest of the time, we'd be stuck on the farm.

James was eager after dinner (made by Mark and Luke, not Mom) to get to bed which made Mom blush and his brothers laugh. Me, I laughed, too. I didn't know what moms and dads did in bed together, but I knew what my friends and I did in bed so I guessed it was something like that.

But with them in the bedroom and the door closed, my other new stepdads weren't interested in staying awake any longer, either. "I'm not going to sit down here and listen to them!" is how Matthew put it. "My turn is next week, so I'll just go upstairs and wait until then. After that, maybe it won't bother me so much, getting James' seconds." Matthew was a bit of a hot-head, I guess being the number two brother would do that to you, always a brother ahead of you doing things first or better than you could.

"You think you got problems." mourned Peter, the youngest of them. "I got to put up with it until near the middle of June before it's my turn."

"We all talked it through before we wrote to her to begin with." pointed out Luke. He was the quieter, more practical one of the brothers, I'd found out. If I had a problem, I was going to talk with Luke about it!

So we all trooped upstairs to the bedroom. I was getting James' bed tonight, but the beds were all pretty much the same. Matthew didn't think so. "I'm taking James' bed." he announced. "You can have my bed, Joshua."

"James won't like that." Mark predicted.

"I don't care." I said. "I'll take Matthew's bed instead."

"Whatever." groaned John. "Let's get in bed already. I just hope we don't have to listen to them through the walls.

"We never heard Mom or Dad in there." John pointed out. "And they never heard us up here."

"Yeah." Matthew snickered. "We could fight all we wanted to and they never heard a word up here."

"Fighting wasn't all we did, you remember!" Luke said and they laughed. "We made noises for other reasons, too. Still do every now and then."

While we were talking, the guys were undressing. I expected them to stop at their underclothes. Me, I had pajamas I was going to put on. But they stripped out of their clothes and as I did the same and was reaching for my pajamas, I saw first one and then another of them get into their bed naked like that.

"You guys don't wear clothes in bed?"

"What for?" John asked. "Just us here. Nobody else for near on ten miles in any direction. Pajamas would just be more clothes to wash. We put on extra blankets for the winter months."

I had my pajamas in my hand.

"You going to wear those sissy things?" Matthew wanted to know.

That settled it. I tossed my pajamas back toward my bags. "No way!"

They all laughed. "So slide that naked butt of yours into the bed and get some sleep." And Matthew and Peter, at opposite ends of the row of six beds, blew out the two lanterns. They were all in their beds now, it left me alone in the darkness. Oh, I knew where the bed was, to my right-hand side.

But I knew where Mark's bed was, to my left. I made a sudden decision and went left.

Mark felt the covers on the bed shift. "What the...? Your bed is the other way, Josh! This is my bed."

"I know." I said. "Mind if I get in with you a while?" I didn't wait for an answer but slid in next to him. The bed was small, I could only lie down on my side right up against him, my upper leg and arm rested on his thigh and chest as I snuggled in, I let my fingers rub over his broad, strong chest, feeling the strength and the warm masculine form so close to my own.

"It's too hot to snuggle up!" Mark groaned. "Can't you get back into your own bed?"

My hand was on his stomach now, and traveling downwards further. "I could." I agreed as my hand got closer to its goal and Mark made a sucking in of breath as he realized my objective. "But then I couldn't do this, could I?" And I got hold of his prick which was lying soft and dormant between his legs. I wrapped my fingers around it and lifted it upwards. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Ohhh! Ohhh, oh, fuck!" breathed Mark. "You got hold of my cock!"

"What's going on?" asked Luke from the bed next to Mark's.

"Our new son has just gotten hold of my cock!" Mark groaned. I began to pump on his hardening cock. "And he's beating me off!"

"You're lucky!" panted Matthew. "I'm having to do my own over here!"

"Me, too!" John grunted. "A hell of a way to spend our honeymoon night, whacking off with my brothers instead of doing my new wife."

"Our new wife." Peter pointed out. "You think I'm looking forward to getting her after all of you have been shooting into her every night for a month?"

"I know I don't want James' leftovers!" Matthew announced, and I was startled, because he was standing right beside the bed on my other side. He yanked at the covers and got them off of me and Mark and then he was resting one leg on the bed and his cock was being shoved at my face!

The hard dong stabbed at my cheek and brushed my lips and I made an exclamation of surprise.

"Open your mouth and suck it!" growled Matthew.

"He doesn't know anything about how to suck on a cock!" scoffed Luke. He was now standing on the other side of Mark's bed.

"So I'll teach him how. Now open your mouth, Son. Daddy Matthew's got a big, fat peppermint stick for you to suck!"

I opened my mouth and Matthew pushed in his pud. It didn't taste at all like a peppermint stick, of course, it tasted more like when I mashed a finger and shoved it into my mouth to suck on it to help with the pain. My finger had been a little dirty and it had tasted a lot like Matthew's dick.

"Just like a peppermint stick." advised Luke as he pushed his head in closer to mine. "Suck on it, keep your teeth away and use your lips to work on it like you could suck all the sweet sugar out of it when you pull on it."

I complied and Matthew moaned and his hands grabbed my head and began to push my head back and forth over his cock. Luke surprised me by sliding his head down and catching my little prick in his mouth and sucking on it. His moist lips were sliding up and down on me and I felt a sharp quivering sensation of pleasure run through my body as he did it, and I knew why Matthew wanted me to suck on his dick. So I gripped and held on tighter for him, and when I was pulled off, I gripped tight and sucked as I moved, and Mathew moaned and began to move my head faster.

"Hey, don't hog our son, guys! I want some of that, too!" John said.

"Me, too!" Peter chimed in. All five of them were clustered around the bed, now. I ended up with Peter's and John's cocks in my hands and Matthew was on the bed, standing over Mark and Luke and me in the bed.

I fought my mouth free of Matthew's hands for a moment. "But Daddy Matthew, what about Daddy Mark? I was playing with him and he's still not done!"

"Don't worry, Son, we have that covered." panted Matthew. "You can suck on him now."

Mark scooted up in the bed so he could get his cock up to my face and I leaned over to get to him.

And Matthew slipped down into the bed and I felt his cock pressing at my buttocks!

"You can't fuck our son!" scoffed Luke as he saw what his older brother was doing. "He's still too young."

"I ain't going to hurt our boy any more'n I have to." Matthew panted. "You keep him all worked up, it'll make it easier on him."

Luke sucked me while Matthew squirmed his cock into my ass, and Matthew was right, it didn't hurt as much with me all worked up from Luke sucking on me. I hit my little-boy climax while he was doing it, and Matthew took the moans and groans I was making to shove his prong on the way in.

And after that, it was a case of me keeping busy on all the cocks around me. Mark groaned and shot his load into my mouth pretty quick, and while I was busily gobbling down all that hot spunk he was squirting, Matthew roared and sprayed another load up my butt.

John and Peter moved in to take their older brothers' places, and I soon was sucking on Peter while John's cock was driven into my ass. With Matthew's come in their lubricating me, it went in easily. That set the pace, when John groaned and unloaded, Peter moved in to take my ass and I started sucking on Luke. I got Luke all greased up and he fucked me when Peter was done. Then Mark wanted a chance to fuck me and then Matthew was ready to do me again. I was sucking and getting fucked quite a bit after that. I lost all track of it, but I know I quivered in my little-boy orgasms four separate times, if not more. I had stepdaddy come spraying me all over the place, I swallowed loads and had more dripping out of my ass.

When dawn came, it shone into the window and lit our naked bodies, resting on the beds here and there in no particular order. I sat up in bed and saw that I had Luke in bed with me. He felt me stirring and opened his eyes, smiled at me. "Good morning, Daddy." I said to him.

"Good morning, Son." Daddy Luke said to me.

John stirred on the bed next to me, my bed. He sat up and looked at me. "You awake now, Son?"

"Yes, Daddy John." I said. "You want me to suck you again?"

"Ooh, no, no time. We have to get up and feed the livestock and gather the eggs and fix breakfast."

"I want to gather the eggs, Daddy John." I told him.

"That's Mark's job." John told me. "Ask him."

Daddy Mark was up and getting dressed. "Daddy Mark, can I help you gather the eggs?"

"Sure, Son." he agreed. "After that and breakfast, we'll get you washed up. You're a real mess after last night, you know."

"I know." I giggled. "It was fun, though."

"It sure was."

"Damnedest honeymoon I ever had." Daddy Matthew agreed. "And it's not over, yet."

We did all the work on the farm, then left James and Mom alone in the house while we all went into the fields to work on the land. Only I didn't get a lot of work done, because I had five daddies to take care of every time they felt horny. And that turned out to be a lot.

That's how things worked the rest of the week. I wondered how Daddy James was going to handle things when he saw how my other daddies were busy in bed with me. But I guess they'd talked it over with him before, because that night, when we went upstairs, Daddy James was the first in line to stick his cock up my ass. He fucked me long and sweet and soft and when he groaned and squirted it up into me, I felt like all six of these men were really and truly my daddies now.

Mom has never been happier. Most of the housework is done by my daddies, and she has a different man in her bed every week. Mom's pregnant now and talking about how my daddies are going to have to keep their hands off of her entirely pretty soon.

But that's okay, I don't think my daddies will mind one bit. Plenty of room for all six of them with me upstairs as long as they want.

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