Whatever It Takes

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Voyeur

Illustration of Whatever It Takes

"Whatever it takes!" Grandpa declared as he looked over us, his four grandchildren and sole surviving members of his clan. Three of them were my sister and two female cousins, ages fifteen, eighteen and twenty-two, respectively. I was the other male member of the Harberry Family, but being male and only age six, I wasn't exactly looking for a husband here. Which was what Grandpa Harberry was talking about just now, and he was talking to the girls.

"We got Henry Sheppard coming to visit us this afternoon. He'll be staying through to Easter weekend while he looks over you gals and decides if he wants to court any of you. So you three got to put on your best duds and make yourselves the sort of women he'll want to be marrying, you got me? He's going to be looking for a pretty gal who can cook and wash and pluck a chicken all at the same time."

He looked over at me. "Even you and me, Orville, we got to put on our best behavior. Make ourselves relations he's going to want to be around. He's going to be sharing your bed with you while he's here, Orville, so you can't kick or snore or scratch or fart while you're in bed with him."

I giggled at that and he frowned. "I mean it! You and me can't keep up this farm, we need a big, strong man like Henry moving in here. His family's got six sons, but one's all we need, so you three among you have to fix it so's one of you lands him!"

"It ought to be me!" Suebelle declared. She was the oldest one of the three, my oldest cousin. She also had large breasts, big hips, and a slim waist and everything I'd learned about women said she was a very pretty gal, if you could ignore the rather large teeth she had, making her the smallest bit buck-toothed and ruining the jaw line. Made her look quite a bit like a horse, if you asked me.

"Why you?" her sister and my other cousin, LeaMae, announced. "I'm a'needing me a husband, too, you know!" She was not as buxom and wide-hipped as her older sister, but didn't have the buckteeth of her sister. Instead, she was knobby jointed, her elbows and knees were like oranges, and even her fingers were like so many marbles under her skin. When she walked, she didn't slink like her older sister, she sort of...ambled.

"So you wait for one of Henry's brothers to come a'calling!" Suebelle countered.

"And why should you two be first to be married?" my sister Edda Lou cut in. At the age of fifteen, she was too young to marry but would be marriageable at sixteen in only four more months. "I'm the one who's going to inherit these lands when I turn eighteen!"

That sparked a real debate among the three, and Grandpa tried to mediate like he always did. Me, I slipped out of the room as best I could and wasn't stopped so they must not have noticed. I went outside and down to the riverbank (only some hundred yards behind our house) and chunked rocks at the river, just to watch the splash.

A man around the house. A man besides Grandpa, who was so weak he usually never moved outside of the house, and then only to the porch to the rocker we kept there for him. A man who would be able to show me how to shoe a horse, or castrate a steer, or capon a rooster (I wasn't even sure what that last one was!), all the girls had been able to show me was how to feed chickens and pull weeds in the garden...and a man didn't need to do that, that was why he got married!

And Henry Sheppard! It had been two years since I'd last seen him and he'd been twenty back then. But even then, he'd been the biggest, strongest man I'd ever seen. All the Shepherd boys were big men, and Henry was the one that made those muscles look so good! A chiseled face with rugged handsome features, wide shoulders, broad chest, powerful arms, a slender waist, and a bulge in his tight pants that made me tingle all funny inside when I imagined what must be inside there make it bulge!

And he'd be in my bed with me! Lying there, in all his male glory, right beside me. God, maybe he'd sleep raw like I did and I would get to see everything! God! And I'd chunk another rock to celebrate the magical power of that thought!

Henry Sheppard rode up soon after that. I tried to get to talk to him, but the three gals were all over him and Grandpa shooed me away like the bothersome bluetail fly in that dumb song Grandpa always sung to himself when he was sleepy. "Shoo, kid, don't bother them!"

Same story around the table when we were eating, I got to look at him and listen to him, but any attempt I made at conversation was stomped on by the girls. He didn't seem to cotton much to any of them, though, near as I could tell. Well, as they say, first impressions don't always count, and he'd be with us for a full five days, to make durned sure whether or not one of these girls would be worth his staying on with us to court her.

I got sent to bed soon after supper, and I left with Henry sitting out on the porch in the big swing with Suebelle while LeaMae and Edda Sue steamed inside, in between peeking out at the pair on the swing. She got tonight with him, Grandpa had decided, and they could get the next two nights alone with him. The last two nights, Grandpa declared, would be strictly up to Henry, because he'd probably have his druthers by that time.

Suebelle was out there, making the best of it she could, I could hear her voice from time to time, laughing way too hard at his jokes, telling him stories and making flirting sounds (well, saying things that she meant to be flirting, but was as subtle as a bobcat landing on you from out of a tree!), that made me flinch to think it was my cousin saying those things. Her sounds got increasingly desperate, I could tell she wasn't making any headway with Henry. Finally, a sound of pained noise as he got up and ended the meeting. Me, I was still sitting on the edge of my bed...just waiting for Henry to open my door and....

The door opened and Henry came in. "Hey, there, Orville!" He said to me. "You 'bout ready for bed?"

"Yep, I am." I agreed, jumping to my feet. "Jest waiting for you to come in."

"Why'd you wait for me?" he wanted to know.

"I needed to know how you sleep." I said, then blushed. I hadn't meant to blurt out I wanted to see if he was going to get into the bed naked or not.

"Oh." he misunderstood me, thank Jesus! "Well, I sleep on my back mostly, but I don't need a particular side of the bed."

"Did you share a bed with your brothers?" I asked him to shift his mind away from my first, inappropriate question.

"Ever' darned night long as I can remember!" He declared. "Looking at this here bed and knowing only going to be the two of us in it is the best news I've had in a long, long time!"

My bed wasn't that big. "It's going to be kind of crowded even with just two of us." I ventured. "We'll have to sleep up against each other."

"I'm used to that." Henry agreed as he peeled off his shirt. I saw to my dismay that he had underwear on underneath it but the weather was still mighty cool. Would he wear it into the bed?

I took quick action on that. "You won't need them long johns in the bed, Henry." I said as I dove for the closet. Took out a quilt I kept for cold weather. "We got plenty of covers."

"Glad to hear that, on account of I sleep in my birthday suit, not my union suit." Henry said.

Naked! "You sleep raw?" I asked, not daring to believe my luck.

"Yep. How 'bout you?"

"Bare nekkid." I agreed, grinning way too widely.

"Only way to sleep comf'table." He grinned back at me. "So skin out of them duds and we'll both get comf'table and warm!"

"Sure!" I was tearing off my clothes fast as I could go. Henry moved more slowly and was down to his union suit alone when I was bare skin and crawling into bed. He gave a playful slap at my rump as I crawled in and I giggled, scooted under the covers and over so he could get in next to me. He left the lantern burning and I watched him unbutton all those buttons on his long johns and then he skinned them down and off his body and was bare as I was.

God, I'd dreamed of this, and now I was seeing it. I'd only had my own body to look at until now, living high up on the mountain as we did and I could imagine Henry as a larger version of me. But he wasn't! All those muscles I'd seen in outline through his clothing now and then were there, in their full ashamed glory, shining faintly in the light of the lantern as his skin caught and threw back the light. His arms were all globes and ovals of muscle from his shoulders to his wrists, his chest was a broad flat shelf that had his nipples perched on the rim like decorations, his stomach was rumpled with muscles from his ribs down to his hips and below that, oh, God, the size of his prick was just what I'd always figured it'd be! Thick and broad as a cucumber hanging down from a nest of thick hair of brown darker than the ones on his head.

Henry shuffled that union suit down to his feet, then tromped on it and stripped the last of it from his body one foot at a time like that. "All right, now, Orville, here I come!" He said to me.

I just goggled in awe as that massive male form trod the two steps to the side of the bed, the thick thigh that lifted itself upwards and perched the knee (narrower than any other part of his leg, the opposite of my knobby-kneed cousin!) atop the bed and then the rest of him followed in, his broad, smiling face leading the way. And then he was pivoting on that slim set of buttocks of his and his feet and legs under the covers and pulled it up over him. Turned to perch himself on one elbow and said, "Well, now I'm in this here bed with you, Orville. What do you want to do now?"

I took him at his word eagerly, I scooted over and I said, "I reckon I'll do this first."

"Is that all you going to do?"

"I don't know what you mean." I knew what I wanted to do but didn't think....

"Me and my brothers, when we'd get in bed like this, we'd usually start out by doing something like this." I gasped when his big, brawny hand reached down and caught hold of my wing-wang, just took hold of me and his fingers wrapped it all around and he said. "You ever did this afore?"

"No." I admitted. "Feels good, though."

"Sure does. Feels better though when a feller does this for you." I gasped when he showed me what he meant, which was that he began to work his fingers back and forth, sliding the skin over my prick and making my dingdong tingle like crazy!

"It sure does." I grunted. "Feels powerful good!"

"Can you do the same thing for me, Orville?" He asked.

Dumbfounded but pleased, I hastily grabbed hold of his cock. "Wow, it's bigger than ever! And all stiff, too!" I could hold onto it easily, it was like gripping a hammer handle, only it was warm as it could be!

"Yeah, that feels powerful good." He sighed. "But it feels better if you move your hand up and down on it."

I did as he asked and he gave a soft groan that was like the rumbling of a bull I'd been scratching the back of with a stick. He'd liked it and gave out that kind of low rumbling noise with his head tilted upwards in pure pleasure.

His fingers moved faster on my little winky and I suddenly began to pant and gasp and then suddenly I was shuddering like I had the delirium tremblin's while my brain was electrified with the most intense wash of pleasure I'd ever had. I groaned and shivered and my hips thrust themselves at Henry's fingers and then it was done and I was suddenly weak and out of breath and his fingers didn't feel at all good down there any more.

But he stopped and he said, "You done now, Orville?"

"Uh? Yeah, yeah, I reckon I am." I knew I couldn't do that again right now, not the way my prick was aching from the last strokes he'd given me.

"Good, 'cause I need some special attention from you." He went on. "You ready to see what else you can do with me in this here bed?"

"Sure!" I was more than willing. He'd given me the best time I'd ever had in bed, bar none, and if I could make him just as happy, I was ready to do it! "What else can I do with you?"

"You can tell my dealie is bigger'n yours."

"Yep." I agreed quickly.

"Which means it does more'n yours did. One thing it does is it shoots out a hot, white creamy stuff. But getting it out takes a lot of work."

"I'll do it for you!" I volunteered at once. "Just tell me what you need me to do."

"I need you to creep down there and get your face next to it." he said, flipping the covers back to expose his body down to below the knees. He uncovered most of me in the process.

"I can do that." I got down and pushed my face right up next to that huge pud of his. "Like this?"

"Next thing I need you to do is work up a lot of spit in your mouth."

I began to work my mouth and as I did he said the next thing.

"When you get enough spit to make it easy for you, you need to take my thing in your mouth and suck on it, up and down, just like your hand was doing for me."

I hesitated at that. "You want me to take it in my mouth?"

"Don't worry none, it won't hurt you any." he assured me. "I washed myself up real good before I set out for here. Shouldn't be nothing worse down there than a bit of sweat and musk off my horse."

I sniffed, he was right. It didn't smell nasty, just kind of rich and ripe, no worse than I did after a hot day. So I took the head of it in my mouth, gingerly.

"Yeah, that's it, now grip it with your lips only and slide it down as far as you can without choking none."

I obeyed, but got less than a third of the way down that huge prong. That pushed the head of it against the back of my throat and I could feel my muscles work as they wanted to push it back out again.

He must have felt it, too. "Then when you lift back up again, hold on tight and lift that skin up with you." he said. "Just like with your hand, you want to work that skin back and forth over the head quick as you can."

I did my best and he seemed to like it, he kept on making those funny grunting sounds like the bull had. I was scratching his itch, I guess, because he was crooning and saying that I was a good boy and he was loving how I was sucking his dick and he wanted me to do it all the time from now on, every single night. "'N in the summer, we'll go camp out down on the river away from ever'one and you can sit on the riverbank with me while I fish and just suck on me over 'n over 'n over again." he murmured.

I was enthralled by that vision, and his dream began my own. I wanted him to be a part of my family now. But that meant he'd have to marry one of my family, my sister or my cousins. Then he'd sleep with them! That wouldn't work, neither!

We couldn't keep doing this! That gave my lips and mouth a desperation that lent speed and agility to them, I was bobbing up and down on him like a demon had hold of me and he was just moaning now, small, urgent sounds full of promise and need, and then he moaned, Oh, oh, Orville, I'm coming, Orville, I'm coming!" And with more sounds of Uh's and Ah's, he proceeded to blast my mouth full of his cream.

When he described it as cream, I'd expected something like the cream our cows produced, all thick and smooth and buttery. This cream was hot as if it'd been squirted from the cow's teat, and it was salty and as rich and ripe as his cock had smelled when I'd done that earlier. But this wasn't aroma, this was taste, and I had a mouthful of his white hot stuff, and there was nothing I could do with it but gulp it on down. As I gulped, he shot out more and the flavor was just as rich and I realized that while it wasn't cream like a cow's cream, it was pretty good-tasting!

I got the rest of it out of him and he was lying back on the bed, moaning and he said, "Oh, man, Orville, that was better'n any of my brothers ever sucked on my dick! You are the best I ever had!"

I had to preen about that compliment but I quickly sobered when I remembered my decision. "But if you want us to keep doing it like you said, you got to marry one of my cousins." I couldn't imagine him marrying my little snot-nosed sister.

"Don't you worry none about that." Henry assured me. "I got it all handled. Now let's get some sleep. I'm going to want you to suck me some more afore sunrise."

He was right about that, I woke up with him sitting on my chest and slapping my face with his hard-again prick. He fed it to me like that and his hands kept my head bobbing fast for him, and when he shot, he held me down and made me take it all again, so much so fast that some of it squirted back out my nostrils and around his cock. He didn't care, though, he told me again that I was the best cocksucker he'd ever known.

The next day, he asked to speak with Grandpa alone and the two of them took off down to the riverbank to speak. I tried to follow, but Grandpa shooed me back again and I had to stand with him.

Grandpa came back looking all triumphant. "Well, it's settled." He said to the four of us.

"What's settled?" Suebelle asked, like Henry had just asked for her hand in marriage or something. All expectant, that is. LeaMae and Edda Lou thought the same thing and looked at Suebelle in a way that, if their eyes could'a shot buckshot out of them, Suebelle would have looked like an old pincushion in no time, nothing but a bunch of puncture holes.

"Henry's going to be staying with us."

"So who's he going to marry, then?" LeaMae demanded.

"It's me, ain't it?" Suebelle wanted to know.

"It ain't none of you." Grandpa announced. "Henry says he don't cotton to none of you but he still needs a place to stay, his family farm is too small for all of them to stay on and work it. So he's going to live with us and work this farm and we share and share alike as if he was just a part of our family."

The girls were dismayed by this but Grandpa told them the only other choice was to send them all to live with other relatives while he and I stayed here and struggled on and maybe starved, and they came around. After all, as Suebelle pointed out, that'd give them all the time they needed to change his mind.

"So we going to build him a room onto the house?" Edda Lou asked.

"Naw, I can stay bunking in along with Orville." Henry said, roughing up my hair with one broad paw of a hand. "He and me get along just fine."

"Yeah." I agreed. Henry and me get along just fine!"

"Course, I got a lot more to teach you about how to get along with me." Henry answered.

"Don't worry, Orville will learn it all, if he knows what's good for him." Grandpa replied, looking sternly at me. "We want you to be happy here, Henry."

I chipped in, "Yeah, whatever it takes, Henry! Whatever it takes!"

"Then I'm staying!" Henry declared.

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