Waiting After School

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Eduardo.

Illustration of Waiting After School

After school was done at three-thirty, I went around to the cafeteria. The door was locked, of course, but I knocked to be let in.

I had a reason to go there, my mother was working there now. She and five others had served up our lunch that day. I got the door opened by a young black woman who was one of the other five, and I said, "Hey, Mom!"

Mom was wielding a mop on the floor. "Hey, baby!"

I wished she wouldn't call me that! At least she called me "Denny" when she'd been ladling out the corn and green beans. This was only five women to overhear it, I could live with it. "When are we leaving?" I had assumed her work day ended with mine!

Lunch lasted from twelve noon until two-thirty, due to staggered shifts. The small cafeteria had been planned for about half the number of students in our school. Only by cutting lunchtime to a half hour and sending the kids in one-fifth at a time could the place accommodate them all.

Another budget-cutting feature...my mom was working here because she'd work for the low wages they paid. With my dad in prison, money had to come from somewhere.

"Oh, baby, I'll be here until five o'clock." Mom said. "I thought you knew that."

I frowned. "I hadn't thought about it." Paused. "So what am I going to do? Just wait around in the hallway until five o'clock?"

"No, Denny, you can go sit with Brian." Mom said.


"Brian, he's Sheila's boy." Mom said. "Room 312."

"Really?" I said. I knew 312 as a regular classroom, the one right next door to the cafeteria, I knew it because I sometimes I stood beside it while waiting in line for lunch on those days when I was unlucky and was nearly the last person in line. It would leave me with about ten minutes to eat before I had to rush back to class when that happened, so it was a kind of benchmark in my life, if not one with happy thoughts attached!

"Sure, you just wait in there and when it comes around five o'clock, I'll come get you and we'll go home."

"Why can't I wait in here with you?" I asked.

"Because we have to clean up." Mom crooned to me. "Now, baby, don't be difficult, work with me here, please? Be a big boy?"

"All right." I said. God, being fourteen years old really sucks! You're too old for kid's stuff and too young for independence. You're not old enough to stay on your own or go out by yourself, but you're old enough to be expected to work around the house. You're too young to get a job for yourself, but too old for the kind of allowance your parents give. Being fourteen years old totally, totally sucks!

So I stomped out and she called after me. "Why don't you do your homework while you wait?" See what I mean? Stuck right in the middle of privilege and responsibility. None of the first and all of the other!

Still, I was stuck with it, so I went over to Room 312. Noted with some surprise there was a big sheet of paper covering the window into the room, but not too surprised. Teachers weren't supposed to cover up the windows, I knew, but they did sometimes for holidays and such. No holidays now, that was my surprise. Maybe it was a health poster of some kind.

Opened the door and went in and said, "Oh, hi, Brian!" to the guy sitting in there already.

Mom had said that "Brian" would be in here, but with over eighteen hundred students at this school, I didn't expect to know who he was. But I did! Brian McCullough, all right, I knew him! He was in three of my classes. He was my age! He was fourteen! I'd seen him for three years now, knew him enough to say hi, but not more than that.

Brian looked up and smiled at me. "Hi, Denny!" Did I mention Brian McCullough was also a totally cute guy? He was! Brownish-red hair in a carelessly careful wave, his face was marvelously regular with an almost-too-small nose that somehow fit him perfectly. Mischievous blue eyes that sparkled at you when he laughed, not that he had ever laughed at me, but I had been nearby a few times when he'd done it. Oh, yeah, I had noticed Brian McCullough, even if he hadn't noticed me! Well, he knew my name, anyhow. That was a start.

"You're stuck here until five o'clock, too, huh?" I said to him.

"You, too?" Brian was surprised.

"Yeah." I said. "Mom's working in the cafeteria now."

"My mom, too. She told me I'd have company today, but I didn't know it'd be you. Great!" Brian said, motioned grandly. "So take a seat."

I did. "What do you do in here until five o'clock?"

Brian shrugged again. "This and that."


"Nah." He said. "Usually I just sit and read and...and stuff."

"I could bring in a deck of cards." I said. "Or a game."

Brian shrugged again. "We could if you want to."

"What do you want to do?" I said. I was going to be stuck in here with him every day for an hour and a half, I wanted to make him my friend if I could.

Brian got a smile on his face. "We can look at pictures." he said.

"What pictures?" I was puzzled but game.

"Go lock the door." Brian urged me.

"Okay." I was willing to do anything here! The door had a simple doorknob lock on it, so I got up and turned the lock and looked back.

Brian was pulling a magazine out of his backpack.

"Oh." I said, understanding. I went over and goggled. "Cool!" I said.

"Like that, huh?"

"Yeah!" I said.

This wasn't just naked women. I had expected he'd gotten a copy of Playboy or Penthouse or something. This was more. This was hardcore!

"This is what I do in here." Brian said. "It's why I put that paper over the window every day as soon as I come in here. I put that paper over the window, I lock the door and I look at pictures."

"Wow." I said and my voice was husky.

"You can look at this one." Brian said. "I got another one."

I took that magazine and sat down in the chair just behind him to look at it, with trembling fingers. God, I was shivering! The guy in the picture was gorgeous! And hung, my God, he must have a ten-inch cock on him!

I was staring at that dick of his, on the pages where he was by himself, working his cock, and was rubbing my crotch.

"Go ahead." Brian said to me. "Go ahead and take it out. That's what I'm doing."

"Really?" I said. I looked at his back, his posture could mean he was unzipping himself. He cast a look back at me and I fastened my own eyes back on the magazine.

"You like the magazine?" Brian asked me.

"Yeah." I said, sneaked a look up and nearly died. He was looking at the magazine on my desk. At the guy and his huge cock.

"He's got a nice one, doesn't he?" Brian said.

"Yeah." I said, looking up. "I wish I had one like his."

"The one on my guy looks really nice, too." Brian said. "You want to see it?"

"Sure." I said and got up in my chair to look over his shoulder at his magazine.

His magazine was of two guys, one sucking the other. A big, fat cock stuffed into a guy's face.

"He's got a nice dick, too, doesn't he?" Brian said.

"Yeah." I breathed huskily. God, I was fourteen years old, my hormones weren't anything like under control right now. I was about ready to cream in my jeans!

"You like this magazine I got?" Brian asked.

"Yeah." I said. "Where'd you get it?"

"I got an uncle who works in a dirty bookstore." Brian confided. "He lets me in and I sneak these out, look at them, return them when I'm done."

"Wow." I said.

"You like what those two guys are doing?" Brian said.

I got bashful all of a sudden. "I guess." I said.

Brian pushed one leg out from in front of him on the chair to the side, ended up sitting angle-wise in the chair. His crotch, thus displayed, showed he had indeed taken his cock out and it was sticking up hard. "You curious about what it's like?" He went on.

"I don't know." I said.

"Hey, Denny, it's just you and me here." Brian said. "You don't have to pretend. I showed you the magazine, didn't I?"

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Know why I got the magazine?" Brian asked, then answered his question, "Because I'm curious, too."

"Okay." I said.

"So, we're in here all alone until five o'clock. You wanna try it?" Brian offered.

Of all the ways this could have turned out, this was the last thing I'd expected! Having to sit in a classroom for an hour and a half each day, waiting on my mother to finish work, I had expected to be bored, imprisoned. I'd expected at best to have someone to play a game of cards with.

But here I was, fourteen with its raging new hormones pummeling my body, craving sex, and here was Brian, waving his cock and saying "You wanna try it?"

"Okay!" I gushed and got out of my chair and knelt down. Brian scooted forward a little and his legs splayed out more, spread wide, his cock aiming its gleaming head at me. I knew what to do in principle, kids talk about such things a lot, you know. Get my mouth on it and hold on tight and bob my head up and down.

Brian's cock touched my tongue and I nearly fainted from the taste of it. My first cock, and it was attached to a cool boy in my own class! What could be better than that! His cock tasted almost sweet, the way a hot dog tastes if you just put it in your mouth, before you chomp down on it, there's a sweetness to the juices on it. Brian's cock was sweet like that. Except for the head, that had a salty flavor. Sticky wet, too.

"Ooh, ah, yeah!" Brian gasped when I moved up and down on his dick for the first time, pulling my lips over that savory rod of young manhood. "U-u-u-u-u-u-u-uh!" he groaned and shivered.

I knew that shiver, it was the raw need of young teenaged boy getting his first blow-job! I was Brian's first, I knew it that very moment. Knew why he'd risked showing me that magazine of his right away, when he knew we'd be here together, just the two of us, in this empty classroom. God, every day for an hour and a half, five days a week, the rest of the school year!

I sucked Brian's cock and the panoply of days spread out before me, we'd have so much time together alone to do this! All the time to do this as much as we wanted to!

I sucked on Brian's cock and while I know now I wasn't very good at it, Brian wasn't fussy, he was moaning like crazy, his young cock quivering and he was panting as I sucked on him.

"Ooh! Oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Brian groaned and as he said that last word, he gasped and he shot. The eager rapid-fire of youth, he lost it and creamed hard and fast right then, he was lucky to get the words out, it hit him so fast!

I knew what I was supposed to do, I was supposed to swallow it. There were jokes about women choking on come, spitting it out, barfing because they couldn't take it. So I knew to swallow it.

Brian's come was easy to take, the come of youth is more liquid than anything else, it was practically like water. Salty water, but not even real salty, it just flowed into my mouth and I drank it down as quick as he shot it, and it was easy.

Done, he was panting hard and I was shuddering so hard, I knew a few jerks on my cock would make me come. I got up and fumbled at my pants, and as I got it out, I realized I had an option.

"Your turn!" I gasped out. "Hurry, I got to come now!"

Brian's eyes were dazed, but he saw my cock and he groaned, and he lurched at it, my cock went into his hungry young mouth so fast I couldn't believe it! Hot wetness surrounded my cock and Brian had my cock about two-thirds of the way into his mouth, and he pulled on it once or twice with his lips, and I did, I came right then and there! I didn't even warn Brian, unless you could my sounds from start to finish as warning, it was, "Yeahhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, uh-uh, OHHHHHH!" and I was squirting my jizz into Brian's mouth.

I did things without meaning to, exactly, my body was in control here instead of my mind, I got hold of Brian's head when I came and I humped his face really hard, that beautiful face, I fucked it as I shot and Brian just held on. I guess my come was the same as his, a lot of fluid that was easy to swallow, because he took it as well as I had.

Done, I was exhausted, and sat down on the arm of the chair just behind me, the row next to ours, it was the nearest surface, you can't get into the chair from the armrest side, it's solid across there, but it made a good-enough place to perch my buttocks.

Brian wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked up at me. "Jeez, that was awesome!" he marveled.

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Except we didn't last two minutes."

"Yeah, we were both too hot on the trigger, huh?"

Brian grinned back at me. "I won't tell anyone if you don't."

"I think we did okay." I said.

"For a first time, yeah." Brian agreed.

"Yeah. For a first time." I concurred entirely.

Brian looked up at the clock, and so did I. Ten minutes until four. "We have more than an hour to go." he said. "Now what do you want to do?"

"Bet we'll last longer the second time." I said.

"Yeah." Brian said eagerly. "Look at these guys."

I knelt down again, this time to look with him as he turned the pages of the magazine.

Ah, the raw horniness of youth. By the time he thumbed that last page (it was a thick magazine, like a hundred pages in it and had several sets of guys), we were both ready to do it again. I showed my readiness by grabbing hold of Brian's cock, still a bit sticky from my sucking of it, and said, "You ready?"

"Yeah." Brian agreed.

"How about we get on the floor." I suggested. "We can do each other that way."

We did, we got onto the floor and sucked each other blissfully. With the raw edge taken off our lust, we both managed to last over ten minutes, long enough that I was both able to gain a bit of experience in sucking dick and also enough to feel my climax as a slowly rising tide within me.

"I'm going to come." I panted to Brian, taking my mouth from his cock briefly to tell him this.

Brian nodded and murmured an assent to my words and he nursed me to a sweet, wonderful, marvelous climax, my pleasure rose within me like being lifted up into the sky on the back of an eagle with wings a mile wide, sheer, raw power that pulsed beneath me and lifted me into the cosmos! I made it to climax and when I ejaculated, I squirted gently into Brian's mouth, and he sucked on it rapturously, drinking me dry. I kept up my work on him as well as I could, and a moment later, he began to grunt more urgently, and I took that as my cue and I worked him harder and he grunted higher and higher and then hit a long, keening note and when he released that note, he shot his load into me, and it was, too, like the flow of sweet nectar from the flower of youth, the taste of vitality and life.

Done with that, we looked again at the clock. Four thirty. "Another half hour." I said playfully. "Think we can do it again?"

"Maybe." he said. "But let's not do it. My mom will come knock about fifteen til, to tell me to get ready to leave. The door needs to be unlocked when she comes by. She doesn't know I lock it, and I'd rather she not find out."

"Okay." I agreed. After two spurts, I was ready to be reasonable. I got into my chair behind Brian's, and I said, "Wow, man, I can't believe we're doing this."

"Yeah." Brian said. "I figured I'd have to go back to waiting until I got home to whack off in the bathroom when I learned you were coming by."

"Yeah?" I was surprised. "Why'd you think that?"

"Hey!" He said. "Tell someone you want to suck their cocks! Man, if you hadn't been looking at that guy's dick in the magazine, I wouldn't have had the guts to speak up."

"Oh." I realized that he hadn't taken such a gamble on me after all. I'd had a magazine full of pictures to look at, and I'd chosen the one of just the guy. Not so much a risk at all. "Well, at least know I know what I'm doing after school every day from now on."

"Me, too." Brian agreed. "Can you get your Mom to let you come spend the weekend with me? That's when I take these magazines back to my uncle's store and pick up some new ones."

"Cool!" I agreed.

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