A Warm Place to Sleep

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Inocentius & Pervertida

Illustration of A Warm Place to Sleep

Luke stirred his "mulligan stew" over the fire in front of his shack. An old coffee can served as his stewpot, and he stirred it with a stick. Its content were a bit of already-cooked beef, a few old potatoes he had cut the rotten pieces off of, some wilted cabbage and some dried out carrots, but it was all edible, and that was all that counted with mulligan. Hunger would provide all the extra sauce it would need.

"Hey, Mister." came a voice from beside him. Luke looked up to see a rather familiar sight about the "Hooverville," a young boy had been drawn by the smell of the cooking food and come over to beg some. This one was maybe ten years old, with a thin body and stringy light-brown hair. The face was rounded and would have been angelic if it hadn't been for those eyes, they'd seen too much, been through too much.

Luke hardened his heart. If you gave to everyone who needed it these days, you'd be out of anything for yourself. "You can have some when I'm done with it." he said gruffly. "Won't be much left, though."

"Thank you, Mister." the boy said solemnly.

The mulligan was as ready as it would ever be. Luke took his bowl and spoon (he only had the one) and forced himself to dig deep and ladle his bowl full. When he was done, barely a half-cupful of mulligan remained. "You can have the rest." he said roughly.

"Thank you, Mister." the boy said gravely and presented his own bowl to Luke. Luke just pointed at the mulligan, the boy had no spoon and he had to use some old rags to hold the coffee can so he could shake the rest of the mulligan into his bowl. He then used his fingers to eat the mulligan, fingers that were none too clean. It wasn't easy staying clean in the Hooverville. The boy ate with a wolfish quality that emptied the bowl in a few seconds.

Luke took his own time with his own mulligan. He had done a good deed, the boy was fed, a little, anyway.

The boy wiped his lips with one forearm, wet his lips again with a so-pink tongue. "Thank you, Mister." he said again.

"Don't mention it." Luke said and deliberately looked away again. The boy ought to leave him alone now.

"Mister." came the voice again after a while."

"You should get on back home, now." Luke said. "Your Momma will be wondering about you."

"Mom's dead." the boy said. Matter-of-factly.

"Too bad." Luke said, not too sincerely. It was a mean old world, had been ever since the Great Depression had begun over a year ago. Anyone who wasn't tough enough for it, died. "Better get home to your dad, then."

"Dad's not here." the boy said. "He left a few weeks ago. Said he'd send for me when he found work."

"Oh." Luke said. The man had left his own child here in the Hooverville. Probably had figured he could scrounge food like he just had from Luke, live until his father could get a job. Like there were any jobs out there.

He hated to ask the next question, but he had to. "Where you sleeping, kid?"

"Here and there." the kid said. "Dad left me the tent, but someone took it."

"Yeah." Luke sighed. That happened in the Hoovervilles, you had to be ready to fight to keep what you had. Luke looked to his shack, he had built it over the last summer, a few boards or bricks at a time, and when someone tried to scavenge off of his shack for their own, he went after them. One good knife fight which Luke had won handily had taken care of most of the problems, word of mouth kept the others away from Luke's shack.

"So now I sleep where I can, but it's getting cold." the kid looked at Luke's shack. "Your place looks nice and warm."

"It is." Luke agreed. "I got a little stove in there, keep a bit of a fire going at night. Keeps things warm enough for me."

The boy wet his lips again. "You got room for another in there, maybe? A warm place to sleep?"

"Nah." Luke said. Damn it, he should have known better than to feed this kid. Now he was trying to move in! "I got everything I need already, don't need anyone to share it with me."

"I wouldn't be any trouble." the kid said, shamelessly pleading with him. He'd had weeks to practice, weeks all alone with no parent to care for him, all alone in the Hooverville.

"I shouldn't have fed you." Luke said, scowling at the kid. "Hard enough to take care of myself, you know. Barely enough to eat, as it is. It's a tough world, kid, I can't have anything around that isn't any use to me. And you, kid..." Luke finished triumphantly. "Are nothing but useless."

He expected the kid to burst into tears and leave. He even though about after the kid left, he would see about finding a social worker tomorrow, tell them the kid was running around the Hooverville all alone. The orphanages were appallingly bad (he knew from personal experience!), but better than this kid being all alone during the bad weather coming. The Hooverville was emptying out as it was, people running south with the fall, seeking warmer weather. Luke was staying only because he had a job, at least now and then, enough to let him figure on staying the year round, enough to live on, especially with him having a shack to keep the worst of the weather at bay.

But the kid didn't start crying, didn't leave. "I can be useful to you." the kid said.

"Not that useful." Luke said. "What can you do that would be worth me keeping you in my shack all winter long. Another mouth to feed when I can barely feed myself? Now, get out of here, kid, if I ever need you, I'll let you know, okay?"

And Luke kicked some dirt over the cooking fire, extinguishing the last of the embers, and went into his shack. The kid just could stay out there if he wanted to. And tomorrow, the kid could beg all he wanted, and Luke wouldn't give the kid a single damned bite to eat!

Sooner that kid made it to the orphanage, the better! Only place for kids like him. And like Luke had used to be! Luke had grown up in an orphanage, and he knew how to take care of himself, damn it!

Time for bed. Luke stoked up the fire in the little tin stove. It smoked a good deal, but the heat more than offset it, and the smoke had room to get out through the gaps between the walls and the ceiling. In really harsh weather, the stove wouldn't be able to keep him all that warm, but he would figure out how to chink the holes and live with the smoke or something.

The fire going, only a small one needed tonight, he judged, he began to undress for bed. He shucked out of his shoes and pants, and felt his underwear. Shit, needed to be washed. He would do that in the morning, before going out to look for work. He had another pair he could wear tomorrow, and the first would be dry by the time he got home. Now, where the fuck did he put those clean underwear? Damn it, nobody had better come in and stolen them from him, he would hunt that fucker down and this time, he'd snuff the bastard! Slip Old Pete a bottle of hooch and he'd find out who took them, easy enough. That's how he'd found the last guy who had stolen from him.

There they are! Shit, he'd forgotten! They were already dirty. Shit! Well, he'd make do with them tomorrow and he'd definitely wash out his dirty underwear tomorrow. Have to sleep nude tonight, good thing he had the fire and a good blanket, it was no fun shivering all night long....

He turned around and the kid was inside his shack! "What the fuck? Kid, I told you to get the hell out of here!"

"I just wanted to see it." the kid said. "Been so long since I seen the inside of a real home."

"This ain't a real home." Luke said. "It's just where I'm living."

"It's nice, though." the kid insisted. "Real nice in here. Nice and warm. You even have a dresser, and your own bed."

"Yep." Luke said. Hell, he was naked from the waist down, but the kid was only a kid, he wasn't noticing it.

"A nice big bed." the kid said. "Bet it would sleep two real easy."

"I told you, kid." Luke said. "I ain't keeping anything these days that isn't of any use to me. And you, kid, are useless!"

"I'm not useless!" the young boy insisted.

"Oh, yeah!" Luke said sternly. "Then you tell me one way you could be of any use to me at all, and you can spend the night with me! How about that?"

"I can keep you warm." the boy declared.

"The fire will keep me warm." Luke said.

"No." the boy got closer to Luke. "I mean, I'll keep you really warm."

And the boy's hand reached up and grasped Luke's flaccid cock. His fingers wrapped around it quickly and before Luke could react, he had made several strokes up and down the semi-rigid length, bringing it to full life.

"What the shit?" Luke gasped out. "What the hell are you doing, kid?"

"Getting you nice and warm." the boy declared. "Like this, all night long. I'll keep you nice and warm."

Luke could only stare as the youth worked his prick. Shit, he hadn't gotten laid in well over a year, ever since the money got so damned short. From the date he had lost his job, the factory closing so soon after Black Tuesday, he had been too busy staying alive to even think about sex, except for those desperate stroking of himself at night. Now, he had another's hand on him, and God damn, but it felt good!

"Ah, shit!" He breathed huskily. "Kid, if you can do me better than I do myself, then you got yourself a fucking bed at night."

The boy, for the first time, broke a smile, he said, "Sure, I can do that. I can do that easy."

That little hand was feeling so good, Luke had to groan and said, "Shit, kid, let me lay down on the bed. God!"

As Luke crawled onto the bed and got comfortable, he saw the kid strip rapidly out of the few clothes he had. God, that kid must get really cold at night, with only those clothes to wear. No wonder he had been drawn inside by the fire, by the promise of shelter, by the chance to have a warm place to sleep.

Nude now, the boy crawled in at the foot of the bed between Luke's legs. Luke figured the kid was just getting so he could get a better grip on Luke's dong. Kids played with each other's cocks, that was all this boy was planning to do to Luke....

And the boy leaned over, his sweet round face closed upon Luke's towering erection, and Luke felt the warmth and the moisture and the delight engulfing him. "Ah, ah, shit!" The kid was giving him a blow-job! A real, honest, fucking blowjob! Where the fuck did this child learn how to suck cock?

Wherever he had learned it, the boy knew his business. His lips were wet and hot around his cockhead, his tongue was brushing the bottom of Luke's glans, the tip was swirling about the top when the boy raised his head up, then it raked down the side as he lunged down.

"Ah, ah, oh, God, shit, yeah, kid, God, yeah, blow that cock, keep it up, baby, give that dick hell, kid, yeah, shit, yeah!" Luke moaned. "You're getting it nice and warm for me, hell, yeah!" A part of that warmth was the fire he'd built up before, which was just getting going well, but the rest was that warm mouth wrapped around his prick, bringing his body to life, giving it a reason to feel something he hadn't felt in a long time...raw, unadulterated joy!

So many months of raw survival and no end in sight, he had fallen into something less than complete manhood, something of the animal, concentrating only on the basics of life, food, sleep, drink...warmth. And yet the most essential warmth had been missing...that of human contact. And now he had it again, had it in all its glory, all its delight, all the magnificent pleasure that ran through his body in waves, vast, rippling, ecstatic waves of joy! God, this was the reason for living, the real reason, for this, to feel this!

"Ah, ah, shit, kid, take a break!" Luke gasped. "I got to rest a little here. Make it last, shit!"

The boy obeyed, and as he climbed up to lie upon Luke's chest, Luke pulled the covers over both of them. The boy shifted downwards slightly, and Luke found the kid's tiny but erect pud lying on top of his. And as the two hard shafts, one adult and one child's, made contact, the boy gave his own groan of pleasure, and his hips began to grind them together, the two pricks rubbing against each other, the two bodies rubbing, the warmth of this boy's body upon his own, making him warm, so warm, so warm!

The kid's groans were getting sharper, more intense. Luke's own body was feeling pretty good, but not like this. He smiled and ran his fingers through the boy's hair as the youth hunched at him, the hard little rod was stroking itself upon Luke's longer, thicker tool, and the frantic noises that escaped the boy's lips were like leaves falling into still water in the silent glen, the touch making the tiniest sparkle of noise, the sounds from the depth of this kid's throat were deeper and more moist, but they had that same pure essence in them, the undiminished, uncorrupted lilt of boyish delight, that was falling from the youth's lips as he ground desperately at Luke's body, his voice rose to a high crescendo and then he slumped, and Luke felt the dampness on his prick, the dampness of the tiniest bit of fluid exuding from the boy's cock as he reached his almost-climax, and the boy panted on top of him, the warm breath stroked Luke's chest

"You got a little carried away, didn't you?" Luke joked as he stroked the now-sweaty strands of hair out of the boy's face.

"Yeah." the boy smiled.

"When you're ready, you need to finish me." Luke reminded him.

"Yeah." the kid said. "Got to keep you nice and warm."

And the kid's head dived down under the covers. Luke groaned anew when the kid lapped his cock clean and then began to relubricate it. So warm inside this bed now, now that he had a warm ball of little boy under there, warming them both. And then the warmth of that mouth, driving his body up into the heights again, the pinnacle of ecstasy, the summit of joy, it was now within his reach. God, that kid's rubbing of his little prick against Luke's own prong had kept up the level of desire, he was as close to his orgasm as ever.

But now the kid's mouth was fervent and talented upon his manhood, he couldn't help but surrender to it, to let his body strike it's apex and his cock exploded with his climax.

"Oh, God, I'm coming, boy, I'm going to shoot it, kid, right in your mouth, boy, right in your mouth, gah, UH, GAH, UH, GGAHHH-HUHHHNNNNHHH!"

He was coming like it had been a full year since his last orgasm, he ejaculated in thick, heavy streams shooting from his prod into the boy's clutching mouth, and the boy sucked on him hard when he did, drinking him down, siphoning off those love-juices and bringing Luke even more pleasure from the intensity of his movements, of his suction, of his complete acceptance of Luke's jism as it poured out of the man and into the boy.

"Oh, shit, oh, fuck, oh, MAN!" Luke sighed as he came down from that too-marvelous godhood, and back into his too-human form.

The boy climbed back up and now he rested his slender arms and point of a chin on Luke's chest, so he could look into Luke's eyes. "So, Mister, can I stay here and sleep with you?"

"You sure can, kid." Luke said fondly as he stroked that beautiful hair, just to see the angelic smile again. "And you can dip into my mulligan, too."

The boy cuddled into Luke's arm and he slept warmly all night like that, the extra body keeping him warm, so warm.

Giving them both a warm place to sleep.


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