The Kid Who Came With the Apartment

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2002 by Mike D.

Illustration of Stud Who Came with the Apartment

I had just finished my supper, a miserable microwaved meal (not even a good one, the kind that you buy at ten for ten dollars at the supermarket) and had dumped the empty plastic tray it had come in into the trash. Put away the TV tray and then it was time to hit my books, study while watching television (adults laugh at it, but if you’re used to watching television while studying, you really aren’t put off by it, you do both at once; works on all but the toughest subjects), and then hit the sack. This would all have been easier if I hadn’t taken eight years off to put in my service in the military. The government was paying my way through college as a result, but here I was, twenty-seven years old and acting like I was nineteen, a sophomore in college. About all I’d learned so far was that the dorm rooms were not for me. So I’d taken this apartment.

A hell of a place, the Embassy Apartments. Once this place had been a luxury hotel, but now it was apartments. The owner who’d bought it and cut it up into apartments had been clever, he’d taken the extra wide halls of the place, and used them to bind the apartments together. Leaving the central third of each for the new hallway, he had enough room to form interior hallways of each apartment. The apartment I was in used to be two rooms at the hotel, one room was the living room and bathroom, and the other had been cut in half, the back half was my bedroom and the front half (including the bathroom area of the old place) had been converted into the kitchen. I don’t mean I was cooking on a toilet, but they used the old room’s plumbing for the kitchen sink and such. It all added up to a decent-sized one bedroom, only to get to the bedroom or kitchen, you had to walk out the living room, down a short hall, into the kitchen and through it to the bedroom. When I’d get up at night to go to the bathroom, I had a fairly long trek. But it came with a stove, refrigerator, air conditioner and heaters, all you needed to come with an apartment to move in and set up home.

Believe me, you had to know all this to understand at least some of what happened next. I mean, this entire apartment building was a cobbled-together hodge-podge, the owner had rebuilt things on a shoestring, there were plastered sections of the wall, painted-over doors nailed shut, you name the cost-cutting and unorthodox irregularity, this place had it somewhere. Nothing was dead-Godawful-bad or dangerous, but you wouldn’t be surprised to find that your neighbor’s lightswitch, when turned on, flushed your toilet, or such-like. Or that your apartment had a hidden panel that let someone from the next apartment walk right into yours.

Which was what happened to me. I went into my living room and there was a kid standing in my room, wearing his underwear and nothing else!

“Hello!” he said.

“Hello.” I said in the tone you that you’d use if you found a strange kid in his underwear standing in your living room when you knew darned well he hadn’t come in through the front door or something.

“I’m Paco.” he said. A Latino name, but the voice and accent was pure American. Not uncommon in Southern California, a lot of these families had been American longer than most Caucasian families. He had a friendly, squarish face, deep merry brown eyes, a mop of jet-black hair that shone in the light and his skin was a deep, burnished leather brown. “Who are you?”

“I’m Max.” I said, still in that suspicious tone. Yeah, when you find a stranger in your home, your tone is suspicious, even when it’s a kid who couldn’t be more than six or seven at most. “How’d you get in here?”

Paco just giggled. “I have a secret door.” he confided.

“Really? Where is it?” I wanted to know. I figured it would be a great place to put a large, heavy piece of furniture.

“How old are you?” Paco asked me instead of answering. “What do you do?”

“I’m twenty-seven and I’m in college.” I said. “And I have to study now. Wherever you came from, you should go back now.”

“You’re look real strong. You work out a lot? How’d you get so big and strong?”

“Yeah. I was in the military is how I got my muscles. Look, Paco, does your mother know you’re here?”

Paco looked abashed. “No. But she’s busy, she’s not going to miss me none.” That tone in his voice I recognized as easily as you would if you’d heard him. Paco was feeling left out of his family’s life. That was why he’d decided to pay me a visit.

“Well...I can visit with you a few minutes.” I said.

Paco jumped up onto my couch with glee. “Come on, sit down!” He urged me.

I’d learned back in Iraq how to get along with kids Paco’s age. They really haven’t been indoctrinated into any belief system, you get to start with any of them with a completely blank slate. I had a few stories I could tell him, and he responded with rather disjointed anecdotes of his school friends and activities.

Then Paco cocked an ear. “I hear Mom.”

“I don’t hear anything.” Then I did. Through the walls, of course, she was shrieking his name. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, was it next door or the ceiling? I looked around and when I looked back, Paco was gone. But the front door hadn’t opened.

Okay, however he got into this place, it was in this room. Maybe. He could have darted into the hallway of my apartment, maybe the opening was...ah, to heck with it! I wasn’t planning any wild parties or orgies on my living room floor, I could live with Paco’s visit until I figured out how to plug the hole for good. Besides, it wasn’t like I was making loads of friends among the teenagers at school so far. Another reason to get the hell out of the dormitories.

I pulled out my books and tried to study but the television set wasn’t distracting me. It was Paco. It’d been so...nice to have him with me. Made me feel kind of warm and special, his unambiguous, nonjudgmental eyes and smile on me. Accepting me just as I was, not what I ought to be or should be or wasn’t. You get a lot of that in life, you know? Having the unadulterated adulation of a child felt awful good.

Damn, I had a hard-on! I frowned at the bulge in my shorts, a loose pair I’d thrown on to lounge around the house, that and a tank-top was all I wore right now, the reason Paco had noticed my frame on our first meeting, thinking how obvious it was in these thin cloth shorts of mine, then I turned the frown into a smirk. Well, at least I had something to do now besides study!

Better to do that in bed. Get in bed naked, sprawl out, and just whomp away! Yeah, that sounded like a damned good plan!

I got out of that living room, and made that endless trek to my bedroom. Only problem with the bedroom was that it was right in front of the street light, even with the blinds closed, I had more light in that room than I really liked. Tonight, though, I figured on using that, to put on a show for myself. I was a damned good-looking stud, after all, I could turn myself on, watching myself masturbate. I turned off the light before stripping down to my bare skin.

In the filtered light of the room, I was a pale gray form, it made everything look unreal and artificial, like watching an old porno. Perfect. I perched myself up on a pile of pillows and looked down at myself. My cock was standing at full attention now, waiting to perform for me. I was looking down at my twin mounds of pecs, my ridged abs, my legs like a pair of majestic hills forming a valley for the tower of my prick. I reached down my hands, twin eagles attached to my hairy arms, and they enfolded my dong, and I milked the skin down the shaft, feeling the thrill of delight rushing through my cock and up into my body. Oh, shit, this was going to be one enormously good jerk! “Oh, God, yeah, oh, oh, God!” I groaned as I stroked myself.

And then I heard it. “Wow!” it said and it said it in the voice of....

“Paco?” I looked over at my bedside. My little neighbor out of nowhere had just reappeared in my bedroom and he had a front-row seat for my erection being stroked! “Holy shit!”

His smile was pure white even in the dim light of the room. His skin glowed golden even in this dusky atmosphere. “What were you doing, Max?”

“I was...I was....” I wasn’t about to tell Paco exactly what I’d been doing, he’d tell Mama and Mama would come looking for me with blood in her eyes! “I was...playing a game.”

“Yeah.” Paco giggled. “I play that game, too!”

“Oh.” I had to smile at that. I wasn’t in danger of teaching this kid anything. No kid stays ignorant about sex in a large family living in a small apartment! If you didn’t learn the birds and bees by watching Mom and Dad, you had big brothers to show you what was what. “Well, it’s a game you’re supposed to play by yourself, so why don’t you....” “Go back home” was my next words.

But Paco interrupted me. “You don’t have to play it by yourself!” He corrected me. “It’s more fun when you play it with someone else!” And he promptly clambered onto my bed with me. “I’ll show you, you’ll see, it’s lots of fun!” He got up on his knees and reached for me.

“Paco, now, now, Paco, I...Paco!” That last line was when Paco grabbed my cock. It was also the last word I said, because when Paco’s hand gripped me, he didn’t mess around, he started promptly whomping away at me! I just let my arms drop to my sides, rested my weight on my elbows and forearms, and moaned.

“You see, this is more fun than playing by yourself, isn’t it?” Paco asked me cunningly.

“Oh, God, oh, yeah, yeah, Paco, that’s great!” I moaned. “You know how to stroke my pud, all right!”

“There’s more, too, when you play with someone else.”

“Oh, uh, uh, huh?”

“When you’re playing with someone else, you can do this, too!” And Paco leaned over and sucked my cock into his mouth.

“Oh, ah, ah, shit!” I groaned. “Paco, God, who taught you to suck cock?”

“My friends at school.” Paco stopped long enough to answer. “We do this all the time. You like it, don’t you?” And he dove back onto me.

“Oh, God, yeah!” My “porn show” had just racheted itself up several notches. I was watching his beautiful, slender, dusky body glowing in the meager light of the room, my own body picked up the glow from him, it seemed. I watched his face wrapped around my cock and his eyes smiling up at me as he moved up and down, watching me watching him and enjoying the pleasure he was sending through my body.

My cock was a spit-slicked shaft of shining glory when Paco paused. Poor little fellow was tired, I decided. He stood up on the bed and slid his briefs (the same ones he’d shown up in before) down his legs and was naked with me. “You want me to do yours now?” I offered.

“Uh-uh!” Paco clarified. He got straddle of me. “I want to show you something else you can do!”

I suddenly realized what he meant! “Paco, Paco, are you sure, I’m mean, you’re only a kid, and....”

Paco squatted down and I felt the hot little tucker of his anus contact my cockhead and I quit arguing.

“God, Paco, go easy, it’s so big, I don’t know if you can take it....”

But Paco only grunted and it slid right in. I didn’t know who’d been teaching my little visitor these things, but Paco had been a good and thorough student. He made a few faces as he squatted lower and lower on my dong, but he didn’t stop until he had it firmly and deeply inside his little butt. Me, I only stared at him wide-eyed and astonished, watching as his slim, lithe body bobbed up and down on my cock. I was writhing under him, my climax growing and contorting me.

“Oh, God, Paco, I’m going to come, I’m going to come!” I groaned. “Hang on, here it comes, here it comes, oh, OH, OH, GAH, AH, AH, GAH-HAH-HUNNNNNKKKKHUUUGGGHHH!”

My come burst out of me with a fury like it hadn’t since my first hormone-driven fist-pumpings of my teenaged years. I ejaculated up into his small brown body and the come overloaded his ass, it dripped back down onto me, and still he rode up and down on me, milking my cock for every last dreg it held in me.

“Oh, oh, oh, Paco, oh, God, oh!” I gasped as my orgasm finally let go of me and I could begin to breath once again, I could begin to see him without the blurred glaze of climax, and he was beaming down at me, proud of his accomplishment.

“You see, Max?” He said while I panted under him, and my cock, drained into flaccidity, drooped and slipped out of him. “It’s a lot better when you do it with someone else, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, Paco, it’s terrific when you do it for me.” I agreed with feeble but enthusiastic voice. “You really know how to make a man feel awful damned good!”

“That’s what the last guy said.” Paco confided in me.

“Last guy?”

“The guy who had the apartment before you. He was the one who taught me how to ride on you like that. When he left, he told me not to worry, whoever moved in here would like it just as much as he did. And you did.”

“I sure did.” I agreed.

“I got to go.” Paco said. “Mama comes in and checks on me before she goes to bed. But I’ll come back soon, okay?”

“More than okay, Paco.” I said. “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be out of school and home by four o’clock.”

“I’ll be here.”

“See you then.” And Paco left the bedroom. I still didn’t have a clue how he was getting in and out of my apartment. It was like he was a part of the place, like the stove and refrigerator.

I laughed in the darkness. Paco came with my apartment. Long as I lived here, he’d be available. No way was I moving out any time soon!


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