Replacing Trey

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2005 by Vitaly.

Illustration of Replacing Trey

This illustration is one I have removed from an older story by another author and posted on this story of my own. The copyright notice is for the date of the image's original publication at my site, not an indication of when I wrote this story.

We found a nice place out behind the house, inside the woods that Trey always liked to run around in. Underneath some nice, cool oak trees which still held their heavy leaf canopy though the leaves were turning to gold, we dug the grave for Trey. I was using Daddy's shovel, and dug with a fury at how unfair it was. Trey was only eleven! You're not supposed to lose a dog when he's only eleven! He was supposed to live longer, he was!

I fought back the tears and when I hit a root, I used the shovel on it like an axe, chopping at it with a snarl on my face.

"Want me to go get your Scout ax?" Chip asked me.

"No! Just let me be!" I snapped at my little brother. I didn't hate him, but I didn't want him to see big brother cry, and I was close to doing just that.

He subsided and I got the root cut and kept digging. I knew that graves were dug six feet deep, but I couldn't dig that deep, not here. I kept hitting roots and I wanted to bury Trey out here where he loved to be, where his soul could chase squirrels and nose around the trees for eternity. It was where he would want to be!

Done, I put Trey's body wrapped in an old quilt into the grave. I didn't want to look at him and Mom understood and gave me the quilt. Then I shoveled the dirt onto him. When done, it wasn't much of a lump. Trey was a good-sized dog, but the grave just didn't show. By next year, you wouldn't even know it was there. I resolved to make a marker for Trey when I had a chance, maybe I could use the tool shop at school.

"You going to say anything?" Chip asked.

"Yeah." I said. "I will." I put myself in respectful mode, hands overlapping at my stomach, my head bowed. Chip did the same, my little brother always mimicked me whenever he could.

"Here lies Trey. He was my dog since I was five years old. I remember telling him as a puppy that I was going to take care of him for the rest of his life. And I did just that." Even when the vet told me we had to put Trey down, that he had a cancer that was going to kill him slow and painfully if we didn't, I had been the one to tell him to do it. The vet had injected Trey while I held his head, told him he was the best dog ever. Trey had whimpered, just once, when the vet stuck the needle in, jerked when the vet plunged the injection home, and that was it. Trey was gone. My best friend for as long as I could remember. The faithful companion, who had always been waiting for me to get home, sat by me at dinner and watching television, who played with me after school every day and slept beside me on my bed every night. Now I wouldn't have him there and it hurt! It hurt a lot!

"I gonna miss Trey." Chip said dolefully.

"Me, too, Chip. Me, too!" And I did cry and so did Chip, there in the quiet woods, holding each other while we cried, a fourteen-year-old boy and his seven-year-old brother, sharing their grief.

I only picked at my dinner. Mom let me but when I turned away her cherry pie, which she knew I loved, Mom spoke up. "Mike? Mikey, dear?"

"Yeah, Mom?" I said, not looking at her.

"Do you want to get another dog? To take Trey's place?"

"We could go find one tomorrow, at a puppy farm." Dad added. "Or the pound if you want to rescue an older dog instead."

"We could find a dog just like Trey." Mom added brightly, and wrongly! "It'll be just like he never even left."

"It will not!" I yelled at Mom. "I don't want another dog! I don't want a puppy, either! You hear me, I don't! Now shut up about it!"

"Mike!" Dad was mad. You don't tell a grown-up to shut up! "Go to your room, right now! I'll be up in a minute!"

"Fine, I will!" I stomped out.

I lay on my bed while Dad gave me the talk. I lay there while Mom came up and I mumbled an apology to her like Dad had ordered me to. But I didn't look at either one of them while I did it. I guess she hadn't mean any harm, but Mom and Dad didn't understand. They just didn't!

No more Trey. No more bright brown eyes shining up at me in love any time I looked down, a head that always wanted me to pet it, a warm furry bundle snuggled up under my covers, just his head poking out. Trey had slept like that since he was a puppy. And Mom and Dad thought they could just go out and buy another dog just like him! Didn't they see that they couldn't? Not now, not ever, never! Trey was one of a kind!

I sat up and pretended to study. School hadn't been going very long, but it didn't hurt none, I guess. I read way ahead in our history book.

Finally, it was time for bed. I was getting ready when I had a knock at my door. It was Chip, had to be. Mom and Dad would just walk in, but I made Chip knock first. I was down to my underwear, but I grunted, said, "Come in, Chip."

Chip opened the door, timidly. "Hey, Mike."

"Hey." I said back to him.

"You about to go to bed."

"Yeah." I said and looked at the bed and grimaced. "Going to be lonesome without Trey in bed with me."

"Yeah, I was thinking about that." Chip said. "Can I sleep with you?"


"I mean, I could be next to you, and it'd sort of be like Trey sleeping with you, wouldn't it?"

"No." I said, meanly but you know how it is with a little brother. "Not one bit."

"Aw, come on." Chip said. "I miss Trey, too."

"He never slept with you."

"I know. But I miss him just the same."

That helped, you know. Just to know that someone else actually would miss Trey. Mom and Dad just talked about another dog or said things like it was his time and that stuff. "Okay, then." I said. "But if you're going to be like Trey, you have to do like him."

"How's that?"

"Trey never got into bed until I was in bed and settled down."


I turned off the light by my bed, leaving only the sodium yardlight pouring into the room through my window, which wasn't direct but gave a kind of reddish tint to everything, got into bed, and I could actually feel my brother's eyes looking at my butt as I did it. Kind of a funny feeling. I got on in and covered up and settled in.

"Now what?"

"Now Trey would get down at the foot of the bed and nose his way into the bed under the covers and crawl up that way." I said.

And Chip did it just like that, I saw his head push the covers up and he wormed his way up between my legs and onto the bed. I stopped him when he was halfway up.

"Trey always stopped a while there." I said. "He'd rest his head on my leg and I would pet him like that for a while."

Chip's head went onto my thigh and I reached my hand down and started stroking his head. Chip's hair did feel quite a bit like Trey's. Chip shifted, putting his head on one side on my thigh, his ear pressed into my flesh and I had a full head of hair to pet. He was curled up between my legs and his hand went onto my other thigh and started petting me back. I had a few hairs on my legs, pale things you could barely see, but his hand tickled. I had to squirm when he did that and he chuckled and felt my leg some more.

I wasn't doing anything else, honest, but Chip said suddenly, "You're getting a woody, Mike."

"Am not!" I defended myself.

Chip's hand landed right on my boner. "You are so!"

He was right. "I didn't know I was." I said sheepishly. "I wasn't thinking nothing. Just petting your head like you were Trey."

"That's okay." Chip said. "Feels nice. Bigger than mine."

"Well, of course." I said. "I'm older, you know."

Chip's hand fumbled into one of my brief's legs (I had on an older pair, and they were all baggy on me, the elastic worn out) and his hand clamped onto my dick. "Yeah, it is bigger."

"Yeah." I said softly.

"I'm supposed to be playing Trey." Chip said to me. "Is it okay if I play with you while I'm down here playing Trey?"

"Yeah, it's okay." I said. I would have said anything to keep him working my prick for me! "Trey would sometimes put his head on it and sometimes when he did, it would be hard."

"You ever do that and you would be naked?"

Never. "Sometimes."

Chip's hands got hold of my briefs and pulled them down my legs. I lifted my hips to let him slide them off my buttocks and then my legs so he could shuck them entirely off. This left Chip to one side of my legs by the time he was done, but he shuffled right back again and into position as before, only this time, his cheek landed right on my wiener. "Like this?" he said as he wormed his head up and down on my pud. I was hard as hell now.

"Yeah!" I gasped. "Trey did that, all the time."

"Really? Hey, your wiener's got some stuff on it, kind of sticky." My precome.

"And, and, and...and sometimes, he'd lick it, too. I guess he liked the taste of it, maybe."

"Then I should try it, too." Chip turned and his tongue was warm and soft on my cock.

I groaned as he licked me. "You like that?" I groaned.

"Yeah. Kind of salty and warm!" Chip agreed. "I want more of it, okay?"

"Okay." I gasped. "You can have a whole lot of it if you want!"


"Yeah, yeah, you just got to suck on it until it comes out. After a while, a whole lot of it will shoot out, more than you can handle, I bet."

"Ooh!" Chip enthused. "I want it, I want it."

He clamped onto my pud and started sucking on it. Trouble was, he was actually sucking, like my dick was a straw. It kind of hurt.

"No, no, doofus!" I told him. "You have to work it up and down with your lips, and only suck a little bit on it when you do that." And little by little, I told my baby brother how to suck dick.

Chip caught on pretty quick and soon I was moaning like crazy. My own little cocksucker, that's what I had. If I'd known he was this good, I would have had him sucking me the day after he was born! Then again, I don't think it would have been half as good if I hadn't already gotten well into puberty, with a scraggly patch of pubic hair and my dong knowing how to rise up and please its owner properly! I remembered my orgasms from before puberty, they weren't a patch on the ones I'd had afterwards!

"Ooh, yeah, ah, ah, yeah, ah!" I groaned. "That's the way, Chip, that's the way! I love when you do that, yeah, come on, suck me harder, suck me faster, suck it, Chip, suck it!"

"Mmh, mmh, mmmh!" Chip grunted as he slurped on my pud.

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, ah, ah, AH-AH-HAH, AH-GAH-HUH, HUNNNNHHH!"

And I squirted my jizz right into Chip's hot, hungry mouth. I'd warned him about my coming, but I don't think he expected all the jizz a hot horny teenage can shoot when you get him all worked up and hot. I was having all kinds of orgasmic fireworks exploding in my brain, humping and thrusting and groaning like crazy and Chip was sucking my squibs down as best he could, really grunting like a hungry pig as he gulped it down, and I finished, panting and groaning and my eyes couldn't see from all the lights and colors my brain had generated from my climax, and panting and groaning.

Chip's head crawled up from under the covers and his grin was a white crescent moon aimed at me. "You liked that, huh?"

"I sure did, squirt, I...."

That was when the door opened up and Mom poked her head in. Like I said, only Chip ever knocked. "What's going on here? Chip, what are doing in Mikey's bed?"

"Helping Mike get over Trey." Chip supplied.


"He was sharing my bed like Trey used to." I added.


"Yeah, Mom." Chip said. "And I got Mike to laugh and all."

"Oh." Mom considered this. "Well, okay, but keep the racket down. It sounded like you two were killing each other in here."

"Okay, Mom."

"All right then."

"And, Mom?"

"Yes, Mike?" Mom would remember to call me "Mike" at least some of the time, when she was thinking about it.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you. You were just trying to help. But I don't want another dog."

"He doesn't need one, he's got me."

"I sure do, sport!" I said, rubbing his hair affectionately.

"About time you two started getting along." And Mom closed the door.

"Yeah, we're getting along." Chip snickered at me.

"We sure are."

"I still miss Trey."

"Me, too, sport. But it's better with you here with me."

"Did Trey ever come up and lay beside you?"

"Oh, sure." I said. "After a little while under the covers, he always crawled up and put his head right by me on the pillow, just like you are now. Sometimes he'd crawl back down later on, though."

"Okay." Chip sighed and snuggled in. "I might do that later, too, then."

And with Chip in my arms instead of Trey, I went right on to sleep. I guess I was going to get over losing my dog after all.


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