Mosquito Net

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Eduardo

Illustration of Mosquito Net

"Jamie, Jamie, come on in now, it's getting dark." My father called out to me. I was swimming in the river in a sort of a backwash, an oval of water that was away from the main currents, it was smooth, undisturbed, and warm from the heat of the day. My own private swimming pool! I had shared it the last week with about seven or eight cousins (they came and went, but that was the average number), but this last week, it was going to be just me, my dad and some friends of his. They had arrived earlier the same day, and spent the entire time with Dad around the card table, playing various games, mostly gin rummy or pinochle.

But now that the family was gone, they had switched to poker, and I had watched while Dad had become animated and relaxed for the first time on this two-week vacation. We had come down to set up the campsite and Dad had mumbled and groaned and cursed and drank while his family and Mom's family had come to spend their time with us. Mom had left with the last batch of cousins and now it was just the five of us, five guys. I was supposed to go with Mom, but I had begged off, and it was still summer, after all. There was an argument that got me sent out to go swimming, but it ended with her letting me stay.

I had stayed in the water, swimming around. The quiet was kind of weird, just me, the water, the sounds of the river, some birds in the trees, and a ways off, the guys playing poker. Kind of like a secret place, kind of like being all alone in the world.

When Dad called, that ended my rather introspective mood. It was time now for the food, and I got to drink all the soda I felt like. Dad had promised me that there would be no bedtime, no time to wake up, no time to eat or not eat, just an entire week of relaxing and doing whatever I wanted to. Freedom! Unrestricted freedom! Heaven-on-Earth, as any eight-year-old boy can tell you, and I do!

Dad and his friends had set up a barbecue grill and used it to cook hot dogs, and I ate four of them before I had to give up. I drank some Cokes, and was sitting around in the darkness with nothing much to do. I tried watching them a while, but was accused of asking too many questions. I had some comic books and tried reading them, but that didn't work very well, I ended up listening to the radio.

"Aw, come on, Alec!" one of them said. "I'll loan you some money to play some more."

"Naw, I'm tired." Alec said. He was a big guy, in his early thirties, with short-cut brown hair, I knew he spent some time in the National Guard from time to time, not just the usual amount of time, but a lot more as part of some deal he had, I didn't understand it, but he was pretty important to the Guard. The rest of the time he worked with my Dad at the factory, driving a truck or a forklift (or both). "I drove most of the damned night getting here. I am going to sleep and you can finish taking the rest of my money tomorrow."

"It's your loss." George said to him. "Jeff (my Dad) has been losing money on every damned hand. You should stay in and take your share of it."

"Thanks, but no thanks." Alec said. "Y'all don't wake me when you come to bed."

And he opened the mosquito net and slipped inside, closing it after him.

You had to have mosquito netting around your bed in order to sleep. During the day the mosquitos were quiet, hiding from the heat of the sun. At night they came out, and you could spray bug repellent on yourself and keep them away for a couple of hours. But to sleep, all the night through, without waking up to a hundred itchy bites on your skin, you had to sleep inside a mosquito net, one that had been carefully set up during the day when no mosquitos would get inside, and kept closed so they wouldn't get in after darkness.

Mosquito nets are wispy thin, white nets that weighed almost nothing. Another feature of them, whether or not you could see inside them depended on the light. If there was light inside the netting, or on the other side, you could see everything. But if there was like now, with the only light on this side of the net, all you saw was solid white. From this side, you couldn't see Alec getting ready for bed. From the other side of the tent, though...

I was alone and had been most of the day. I was bored. And I had a chance to see a huge, muscled, handsome man get ready for bed. It was worth what I did, which was to quietly skittle around to the other side of the tent.

Alec was still pulling his boots off. I didn't know just how much clothing he'd take off, but once his shoes and socks were off, he went for his belt. I watched while he undid the huge silver buckle (a memento of a long-ago rodeo) and the thick tooled leather belt, slid it off like a huge anaconda from his slim waist. Then his blue jeans, I stared as he pulled the metal buttons apart and then he went onto his back, his shoulders on the ground, his hips up in the air, and his pants he wormed off and over his hairy legs. This left only a pair of white briefs and his red shirt, which he unbuttoned.

I was fascinated by his crotch, his briefs held a huge bulge in his groin and when he stopped at the shirt unbuttoned and lay back, I saw how his chest was large and furry, how his stomach was slim and rippled, how his briefs stuck up with something I had only seen before on some teenaged boys at school once. One of them had complained about a "boner" and his loose shorts were tented up. He had displayed it, the red silken cloth distended and his friends had guffawed at his plight.

Alec was in a similar state, but he wasn't showing it to my Dad and his buddies. He had his hand down and was rubbing at it, moaning softly. Maybe it itched, the way he was rubbing it.

Then he reached under the elastic waistband, and inside and he pulled it out.

If I had stared before, I goggled now! His cock was huge! I had heard talk, listening to older boys, about how having a "big dick" was such a great thing, or something to be wanted. Well, now I could see why you'd want one! Alec had a huge handful, my own prick was so small, I had to use only my fingers if I wanted to wank it.

That's what Alec was doing, he was pulling on his pud and gasping. I knew then that he wasn't sleepy, he was just feeling like jerking his prick! I watched him and I shifted, lifted up, and reached into my shorts and began to play with my own dick. Watching Alec doing the same, him moaning and loving it, moving his head about.

Looking at me. Right at me!

About the time I realized that he could see me (the mosquito net let you see everything outside, I should have remembered that!), he smiled at me and gave me a come-here motion with his hand. Come on inside!

Now, I hadn't just been sharing a tent with my cousins the last week. In my family, young boys playing with each others' dicks was a time-honored tradition. I had spent the last week touching cocks as young as four and as old as fifteen. But I hadn't realized that you kept doing it when you grew up, what little I knew about it was that it was something you stopped when you got older!

So I grinned happily and lifted the net and scampered inside.

"You enjoying the show?" Alec asked me.

"Uh-huh." I admitted.

"I figured you were, the way you had your own hand down your shorts." Alec said. "You figured on a little wanking session yourself, did you?"

"Well, sure!" I said. "Why not? Daddy says it's a normal thing to be doing!"

"Well, he's right about that." Alec agreed. "A man can't think straight unless he eases his nut-cream on a regular basis. Got to get rid of that load, you know."

With my fifteen-year-old cousin, I knew. "Yeah." I agreed. "Me and Kyle and Jim and Ed and, and, and (what was my other cousin's name?), we all did it. Only now I'm all by myself."

"Not all by yourself." Alec said. "I'm here, you know."

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Jamie? Jamie, where are you?" Dad called from the other side of the mosquito net.

"I'm inside here." I called back.

Dad looked down and tried to see us, was baffled. "You inside there with Alec?"

"He's right here." Alec said.

"Well, don't keep Alec awake, son." Dad advised me. "He wants to sleep."

"I'm going to bed now, too, Dad." I said.

"Good boy. Good night."

"Good night!" I returned and Dad went back to the table after fetching some more beers.

Then I looked over at Alec. "So come get in bed." he said to me.

My stomach quivering for some reason (it wasn't like I hadn't done this before, though never with someone this old!), I did as he said.

"Better get out of those shorts, don't you think?" Alec murmured to me.

"Uh-huh." I said.

I skinned out of my shorts, my only clothing, while Alec did the same with his briefs and he laid back as I knelt down beside him. His head made a gesture downwards at the thick tower of his dong, and I knew what he wanted me to do.

I took that hot column of flesh in my hand and when I did, Alec sighed softly. "We'll have to be quiet." he said to me. "Don't want your Dad and the guys to hear us, do we?"

"Nu-uh." I agreed.

"This is our little secret." He said to me confidentially. "Long as you can keep this secret, we can do this as much as you want." And his big paw of a hand came up and clamped onto my own tiny little dick that was jutting out as hard and proud as it could be. "Quite a nice little boner you got there for a kid." he said approvingly.

"Yeah." I said. And as he worked it, just his thumb and forefinger able to grab onto it, I said, "Ooh!" and closed my eyes.

"You do mine, too." Alec reminded me.

I began to pump his prick up and down the way he had been doing it. I'd never had so much dick in my hand before, even Kyle (the 15-year-old) hadn't been half this big. And where Kyle had only had little bit of hair around his dick, Alec had this thick bush of it, all wiry-like. I could see it easy as can be from the light pouring in from outside through the mosquito net.

I looked over and my Dad was looking over at us, but I could tell that he was only thinking to himself, not actually seeing us. I was only about ten feet away from him, in clear view of him, hanging onto Alec's fat prong, and Dad couldn't see us. I giggled at the thought, pumping at Alec's deliciously thick, hot cock.

Alec panted as I pummeled his prick, and he said, "Yeah, this is fun, isn't it, Jamie?"

"Yeah." I agreed, for his fingers were making my own organ hum. "Lots of fun."

"Did you and Kyle do anything else?" he asked me.

"Like what?" I wanted to know, curious.

"Did he put his mouth on yours, or ask you to put yours on his?" Alec asked.

"On his wiener? Yuck!" I made a face, my tongue sticking out.

"You should try it. It's lots of fun." Alec said, paused, then... "If you do it for me, I'll do it for you, too."

"Really?" I was doubtful.

"It's fun. Scoot over here and I'll show you what I mean." Alec said.

I scooted over on my knees and Alec's head went for my crotch. I watched with wide eyes as his mouth opened and his lips slid over my little dick.

And when that warm moisture touched me and his lips moved and slid upon my prick, I groaned just like Alec had done. Really groaned. God, this felt terrific! Lots better than a hand or fingers ever could!

Alec did that a short time and when I was thoroughly convinced, he let go and said, "Now, can you do me?"

I was still hesitant, but I nodded and bent over and touched my tongue tentatively to his cockhead.

Warm, salty flavor, the texture was like a soft cloth, giving like a pillow. Nothing about it tasted at all nasty.

So I felt Alec's hand on my head and let it guide on down, and I got his cock into my mouth and I sucked on him like he had on me, or so I had thought.

"Ow, oh, ow!" Alec said, but that was a whisper. I don't know why he bothered, between the sports report on the radio, which the guys outside had turned up, and the three men all talking at once, who was going to hear us! I had trouble hearing Alec.

"What is it?"

"You have to keep your teeth away from it, that hurts. And you need to work up lots of spit, keep it in your mouth while you suck on it." Alec guided me. Soon I was slurping on his pud like a pro, or so Alec assured me, I had it, I was doing his pud, giving him all the pleasure he could ask for, he was loving this, I was a good boy, damned good, ah, yeah, like that, more, faster, but like that!

Alec pulled on my leg rather peremptorily and I fell over, but all Alec was doing was getting me so he could suck on my cock, he caught it as I went down and then we were locked in a head-to-toe position, and I sucked on him while he sucked on me.

My own little climax didn't take any time at all, and I hit it while Alec was still moaning happily at my sucking on his prong. A burst of groans from me, and then I was quiet, shivering from the sheer intensity of it all. This was better than playing grab-the-wiener with my cousins, lots better!

Panting, I felt his hot cock all wet with my spit sitting on my cheek. Alec waited a bit more, then said, "Come on, Jamie, be a pal, suck it some more."

I was tired and I tried, but my body just wasn't up to it. "I'm getting tired." I said. "My mouth hurts. I'm sorry!" I said contritely.

"It's okay." Alec said. "God, though, I got to get off, got to get off."

"You want me to jerk you some more?" I offered.

He looked at me a while and I realized what he was thinking, and spoke first. "You mean there's another way to do it?"

"Yeah, if you want to." Alec said. "It's the best way of all. You want to try it?"

"Sure!" I said.

Alec got onto his knees. "Got, I got to come so bad." He moaned. "But I'll take it as easy as I can, Jamie. You and me are pals, and I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to."

"Is it going to hurt?" I asked, wide-eyed.

"Only a little, and only until you get used to it." Alec said. "It's like swimming, at first, you don't see how you can possibly do it, but then you learn how and it's easy and fun."

"Okay." I said.

"His big finger lubed with his spit was what he used on my little butthole. I gasped when I felt him probing at me, when I understood what he was wanting to do. Gosh, this was the weirdest thing I'd ever learned. It was like my body could do all these things, and I was only just learning about them tonight, here, with Alec, inside this tent of mosquito net, with my Dad and his friends only a few feet away.

I looked over at them, they were intent on discussing the radio, they had found a basketball game on the radio and the poker game was forgotten. They were listening, talking, cheering as the game went on.

In all that noise, my own grunts as Alec's finger stretched out my little bunghole was like nothing at all.

"Okay, Jamie, now it's time for my dick." Alec said. "God, I'm not going to last any time at all with you. But I'll be gentle as I can. If it hurts, just tell me, okay?"

"Okay." I said, but his finger had started feeling so good at the end, I didn't expect it to hurt much at all.

It did hurt, but it wasn't that much, and I would grunt and Alec would stop, his moans of frustration were like a bull's breath on my face, huh-huh-huh-huh-huh, but he held until I would gasp out that it was okay, he could go on, and he would push more of that fat dong into me.

Little by little, Alec worked his dick up into my little asshole, and finally, he was fully inside me, he said. All I felt was a huge rod of sheer pleasure in my bowels, pulsing from his impatience. I grinned up at him in triumph, and he grinned down at me in appreciation.

"It feels good." I said to him in wonder.

"It sure does, me, too." Alec said. "Are you ready for me to move it around a little, now?"


If I had thought just the feel of Alec's prick inside me was good, it was nothing compared to when he began to move. It was like my body was one big hand wrapped around Alec's prick, and Alec was pushing in and out of me, and when he did, all that warmth and joy and pleasure followed his motions, sending my body ablaze!

I gasped, cried out, clung to Alec, my legs around his wait, my hands at his shoulders, hanging onto him, and as he fucked me, I looked into his eyes, and they were fiery with lust and strength and masculine power and I drank it all in, all of it, and when he reached down to kiss me, it was like the greatest gift in the world he was giving me, like I was belonging to him now, kind of, and kind of like he belonged to me, too.

I began to hunch back at him, to help that huge dong fuck me, and Alec chuckled and he said, "Well, Jamie, think you're ready for the real thing now?"

"Real thing?"

"Yeah." Alec said. "You ready for me to really fuck you?"

"Yes, yes!" I called out. "Oh, yes!"

And Alec's motions before were proven to be slow, timorous things like a mouse hiding in its burrow, now I had the tiger racing out at me, all in Alec's powerful body plowing in and out of me.

I moaned and I had another one of my little-boy climaxes, I groaned and felt my body try so hard to spurt out some come like Kyle had, but it just couldn't, but it felt better than it ever had before, much better!

My spasming, climax-clutching body seemed to cling to Alec, and he groaned then, "Oh, baby, my own little baby boy, that's my good boy, that's my boy, yeah, yeah!"

"Oh, oh, oh!" I moaned. "Oh, yeah, yeah, fuck me." I said. I finally knew what that word meant, really meant, not just a curse, but a benediction, a desire, its expression and its conclusion all in one.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Alec said, his body ramming in hard with every "uh!" and with a loud moaning groan as he fell on top of me, his hips hunching at me frantically but losing the power of the rest of his body, his cock deep inside of me, Alec's body constricted tight and he was gripping my shoulders with his massive paws of hands, hanging onto me and I felt it inside me, hot, steaming hot, and I knew that he was coming inside of my ass, and that felt right, too, better to shoot it inside me than to spurt it out in a geyser of futility in the open air of night.

With a final keening moan, Alec sagged onto me, panting heavily, his body was greasy with his sweat and smelled strongly of a thick, musky aroma that was both strong and yet delicate, the sweet smell of a man's exertion, all his strength converted into liquid form that dripped from his body onto mine like so much male rain.

Done, his breath recovered, Alec raised up onto his elbows and looked down at me, and I smiled at him proudly.

"That was really good." I said to him.

He chuckled. "You're damned right it was." he agreed.

I looked outside at my dad and his buddies, and they were all standing up and yawning. "I think Dad and them are coming to bed now."

Alec hastily pulled the covers over both of us, "Now, pretend to be sound asleep." he advised me.

I did, peeking with one eye. I saw Dad look at me in Alec's arms, smile at me and make his own bed quietly. And that was how I went to sleep, there in Alec's arms, and it was the best sleep I'd had in a long time, lying on a bed lain on rocks inside a mosquito net.

The rest of this week was going to be more fun than I'd had in a long time!


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