I Get to Sleep With Daddy!

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Dean Cameron.

Illustration of I Get To Sleep With Daddy

Dad pushed himself away from Grandma's table and patted his slim stomach in satisfaction. "Ahh, that was great!" His legs were splayed out comfortably, his jeans tight along his frame, faded denim blue with white lines where they had crinkled the most, a set of rays centering on his crotch, guiding your eyes there. He wore well-weathered workboots, and his red plaid work shirt was hanging open, showing a not-too-white t-shirt underneath, a straggle of three-days-old unshaven beard darker than the tan-colored tangled mop on his head. Dad was handsome, rugged, strong and loved his life and loved me, his son, and he was my hero! Whenever Mom would go missing for a while, like she was now, Dad would be there ready to stir up some macaroni and cheese for us or something. But this time, Dad said Mom would be gone too long for that, and we had moved in with his mother, my Grandma, into the very same house he had grown up in as a kid.

"Yeah, Grandma!" I agreed. "That was good!"

"Did you boys save room for some peach dumplings?" Grandma said to us.

"Oh, boy!" I said.

"Ah, Mom!" Dad moaned. "I'm stuffed!"

"I want some!" I said.

Grandma beamed as she ladled out a healthy dollop of it into a clean saucer and gave it to me. "You sure you don't want some, Kevin?" she asked my dad.

"No, Mom, honest, I'm full."

"But you're so thin!" Grandma said.

I had to laugh even with a mouthful of peach dumpling. "Dad's not skinny!" I chortled. "He can pick me up with one hand." I turned to Dad for confirmation. "Isn't that right, Dad?"

Dad grinned at me. "That's right." he agreed. "But if you keep eating like you did tonight, I won't be able to for much longer." He said. "How much do you weigh now, Mike?"

I shrugged. "Sixty-eight pounds." I said. "Last time I weighed." Then I smiled. "But I bet I weigh seventy pounds now."

"Maybe seventy-five, much as you ate." Dad agreed. "You keep eating like that while we're staying here, you're going to get fat, fat, FAT!"

"Nu-uh!" I said. "I'm going to get big like you, Daddy."

Daddy made a muscle, he knew how much I loved to see his arm bend like that, see the muscle in his arm jump up to as round as a melon. "You want to get this big, you have to work out. Tomorrow, we'll see about getting you started on lifting weights."

"Cool!" I said. "Maybe tomorrow, Mom will be here too, huh?"

Dad sobered, and so did Grandma. I knew I had said something wrong.

"Well...she is coming back, isn't she, Dad?" I asked. "Huh, Dad."

"Kevin..." Grandma said.

"No." Dad said to her. "Not yet."

"Well." she said. "You boys go watch television or something while I get these dishes cleaned up.

"You mean I don't have to wash?" I said.

"Not tonight." Grandma said. "Maybe tomorrow. You two go in there, I'll be along in a moment."

As we sat down, I said, "Dad?"

"Yeah, Mike?"

"I'm sorry." I said.

"About what?"

"Mom." I said.

"Oh." Dad grimaced, then managed to turn it up into a grin and rumpled my hair. "That's okay. You haven't done anything but want to know where she is."

"So where is she?" I asked.

Dad didn't answer, and I pressed him.

"Dad, where does Mom go when she takes off like this?"

"Las Vegas this time, I think." Dad sighed. "Your Mom has a problem, son, one that has nothing to do with you or me or anything but herself. She has to get better, but to do that, she first has to admit that she has a problem. Until then, it's better if you and me stay here with Grandma. You don't mind living here, do you? For a while?"

I thought it through. "No." I said. "It's nice here." The house was clean, the food was hot and good, Grandma was loving and kind. Nothing like home at all.

"Good." Dad said. "I'll start looking for some work here nearby. We got some money, too, that Lois (my mother) never got her hands on. We'll be all right. Have to be careful for a while. Oh, and Mike?"

"Yeah, Dad?"

"If the phone rings...don't answer it. Only let Grandma answer the phone. When she does, be very quiet. Far as your mother knows, you and I are now living in Boston, got it?"

"Okay." I said.

"I'll make a call to her soon, and when I do, you can talk to her."

With that promise (and Dad always kept his promises), I was content, and snuggled up next to Dad to watch the television. I loved the feel of his chest against my cheek, rising slowly up and down as he breathed, his arm resting over my shoulder, the big bicep forming my pillow. It was my favorite way to watch television, my nostrils filled with the lightly masculine aroma that was my Dad.

About nine-thirty at night, Grandma came in and said firmly, "Time for you to get in bed, Mike."

"Awww, do I have to?"

"Both of you." Grandma declared. "I fixed up your old room, Kevin, when I knew you were coming. Most of it is just like it was when you left it."

Dad smiled at that. "Preserving it in my memory?" he teased her.

"I want you to know you always have a home here, son." Grandma said. And to me, "And so do my grandchildren."

I had figured I'd be sleeping on the couch or in a sleeping bag or something. "You mean I get to sleep with Daddy?" I said.

"Long as you're here." Grandma agreed.

"Yay!" I shouted happily. "I get to sleep with Daddy!" I was on my feet and dancing.

"Ho, ho, hey there!" Dad said, grabbing me. "You're supposed to be getting sleepy, not dancing."

"I get to sleep with you, huh?" I grinned up at him.

"Don't think it's such a party, Mike." Dad warned me. "It isn't like when your friends sleep over."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well, for one thing, I'm a lot bigger than you, so I need more of the bed than you do."

"Uh-huh." I said.

"And I snore a lot, so you'll have trouble sleeping"


"And...that's about it." Dad said.

"Yeah!" I said, and grabbed his hand. "Come on, Daddy! Let's go to bed!"

"Jesus, you'd think we were going to the circus!" Dad groused to Grandma as he let me drag him to the bedroom.

I shut the door and said, "Okay, Daddy, let's get undressed!"

"Okay, okay!" Dad said, laughing. "If I'd known you wanted to sleep with me this bad, I would've let you crawl in with me long ago! Sheesh!"

He slid off his plaid shirt onto the floor, and then his t-shirt followed it. I could see his broad, strong, hairy chest, the lines of the muscles indenting him as he sat on the bed and bent over to unlace his shoes. I watched him do that and he looked up at me. "Hey, Mike, get your own clothes off!"

I obeyed, but mostly I was watching Dad. I was down to my shorts by the time he managed to slip those big boots off of his feet, and follow them with the thick gray socks that seemed to be part of his skin. Done, he waggled his huge toes in satisfaction. He stood up, hands at his fly, and looked at me. "I said to get ready for bed." He ordered.

"I am." I said. But I just watched him unzip those pants, and saw the thick bulb of his briefs pop out as he lowered them. When he bent over to pull the legs off from his ankles, the bulb was a loose swinging blob for a moment, then he stood up, just wearing his briefs, and said, "Okay, kid, kick off those shorts and let's get in bed."

I did and he looked at me, startled. "You aren't wearing any underwear?"

"Nu-uh." I said. "It's more fun to sleep without them."

"Oh, okay." He said. "Now get in bed."

I had hoped Daddy would take off his briefs, too, when I said that, but he left them on. I got into bed and scooted over to the wall, and Daddy turned off the light and we were plunged into darkness.

In the darkness, I felt the bed shift as Daddy's heavy weight got into it with me. Then there was the heaving like ocean waves as he lay down and scooted into place. A shuffling whuf of covers, and then he was still.

I could feel how the covers between us weren't touching the bed. All the times I slept alone, the covers would be completely down around me on both sides. If a friend slept over, it was up a little bit.

But with Daddy in bed, it was like my entire right side wasn't even being touched by the covers.

It was the work of a moment to scoot over and up against him. Dad just gave a small chuckle-like half-syllable that wasn't quite a full sound, just enough to say that he had sort of expected this. I shuffled over and his arm came up and over me, and I lifted my head and it slid under and my head was resting on Dad's arm, his hand on my back.

And I put my hand on Daddy's chest and it was all warm and furry-like and soft. I lifted my leg up to rest that on him as well, looping it up on top of his own hairy thigh and my knee touched that bulb of his crotch. I could feel the softly yielding flesh underneath, all kind of lumpy-squishy-like, and when it shifted, Dad gave a soft grunt, and I felt it sort of roll under the bone on the side of my knee.

I had my hand on Daddy's chest and I began to softly stroke over it, feeling his body in a way that I would never have dared do in the daytime, in the daylight. But here at night, it was that special time. When words to my friends weren't needed, everything was all secret...understood...allowed.

I had wondered if it would be like that with Daddy, maybe he wouldn't let me touch him like I did with my friends, but he did. Except that he was bigger than them, and his chest had so much hair that was like cat-whiskers under my hands, and his muscles were large bulges of flesh where my friends were all smooth pads over bones, it was just the same.

My fingertips found one big nipple, like a little nugget under the flesh, round and loose under the skin, almost, I could move it about, and as I did, the nugget got larger, the skin firmed up, until it was like a small rock that wouldn't move at all, just sort of rock back and forth a bit before it would slip out from under my fingertips.

My own cock was pressed up against Daddy's side, the tip right at the waistband of the briefs, I could feel the ribs of the elastic and I cautiously hitched up just a little bit, and then the warm flesh of my Daddy's side was being touched by my little prick. And I rubbed at Daddy even harder, now, the motion moving my entire body...not by accident, I wanted to rub Daddy all over at once.

"Hhhh! Hhhhh! Hh-hh-hh-hh-hhhhhh!" Daddy puffed at me with his breath, not quite sounds, just the expelling of air in soft bubbles of warm noise.

And the rolling bit of flesh under my knee began to get bigger, and harder. I could feel it growing underneath my knee, and I began to move my knee so that I could rub it, and it was a sort of tube there now, and my knee cap rolled it back and forth.

Daddy's hand came over and touched my face, the work-horned hand touched my cheek, roughness gently caressing soft skin. "Ahhh, ahhh, Daddy!" I breathed as softly as I could.

The sound of my voice returned to me from his own throat, a gentle breeze that said to me in a tone softer than a whisper, the word, solitary and barely audible. "Son!"

"Uh, uhh, Daddy!" I said again, this time bringing up just to the edge of a whisper, still soft as I could. My hand on his chest went down and grabbed that traitor of his brief's elastic band, the villain that prevented me from touching him there. "Please, Daddy!" I sighed, and my voice was still as gentle as a spring rain. "Please!"

"Oh, ohhh!" Daddy responded, and his hands went down in sudden active determination, the muscles speaking the words that our voices didn't dare. There was the sound of the elastic being lifted up, scrap ing against the blanket, and then his legs were lifting the covers off of me, kicking at the briefs, and in the process, pulling the covers off both of us. I let them take the blanket, and when the legs rested once again, my Daddy's body was mine, all mine!

My hand swept down the gentle curve of his stomach eagerly, over the silken hairs that were below his navel, that got thicker and thicker and then, bump, there it was, the hot pole that I still couldn't see in the darkness of this room, but it was there and it was warm, warm! My hand turned to race up that steamy shaft, and as my fingers closed upon it, Daddy just groaned, and the groan was as timid as a kitten before strangers, his cock was again louder than his throat, because it grew hard as a rock and my fingers slid up and down it, the skin was silk over iron, warm, warm iron!

Daddy's fingers found my own pud, and it was my turn to gasp as his thick fingertips gripped my little prick and brought it to life with little strokes up and down around my tiny blip of a glans.

Our breaths were as one, both of us panting, I felt Daddy's chest heaving as I pumped his pud, and his fingers were dancing over my own baby boner, and I felt my body tingle and it was wonderful, oh, it was wonderful, wonderful! "Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh!" I moaned. "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, Dadddddyyyyyyyy!"

"Oh, baby." Daddy said, his voice still soft as the touch of dew on your bare feet in the morning when you get up to try to catch the butterfly you saw from your bedroom window...but it has flown away, leaving you behind. "Huh, huhh, huhhh, huhhh, huhhhh!" his breath was taking on an edge to it. It went on like that, on and on and on.....

My hand grew tired. I tried, I really did, but I couldn't keep moving my hand like that, so big and fast, even though I knew Daddy loved me doing it, I couldn't do it any more. I stopped and said, "I'm sorry, Daddy." And it was the first words of full voice we'd had so far.

"It's okay, baby." Daddy murmured. "You don't know how, that's all."

"Teach me, Daddy!" I begged him. "Teach me how, please!"

"Huh, huhh, huhh, huhh!" his breaths were still loud, even though now we were still. "Do you really want to, baby?' he asked me.

"Uh-huh. Please Daddy! I want you to teach me."

"Okay." he panted. "Hoo! God, I'm so turned on right now. It's been too long, baby, since I've had a chance to do it with anyone."

"But you know how?" I pressed him. "You haven't forgotten?"

"Never." He said to me, his voice a caress firm as his fingers in the darkness.

I heard some wet noises I didn't know what they were, it sounded like Daddy was sucking on something. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Getting my finger wet." Daddy said. His hand pulled me over up against him again, and then his other hand reached down behind me and...I gasped when I felt his fingers, the dry ones, touching my buttocks, feeling them out, then the wet one coming in and slipping between and finding my asshole, touching it, touching it all wet and slippery, and Daddy rubbed his fingertip, his wet fingertip, over my asshole.

"Ooh, ooh, Daddy!" I gasped. "Daddy, that feels nice."

"I need your help." Daddy said. "I need you to get my peter wet as you can. Will you do that for me, Son? Will you stick my peter in your mouth and suck on it, get it as wet as you can?"

"Won't it taste nasty?" I hesitated.

"No, baby, it's not nasty at all." he promised me, and I heard the promise of those words, and I trusted them and I didn't hesitate any longer, but slid down, my face following the trail blazed by my hand before, over the ribs, down the swoop of the ribcage onto the flat plain of the stomach, and across that to the tower that I knew waited there.

It was, as hard as before, and a salty trickle was running down its side that I tasted when I got there. My first reaction was that it was nasty, but then the taste sorted itself out. It wasn't nasty at all, it was warm and salty and tasted like...it tasted like...it tasted just like Daddy! That was enough, I began to lick it up eagerly and Daddy moaned and I felt another bulb of the fluid touch the side of my mouth.

"Baby, get it all in your mouth at once." Daddy coached me, urged me, begged me. "Take it for me, baby, take it in your mouth." His finger at my butt suddenly pushed at me and I felt the tip of it slip into my butt, I gasped, but it didn't hurt at all, just sort of was inside me.

"Take that cock for me, baby, get it wet for me, take it, baby, take it."

I did, the cockhead was like a giant strawberry, but warmer and spongier and it was crowned with more of that salty mixture that was just like Daddy, that was out of Daddy, that was Daddy right down to the core! I remembered my task and began to suck on Daddy's cock, working my spit up and getting it wet like he wanted.

Daddy moaned and his other hand caught the back of my head and he pushed me down onto his cock, and the thick plum of the head hit the back of my mouth and I choked surprised.

"I'm sorry, baby." Daddy said immediately and let go. "But you need to take it inside your mouth all at once, as much as you can. And work it back and forth with your lips, like you were doing before."

Knowing that, I did better, now Daddy was sighing and his finger in my butt was burrowing at me like a worm or a snake. He got the entire thing in me, I could feel the other fingers wriggling outside on my buttocks like a row of drumsticks using my buttock for a drum, and inside, their wet mate was wriggling about, and every motion filled me with a joy I had never felt before.

"Oh, oh, Daddy!" I sighed. "That feels good, so good!"

"Okay, baby." Daddy gasped. "You ready for this?"

"Uh-huh." I agreed.

"Get up and sit on my stomach." he said. And that finger, that wonderful finger, slid out of my now-wet bung-hole.

I obeyed, my stomach fluttering. What was going to happen now?

I got settled and his hands grasped my buttocks and pushed me down his body like he was sliding on a glove.

And his cock was the finger. He guided my slicked-up butthole to his spit-covered cock and the wet flesh of Daddy's dong touched the moist tucker of my ass and the two were a perfect match.

Daddy's cock was bigger than his finger, but I was so turned on by all of this, I didn't have any real trouble. It hurt a time or two, but when it did, Daddy immediately stopped, though the groan in his throat when he did said that he was paying a stiff price for holding back.

"That's got it." Daddy panted after an interminably long, magnificently wonderful, time. His cock was inside me, pulsing and throbbing, and even jerking and when it did, it would stroke my inside and fan the flame of my own delight.

"Oh, oh, Daddy!" I gasped. "You got it inside me, you did, oh, OH!"

"Now, baby, I want you to slide back and forth for me." Daddy said. "Take it as easy as you want, baby, I'm going to let you do it for me at first. Okay?"

"Okay." I panted. And I moved back and forth. Maybe it was the time, maybe it was the way I loved Daddy so much, all I know is that I didn't feel much pain at all with having Daddy's prick inside of me, I just loved feeling it in me. So I was soon rocking my hips back and forth, the sounds of Daddy's pleasure urging me on and soon Daddy groaned and his pelvis began to thrust upwards into me.

I raised up and I sat completely on Daddy's dong and I groaned as he humped upwards into me. Daddy's hands were on my thighs, Daddy's body was beneath me, I had my Daddy's dick inside me, it was inside me, it was inside!

And I was again wracked by my little boy pleasure, but when I stopped in my exhaustion afterwards, Daddy moaned and his hands moved with his hips to keep his cock dancing in and out of me. I felt the thick, meaty slap against my flesh with each inwards shove, I felt the marvelous slide as it came out again, and I groaned, fell down against my Daddy's chest, nuzzled him, sobbing out my joy, "Oh, Daddy, oh, Daddy, oh!"

And my Daddy panted in my ear, "I'm going to come now, baby." he said. "It's going to be a hot salty stuff and it'll shoot out of my peter into you. Don't be surprised, okay? It's just part of being a daddy."

"Okay, Daddy." I gasped. "I'm ready. I'm ready!"

"Yeah, baby, oh, oh, oh!" and my Daddy shifted into a flurry of lusty action, he was ramming at me full-throttle now, I felt his cock in and out of me so fast it got extra-warm on me just from the friction of it, and in all this, there was the sound of my Daddy in the darkness, all hot heavy sighs and shudders, all warm body underneath mine, all sweat and strength and steamy male rut plunging into me, my Daddy was fucking me, he was fucking his son's butt, and then...and then.....

God, the feel of it when my Daddy came! I felt his huge body quivering and quaking and I rode it out like a ship in a storm, rolling with it, his huge arms hugged me tight, so tight I couldn't even breath, he was trying to crush me completely into himself, and my own groans were akin to his, though mine was the expelled air of my compressed lungs, and his was the rapturous torment of his orgasm.

And then, while he was at the height of his fury, he gave out a strange, keening cry and his cock suddenly unloaded into me. I can't describe it better than that, suddenly it was spurting all this thick stuff into me, and I could feel it there, and more and more of it, and it was inside me, just as hot as Daddy had promised it would be. And as it shot, Daddy's hands that were constricting about me, suddenly turned so gentle that they wouldn't have broken the most fragile eggshell under them, and he was stroking those huge, work-roughed hands up and down my back, I could feel the nubs of the callouses as he jetted his wads into me, and the thick skin of his palms all thickened by his labor, brought a tingle of new life into my body.

Daddy was finally still, his cock was still inside me, but it was softer now and was squishing in and among the heavy juices of his orgasm, and Daddy's hands were petting me, loving me, and his lips kissed my forehead, and I lifted my face up and my lips were kissed as well, and that was something more than the kisses I had gotten before, these lingered and begged to remain close to me instead of letting go as fast as you let go of a handshake.

Daddy's hands fumbled the blanket back up over both of us, and he said, "Baby, we have to get some sleep now. Are you all right?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy." I assured him. "That was great."

"You aren't hurt, aren't you?" Daddy asked again. "Anywhere? Did I do it to you too hard?"

"No, Daddy, I'm fine." I said.

"Then let's get some sleep." he said. "We'll talk about this in the morning, okay?"

"Okay." I said. And I snuggled down and slept just as I was, right on top of my Daddy's huge, hairy body, and he let me lay there.

I woke up in the morning to daylight and I was on my back and on my own side of the bed. I looked over at Daddy's big, brown body asleep beside me, the blanket down to just below his nipples, and both hands thrown up above his head.

I grinned and snuggled up to him, and my motion woke him up. He smiled sleepily and his hand came down and interlocked with my hair on my head, just sort of staying there, without the energy to do the usual back-and-forth it usually did.

"Good morning, baby." Daddy said to me."

"Good morning, Daddy." I said.

"Did you sleep all right?" he asked me.

"Yeah." I said and my hand slid over and caught hold of his cock when I said that.

"Mmmph!" was Daddy's only comment when I did that.

"Can we do it again?"

"Only if you want to." Daddy said to me cautiously. "I don't want you ever doing anything in bed like this unless you want to, okay? You ever don't want to, ever, for any reason, you just say no, okay?"

"Okay." I said, and I got his cock rising up, pumping it slowly, letting it take its time.

"All you have to say to me, is, I don't want to sleep with you anymore, Daddy.'" Daddy said to me. "And I'll set you up with your own bed soon as you say that. Okay?"

"Okay." I agreed. "Can we do it again now?"

"We sure can." Daddy smiled, agreed. "Just as long as you want to sleep with me."

"Good." I said and I slid my head under the covers and got my mouth on Daddy's pud. We heard Grandma stirring about, and my Daddy, who had been getting ready to fuck me again, settled instead for shooting his load in my mouth. It tasted even better than that stuff I had licked up the night before, all hot and juicy and salty.

At breakfast, Grandma said, "Mike, I've been thinking."

"About what?"

"We could fix up the back porch for you. Put in walls and it'll turn into a real room very easy. We could put you a bed in there and you'd have your own room."

"Nu-uh!" I said. I reached out and grabbed Daddy's hand. "I like sleeping with Daddy."

"Really?" Grandma looked at Daddy. "Would you really like to have your own room instead, Mike?"

"No way!" I said. "I got Daddy in my bed and I'm keeping him!"

"You can't change his mind when he talks like that. He's stubborn that way."

"Same as you were." Grandma agreed.

"You heard him." Daddy affirmed. "We'll be fine in there."

"All right, then, just remember the offer is open if you ever change your minds." Grandma said and rose. "I have to get to a charity meeting now, would you mind washing up your breakfast dishes? And there's plenty in the fridge for lunch, I'll probably be gone until about two o'clock."

"Go ahead, Mom, have fun." Daddy said.

When Grandma's car pulled out, Daddy said, "Well, sport, now what do you want to do?"

I grabbed his hand and said, "I want to sleep with you some more, Daddy!"

And laughing, Daddy let me lead him to our room again.


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