Home Again

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2007 by Inocentius & Pervertida

Illustration of Home Again

When my Daddy came home again from Iraq, he came home late at night. I was already in bed, and I was woke up long enough to give him a hug and such, and we talked a little, then Mom patted me on the head and said I had to get back in bed. We could visit tomorrow after I got back from school, she said.

Next day, I got home and Daddy was there, all right. Watching television. "Hey there, Sport." he said when he saw me, turning off the television.

I got up on the couch and over and snuggled up against him and one big, strong arm wrapped around me.

"So, Son, how did your school day go?" he asked me.

"It was great." I said. "We got to watch a movie where a guy dissected a frog, and it was neat!"

"I bet Mrs. Stanfield got grossed out about that." Dad opined.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm not in Mrs. Stanfield's class anymore." I giggled. "I'm in the fourth grade now, I'm in Mr. Gregg's class."

"Oh." Daddy said, smiled sheepishly. "I'd forgotten it's been more than a year."

"Yeah." I said.

"So what do you do while your mother's at work?" Daddy asked.

I shrugged. "I watch television, and do my homework. Mom will get home in only a couple of hours." I got home at four o'clock and Mom got home at fifteen after six. "If I have any trouble, I have the neighbor down the hall on the speed dial, and she'll come over and help me.

"I wish your Mom wasn't working." Daddy said.

"Yeah, it sucks." I agreed. "But she had to make ends meet when you went to Iraq." I was quoting my mother's oft-spoken litany of why she worked.

"I went to my old job to try to get work there again." Daddy said. "But they've closed down."

"Yeah, they closed last June." I agreed. "A lot of older guys at school were pissed, they'd planned on working there when they graduated, or for summer jobs."

"I bet a lot of them went into the Army instead." Daddy said.

"Yeah, I guess a lot of them did." I nodded. "I know Paul Weaver did. I hear he died in Iraq two weeks ago."

"Damn." Daddy said softly.

"Mommy was talking about it, him dying less than two months after he got sent over there." I said. "Worried about you being next, maybe."

Daddy gave a grin that wasn't a grin, if you know what I mean. "So was I." he agreed. "It's what you do every day in a place like that."

"I'm glad you're home." I said and reached up for a hug.

"I'm glad to be home." Daddy agreed.

"So what are you going to do next, Daddy?" I wanted to know.

Daddy was silent. "To be honest, Son, I really don't know."

"Oh." I said. "Well, don't worry, Dad. You'll think of something."

I figured that was all of it. But it wasn't. Daddy was home after school every day, and all weekend. He was sitting on the couch and doing nothing, all through Thanksgiving, all through Christmas. Those two holidays weren't as much fun as they could have been, because Mom started getting awful tired of working while he did nothing. Dad muttered about them maybe calling him up again, so why get a job he'd just have to quit again. I know Mom didn't agree, and they got to arguing a lot.

After Christmas, Daddy started sleeping on the couch. And he started drinking. You didn't have to be a genius to figure out something was wrong, but Daddy just grunted if I asked anything, and Mom was home even less than before. Daddy started fixing my supper and sometimes breakfast for me and he spent New Year's Eve with me on the couch watching television shows and then getting drunk all by himself after I went to bed.

At first I figured, a week after New Year's, that it was just Daddy drunk again when I got home from school. He wasn't too drunk, so I went over to snuggle against him like I always did. But something, I soon realized, was different today. Daddy wasn't drunk (oh, a little, maybe, but not much) and he was pretty angry.

"Not a damned thing." he was muttering as I watched a cartoon while under his arm. "Not a single damned thing."

"What, Daddy?" I asked.

"Nothing stayed the same while I was gone." Daddy said. "When I left, I had a job, I had your mother home all the time, waiting when I came home from work, I had friends. I left for only one fucking year, and my work closed down, my friends moved away and my wife...." Daddy shook himself, seemed to realize I was here. "Nothing's the same. Now your mother wants me to move out."


"Told me so last night." he said. "Things aren't working out and she needs some time alone. So I'm out of here."

I was naturally upset. "But...I don't want you to go, Daddy!" I said, clinging to him. "You just got back and I want you to stay!"

"I'm not leaving town." Daddy said. "We'll see each other a lot, as much as I can."

"But I want you to stay here!" I wailed. "I love you, Daddy!"

"I love you, too, son." Daddy said. And he held me and let me cry a little. Then he caught my face by the chin and lifted it up so he could look at me. "You know, Son, when I said everything was different since I got back, that's not true. You haven't changed a bit."

"Why should I?" I smiled through my tears. "I love you, Daddy. I'll always love you."

"I love you, too." Daddy repeated and he reached down to kiss me.

There was something in that kiss. Whatever it was, I felt it, it was exuding from Daddy somehow. Like an electric spark, only this didn't hurt. It sort of surged out of Daddy and into me. Like Daddy didn't want to let go of me. Ever. I felt it and licked my lips, then it was like I was pulled back towards Daddy's lips again. Daddy wasn't pulling me to him, but he didn't push away as I rose up towards his mouth and we kissed again, and this time, we didn't stop. I swung my body over and up onto Daddy's lap, straddling one of his legs, and his arms tightened around him, holding me completely. Daddy's shirt was opened, and I could feel the hard muscles underneath unimpeded by anything but my own t-shirt.

Daddy's mouth opened and my own lips followed his, and into the opening that created, Daddy's tongue slid into my mouth. I was surprised, but the thick, soft, honey-flavored flesh felt less like an intruder and more like a friend visiting its neighbor. My own tongue rose up to taste it the better, and it was kind of like two puppies playing in their box, the way they rolled up and over each other. Daddy withdrew it and let go of the kiss, and I giggled. "That's nice, Daddy."

"Oh, Son." Daddy sighed. "My own, precious little boy!" His chest was heaving strongly, and it was like he was giving off a sort of musk like nothing I'd smelled before. It seeped into my nostrils, into my senses, and sent my brain reeling.

I had to express this feeling my body was tingling from all over. Only one set of words I could think of would do it. "I love you, Daddy. I love you so much!"

"I love you, too, baby." Daddy said. And he reached to kiss me again and this time, I was the one shoving my tongue into his mouth. That was a feeling even more intense than Daddy's tongue in mine. I just wanted to keep Daddy and myself like this, forever, never let him go. I wanted to have my Daddy even closer to me, if I could do that. I tried by holding him tighter and pushing my lips up against his, shoving my tongue deep as it would go, and scooting my legs up to the nexus of Daddy's thighs.

Daddy shifted himself, and I felt a hard thing pushing on my inner thigh of my leg in between Daddy's legs. It wasn't cold hard, but warm, like Daddy's hand or shoulder, a true piece of his body that is, not like the keys he had in one of his pants pockets. This was part of him.

Daddy shifted again and the hard thing rubbed back and forth on my leg. I could feel it kind of rolling as it did, and it was growing, too. Something in this thing was part of what I was feeling, I just knew that, it was what I could use to get closer to Daddy. I was ignorant as I could be about sex, I knew playing with my dick would feel good, but it was all tingle and no more, a pleasure but nothing extreme.

So as Daddy shifted, rubbing his dick against me, I began to rub at it myself. Daddy grunted when I did, then he smiled. "That's my son, all right, just like his old man. Take it wherever he can get it, huh?"

I didn't know what that meant, but I nodded. "Yeah, Daddy." And I grinned back at him.

"I guess if you're the only thing in my life that hasn't changed on me, you and me need to stick together, eh?"

"Yeah, Daddy!" I said emphatically. "I don't want to stay with Momma. Take me with you."

"Maybe I will, then." Daddy said. "You and me can take care of each other." Daddy's rubbing at me hadn't stopped in all this time, and now he reached up and peeled my t-shirt off me, then took off his own shirt. Then he hugged me again, and I felt his warm body, a bit redolent of sweat (Daddy hadn't taken an bath in several days, I think) and Daddy's mouth began to kiss and nibble at my shoulder. His hands came down and cupped my buttocks, and my big, strong Daddy then stood up, holding me all the time like that. "Come on, let's that this into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

I ended up in Mommy and Daddy's bed (well, just Mommy's now, I guess). Daddy dropped me onto the bed and I bounced, and giggled, then Daddy had his hands at my jeans and was undoing them, then skinning them off me like peeling a banana. That left only my briefs, and Daddy grabbed them and slid them off and I was naked as a jaybird, a giggled ten-year-old boy on his Daddy's bed, and his Daddy grinning as he undid his own pants, and then crawled up there with me.

"Okay, boy, onto your stomach." Daddy ordered. "I got to grease you up if you're going to take care of me."

I did as he said, my stomach churning. Everything so far had felt so good. But what was Daddy planning now?

Daddy had a jar of Vaseline, he had taken it from the nightstand drawer, and had a glob of it on the fingertips of one hand. "Now, spread those butt cheeks for your Daddy." he instructed me.

I did, and then I gasped when Daddy reached down. One fat finger, all greased with Vaseline, was probing at my butthole! I squirmed and grunted.

"Hold still." Daddy said sharply. "You move around and I'll hurt you. Hold still."

I did, quivering, as Daddy's finger stretched me out and out as his finger probed into me. It didn't feel bad exactly, but it sure felt weird. Daddy was wiggling his finger about as he stuck it deeper and deeper into me. "Ah, there it is." he said and the wiggled his finger again and I gasped.

God, that felt good! I had never felt anything like that before! It was weird, but good weird. And my dick got hard as it could get.

Daddy kept brushing me in that one special spot and I was grunting and snuffling as he did. "You like that, don't you, Son?" he asked me.

"Oh, yeah, Dad. Feels good." I breathed. "Do it some more."

"Now I need to stretch you some more." Daddy pulled back and then inserted his fingers again, two this time. That time, it hurt some, but now I knew it could feel good, I held still and tried to let him dig in deeper. Then the fingers got back to that special place, and I was back to grunting like a happy little piggy.

Daddy murmured approvingly. "You think you're ready to take your Daddy now?" he asked me.

"I guess so." I said. I didn't know what he meant. Honest, I didn't! But he was my Daddy and I trusted him, if he thought I was ready, then I was ready.

Daddy shifted on the bed, threw a big leg over and in between my own and then the other, and he was spreading my legs wide, and then I felt the hard thing again, his cock, this time with no covering on it at all, just all warm and soft-covered steel and it was pressing at my butt hole.

Daddy's cock was bigger than his two fingers. But he had spread a lot of Vaseline on it, too, and it was like taking his fingers, only Daddy's thrusts were less wiggly this time. Now, he was driving a large, round tube into my butt, and all I had to do was take it as he pushed it in.

"Oh, yeah, Son, that's nice, tight butt you got here." Daddy crooned. "Better'n any Iraqi boy I got it into, I can tell you that. They all loved me shoving it in there, and so will my own little boy."

"Okay, Daddy." I groaned. It was hurting quite a bit, but I could take it, I loved my Daddy and I could take it.

When Daddy's dick got in deep enough and the head of it started brushing my special place inside, I groaned again, this time in pleasure. "Ooohhh!" I guttered out.

"Mmmmmh, yeah, Son." Daddy said. "That's my brave little boy, he's got his Daddy's hot Army dick in his butt, doesn't he?"

"Oohh, yeah, Daddy, yeah." I grunted.

"Daddy's going to fuck your sweet little boy butt, and when I do, you and me are going to be special friends ever after." Daddy went on. "Daddy will take care of you and you'll take care of Daddy. And we won't need your Mommy any more, will we?"

"No, Daddy, no." I agreed. It may sound strange, me saying that about Mom, but ever since Daddy had gone into the Army over a year ago, it was like I was an obstacle to her. She was busy, and when she came home and looked at me, it was like she kind of grunted, like, oh, you're still here. You'd seen how Daddy took over caring for me soon after he got back, and Mommy was someone I saw less and less of. So when Daddy talked about the two of us taking care of each other from now on, I was more than willing.

So Daddy's dick began to move back and forth, only a little at first, as it was like Daddy could feel how he was pulling on me when he moved, but as he moved more and more, my body grew more and more used to his cock inside me, and when Daddy felt that, he began to move faster and faster.

After a time, Daddy said, "Now, baby, now you're all loosened up for your Daddy. Now I can really begin to fuck my baby's butt. Are you ready for it, Son, are you ready to take care of your Daddy?"

"Yeah, Daddy!" I gasped.

Daddy's hands pulled me up onto all fours, and then his hands clamped on one at each hip and he wasn't gentle any longer. Now he was thrusting his hips back and forth, Daddy's dong was plowing in and out of my ass. And all there was for me, was pleasure. Daddy's prong felt so good moving in me like he was. I threw my head back and I groaned and my cock threw its little climax at me, tingling like mad. But the pleasure in my ass just went on and on and on.

"Oh, Son!" Daddy groaned. "Oh, Son, your ass is so damned good, God, that's good, God, I love fucking you, Son, I love fucking your ass."

"Yeah, Daddy." I sobbed. "Fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck me hard, oh, yeah, fuck me hard!"

"Yeah, Son, yeah!" Daddy took inspiration from my urging, he pummeled my butt harder than ever now, his hips were slapping my buttocks with a loud, meaty sound and the bed springs were creaking loudly under us. Slapsqueak, slapsqueak, slapsqueak, so fast.

"Oh, oh, here it comes, Son, here it comes!" Daddy moaned. "Going to pump a heavy load in you, right into my hot little boy's ass!"

Pump into my ass? Pump what? I turned my head, marveling at this, wanting to see.

I saw my Daddy thrusting at me, his face flushed, eyes wide, his hair wild, body slick with sweat. I felt his cock hotter than it had ever been inside me, and harder, too, it was almost hurting me again. Almost.

And then Daddy gave a keening sound like nothing I'd ever heard before, kind of an "AAHHHHHHHUUUUHHHHHUHHHHHGGGHHHKKNNNHHH!" And with that, my Daddy came in my ass for the first time.

Hot, stinging fluid rushed into my bowels, and my Daddy spasmed and thrashed on top of me, he was actually losing control of his big, strong, powerful body, I had done this for my Daddy, he was lost in his passion and I had done this for him, made him feel desire so intense that he was moving aimlessly, and then he finished, fell upon me, pinning me under him, his cock still imbedded inside me, and like that, I felt my own dick give out a second quivering climax and when I did, my ass clutched and milked at Daddy's cock, and I felt a few more pearls of his jism drip out into me, and Daddy twitched, his cock jerked, a few last dregs of delight for her.

"Oh, Baby, Baby, yeah." Daddy moaned. "Such a hot little boy, and you're mine, all mine, never going to let go of you, Son, never."

Never let go of me. You have to have been without a Daddy for a year to appreciate hearing that as much as I did. "Okay by me, Daddy." was my answer.

"I got to find a place." Daddy warned me. "Then there's the court to go through, but when I do, you can bet I'll do my best to get custody of you. You're my special little boy, the one thing I still got, and I'm keeping you. Don't ever forget that."

And I didn't. It's been two months since that first time. Now Daddy has a place of his own now, and a job, and the judge says that pretty soon, Daddy will be where he can award joint custody of me to Daddy along with Mommy. Meanwhile, Daddy and I have weekends together, supposed to be every other one, but Mom is dating again and it's turning into every weekend. Like I said, I always felt Mom thought of me as more of a problem than a child of hers.

But with Daddy. Daddy and me take care of each other. I'm the one thing that Daddy kept from before he went to war. And once he gets me home again, he's keeping me!

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