Like Icarus

By Tommyhawk1
Artwork (c) 2003 by Rebel Rotica

Illustration for Like Icarus

"How are you doing, Revel?" asked Sophet 4D Bright, peering over his shoulder at his console.

"Oh! Well enough, Superior." Revel 4D Susman said, fighting off the urge to cover his computer console layout with his hands. If his supervisor noticed the one small screen down in the corner....

He did, of course. "What are you researching now, Revel?" he asked. Before Revel could answer, he read the answer off the console. "Pollution levels on the outside? Why would you be interested in the outside?"

"Mankind used to live out there, you know." Revel said. "Before the cities." As usual, his eyes went over to the blank square nearby; which had been a window once. First it had been sealed, and later, after everyone had gotten used to living completely indoors, it had been walled over. But there was a seam where it had been, as there was in many older buildings.

"Yes, but that was before the developments of synthetics really took hold. Now, there's no purpose in going outside, even were it not for the massive pollution left behind by our ancestors." Sophet propounded. Like anyone who rose through the ranks, he was a thorough-going modernist. People like Revel, a "retro", while not persecuted, managed to find their aspirations blocked and so labored away at the more menial jobs such as his. And while on paper the government was committed to cleansing the air and water and land so that Mankind could once again walk outside without breathing masks, it worked out in so many appropriations votes to be lower on the prorities than many other needs.

Sophet hesitated. "It is traditional though contrary to policy to allow our employees to use corporate facilities for personal projects within reason." he said. "But I must ask why you are studying this."

"My father asked me to find out." Revel said defensively. "And it is knowledge in the world's databases already, it just has to be correlated to arrive at an answer, and the corporations's computers are so much more powerful than the ones he has in his science lab. With this resource, it shall be done by the end of my shift." He took a deep breath, crossed his fingers. "If you want me to shut down the project, I shall, of course."

"No need for that." Sophet said. "It isn't distracting you from your own job, and we have ample excess capability in reserve. I merely wonder at the usefulness of the knowledge once you have it."

"We have already managed to cleanse the atmosphere of the most toxic elements, those that rise into the upper atmosphere, and this has allowed us to replace the ozone layer." Revel pointed out the two major victories of environmental work of the last fifty years. "Now we only have to clean up the rest of the air. Once that happens, then the rains will wash the toxins out of the land and into the ocean, and then we can repopulate the land, with the Earth helping us to clean up the mess of our predecessors." And of the present-day polluters, though that wasn't mentioned in public; officially, all pollution was created before the present government took the reins of power and it was simply lingering outside. And if a factory added a little more to it, or more than a little, what of that? Enforcement was difficult under the circumstances.

"We already populate the land." Sophet pointed out.

"Inside sealed buildings, and we travel by tunnels or in sealed vehicles." Revel said. He didn't add that there was constant monitoring by the government's surveillance cameras everywhere you went, that was a fact of life. The need to carefully monitor environmental compliance was the excuse, an important law to enforce in a closed-cycle society such as the city, but once the cameras had been put in place, the morality laws followed, and police began to use them to check the morals of its citizens. That was why he was so willing to help his father, for the chance to live his life without being watched.

"You really want to take the lions out of their habitats and the monkeys out of their tree-filled-cages and the fish out of their aquarium and throw them out into the desert outside?" Sophet asked him.

"Not just throw them out. But yes, to reintroduce first the plants, and then the animals, a little at a time, until they fill the Earth once more." Revel said. "It will be the work of centuries, I agree, but it will come. Now that Mankind has conquered the art of synthesizing all its needs, the Earth can be returned to its former glory."

Sophet shook his head. "You're a hopeless retro, you know that, Revel? And your father, too. Go ahead and take your lunch break now; I'll see that your private program isn't shut down." And while that wasn't a denunciation, it came very, very close.

Revel ate a lunch of synthesized food (created by machines out of the basic elements of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, it was indistinguishable--or so they said--from the food eaten by mankind for ages), and returned to work at his computer made from synthesized components, breathing synthesizing air and wearing synthesized clothes, as usual every day of his life, until quitting time. He looked at his face in the reflection off his console, he was twenty years of age, with a clean, regular face nearly square and flat, but with a slightly jutting chin, short cut brown hair, light blue eyes, a slim body bearing the muscles a regular work-out would give. He was handsome, simply put. He begged off the advances from the women (and some men) from his work, telling them politely that he was already involved. The cameras would avow if asked that he merely spent the time with his father at home, but nobody would bother to ask about inactivity. If they ever did, in sufficient detail to determine its cause...he would be arrested for certain.

As he'd hoped, just before he had to leave, the corporate computer had finished their analysis of the data. He just had time to download the analysis onto a disc before he had to give up his seat to the next shift operator at his station.

The ride home was interminable to him. He was used to the crowds that even the most staggered of shifts couldn't wholly diminish to comfortable levels in the corridors, but their bodies, their noise, their ant-like numbers galled them in a way they usually didn't. He was glad to finally wave his hand over the monitor outside his own home door. The door recognized him and opened and, when it shut behind him, he triggered the lock, because his father was already home, working at the smaller computer beside him.

"Good evening, Father." Revel said.

His father, Denlas 2A Susman, looked up. "It's ten o'clock in the morning." he pointed out unnecessarily. He was much like his son, the lines in his face only deep enough to give it a strength of character, rather than the smooth beauty of Revel's skin. They had the same eyes, the same hair, Denlas was just an inch or so taller and correspondingly broad, his body kept in tone by the same daily workout routine as his son's.

"It's evening for me." Revel said. "Some of us aren't lucky enough to get Shift 2A like you, I'm stuck with Shift 4D." A 4D shift person was expected to be in bed asleep from 3:00pm until 11:00pm, and to work from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Only by keeping its citizens on such staggered schedules was technology able to take care of them all, even one who chose to disregard the schedule for some reason found that he could not synthesize food, watch entertainment, access the information network, or do anything else. If he persisted in staying awake regardless, the usage monitors in his apartment would trigger an alarm and he would be visited by the police, and given a stern lecture about shortages of everything in a closed society.

Revel had five hours in which to do as he would, then he must be in bed or otherwise not using anything more than the small amount of air a sleeping person required.

"I know that, Son, and I'm sorry." Denlas said.

"Don't be." Revel said. "It's what lets us share this apartment. I get upgraded and you'll have to move out." Their apartment was designed for one person, two could share if their shifts were sufficiently compatible. By working Shift 2A and moving his sleep time forward, Denlas was permitted to share these five hours with his adult son in the manner in which a person of Shift 1A (the original daytime shift of time immemorial) might choose to awake at 3:00 a.m. and go to bed at 7:00 p.m., yet still work a regular day job. For these hours, father and son shared their lives, then his father would go to work and Revel to bed. At 11:00pm, Revel would rise and Denlas would immediately take the bed. A minor variation in schedule; there had been forms to fill out, but the request had been granted.

Revel put his hand on his father's shoulder and his father sighed, put his hand on Revel's. They didn't dare do more than that, the cameras watched everything too carefully. "How is your project proceeding?" Revel asked carefully.

"It is done." Denlas said. "Did you get the data I needed?"

"Yes." Revel turned the disk over to his father. "Sophet saw me doing it, but there was excess capacity, so he didn't report me."

"I would have preferred he not even know you had done it. Still, what is done is done."

Denlas inserted the data disk into his terminal and studied the numbers. "It is...possible." he said.


"Our air-cleansing project has fared better even than I had hoped."

"Mother Earth is repairing herself." Revel said.

"Yes. We need only attain a height of fifteen hundred feet." Denlas said. "At that point, the air becomes safely breathable for short periods of time."

"Would not even higher be better, then?"

"You will find that high enough." Denlas said. "The winds will be strong and the temperature will be cold. The air, too, becomes thinner as you go higher, exponentially so. We are best if we stay as low as we can. I wouldn't want you to faint from exertion." he smiled at his son.

Revel smiled back. "Nor would I you." he said. His hand burned on his father's shoulder. So long they had waited for this day, from the time of their first discovery. Oh, even that had been a risk, the cameras and surveillance equipment were everywhere! It had been necessary to speak only a few words, then to wait for another place and time for the response. One day he and his father had roamed the city, just to carry on a conversation that would have taken a few minutes if spoken outright, to speak in disjointed phrases the words they needed to say and to hear.

But they had talked, and they had agreed. All of Revel's careful work and his father's adaptations of existing technology as a result, had been the result of that day. And now, the time was upon them.

"Shall we walk up to the roof and take a stroll in the garden?" he said after a time, his breath tight in his throat. All buildings carried such gardens, ostensibly for use by the tenants, but also carrying each their share of the only plant life left on Earth. Only "retros" spent any time in them.

"It shall let us test our new walking shoes." his father agreed, and Revel's heart thudded strongly at the words. They had been careful, and his father's penchant for independent research had been a good blind...but was it enough? The small parts Revel had stolen from his corporation and smuggled home, each time waiting to see if he had been caught...but all employees took small things from time to time, the plague of a restricted society was a desire to own a bit more than allowed; so it was tolerated up to a point.

He carefully moved as if this was an ordinary thing, taking up the shoes and belt from his father's work station, shoes and belt only in appearance, bearing within them the components so carefully assembled. Done, he joined his father and they walked up to the roof, talking of inanities to allay suspicion. This continued up until they had walked to the edge of the garden's roof where the maintenance door was located. It was only used when work had to be done on the outside of the building and couldn't be done from the ground level, which was rare. But the door was there, as was the narrow ledge that ran around the entire building, some three feet across.

Revel stood upon the ledge and looked downwards, his eyes streaming from the foulness of the air. He couldn't even see the ground from here, and it was only a matter of a few hundred feet.

His father's voice was equally choked. "Activate, now!" he said.

Revel pressed the button, as he had in his dreams for weeks now.

And was airborne.

Their building was moderately tall, the pollution quickly diminished to an annoyance and then to invisibility and he...he could see!

He looked about, giddy! The unease he felt by the height was countered by the knowledge that up here, right now, he wasn't being watched by anybody! He was free, free!

He laughed in exhilaration, turned to his father and said, "It worked! It worked!"

"Of course it worked." his father smiled, hovering beside him. "The principles have been known and used for nearly a century. We could not have begun the process of cleansing the Earth's atmosphere were it not for this technology. But living inside as we do, there was no reason to adapt it to personal use like this. After all, being able to fly is fine, but where indoors would you fly to?"

"And we're private up here?" Revel said, mostly to hear the words. "Really and truly private?"

"We're private." Denlas smiled at his son. And held out his arms.

Revel leaned forward to do the same, and that let them clasp hands, and they pulled themselves together. His lips trembled as he finally, finally, pressed them to his father's and his arms touched that body, that warm, strong body, at last, at last!

His lips parted of themselves and his father's tongue entered through that portal into himself. The winds whipped his body, cold as promised, but inside his father's arms, he was warm, so warm! Those arms touched his back now, stroking upon him, what had been only the most furtive and occasional of touches and those done in danger, now were free to wander about on his body at will.

Revel groaned. Not since that day three years ago, when he and his father had wandered the corridors, talking to each other, carefully disjointing their words so that the talk took so long, not since then had he been with another man. Why be with another man when the one you wanted was living with you, even if you couldn't touch him? And the many actions, the thefts, the careful plans, it had been worth it, it had been worth it!

He groaned around his father's tongue, uhhhhh, and his father released this hold on his mouth and he breathed out, into his father's face, "Oh, Dad!" he sighed. "Oh, God, Dad, at last!"

"Yes, my son, yes." Denlas moaned back to him, and that voice told Revel that his father had felt it, too, the long waiting, the long time waiting, over at last!

"God, Dad, how long do we have?"

"Plenty of time." his father assured him. "We cannot fall, we cannot be moved even by the winds about us. You are as safe as if anchored to the ground."

Revel looked into his father's face. "Then I want to take my time with you."

And he kissed his father's cheek, slowly, as a lover should. The cold hindered them this much, he didn't want to strip his father's body of the clothing, for he shivered from the air. He tried to remember which season it was now and if it would become warmer now or colder? Oh, not colder, not now, not when they had just begun! It must be spring, it must be!

But if he could not kiss his father's bare chest, he could at least press his face against the form-fitting cloth, feel its strength and its solidity if not its texture.

Denlas bent around as Revel lowered himself on his father's body, his hands pulling at Revel's body now as a swimmer pulls on the bars of the ladder to step out of the water, lifting himself out, and so Denlas pulled himself around so that as Revel reached his father's belt and the area below which to him was above, Denlas's hands had hold of Revel's legs and were walking down them in alternate clenches, and Revel felt for the flap of his father's fly, coaxing the magnetic clotures to release. He could feel the large bulge beneath the clotures, stretching out the cloth, God, turn loose, damn it! They were meant to be moved only in sequence, top to bottom, and his finger used to the opposite direction and a different angle, failed to work properly, the clotures activated and resealed time and again.

He felt his own clotures release (trust Dad to be better at this!) and groaned when he felt his cock being taken out, his Dad's hand was on his prick, he was being tugged out! He was out, the chill wind stealing his body's warmth out of his prong! And.... "Oh God!" he moaned. His father's mouth had enclosed him, a burst of wet hotness and velvety moistness had fastened upon him, he was engulfed, swallowed down, God! His father's lips began to slide up his shaft, leaving wetness behind like a sting in the cold air, and then returning to bathe him in warmth once again!

His fingers firmed in resolve and he moved them down his father's clotures and the fly opened without protest or balking this time. Beneath was a breath of warm air, a tantalizing whiff of musky male aroma rudely whipped away by the wind from his seeking nostrils, and he reached in, fished for the salmon-shaped dong beneath, felt it squirming in his fingers, gripped it and pulled it out where it stared at him with one fishy eye and that scent hit his nostrils again, the smell of manhood, the smell of potency, the smell of Dad! The crushing longing rose in him again and he quenched it by guiding that bulbous head into his mouth and letting his tongue feast upon it, for real this time, not fantasy, not longing, not desire, but simple, actual fact! Oh, but it tasted as good as he'd dreamed!

Meanwhile, his father's mouth suckled on his prick, it was like bathing in his most primal emotions, he felt the ties of affection and love churn up inside of him to be born anew, transformed into new equally strong bonds, he was now his father's lover, his father and he were one now in a way that even paternity had not been able to bring him, one!

The wind and the cold didn't bother him any more, or maybe it was the way in which his father's mouth had sped up on his prick when his own had been taken into his son's mouth, or just the added warmth of exertion even in weightlessness born of the anti-gravity belts they wore, the stablizing shoes that kept them from being wafted about by the winds, as they floated in weightless but controlled ease. They moved in synchronized motions of body and mind, father and son, younger and older, united in spirit, united in desire.

The pleasure of this long-withheld movement ignited in Revel's brain and he beseeched his desire, wait, not yet, let it last, but his father's lips were inexorable upon him and he couldn't bring himself to beg his father to stop, but he was lost in the pleasure, transfixed by the joy, it suffused and overwhelmed his senses, his mind, his intellect was drowning in this desire, he wanted it last, to go on and on, but his body said now, now, now!

So, helpless prisoner in his own body, he rode the conveyance of passion as a passenger without a driver, as his brain screamed in climax, as his mouth mumbled out his joy around his father's cock, as he hunched frantically as his father clung tightly and then he creamed at once, a burst of young jizz pumped into his daddy's mouth, and his father sucked hungrily at him, drawing him out, consuming his outflow of spunk, his daddy drank him down and he sighed and mouthed his pleasure on his father's sturdy, strong dong.

Done, panting, he feebly attempted to resume his sucking of his father's prick, but his daddy pulled him off and spun him in his weightlessness like a top, around like a cartwheel and then around like a spindle, he ended up with his back pressed against his father's chest and there his father caught him again, his prick gleaming wetly, waving coldly in the never-ending, blustering wind.

"Oh, Dad!" Revel said. "Dad, that was so great!"

His father was doing something behind him, Revel didn't know what and then his pants were ripped. He felt the brief bite of sharp metal as his father cut too close, but by some instrument (scissors, knife, scalpel, razor?), the seat of his britches were being severed and he realized his father's plan.

He felt the coldness upon his ass like a lover's kiss, he relished the stinging chill that nipped at him for he knew how his father planned to cover him once he had exposed him.

"Oh, Dad, yeah!" he sighed. "Yeah, fuck me, Daddy, yeah!"

His father's response was a grunt as his dong contacted Revel's buttocks, another as he squirmed it into position, and then there was the unbearable pressure as his father pushed into Revel's ass, like a presence that could not be denied.

His anus, still mostly virginal and self-repaired after years of denial, was reluctant to give way, but Revel didn't protest as his father pushed at him harder and harder. They had to do this now, here, when would they be able to do it again, would they ever be able to do it again or were cameras watching them right now, police waiting only until a flying vehicle could be brought in or for them to return to ground so they could be caught unawares? No, if his father was to fuck him, it had to be now, they could not count on tomorrow, they could not trust another meeting could be done, they had to do it now, now, God, yes, now!

And he sighed and his sphincter gave way and his father's cock slid into the breach and staunched the hole, plugging it tightly. Icy was the feeling of his saliva on his father's cock as it crept into his body, icy from the wind and the cooled moisture, but the cock itself was hot, hot! Once inside, once his body took off the chill from the wetness, he felt the full furnace of his father's manhood impaling him, burying itself in him deeper, deeper!

When at last the entirety of it was imbedded inside of him, as he felt his father's pud pulsing within his body, beating like a second heart within him, he felt his father's cheek brush his ear and his father murmured, "Now, my son, now I have you." That was the words that he had spoken those years before, in their long, disjointed conversation in the corridor, his father had spoken the words, "I wait for the day when I can have you." That was as close as they'd both dared to vocalize the words they had meant, when he had expressed (in three separate places) how he longed to crawl into his father's bed and press the warm, nude body against his own, and to feel it slide into his body." It, that had been the word he'd used to name his father's cock, and now it, oh, it, it was within him.

"Come on, Dad, fuck me." Revel was bolder with his words, he was looking around and seeing nothing at all, not even the flying vehicles used to transport people from city to city, not even that was within his view, he felt safe here, no camera could peer through that brown soup shrouding the city below and see them, they were safe, they could indulge their every whim, they would not be caught!

His father's hips moved and that warm, luscious prod slipped out and plunged back into him, and then again and then again, oh, God, again and again, yes, yes, God, yes, his father was fucking him, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me more, God, yes, fuck me! Those warm hands of his father's were upon his breasts, clinging to him as a monkey to a treetrunk, molding to him as an oyster's foot to the rock anchor it had chosen, they were together as only two things that belonged together could be, together such as lovers, together such as father and son!

Revel moaned and now the slow, savory pleasure suffused him in the way he had longed for, now he was where he had sought to be, in his father's arms, in his father's embrace, feeling that strong warm body that had created him now taking him, yes, his father had him now, yes, yes.

With slow, strong motions, his father fucked his ass, plunging that huge, pulsing, delicious dong, it possessed him utterly and he felt his own cock rise once again in rapture.

But his father, who had been nursed by Revel before this, who had not yet attain climax, his father was further along than he, Revel felt the body of the man who had raised him shuddering in building orgasm, it would not be long now.

His father was going to come! God, yes, he would have that creamy jizz pumping into his bowels, he would be filled with life once again, he would feel the thunderous rapture of his father's climax, yes, yes, God, yes!

His father's hand roamed down, found his erection, grabbed him and pumped. The sudden influx of pleasure suddenly galvanized, electrified his heretofore-more-nebulous pleasure, molded it into a spear-thrust of ecstasy that dove for his cock, that plunged into his prick being pounded by his dad, while his father groaned with an increasing urgency.

"Oh, Son, I'm going to come, I'm going to come!"

"Yeah, Dad, shoot it, shoot it in me, yes, please, yes!" Revel moaned. "Oh, God, I'm coming, too!" And with no further warning to his father or even to himself, Revel was again wrenched by his climax, as he ejaculated this time into the wide, clear, open air!

As he did, as his body trembled with the earthquake of ejaculation, he felt his father groan almost subliminally, he felt it more than heard it, and then through his bones by conduction he felt the way his father's body tightened, spasmed, clutched in orgasm, and then he felt it, felt it at last, his father's jizz pumping into his body, felt how it plunged into his body and how it spurted out of his bowels, and he creamed into the skies, the one pure place left on Earth was the sky, and he was a part of the sky now, a part of the renewed Earth, and he added his creative force to it along with his father, and they shared their joy and they shared the new Earth in its infancy and birthed it between themselves.

Done, Revel was overcome with trembling, the wracked body of two climaxes, combined with the air that once again chilled his body. And it was like his father felt his weakness, for it was like an infant that he held Revel in his arms, turned off his belt and let the added weight drop them both carefully back down to the very rooftop and spot from where they had come.

Revel felt doubly careful about being seen now, but nobody patronized the roofs but a few retros and none were about just now. The hallways of their floor were equally deserted, none saw his violated butt but his own father, who seemed to take a certain glee in being behind his fucked son, or perhaps that was to block the view of any who might see.

But they made it back to their apartment once again. And the cameras turned their view onto Revel, he could feel them, and he said, "I'd better change out of these clothes." he said. "That was more of a workout than I had thought, but it was worth it."

"I feel the same way as you do, son." his father said, and Revel smiled, his stomach warming at the double meaning.

He changed into lounging clothes and his father, dressed the same, dialed them both a meal. For Revel, it was his supper and for his father, it was a breakfast, and Revel looked down at it with some disdain. "You'd think they'd let us eat the same things at the same time, at least."

"That can't be helped." his father said.

"I know." Revel said. "I'm not complaining, really."

His father gave him the careful nod that meant another disjointed conversation and so they talked for over an hour. When Revel had it all put together, he was very pleased.

They could don their belts and shoes and take to the air again. They would have that. And when the pollution levels were lowered but a bit more, which would only take a few more years, then his father would get them both reassigned to the Environmental Recovery Department and they would go to a remote mountain valley, entirely above the level of pollution and in that rather rarified air, they would work together to attempt to reintroduce some of the first plants and animals back onto the Earth.

"It will take a lot of work, by both of us." his father said. "But if you want, I can ask for you to be my assistant."

"You know I'd like to be with you as much as I can." Revel said.

"And I would like that, too." his father said and Revel smiled. "But the work will be rough. We'll be living in the outdoors, without most of the modern conveniences we take for granted here."

"I am willing to do without some things for a good cause." Revel touched his eye as if casually, he meant the cameras.

His father understood. "We'll be without the things you are most used to." he agreed. "It will be a hard life."

"If I can be with you, Father." Revel said. "It will be worth it to me."

"Then I'll put in the application now." his father said. "Now, I think you need to think about bedtime and I need to get to work."

Revel looked at the clock, it was nearly 2:00 p.m. "I guess so." he agreed. "Have a good day at work, Father."

They kissed in parting, that much was allowed, at least. Revel wanted to make it an all-out kiss, but didn't dare.

When done, he did crawl into bed and turn out the lights. For so long he had lived in the cities, living like Lazarus in the tomb. As someone he had read had written, "Some live like Lazarus, rising late into life."

He had felt like Lazarus, lying, waiting to be reborn.

But today, he felt like Icarus, his father giving him wings and the two of them flying to freedom. He and his father would fly, soon, very soon, to their freedom.

And unlike Icarus who climbed the skies in heedless abandon, he fully intended to stay faithfully by his father's side at all times!


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