Wrong Room

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2001 by Inocentius & Pervertida

Illustration of Wrong Room

Sitting in a pool of golden light in the darkness of the living room, pretending to read but actually waiting, with my ears cocked like a spaniel's for the slightest sound, I heard Scott's car pulling into the driveway and quickly doused the small light, plunging the room into darkness now broken only by the yard lights in a pale blue-ish/purple color. The sound of both car doors opening; he and Julie usually would come up and sit on the front porch swing to spend a few more minutes together before saying good-night. And of course, Scott would use the time to put his hand down her blouse or up her skirt, and (the reason I was watching) Julie would sometimes unzip his pants and reach in and fondle his prick. I was hoping to see her actually take it out one of these days. So far, she had only played with it inside his britches.

Since I was sitting on our couch next to the front window near the swing, by peering through the gap between the curtains and the window-sash, I could see most of the porch swing easily, and would have a clear view of their antics when they sat down. Come on, Julie, I thought to myself, take it out of the guy's pants just this once, I'll be leaving town tomorrow."

"Come on, Julie." Scott pleaded in unknowing imitations of my own thoughts. "Just once, come on."

"No." Julie said. "I am not that kind of girl." Yeah, she actually said that.

But I perked up. Scott was definitely trying to put the make on Sis big-time, and while she would protest, she usually would give in a little bit, maybe this would be one of the few nights when she would condescend to open his fly and play with him a little, maybe. She'd been dating him for some time now, come on, Julie, I thought, give the guy a little handjob, to pay for your movie and popcorn.

Scott coaxed her over and they sat in the swing, and I now had a good look at Scott. God, what a gorgeous guy! I had looked at him as much as I dared when Sis would bring him in for dinner or such, so I knew even in the yardlights which washed out most colors what he looked like, a seventeen-year-old high-school jock wearing his letterman jacket, red-and-white with a pair of blue jeans, with his shining black hair, his lean face which was a clean oval upon which his eyes were black pearls in cream below long, thick lashes, his eyebrows were a pair of animated arcs that turned and stretched to make gently amazing or incredulous expressions, his nose was softly round and tipped with a single sharp break to curve back toward his nostrils that flared so beautifully when he breathed, you could see every breath by the way those small ovals of blackness irised wide and then reduced back again, his teeth, God, they shone with their own light, it seemed, when he smiled, you knew that smile was deep and genuine, that he was smiling at you because he liked you, you knew it, just knew it. Set that handsome face on that body of his, well-toned by regular basketball games, and it was no wonder my sister had been dating him steadily for the past two months. I was only surprised that she hadn't put out for him yet, if I'd been her, my legs would have been up in the air on the first date, before we ever got to the theater!

"Come on, let me just feel your hand on it a little." Scott begged her. His hand went up and cupped her breast, and she pushed his hand away.

"No." she said. "I told you, it's my time of the month and I just don't want to be touched right now. I didn't even want to go on this date, remember?"

"But I'm leaving town tomorrow." Scott whined. "If we don't make it tonight, I'm not going to see you until near the beginning of school next year. Come on, Julie...."

I gently pushed the curtains back a little further so I could see better.

"Just a minute." Julie said and she got up, came my way. I thought of moving, but she couldn't see me, she....

She squatted down, thrust her face at the window and screamed at me, "Get lost, you little creep!"

I jumped, startled and got up and away. I could hear them through the window.

"God, my little brother, he spies on me all the time." Julie griped. "I can't have a bit of privacy, he's all the time...."

But I was on my way out the living room, through the hall and into the kitchen, out the back door. There were bushes next to the porch, I could get up next to them and I could look over their shoulders. She wouldn't see me there and wouldn't expect me to come back so quickly after her chasing me off.

I came around the side of the house as quiet as a kitten, slipped up to the bushes and gently began to worm my way into them. They weren't very thick, I knew.

"Your summer job will be good for you." Julie was saying I saw Scott's hand down her blouse and her hand nearest his wasn't in sight, probably down at his pants.

I pushed in closer. All I had to do now was part these branches very quietly.

I pushed aside the leaves and there on the other side was my sister's face. "Didn't I tell you to get lost, you creep!" she screamed at me. "Mom! Dad! Tell Kelly to go to bed!"

"Kelly!" came my mother's voice from upstairs. Their bedroom was on the front of the house, mine was on the back side at the left corner, my sister's on the back right corner.

"Son, leave your sister alone!" Dad said. Neither came to look out their window, not that they could see anything, the porch roof was in the way.

I obeyed and went back around the house. My sister's voice followed me. "Honest, I wonder about him sometimes. He's all the time trying to watch me with my boyfriends. I think he's trying to pick up some make-out techniques. I don't know why, the little creep's never even been on a date...."

I didn't hear Scott's answer, my ears burned. I had made a capital fool of myself, and was lucky not to have to face Scott again the rest of this summer.

If Scott was going away to work somewhere, I had been stuck going to summer camp. I know, I'm fourteen, you'd think they'd get tired of trucking you off like that every summer, but Mom and Dad had insisted. Off to Camp Itchy-Assy again, they'd keep this up until I turned sixteen, which was the oldest age the camp would take. I'd been sent there every year without fail since I was six, and it deserved the name everyone called it, instead of Camp Ichiwassahi. Its name meant "Clear Running River" in some Indian language or other, I forget now, but got its nickname from the mosquitos that lived in that river when they weren't biting our butts at night. But we were expected to put on war paint and headbands with feathers and God all what other nonsense. I won the archery contest my first year and made the mistake of bragging about it, now my folks thought I was insanely in love with the place! Yeesh!

I gave up, it was ten o'clock and Mom refused to let us sleep in past eight even in the summer. With me packing off to camp, I might not even get that long in bed. So I went up to my room and undressed, and got into bed naked. I'd been sleeping naked for about three months now, feeling at first really daring about it, and now it was becoming my preferred way to sleep. I'd have to get used to pajamas again at Camp Itchy-Assy. I looked at the new archery set my Dad had picked up for me to take to camp and wondered if I could leave it behind just by accident. Probably not. I yawned, turned off the light hanging from the wall over my bed, and tried to get to sleep thinking about Scott. Feel his hands sliding down into my T-shirt instead of my sister's, Scott was such a great guy, it was a shame he was stuck with my sister, not that I wanted them to break up, if they did, I'd never see him again.

And then I was asleep, all primed for some hotly erotic dreams. The real highlight of my life these days was those dreams, because in them, I was having incredible sex with every boy I knew and Scott had been starring in them for many, many nights now.

At first I didn't know what had wakened me. Then I heard it again, a thump against my window. It was standing open, the days were so warm, and I recognized the outline, Scott was outside my window! Standing on the dinky rear porch, he was pulling the window the rest of the way open and climbing in! I didn't believe it, my favorite dream...was it a dream?

"Scott?" I mumbled softly.

"Julie?" he said.

Not a dream. Scott was trying to slip into my sister's bed. Turned left instead of right.

I started to let him know his mistake, then I saw his hands at his belt, heard the click of metal as the belt was opened.

"Julie, I know I shouldn't be here." he said softly, urgently. "Just one night with you, please, so I can remember it all summer."

I gave a soft groan; lucky for me my voice was still pretty high and Julie's was a deeper tone, we sounded a lot alike.

"I know, you have your period." Scott said as he walked over. "But can you just suck it a little for me? Please?" The z-z-z-z-z-zt! of the zipper as it went down. "Come on, just one blow job, I'll pull away before I come, honest. Nobody ever has to know. Please?"

"Okay." I said as Julie-like as I could. The tremor in my voice made it perfect.

"Ah, jeez, thanks, Julie." Scott said. "I'll come really quick, really. Just let me feel your lips on it, let me feel it...." He was standing by my bed and I reached up, fumbling for the area it had to be...and my hand touched a warm pole, covered in soft silk, and Scott moaned.

"That's it, baby, come on, that's it." he crooned.

I got hold of it, tried to figure out its size just from the feel. The head didn't stick out from the shaft at all, it was like working a hot dog, slender and supple.

"See, baby, it's wanting you." Scott groaned. "I haven't played with myself for days, just hoping that you'd finally want to touch it. Can you suck it for me, come on, your folks will wake up, or your little brother, we have to be fast." And Scott stepped over closer and all I had to do was raise up off the bed onto one elbow and his hands grabbed me by the head and guided me right for his dong.

My nose bumped his cockhead, and it smeared a glob of slimy stuff onto my upper lip, then I got it inside my mouth and that slimy stuff was on it, my tongue picked it up, salty, really salty.

"Huh-uh-guhuh!" Scott moaned softly as his cock hit the back of my throat and I choked.

"I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry." he said as he quickly pulled back, babbling in a tone just above a whisper, sotto voce. "I know you haven't done it before, neither have I, baby, this is first time for both of us, but I know what to do, I read up on it, you need to get your mouth full of spit and your lips, get them wet and hold on with just your lips, not your teeth, come on, baby, our first time, we'll tell our children about this one day, honest we will get married just like I promised when I graduate from school, just come on, baby, suck it, suck it. Huh-uh-guh-huh-huh!" He ended that long monologue because I was taking his advice and with my lips hanging onto his slim pud I was beginning to move back and forth.

His cock was so warm, it was so soft and smooth, my lips had barely anything to hang onto, his cock was clean, it didn't have any bad odor to it at all, just a bit of warm-smell to it, really soft and pleasant, like the way a favorite old quilt smells after it's been on your bed all winter long, and you wake up in the morning and it's all nice and warm and you love that warmth and you put your head under the covers and breathe in, that's the smell, that was the taste of Scott's dick the way it tasted that night, my first taste of man's cock.

Scott's voice was eager and kind of "breathy" like every syllable took a lot of his breath with it, very throaty and soft, so soft. "Ah, jeez, yeah, that's the way, baby, that's the way, God you feel so good on my dick, baby, sucking it for me, your first time, my first time, just like I promised, you're the first, baby, my very first, I said I didn't want anyone but you and I waited, uh, uh, guh!" he hunched at my mouth. His fingers were threaded into my hair, I wondered if he'd realize that he had his hands on a much shorter cut than Julie's shoulder-length locks, but he couldn't see much inside my room, he probably didn't think about it.

"Can I climb up and sit on you, baby, can I please?" He begged me. "This is all I'll do, honest, just sit on top of you and feel your body below mine while you suck on my cock, can I, please?"

"M-hm." I dared grunt an affirmative around his warm dick, it must be over seven inches long, I'd decided, I couldn't get close to his body and still it ended up all the way inside my mouth, I even was daring to let it touch the back of my throat some. All warm, soft satin-wrapped cock giving off an aroma like a freshly-baked chuck roast, all warm and seasoned and rich, begging you to dig into it. I'd wondered if I'd be able to suck a man's dick one day and now I was, now I had Scott's turgid pud in my mouth and I didn't even choke on it, well, a little that first time he put it in, but not once since.

Scott surprised me by pulling back the covers, and sitting down before I could do anything about it. My covers were now down about my knees, and he was sitting on my chest, a heavy weight pinning me down, not crushing me, for he bore most of his weight himself, but he was a presence there that I could not fend off.

"Wow, Julie, you're naked?" Scott breathed. "I never knew you slept naked." His hands went down and rubbed my shoulders, feeling them, feeling for and not finding the strap of a bra or nightgown.

God, he was going to figure it out now! Figure out he had the wrong room, that it was me, Kelly, sucking on his cock, and loving it! What would he do? Yell? Get mad and punch me? I didn't know! I should have said something the minute I realized it was him, not let it go this far, not pretended to be Julie...

But his hands went back up to my head which had stopped sucking and grabbed me firmly, began to hunch his hips back and forth, fucking my face. Now his cock was really plunging deep into me, and I was still taking it, all of it! God, yes, I could suck his entire dick, his pubic hair now tickled my nostrils,

"Uh, uh, baby, yes, I love you, Julie, I love you." he breathed. "I won't tell anyone, I promise, just keep on sucking me like this, please!"

So I kept on sucking him. Maybe if I hurried it up and got him off, I could still find out what his sperm tasted like (I knew what mine tasted like, hot, salty and nasty, I didn't like it at all), see if I was able to suck men all the way off.

Scott was my pliant lover now, he just held onto my head and let me suck on him, and his cock was getting hotter and hotter.

"Oh, God, baby, I'm going to come!" He groaned as he rested one hand on the wall, hitting the lamp installed there. I could see him dimly in the light, him fumbling and feeling the foreign object, identifying it.

"I'm going to come!" He groaned out. "Can I look at you while I come? Can I shoot it on your face, baby? Can I come in your mouth? Please, can I come in your mouth, just this once?"

"M-hm." I groaned again...what did I have to lose now?...and he moaned, his hands let go of me and I had to keep sucking him as best I could while his hands felt at my chest, feeling for breasts which weren't there, puzzled, then a gasp of realization (or was it passion?), his cock got hot, hot as hell, as he grabbed hold of my cock which was hard as a rock and about to come all by itself, I was so turned on, and then his other hand found the light cord and yanked it, covering us both with the light of naked truth.

"Oh, my God!" he heaved. "Kelly! God!"

His cock was so hot, he was trembling, his breath was ragged and heaving, I took a chance, I sucked on him and kept sucking on him, and he groaned in dismay and delight.

"Kelly, no, stop!" he gasped. But he wasn't pulling away from me, either.

I took a chance. I let go of him, held onto it with my hand and I said, "Can I finish sucking you off, Scott? Please?"

"Uhhh!" he was torn between who knows how many emotions. But I know which one won out. "God, yeah, come on, finish me off, God, I'm going to burst!" he groaned.

I took his cock back into my mouth and now I could see him above me, his hot cock in my mouth, his face all flushed and soft and his mouth hanging open showing those beautiful teeth, his eyebrows telling their tale of passion and distress, he was looking down into a 14-year-old boy sucking his 17-year-old dick, and then his eyes closed and he threw his head back and his cock got red-hot.

"God, oh, God, I'm coming now, I'm coming!" He sobbed. "Uh, guh, huh, uh, uh!"

And I was flooded with hot, salty jizz and this jizz was hotter than the come I'd licked off my own hand after masturbating, steaming hot, it also tasted delicately salty, or maybe it was the way he groaned and squirmed as he jetted it inside of me, the way he was so caught, so messed up, he was with the wrong person, he'd made love not to his steady girlfriend, but to her 14-year-old little brother, Kelly the creep!

I was astonished how much jizz there was, I only spurted out a little bit when I came, he had more, so much more, there must have been a cupful of it, it seemed like. I wasn't swallowing little lumps, I was gulping down whole mouthfuls of come.

Done, Scott leaned over against the wall by my bed, slumping against it really, limp and supported only by the wall, and I looked up into his face, drained and exhausted, his cock all full and rich in my mouth, but losing its rigidity, then losing its size.

"God, Kelly!" He groaned. "Why didn't you tell me it was you when I came in the window?"

What did I have to lose? I'd already sucked his dick. "Because I wanted you." I said. "Just like you want Julie, just once, you want to do it with her, and I wanted to do it with you. All I had to do was keep quiet."

"Shit, kid." He said, wiping his fingers across my face, where it was dappled with sweat. He was sweaty too, maybe some of the perspiration on my brow was his. "Julie's right. I can't figure you out, either."

"Well, don't bother trying." I said, a little mad maybe now. What did I expect him to do, throw his arms around me with words of eternal love? Of course he wasn't.

What he did was what I should have expected, he got off the bed and pulled his pants up and zipped them up. Looking at me with my little hard-on, me naked and him clothed.

"Scott?" I said.

He knelt down by the bed. "What, Kelly?"

"Did you like it?" I asked him. "Was I any good?"

"Yeah." He smiled, that wonderful smile that was so genuine. "You were great, kid." he promised. "The best I ever had."

"The first you ever had." I pointed out.

"Yeah." he said.

Then he reached over and grabbed hold of my prick again! I was dumbfounded. He began to pump it.

"Let's get you off, too." He said. "Your first time, you ought to get off."

"Yeah, oh yeah!" I groaned. I was so hot, and being fourteen I had no staying power, in about ten seconds, I was gasping and squirting my load under Scott's pounding hand. I squirted all over my belly and Scott milked it down that way and when I was worn out and laying there unable to squash a mosquito even, I felt his hand smear my jizz over my stomach before wiping them clean on my covers.

"There." He said, pulling the cover up over me. "Now we're even."

"Yeah." I agreed. Then, "Scott? I won't tell anyone if you won't."

"I won't tell." he said. "How can I? I'm off to camp for the summer in the morning."

"Camp?" I said. "I thought you were going to a job."

"I am." He said. "I got a job at a summer camp."

Tomorrow morning. "Which camp?"

"Camp Ichiwassahi." he said. "I'm going to be one of the counselors."

"Oh." I said. "Six weeks of archery practice, huh?"

"Yeah." he said, looking at my new archery set. "You shoot the bow and arrow?"

"A little." I decided not to tell him about tomorrow. After all, we would meet again at the bus. "You'd better leave now before Mom decides to get up and use the bathroom and hears you." I said instead.

"Right." Scott went back to the window. Looking over at me, I realized that he was looking very relaxed and comfortable for the first time since I'd met him. Julie had him jumping around like a trained dog. He grinned an easy grin at me and said, "Enjoy your summer, kid."

"Oh, I will." I said when he was gone. "I sure will."

And I turned out the light. I was going to enjoy camp after all!


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