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Twenty short stories with twenty-six illustrations (one story has seven illustrations, one story is not illustrated due to its storyline). In this book, when an existing illustration from my archives wouldn't fit the story, I took old illustrations, cut the characters out of them, altered them as necessary (with not-so-great results on a few of them) and pasted them into new backgrounds to create reasonably new and original illustrations for these stories. When I could, I used an "orphaned" illustration originally put on a story no longer available for sale (usually by another author) for the characters to be cut and repurposed. Of these stories, ten are totally original by me, and the other ten were written by me on a "fan commission" basis (their idea, my story incorporating and fleshing out their ideas). Seven of these were for one fan I refer to as "PGG" who likes stories about one boy having sex with several men; these stories are longer than usual so I could flesh out the sex the boy has with each man better.) These stories in this book are:
The Man with the Antiviral Cock--Harp Madison is a janitor working in a laboratory searching for the cure to the Bartok-9 virus now pandemic in the world. This virus isn't serious in most people, but is killing every prepubescent boy it infects! When sabotage strikes the lab, Harp is injected with the cure for this virus just developed by a scientist and now, he can immunize or cure any boy from the having anal sex with them. He cures a neighbor's son this way, and word is getting around fast to the mothers of his neighborhood....

The Guys at the Car Wash--He's a latchkey kid who begins to hang out at the neighboring car wash and the guys who work there. One day he offers to help out with the car washing/detailing and things heat up from there. A PGG story written on commission.

The Three Grooms--Zander lives with his famous-author dad in a fancy hotel. One day when Dad is on a book tour, he overhears three men who have just married that same day and have learned that they have just made a huge mistake doing so! Zander overhears and invites the men up to his suite to hide from their new wives until they decide what to do. What these men decide to do is get naked with Zander in the jacuzzi and enjoy a very unorthodox honeymoon.

The Barrel of a Pirate Ship--When pirates attack the ship, our young hero hides in a barrel. The pirates learn he is in there and soon the barrel's bunghole is being filled by many a long, hard cock for the boy to service. Then he is taken out of the barrel.... Written for fan CBG on commission.

Trial by Ordeal--Our hero is a member of the Guards who escort a young thief to the visiting judge for trial. The boy requests trial by ordeal and the judge decides that the Guards will gang-rape him and if the boy bleeds, he is guilty. A PGG story written on commission.

My Hacked Facebook Account--Our 14-year-old hero has a Facebook account and that account has been hacked, stating (indirectly) that he is a boy who wants to have lots of hot raunchy sex with as many men as he can. He's unable to do anything about it that morning but go to school, where he discovers a lot of the men and older teens there have read this revised profile and are more than ready to satisfy the young horndog's passions. Contains seven illustrations.

Johnny Test: Transdimensional Johnny--Johnny and the two agents Mr. White and Mr. Black have fallen into the Test sisters' latest experiment and are lost in another dimension. Physical laws differ in other dimensions and the only way to move at more than a snail's pace is by having sex while you move...and they have to get out of there, fast! A PGG story written on commission. I did an illustration for it in accordance with US law and it's included but frankly, it sucks and I didn't do it on the other fan-fic story he commissioned.

A Doctor for Happy Valley--Our hero's Uncle Pete is a doctor who was sent by his community to study medicine then return to be the town doctor. But Uncle Pete wants to do other medical work and it's up to our hero to help change Uncle Pete's mind about leaving!

Moving Day--His father has gone from being governor of his state to a U.S. Senator and his family is moving. Three sets of moving companies are involved in the move and things are chaotic to say the least...which gives our boy hero the chance have a lot of fun with the moving men while his mom is busy elsewhere. A PGG story written on commission.

My Father, My Son--Our hero, an orphan child adopted as a young, has always had a special bond with the man who became his new father (also an orphan adopted when a young boy). Now adult, our hero creates a time machine and embarks on a quest to find his father's biological father...but learns an amazing secret in the process when the time machine strand him in the past.

Who's Scared of the Boogey Man?--Keith is a 14-year-old boy whose little brother Jimmy has had a nightmare and is now afraid to be alone. Keith lets the boy into his bed only to find that Jimmy has wandering hands and soon he wants his little brother in bed with him every night! Written for fan FG on commission.

The Long Layover--Kevin and his dad have been bumped off a flight and have to wait for the next one. The father's anger is soothed by being granted access to the courtesy lounge and free drinks while he waits, which leaves Kevin outside the bar and alone, until a handsome pilot offers to take charge of the boy while they wait. Kevin ends up in the pilots' lounge and plenty of men to keep him a busy little boy while Dad gets blotto. A PGG story written on commission.

The Viking Raiders--When his home village is pillaged by the Vikings, he has hidden in the barn, to be discovered by one of the Vikings who seizes the handsome young boy and takes him away to be his slave to serve him in all ways...including in bed. Rough sex, written for fan XG on commission.

Masters of Wrestling--Samuel's father used to be a professional wrestler and still is in touch with many of the local giants in the field. Left with the wrestlers while he and an old friend go out for a long private talk, Samuel ends up forming his own bond with the current greats in the wrestling arena. A PGG story written on commission.

This Game Blows!--It's the current new favorite game show on television, three men struggle to flawlessly recite from memory a famous document or list without mistake...all the while getting a blowjob from an eager young boy. Succeed and the man wins a prize...but fail and the boy gets a prize instead, and these boys play to win!

The Simpsons: The Secret of Duffman--Bart is chosen to play Duff Boy alongside Duffman in a commercial, but the two get kidnaped by an old rival of Duffman in his former life. Forced to perform sexually for their kidnaper, all seems lost, but Duffman is hiding a secret that will win the day. A PGG story written on commission, no illustration.

The Last Hurrah--Charles' sister is marrying Rodney and there's a noisy party going on downstairs. Rodney excuses himself from the party and goes upstairs and Charles discovers that Rodney is seeking something before he gets married that only Charles can fulfill.

The Boys of Zibai--Eridani Zeta Six is a planet strategically located for Earth to place a base to defend against the aggressive Xyx'l Empire, and the xenobiologist discovers that this is a planet without species per se, any DNA is accepted by any plant or animal to procreate. But that many horny Space Marines lonely for home spend a lot of time spewing DNA around and, suddenly, this planet is breeming full of lots of beautiful, horny boys anxious to play with the gyrenes.

Son of a Trucker--Xave Knight is a trucker who learns he has a son when the woman he screwed so long before brings the boy by and dumps him on the astonished trucker. Xave can only teach this boy how to be a rough tough trucker just like his old man, who lives on the road and any hole is a good one when you need to relieve your nuts...including your son.

Jaybee and Me--Our hero is father to a most extraordinary son. The boy possesses a gift that will mean a lot to him one day...and meanwhile this man has the benefit of a son who is horny and can quench his father's every need in bed and out in a most unique way. Read the story to find out what that gift is.

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